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Prayers and Positive Words for When Pets Go Through a Hard Time

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

The animals around us are beautiful and wonderful. They matter too.

The animals around us are beautiful and wonderful. They matter too.

My Backstory

About six months ago, I went through a horrible scare. My cat was struggling to pee. I took him to the emergency veterinarian, and he was treated overnight to help him relax. Hours later, I went home with my cat, and as soon as I got home, he was doing the same thing—squatting in random parts of the house and struggling to pee.

It was scary for me to watch. I knew he was going to need more care; however, my veterinarian's instructions were to wait a few hours to see if his condition would improve and see if he was just getting used to the drugs and the anxiety of going to the vet.

I was back at the emergency vet in about five hours. My cat hadn't improved. He wasn't eating.

After several trips to my regular veterinarian and the emergency veterinarian, and two rounds of a catheter, it was discovered that he had tiny stones that were blocking him. He needed surgery. I was overwhelmed by the cost of the treatment and scared that my cat wasn't going to survive.

I'm happy to say my cat is still alive thanks to the attentive care he received. One of the things that helped me calm down was reading prayers online about pets. I wasn't sure how things were going to end, but praying comforted me. It gave me the ability to trust rather than fret. I had to accept the chaotic situation.

I want to give back by offering hope to those who might be going through similar awful situations. I hope you can find prayers or positive words here to let you know you're not alone. Others have been in the same situation. You can adjust the prayers as needed.

Each paragraph is a different prayer you can repeat. I found it helpful to play soothing music off YouTube and to repeat prayers I found online because I had a hard time coming up with words of my own. Strength was failing me after multiple trips to the vet at odd hours of the night and struggling because I was losing sleep.

I hope the prayers below help you to find some peace and hope. Please remember, no prayer guarantees a particular outcome.

Your pet likes the sound of your voice. Your presence means something to them. Try to project a calm persona.

Your pet likes the sound of your voice. Your presence means something to them. Try to project a calm persona.

For Pets in Surgery

I pray that my pet will receive the care they need to feel better, and they will make a full recovery. I pray that my pet will be in good hands, and their surgery will be a success. I pray my pet will be comforted by grace and hope.


Light of heaven, I pray that a wave of healing will come to my pet, and they'll be able to return to the things they love. Healing and miracles are open to all creatures. I pray for my pet to have a happy life again. I pray their pain will only be a short chapter. I pray through the intelligence of veterinarians, that my pet can have its life again.


Holiness, the higher power above and around me, please help ease my pet's pain and help them to have a speedy recovery. Help my pet to trust the people who've dedicated their lives to animal medicine. Please give those who will be serving my pet strength and focus. Help guide their hands, so my pet can have a full life.

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God of mercy, please remove all fear and anxiety from my pet who is in a painful situation. I believe pets also have minds and can be burdened, so please help them to be at peace. Guide them with positive memories and dreams. God of mercy, please help the innocent to find comfort. Please help them to find a peaceful stasis during their surgery.

For Pets Involved in Accidents

God, I pray my pet will have a speedy recovery and that you can send abundant healing into their body. Please help my pet to find deep healing in both modern medicine and the power of your spirit. Please help them to recover and don't let an accident win over them. God, please send the right messages to my pet's body, send them everything they need for their body to properly heal. God, help us to believe in the unique power of our bodies to heal themselves.


God, please help me to let go of the anger I might have from this accident. Please help me to be forgiving, so I can use my heart and soul in a way that comforts my pet in their time of need. Please help me to be a good servant to my pet, to be a good friend to them, and to help them get the care they need. Help me to represent my pet, so I can make the right decisions for them.


Holiness, please work with my pet during this strange time. Please guide them to your knowledge, please alleviate their worries. Give them understanding and grace. Let their body heal, let them have their life back, please help them to trust those who will be focusing on their care. I ask for a speedy and kind recovery.

For Lost Pets

God, please help my pet to find its way home. Please help them to find shelter and to be safe. Guide their journey and well-being. Please help them to come across good and kind people. May the light of your love protect my pet. Help them to find their way and please remove all anxiety. Send resources to them that will ensure their safety. God, please give them directions. Help them to find their way home.


God of the universe, I know I am but a small person with a meek request. I humbly ask for your favor in this time to be with my pet and to help guide their footsteps. Please, if they can't find their way back home, put them in the care of good people. Please keep them safe from all harm. God, we humbly ask for your guidance in this situation. Please put our beloved pet in your care. Please remove anxiety and depression from them. Please give them some of your intuition.


May the light of holiness be with my pet while they're lost. May you help them to find food and water and care. We hope to see their return, and we will work to accept that they might not come home. Please God, protect our pet and give it guidance to find its way back to its loved ones. We believe in your ability to bring them home, and for you to teach us of bigger things through this journey.

For Older Pets

I pray that my pet will find comfort and peace. I pray that God's wisdom will be in this situation. I pray my pet will receive the strength they need, and they'll be surrounded by kind people who empathize with their situation.


God in the highest, please be with my older pet now and help them to get the best treatment possible for the later part of their life. Please help this animal to find love and comfort and please help their suffering to be less. Please help us to cherish their life and to give them everything they need to be well.


Thank you to whatever connections led me to this pet and the relationship we've had over the years. I show gratitude for this connection, and it has been one of the most important, kind ones. Thank you for this pet and for their kindness toward me. God, I pray their mind and heart are filled with positive memories, I pray they'll hear your voice calling them home at the right time. Please comfort them, and if they have more years in them, help those years to be some of the best.

For Pets in Their Last Moments

I pray that my pet will no longer suffer from pain but will be guided into the light. I pray that as they transition to heaven their heart and soul will be greeted with peace and comfort. I pray my pet will be greeted by loved ones and always remembered.


I pray my pet will find peace, and they'll be guided by goodness and light. I pray that their suffering will be eased, and they'll have a place in the afterlife.


I pray my pet will find joy and light in these last few moments. I pray it won't all be pain but also love and light with their family. I pray for the comfort of your light to be on them.

For Owners Grieving Pets

God, I pray that comfort and light will surround those who have lost pets and are grieving. I pray they'll be drawn to positive memories, and they'll find acceptance and peace. God, I pray they'll connect with people who understand that grieving a pet is real, and they'll find compassion and hope. God, I pray those who've lost their pets will find hope. Please God, don't let them despair, give them reminders of your light.


I pray for hope to come to those who are grieving. I pray they'll see how happy they were with their beloved pet and to cherish those memories. God, give families wondrous dreams and signs to let them know their pet has gone on and is safe in your light. Please help us to see that death is only a season, and after a little rain and sunshine, the flower will bloom again.


I pray for those grieving that they'll find comfort. I pray for those grieving that they'll have a space where they can be present with their emotions and thoughts. Please send loving people to those who are grieving. Please help connect those who are grieving to people who can guide them and show them peace, serenity, and wisdom.

© 2022 Andrea Lawrence

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