How to Join the Fight Against Puppy Mills

Updated on July 31, 2019
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I am just a pet owner and animal lover who wants to save animals' lives.


We Can Stop Puppy Mills

Instead of buying your next pet from a pet store or online, consider adopting. Most pets from your local shelter are strays or abandoned animals. If they are not acquired from a puppy mill, we prevent mills from making a profit. We can also speak out in our communities and never stop fighting to save dogs from these conditions.

Important Facts

There are an estimated 10,000 puppy mills in the United States alone. They market the puppies as young as 8 weeks old. The female dogs are bred until they can no longer reproduce, then they're often killed.

What Are Puppy Mills?

Puppy mills are large, commercial facilities that breed dogs. Money is more important to them than the safety of the animals. One puppy mill can have anywhere from 10 animals up to 1,000, depending on size.

The Conditions in These Facilities

The females are bred as often as they can; when they are no longer able to reproduce, the animal is often killed. The conditions are likely overcrowded and unsanitary. Cages are often stacked on one another, and many are wire, causing harm to the paws and legs of the animal.

Many dogs die there, and they never get to live a happy life. They will never get fresh air or see the sunlight. Very often, they never leave their cage except to breed, and they are put in cages no larger than six inches bigger than the dog.

No Fresh Air

Many dogs that are in puppy mills never get to enjoy the fresh air nor see the sunlight.

Are Puppy Mills Legal?

The very surprising short answer is yes. But many puppy mills do not have all of the required documents to be legal, making them illegal. If you are suspicious of a puppy mill, contact your local ASPCA or other authorities.

The AWA (Animal Welfare Act) allows puppy mills to be legal. This act only enforces the minimum for these animals.

What it allows:

  • Unlimited number of dogs
  • Stacked cages
  • Mesh and wire flooring
  • The dog may be caged their whole life except to breed
  • Animals not wanted may be killed
  • No human interaction
  • No exercise

This is all legal. Actions need to be taken to improve the welfare of these animals.

Poor Living Conditions

Many dogs become sick and do not get proper veterinary care. They never get to be normal, happy dogs. They won't get proper human interaction, grooming, exercise, nor a breath of fresh air. Many dogs die in the mill.

What We Can Do

Here are some things we can do to start fighting against puppy mills.

  • Adopt, Don't Shop: Instead of going to your local pet shop or finding a pet online, consider adoption.
  • Urge Change: If you suspect your local pet store is involved with puppy mills, ask them to consider changing and suggest they take in pets from shelters to sell. If nothing changes, consider reporting them if many of the animals become sick.
  • Speak Out: Speaking out in your community can draw attention to these situations. Put up flyers at your vets' office. Call the local newspaper and tell them everything you know about puppy mills. Consider writing a letter to your legislators and ask them to improve the conditions of these animals. Raise awareness in any way you can!
  • Donate: You can donate to stop puppy mills and save animals' lives.
  • Support Shelters: Many organizations like The Humane Society accept donations to save animals from these mills and to provide more no-kill shelters.

Why We Need to Fight

Saving animals' lives is the top priority. As we already know, many animals are in harmful situations. This is why we need to keep fighting and put an end to puppy mills! Profit over well-being is just unacceptable.

One Adoption Makes a Difference

Adopting a pet from the shelter can make all the difference. When we adopt, we save an animal's life and give them a wonderful home, thus allowing more room in shelters. Adopting versus buying means that the puppy mill animals will most likely go to a local shelter if they are not sold from the pet store. One adoption saves more than one animal's life. It gives them a second chance.

Let's Continue the Fight

Now that you have learned more about puppy mills, please raise awareness when you can!

Let's put an end to puppy mills.

Never stop fighting!

Let's Fight

Will You Fight?

Will you raise awareness about puppy mills?

See results

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

© 2018 Savanna H


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    • Petcessories profile imageAUTHOR

      Savanna H 

      23 months ago

      Thank you! And yes they do need to be banned!

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 

      23 months ago from British Columbia, Canada

      You've given some great advice in this article. It was shocking to read about things that are legal for puppy mills to do. The facilities need to be banned.


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