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'Zoo Cafe' in Budapest Where Diners Meet Animals Has People Up in Arms

Our little piece of heaven would include being surrounded by all types of animals. And for all those animals to live peacefully together. We'd want to play with them, snuggle with them and explore all around together. As it turns out, heaven might not be so far away. There is a place in Budapest, Hungary that gives us a glimpse into what our version of heaven is like. Although, not all people think it's the right move.  

TikTok user @alexanderofdenmark visited the place that reflects our dreams in a small cafe in Budapest. The cafe is like a zoo where guests get to meet all different types of animals. This TikToker specifically got to hang out with a guinea pig and a chameleon in the video that has over 7.5 million views. We'd love to be with these animals too, but is it the right thing to do? Tell us what you think! 

Your first thought was probably the same as ours - what a cool experience! But after further thought, is it right? TikTok users are split on whether or not they're fans of this cafe. As are we! We'd love to be surrounded by animals while sipping on our morning coffee, but are the animals happy here? Because to us, their happiness comes first. 

"At first I was like, 'Ohhh I need to plan a trip to this place someday!' but then I thought that it was certainly not as nice for the animals there," wrote @Julie Dls. Who knows, maybe the animals do love it there. But it's hard to picture that with that kind of atmosphere. @baklavica_ pointed out, "Its too loud there for animals." That's very true! They have sensitive ears and we think this would be too much for them. 

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Whatever your opinion is, we can't skip over the fact that these animals are so adorable! @iloveapplepie123 said, "THE LITTLE Guinea pig 😭😭❤️ waiting so patiently." Aww! Although it might be a stressful place for them, you would never know. It looks like they're used to the attention! And we do hope, more than anything, that they are treated well. Tell us, would you want to visit here? 

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