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San Diego Zoo's Response to Treat Penguin's Foot Condition Is Warming Hearts

The San Diego Zoo has a reputation for being one of the best zoos in the world and with some recent news coming out, there's clearly a reason why. A 4-year-old penguin named Lucas at the zoo had lesions on his feet due to a chronic condition known as bumblefoot, which causes foot problems. The AP reported that if left untreated, bumblefoot could lead to sepsis and death by infection. That's why the team at the zoo knew they needed to step in and work quickly.

Together they came up with the idea to give Lucas custom shoes. And so the wildlife care specialists at the zoo contacted Thera-Paw for help. The New Jersey-based company designs, develops and distributes rehabilitative products for animals with special needs. And what they came up for Lucas is absolutely adorable! Check out this YouTube video from WION to see how great Lucas looks with his new kicks! 

O.M.G. Look at him go! This is seriously so sweet that they thought to make custom shoes so Lucas can go on enjoying life. The shoes are made from neoprene and rubber, which will help to prevent pressure sores when he stands and walks. And now there's no stopping him!

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Debbie Denton, a wildlife specialist at the zoo, said that there's no more limping or favoriting his left side anymore. That's great news! Besides feeling better, Lucas is able to fit in better with the colony. Aww, we love that! "It warms my heart just to know that we've been able to do something to make him more comfortable," Denton told CNN. It warms all of our hearts!

Don't you just love a happy ending?! "Feeling so happy for Lucas," commented @Mokshyaa. We're all feeling so happy for Lucas! And we're so happy that the zoo cares so much to give him the proper care he needs. Now, let's make Lucas' nickname Happy Feet!

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