I have a female boxer who will soon be 10. She was diagnosed with stage 3 mast cell cancer. Is there any way you can say how long she will be with us? Is not eating the first symptom?


One thing you can do to improve her chances is feeding her a raw, high-protein diet. There are a lot of good suggestions out there from vets like Dr. Billinghurst. Not eating will be a problem later on, so if she does not want to eat her new diet just give her anything. No, I cannot tell for sure with a grade III mast cell tumor. Less than 10% of the dogs live more than five years, but as she is already ten that does not mean much. As far as a ramp, just make something at home with a sheet of thick plywood. You do not have to buy something from a pet store. Make sure the ramp has boards going across it so that she has adequate footing when she is climbing up into bed. I wish you the best of luck.

Updated on March 14, 2018

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