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Pet Ownership


Why Your Dog Needs a Hi-Vis Jacket

Having a pet dog is great fun but is also a responsibility. To keep your dog safe when you’re out and about, a hi-vis doggy coat is an essential accessory.


8 Reasons Why Pets Are Great for Young Children

It's a tale as old as time. The kids beg for a pet, but the parents get left with the responsibility. But sometimes that's not the case. Here's why.


5 Tips to Help You Cope With the Loss of Your Ferret (Or Pet)

It is inevitable that the time will come for your fuzzy friend to pass. Here are five ways to help you cope with the loss.


House Plants and Pet Safety

Here's a guide to some pet friendly and toxic plants and what to do if your pet has ingested a toxic plant.


The Decision to Let Go - Euthanasia, the Toughest Decision a Pet Owner Has to Make

Knowing when or even if it’s time to help your loyal companion ‘pass on’ is one of the most difficult things for most pet owners to decide. Let’s walk through and explore this process through a very personal journey I have just traveled.


Is General Anesthesia Safe for My Pet?

Dr. Ross Henderson explains the risk factors veterinarians look for before a pet is put under general anesthesia.


How to Make a Bug-Out Bag for Your Pets

If you were forced to evacuate on sudden notice, would you have everything your dog or cat needs to survive? Learn how to make a bug-out bag with important survival items for your pet in case of emergency.


Pet-Proof Wallpaper and Other Materials That Are Durable

If there are animals in the house, you need to choose particularly strong materials. In this article, we discuss anti-destructible or pet-proof wallpaper and other materials that are too tough for them to destroy.


Animals Have Feelings Too

Neuroscientists have tried to determine if animals have feelings or emotions. This article explores this topic and discusses several examples. Some of the opinions of the neuroscientists are also covered.


Dog Theft: How Can I Prevent My Dog Being Stolen?

Dog theft is a growing concern for many pet owners. Dogs are stolen to sell, breed, or be used in illegal dog fights. Losing a pet to theft is a heart-breaking experience, but there are a number of simple ways to prevent thieves from targeting your pets.


Is Tattooing Cats Animal Abuse?

Vets and animal organizations do not recommend tattooing a pet, even for identification, let alone for aesthetic reasons. The process requires anaesthesia which can be risky. Moreover, the cat may feel pain and stress from scratching and burning while healing.


Safest Way to Introduce Your Cat to Your New Dog

If you are thinking about getting a new puppy and already have a cat, their ability to get along has probably been worrying you. Please follow the steps below carefully for the best results.


Water Safety Tips for Your Dog's Summertime Fun

For dogs who love water and swimming, here are safety tips, ideas, and guidance that will keep your dog splish splashing all summer long.


How to Train Your Pets for an Emergency

Knowing how to move your pet quickly to safety is essential in an emergency. Training your pet in advance (you can even hold drills) will ensure the survival of your beloved family member.


Baby Red Fox Squirrels Saved by Texas Wildlife Rehab Center

Here is some information about the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition in Houston and how we have utilized their services. Photos and videos included.


10 Questions You Need to Answer Before Getting a Pet

Make the decision to get a pet easier by answering these questions for yourself and your family.


5 Reasons Not to Feed Feral Cats

How'd this lonely cat get here? Where's its family? Does it need anything? Food? Shelter? Before you know it, you're thinking of the cat on the way home, and you might even offer it some food.


10 Dangers of Letting a Dog Go Off-Leash

There are several dangers of letting dogs off-leash which dog owners may not always realize. This article was written in hopes of potentially saving dogs' lives from the potential dangers of being off-leash.


6 Survival Tips for Animal Welfare Workers

Shelters need volunteers, but the work and harsh realities of animal welfare often upset workers so much they just walk away. Here's how to survive and thrive in a job in animal welfare.


Travelling With Pets: A Guide for First-Timers

Considering taking your fur-baby on your next trip? You're not alone! With more of us opting to take our pets on holiday, make sure you know exactly what to do with these pet travel tips!


A Responsible Dog Owner Is a Good Neighbor

Being a dog owner is a blessing. Having good relations with neighbors is also a blessing. Sometimes the two conflict when a dog has behavioral issues.


10 Things Never to Say to Someone Whose Dog Just Died

Here are 10 things you should never say to anyone whose dog just died, regardless of the dog’s age or cause of death. Even if you mean well in your heart, any of these 10 things should never be said to any person who’s recently lost their dog.


Stinging and Poisonous Caterpillars That Can Hurt Your Dog or Cat

Learn what to do if you think your pet has been stung by a stinging of poisonous caterpillar.


Alternatives to Pet Burial and Cremation

We love our pets. They are our family and our best friends. We know, sadly, that their lifespans are all too short! You may be wondering if there are other options besides burial and cremation. Aquamation is a dignified, earth-friendly alternative to cremation.


10 Ideas for Doggie Date Night

While you grind away at work all week, your dog sits at home pining away for you. When the weekend rolls around, it's date night and time to do something special with someone special.


