I have a ragdoll, and of course, they are a larger breed. She likes to what I call "hatch the kittens that I adopted. She backs up and sits right on their head and shoulders, so they can’t get up. The kittens are Angoras small cats. My cat weighs 13 pounds, and the kittens weigh six and eight pounds. Do I need to worry? Otherwise, they get along OK with a few booping sessions here and there. One of the kittens is no longer afraid of her, but my cat can still overpower them.


I haven't heard of a cat sitting like that. Because of the size difference and you said they couldn't get up, I would be concerned and not leave them alone together until the kittens are bigger and better able to get away from your cat. She might just be trying to let them know who's boss, but it's better to be safe than sorry. They will all likely get along eventually, but I would be cautious for now and supervise them when they're together.

Updated on April 12, 2018

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Cats Not Getting Along? Tips to Get Them to Stop Fighting Each Other
By carolynkaye