I have a cat at home and brought home a new kitten. The two cats hiss and slap at each other, but the kitten is the one who hisses more. Sometimes my older cat will sit and watch the kitten, and sometimes they will engage with the hissing and slapping, following each other around afterward. Once one cat is done, it's like the other cat comes running for more. Is this normal? Does this mean that they were getting along?


It actually sounds like they are on the right track. Kittens are often easier to acclimate than two adults. In a home with at least one other cat, any new cat will have to establish its rank. Allowing some interaction - within reason - is okay (hissing and slapping, too). But yes, this does sound good. It sounds like they are reaching an understanding.

Updated on April 4, 2018

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By L C David