How to Protect Yourself From Aggressive Dogs and Their Owners

Loose dogs can injure you, your children, and your pet. It is both legal and ethical to defend yourself from an aggressive dog, but how do you justify your actions to the angry dog's owner?


The Consequences of Breeding: What Makes a Dog Healthy?

More and more, the importance of health and soundness is a topic of discussion in the media, in dog forums and kennel clubs, as well as in the minds of prospective dog owners.


What to Do With a Stray Dog

If you find a stray dog, you may be wondering what to do and who to call. Here are some safety tips and steps to take.


What to Do If You See a Dog Left in a Hot Car

Do you see a dog locked in a hot car? Are you afraid the dog is in danger or might die? Are you wondering what you can legally do to save it? Consider contacting the authorities and act fast!


Are Dolphin Shows Cruel?

Dolphins are exceptionally complex creatures, and one such species, the bottlenose dolphin, has been around for 15 million years. It's time to rethink the quality of life of these species in captivity. Are these shows cruel? Let's find out.


Why Shock/E-Collars Are Bad for Dogs

Shock collars are highly controversial. Do dogs feel them? Do they work? Are they inhumane? All of these questions will be answered. Find out how they work and which alternatives are available.


Why Can't I Pet a Service Dog? Why You Should Respect the Vest

As many handlers will tell you, being a service dog handler is not easy. A service dog handler faces a disability that their dog assists them to manage—but sometimes it’s not as “fun” as people think.


Is Your Home Pet-Friendly?

Where you live can affect whatever pet you have in a physical and mental way. Many homes aren't large enough or do not have a necessary yard. Here you will learn what homes each animal will need and whether your home is pet-friendly.


Step-by-Step Guide to Finding a Lost Pet

This article gives you the step-by-step instructions you'll need to find a lost pet.


How to Start a Lost Pet Page for Your City in 6 Easy Steps

This article will provide some tips for getting a "lost pet" page started for your city.


Caring for Your Pet After Surgery

This article will discuss the basic guidelines for seven areas of care to provide for your dog or cat following general surgery. These are only basic guidelines; always consult with your veterinarian concerning individualized care of your pet.


Why Pony Rides Are Not Animal Cruelty: A Horse Trainer's Opinion

I do pony rides as part of my business, and it's infuriating to me to hear that PETA is protesting outside one of the venues where we regularly work. Here is what I have to say on the subject.


The Pros (and Con) of CBD for Pets

Even our furry friends are now enjoying the benefits of CBD.


Storm Preparations for Horse Owners

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Here are eight tips for storm preparation for horse owners.


How to Help a Dog That Is Grieving the Loss of Another Dog

Dogs, just like people, mourn the loss of their canine companions. In many ways, their grief is similar to humans'. Fortunately, there are several ways to help a grieving dog. Some of these tips can help grieving owners, too.


The Stages of Grief When Losing a Dog

Losing a dog leads to a mix of emotions that may be difficult to comprehend at times. Understanding the stages of grief when losing a dog may help the grieving dog owner better understand what is happening to them.


Why You Should Adopt a Pet From a Shelter

Adopting a pet can be very exciting. Here are some reasons why you should consider adoption versus buying your new pet from a pet shop.


The Problems With Pet Leasing

There are many reasons not to lease a pet. There are many horror stories from people who have rented or leased a pet. Learn more about the practice before you decide what you really want to do.


How to Join the Fight Against Puppy Mills

How can we stop puppy mills? We can start by considering adoption. When you buy your puppy from the pet store, it is usually from a mill. Puppy mills are all about profit and don't consider the well-being of these animals.


15 Signs a Dog Is Dying: What to Do When Your Dog's Health Declines

Recognizing the signs a dog is dying is a subject that is difficult for every dog owner, but it is important to learn how to recognize the common signs. This can help dog owners prepare for euthanasia or hospice care with the support of a veterinarian.


Why You Should Never Shave Your Dog or Cat for the Summer

Though many pet owners think they need to shave their pets' coats to keep them cool in the summer, it is usually unnecessary and potentially dangerous.


Anticipatory Grief: Pre-Grieving the Loss of a Dog or Other Pet

Anticipatory grief is the fear of losing a pet. It is commonly felt when a dog is diagnosed with a terminal condition such as cancer or with aging, geriatric dogs. Preliminarily mourning doesn't have to be negative, it can be turned into a proactive experience.


Gross Things They Don't Tell You About Being a Pet Owner

Keeping pets is one of the great joys in life. They bring happiness to their owners in almost every way. Here are some things you may not know about being a pet owner.


Top 16 Songs About Dogs for When You Lose Your Dog

Saying goodbye to a pet is part of loving them. The grief is real, but as with any loss, the right song can play a role in getting through it. Here are some songs to help.


How Spaying and Neutering Pets Saves Lives

Stray dog and cat overpopulation creates a very real issue in our communities. The simplest way you can help is to spay and neuter your pets. This article will discuss the benefits of spaying and neutering for you, your pet, and for the domestic dog and cat populations as a whole.