How can I help my female cat who has suddenly started spraying in my slippers which are at the side of my bed? There has been an enormous amount of change at home so I'm now thinking this may be one of the reasons, but I do have another two cats. She has also sprayed on the new cat flap, I now use a microchip one.


It's perfectly normal for change to affect one cat more than others. Whatever has taken place, however minor, is clearly enough to make your cat feel anxious and upset. Spraying is her way of making herself feel safe and also, to get your attention.

However, you should first ensure that there are no underlying medical problems, which will require a visit to the vets.

Once your cat is given the all clear, you need to work on making her feel safe and secure at home. This usually means spending more time with her and giving her more attention. Also, ensure she has her own personal area where she feels safe. Keep an eye on your other cats to check that they are not bullying her, especially with food, even if they have never previously done so. You should ideally have 4 litter trays in your house, all which need to be cleaned regularly.

If you can, try keeping your cat indoors for a few days, to see if this makes a difference. There may be new cats in the locality, which may be stressing her out.

Updated on April 15, 2018

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How to Reduce Your Cat's Anxiety and Stress
By C L Grant