Pet Ownership


Is Tattooing Cats Animal Abuse?

Vets and animal organization do not recommend tattooing a pet, even for identification, let alone for aesthetic reasons. The process requires anaesthesia which can be risky. Moreover, the cat may feel pain and stress from scratching and burning while healing.


Is Your Home Pet-Friendly?

Where you live can affect whatever pet you have in a physical and mental way. Many homes aren't large enough or do not have a necessary yard. Here you will learn what homes each animal will need and whether your home is pet-friendly.


Caring for Your Pet After Surgery

This article will discuss the basic guidelines for seven areas of care to provide for your dog or cat following general surgery. These are only basic guidelines; always consult with your veterinarian concerning individualized care of your pet.


Spaying and Neutering Saves Lives

Stray dog and cat overpopulation creates a very real issue in our communities. The simplest way you can help is to spay and neuter your pets. This article will discuss the benefits of spaying and neutering for you, your pet, and for the domestic dog and cat populations as a whole.