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How Much Do I Tip My Pet Groomer?

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If you take your animal to a groomer, then it is pretty likely that you will be waiting quite some time for them to finish the service. Grooming is a time-consuming process and something that you cannot really rush or force. With that in mind, you might want to spend a bit of time looking into how much—if at all—you should tip your dog groomer. How much to tip groomer services is a tough thing to work out, but there are some general percentages that you should think about.

Grooming is on its own a tough skill, even for pets who are obedient and sit at peace. When you bring a slightly more rebellious animal to a grooming session, though, tips should be included purely for the stress that the groomer has likely gone through!

As you will no doubt realise, grooming is a tough thing to get right. It can take a lot of work and effort, and it can also require a large venue for grooming and a good collection of tools to get the job done. With that in mind, working out how much to tip groomer services can be tough. What, then, is seen as a fair level of tipping to provide?

Should You Tip Your Groomer?

Of course, you might even wonder if you should tip your groomer in the first place at all. Generally, we would say that you absolutely should. Groomers put an immense amount of work into helping your pet look glamorous and stylish. Being able to offer a bit of extra finance on top of that should be something that you openly consider.

Something a little extra on top can be a smart way to make sure that you can easily tip your groomer without any issues. You should always try to factor in things like:

  • The initial cost of the service: Were you happy with what you were asked to pay?
  • The length of time that the grooming session takes: Is it as quick as you were hoping for?
  • The lengths gone to make sure the grooming session deals with every issue your canine faces.
  • The friendliness of the staff, and how useful they were at arranging the grooming services.

If you factor in all of the above and feel like the groomer has earned a little extra, then you should definitely include that. This goes for any personal grooming sessions that you go for, too; any form of grooming for you or your pet can be a worthwhile investment. If you are conscious about how you or your pet happens to look then investing in a groomer can be a wise choice.

How Much to Tip Groomer Services?

Typically, you should be expected to tip anything from 10-20% on top of the grooming service itself. This is seen as the general baseline. For smaller tidy-ups and general care, then a small 10% tip is enough. For larger grooming sessions where the person has to get really involved in the cleaning process, though, you should absolutely look to tip them in the 20% range.

This makes sense as the sheer time involved in most grooming sessions justifies the high cost of the service. That is why you should definitely always look to add in a bit of an extra tip on top of the service. Most of the time, you will get back good value as the benefits and effects of grooming—especially for pets—can last for weeks.

Yes, you might pay a relatively high cost for personal or animal grooming services. What you get back, though, is a heightened sense of confidence—and that can be priceless. You also need to factor in the time/money factor. To look as good as you do after a grooming session, you often need to spend a lot of money to keep on top of the process anyway. You also need to buy the equipment for grooming and commit hours per week to your DIY grooming sessions.

Go to an expert, though, and they can groom you and/or your pet and make sure that you look fantastic again. That saves you valuable time, avoids the risk of mistakes, and means you aren’t shelling-out big time for some grooming equipment. Does that not sound like an investment worth making?

If you want to make sure you can get better value for your time and money, then hiring (and tipping) a groomer is highly recommended. Now, you and/or your pets can look and feel positively fantastic!

Alternatives to Tipping

There are of course a whole range of different methods of 'tipping' other than handing over dollars and monetary aspects. You could also offer specific gifts, perhaps it is something that was gifted to you, but it's not something you don't quite use and think it would be more appropriate for your pet groomer. Often, gifts are more appropriate, especially when you get to know your pet groomer well and you know they do a really good job of keeping your pet well-groomed and taken care of.

On the flip side though, don't offer a tip if you're not happy at all with any part of the service, and it's not something you are compelled to do. Some pet groomers sometimes expect a tip, and that's something that doesn't personally sit very well with us, as we think it is something that should be 'gifted' in a sense. However, if the groomer was late to see your pet or you felt the service was rushed and didn't get as much value as you thought you should have, don't tip. Again though, if they were very accommodating to your needs, you should think about the tip more carefully.

We would love to get your thoughts and experiences on tipping pet groomers. Is this something that you would do? And if so, how much would you think an appropriate tip is? Let us know down in the comments section just below and we will definitely look forward to reading it.

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