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58+ Star Trek Pet Names

Morgan Kirby loves all things Star Trek and likes deciding on the right name for each new pet that's added to the family.

If you enjoy Star Trek and are planning on getting a new pet, here are 58 names to give the new member of your family.

If you enjoy Star Trek and are planning on getting a new pet, here are 58 names to give the new member of your family.

Spicing up Your New Pet's Name

If you want to name your pet after a Star Trek character, there are a lot of options available. You can pick a name from the movies or the television shows: The Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space 9, Enterprise, and Discovery. These suggestions include popular names from the television shows that will help give your pet the best Star Trek flair.

Names From Star Trek: The Original Series (1966-1969)

  • Kirk: A headstrong leader who always takes charge.
  • Spock: First officer and science officer under the command of his lifelong friend, James T. Kirk.
  • Mudd: A conman who wreaks havoc whenever he comes across Starfleet.
  • Scott: He'll be there to greet you the moment you arrive home.
  • Pike: Kirk’s predecessor as captain of the Enterprise.
  • McCoy: The doctor aboard the Enterprise and commonly referred to as “Bones.” Just to be clear, he’s a doctor!
  • Sulu: Helmsman aboard the Enterprise. If your dog has a great sense of direction or gets lost incredibly easily then Sulu might be the way to go.
  • Chekov: A brilliant, bright, young Russian officer who serves aboard the Enterprise.
  • Chapel: The nurse aboard the Enterprise who sometimes shows affection towards Spock.

Names From The Next Generation (1987-1994)

  • Worf: Klingon who is Chief of Security throughout most of TNG. Worf is a stoic man who prizes honor above all else. While he is a serious individual, Worf is definitely the type person who smirks at another person’s foolishness when the result benefits him.
  • Troi: A counselor and confidant who helps members of the crew deal with the hardships of work and their personal life.
  • Lore: Older brother of Data who takes pleasure in watching others suffer. Consider Lore if your pet has malicious intentions or can use contractions.
  • Kurn: A feisty Klingon, especially in comparison to his older brother Worf.
  • Ro: Conn officer on the bridge who is constantly at odds with her coworkers.
  • Hugh: A Borg with the freedom and ability to make his own choices.
  • Data: An android who wants to know what it means to be human.
  • Riker: A joker, a musician, a diplomat, and a fighter.
  • Wesley: The perfect name for an animal that just won’t be quiet.
  • Picard: A great French name for your French dog. It works for poodles, Pyrenean Shepherds, and Picardy Spaniels.
  • Geordi: The blind Chief Engineer who’s always trying to solve problems.
  • Crusher: Responsible for the medical care of over a thousand people.
  • Guinan: The wise woman who works at the bar in Ten Forward.
  • Barclay: Super awkward around coworkers and is the target of many jokes.
  • Boothby: Dedicated gardener with an incredible memory and a wealth of knowledge.
  • Lwaxana: Fun-loving, eligible woman who’s always looking for a good time.
  • Mr. Homn: Lwaxana's silent, smiling servant.
  • O’Brien: Trusty transporter chief who helps people go from one place to another.

Names From Deep Space Nine (1993-1999)

  • Dax: Symbiont who will attach itself to any worthy host. Consider Dax if your pet is really clingy.
  • Quark: Greedy and manipulative. Tries to exploit everyone around him.
  • Nog: A Ferengi that learns the value of responsibility.
  • Sisko: Leader and caring father. Also, son of leader and caring father.
  • Odo: Changeling with a strong sense of justice.
  • Bashir: Genetically enhanced human. An excellent name for your pet with a technological enhancement.
  • Kira: Bajoran militia member who’s ready to fight for her beliefs.
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Names From Star Trek: Voyager (1995-2001)

  • Kes: Ocampa who is taken in and treated like family by the crew.
  • Chell: A goofy Bolian who’ll do what he’s told but talks way too much.
  • Janeway: Strong, female leader who doesn’t stand for bullies or threats.
  • Tuvok: Chief of Security who has no time for frivolous activities.
  • Neelix: An adaptable Talaxian with the ability to put a smile on even the saddest person.
  • Doctor (Doc): A hologram that seeks to be more than his programming.
  • Seven: A Borg that learns the value of working on a crew of individuals.
  • Chakotay: Spiritual first officer who prefers diplomacy to violence.
  • B’Elanna: Half-Klingon, half-human who can be both aggressive and sweet.
  • Naomi: A small child living among adults.
  • Chaotica: Outmatched villain who has no chance of taking over the world.

Names From Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005)

  • Reed: “Reed alert,” “red alert,” potato, potahto.
  • Phlox: Friendly, fan of Chinese food, and polygamist.
  • Archer: A risk taker and pioneer.
  • T’Pol: Vulcan who clashes with her superiors.
  • Sato: Master of languages. If your parrot responds in a different language, then they are definitely Sato material.
  • Mayweather: Master of flight. If your dog loves riding in the passenger seat with their head out of the window, then they’re vying to be called Mayweather.

Names From Discovery (2017-)

  • Burnham: Female commander who’s not afraid of a court martial.
  • Saru: Creepy-looking science officer.
  • Stemets: Likes spores.
  • Tilly: The awkward person in the room.
  • Detmer: Lieutenant with an ocular enhancement.
  • Tyler: Klingon that poses as a human.
  • Lorca: Captain of the Buran. He has a dual personality.

Names Inspired by Officer Ranks

If none of these names is a good fit for your pet, then consider giving your pet an officer rank. For example, you could name your goldfish Ensign Ricky.

  1. Admiral
  2. Captain
  3. Lieutenant
  4. Ensign
  5. Crewman
  6. Cadet
  7. DaiMon (Ferengi)
  8. Gul (Cardassian)
  9. Maje (Kazon)

Tips on How to Pick the Right Name

  • Behavior: Is your animal as manipulative as a Ferengi? Then try Quark. Does it want to snuggle up with you and comfort you? If so, then Troi and Neelix are good options.
  • Physical Characteristics: Think about how well your pet physically lives up to a name. Do you have a big dog, a fluffy cat, or a black rooster? If you have one small rabbit in a nest of bigger ones, then consider naming it Data or Seven.
  • Pronunciation: You'll probably be using this name for a long time so it's a good idea to pick a name that you can pronounce with relative ease. If Lwaxana doesn't roll easily off your tongue, then try a name that's a little shorter.

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