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Animal Welfare


Animals Have Feelings Too

Neuroscientists have tried to determine if animals have feelings or emotions. This article explores this topic and discusses several examples. Some of the opinions of the neuroscientists are also covered.


Is Tattooing Cats Animal Abuse?

Vets and animal organizations do not recommend tattooing a pet, even for identification, let alone for aesthetic reasons. The process requires anaesthesia which can be risky. Moreover, the cat may feel pain and stress from scratching and burning while healing.


Baby Red Fox Squirrels Saved by Texas Wildlife Rehab Center

Here is some information about the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition in Houston and how we have utilized their services. Photos and videos included.


5 Reasons Not to Feed Feral Cats

How'd this lonely cat get here? Where's its family? Does it need anything? Food? Shelter? Before you know it, you're thinking of the cat on the way home, and you might even offer it some food.


6 Survival Tips for Animal Welfare Workers

Shelters need volunteers, but the work and harsh realities of animal welfare often upset workers so much they just walk away. Here's how to survive and thrive in a job in animal welfare.


A Responsible Dog Owner Is a Good Neighbor

Being a dog owner is a blessing. Having good relations with neighbors is also a blessing. Sometimes the two conflict when a dog has behavioral issues.


The Consequences of Breeding: What Makes a Dog Healthy?

More and more, the importance of health and soundness is a topic of discussion in the media, in dog forums and kennel clubs, as well as in the minds of prospective dog owners.


What to Do With a Stray Dog

If you find a stray dog, you may be wondering what to do and who to call. Here are some safety tips and steps to take.


Are Dolphin Shows Cruel?

Dolphins are exceptionally complex creatures, and one such species, the bottlenose dolphin, has been around for 15 million years. It's time to rethink the quality of life of these species in captivity. Are these shows cruel? Let's find out.


Why Shock/E-Collars Are Bad for Dogs

Shock collars are highly controversial. Do dogs feel them? Do they work? Are they inhumane? All of these questions will be answered. Find out how they work and which alternatives are available.


Why Pony Rides Are Not Animal Cruelty: A Horse Trainer's Opinion

I do pony rides as part of my business, and it's infuriating to me to hear that PETA is protesting outside one of the venues where we regularly work. Here is what I have to say on the subject.


Why You Should Adopt a Pet From a Shelter

Adopting a pet can be very exciting. Here are some reasons why you should consider adoption versus buying your new pet from a pet shop.


How to Join the Fight Against Puppy Mills

How can we stop puppy mills? We can start by considering adoption. When you buy your puppy from the pet store, it is usually from a mill. Puppy mills are all about profit and don't consider the well-being of these animals.


How Spaying and Neutering Pets Saves Lives

Stray dog and cat overpopulation creates a very real issue in our communities. The simplest way you can help is to spay and neuter your pets. This article will discuss the benefits of spaying and neutering for you, your pet, and for the domestic dog and cat populations as a whole.


Debate Topic: Exotic Pets Should Be Legal

Review some pro-exotic pet arguments for essays, school debate, or general conversation.


Noah's Ark Animal Rescue in the Haute-Vienne, France

Noah's Ark is an animal rescue charity in the Haute-Vienne, France, run by Cindy Maasik and her daughter Lauren. Their sole purpose is to rescue and re-home animals in need.


Rehoming and Adopting Exotic Pets: What You Should Consider

Oftentimes, people looking to buy an exotic pet consider one that is being rehomed. Here are things you need to know before adopting a rehome, or rehoming your own exotic.


The Truth About Cropping a Dog's Ears

A quick look at the practice of cropping a dog's ears and why you should avoid this unnecessary medical procedure for your family pet.


Who Is Exempt From Exotic Pet Bans?

Exotic animals that are considered dangerous and are illegal to own as pets are legal in some situations. In what cases are individuals or organizations allowed to keep banned exotic animals?


Can Pets Be Left Alone Outside to Fend for Themselves?

Pets, no matter what kind, are fed and nurtured in a controlled environment. Are they then able to survive in the wild?


10 Reasons Why Exotic Pets Should Be Legal

Explore why owning exotic pets should be legal.


Should You Help or Ignore Stray Animals?

Should you feed, touch, pet, or help stray animals. . . or leave them alone? Will they be okay? Learn more so that you can make an informed decision if you find a stray dog or cat.


What Is Pet Flipping, and Why Is It Important?

Pet flipping is becoming an increasing problem, but many pet owners don't know what this practice is or why it's so disastrous for them and for their pets. Information is the best defense!


Can You Buy a White Serval?

Here's a guide to white servals: where they currently reside, how they were produced, and the controversy about their owners.


Why You Should Never Declaw Cats

The facts about de-clawing cats, presented in no-nonsense, stern language. It's not sugar-coated or "prettied up" in any way; it's just the straight, graphic truth. Please don't do this!


Why You Shouldn't Feed Junk Food to the Peacocks at the Zoo

Many zoos, parks, and petting farms have free-roaming peacocks on the grounds. These places also post signs asking visitors to please not feed the animals. Many people ignore this and offer the peacocks french fries, chips, and other junk food. Here's why you shouldn't do that.


The Ohio Exotic Pet Ban: What Animals Are Now Illegal as Pets?

The Ohio Dangerous Wild Animal Act has been passed as a result of the Zanesville, Ohio, "Zoo Massacre." What wild and exotic animals are now banned in the state as pets?


Feeding Pets Live Food Is Cruelty

This article exists to dispel the myth that animals need, or should be fed, live food for optimum nutrition and psychological wellness.


Animals Deserve Compassionate Care

Animals are sentient beings with feelings and yes, emotions. They deserve humane treatment and care at all times.


Facts, Statistics, and Stories About Animal and Pet Abuse

Here are general facts and statistics about animal abuse—from the most abused dog breed to the most common form of animal abuse. Also detailed in this article is the story of one particular dog's history of abuse and her incredible rehabilitation story.

The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

The Five Freedoms are logical, common-sense guidelines that allow you to gauge the quality of care and professionalism in a zoo, farm, pet shop, or wherever animals are kept.