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Pet Safety & Emergency Preparedness


Why Your Dog Needs a Hi-Vis Jacket

Having a pet dog is great fun but is also a responsibility. To keep your dog safe when you’re out and about, a hi-vis doggy coat is an essential accessory.


House Plants and Pet Safety

Here's a guide to some pet friendly and toxic plants and what to do if your pet has ingested a toxic plant.


How to Make a Bug-Out Bag for Your Pets

If you were forced to evacuate on sudden notice, would you have everything your dog or cat needs to survive? Learn how to make a bug-out bag with important survival items for your pet in case of emergency.


Dog Theft: How Can I Prevent My Dog Being Stolen?

Dog theft is a growing concern for many pet owners. Dogs are stolen to sell, breed, or be used in illegal dog fights. Losing a pet to theft is a heart-breaking experience, but there are a number of simple ways to prevent thieves from targeting your pets.


Water Safety Tips for Your Dog's Summertime Fun

For dogs who love water and swimming, here are safety tips, ideas, and guidance that will keep your dog splish splashing all summer long.


How to Train Your Pets for an Emergency

Knowing how to move your pet quickly to safety is essential in an emergency. Training your pet in advance (you can even hold drills) will ensure the survival of your beloved family member.


10 Dangers of Letting a Dog Go Off-Leash

There are several dangers of letting dogs off-leash which dog owners may not always realize. This article was written in hopes of potentially saving dogs' lives from the potential dangers of being off-leash.


How to Protect Yourself From Aggressive Dogs and Their Owners

Loose dogs can injure you, your children, and your pet. It is both legal and ethical to defend yourself from an aggressive dog, but how do you justify your actions to the angry dog's owner?


What to Do If You See a Dog Left in a Hot Car

Do you see a dog locked in a hot car? Are you afraid the dog is in danger or might die? Are you wondering what you can legally do to save it? Consider contacting the authorities and act fast!


Storm Preparations for Horse Owners

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Here are eight tips for storm preparation for horse owners.


How to Pack an Emergency "Go Bag" for Your Pets

If you have to evacuate during a disaster, make sure you have your family pets' needs handled with a grab-and-go bag! Here are itemized lists of what to include for each of your pets.


How to Prepare a Pet's Bug-Out Bag for Emergency Survival

If right at this exact moment you were forced to evacuate your home due to an emergency, would you be able to take your pets with you? A few minutes spent preparing now could save your pets' lives.


Do Vets and Animal Caregivers Get Bitten or Scratched?

Animal-related injuries are common in the veterinary clinic. But what happens when someone gets bitten or scratched by a patient?


Using Collapsible Water Bowls to Prevent Dehydration in Dogs

A collapsible water bowl is a great idea to make sure your dog has plenty of water wherever you go, whether it is your daily walk, a day trip, a car ride, a weekend or more extended holiday.


I Hit a Dog With My Car: What Am I Legally Required to Do?

Advice from the SPCA on what you should do if you've run over a dog or other domestic animal with your car.


How to Keep Pets Safe During the Summer Heat

By using a bit of common sense (water, shade, parasite control), you and your pets can have a great, fun-filled summer together.


Emergency Planning Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe During a Crisis or Natural Disaster

What would you do if you and your pet had to evacuate your home in the middle of an emergency? Would you have your pet's supplies ready to go on short notice? These tips will help you be prepared.


7 Cold Weather Safety Tips for Cats and Dogs

Learn how to keep your pets happy and healthy during the winter holidays. This article offers practical tips on how to protect your pets during cold weather.


Pet Ear Mites: Diagnosis, Symptoms, and Treatments

Learn about the diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment of ear mites in cats and dogs and read about related ear conditions. You'll also learn why home remedies might not be a good idea.


Personal Tips for Traveling With Chihuahuas

Sometimes, I take my little dogs on trips. Their very first road trip was the most important, as it set a precedence for all future trips. Learn how I ensured success and made the trip fun for all.


Travel Tips for Flying With Your Pet

Thinking about taking your pet along on your next vacation? Read on for some useful tips and advice to help make the entire process as seamless and stress-free as possible.


What to Put in Your Dog's First Aid Kit: 20 Essentials + a Few Extras

Your dog may need first aid for several reasons. You should be prepared for a medical emergency by making up a first aid kit and keeping it available at all times. This article will show you what you need to include.


Traveling With Pets: Driving Safely With Pets

Keeping your pets safe while traveling by car. Important safety equipment is discussed.


How to Walk a Dog in Winter Safely

How cold is too cold for a dog? When is it unsafe to go out? Dog walking should be a pleasure, not a risk. With the right preparation, you and your companion can stay healthy and safe, whatever the weather.


What to Do If Your Cat or Dog Ingests Mothballs

Learn how to help your pet if you think or know they've eaten mothballs.