I live in an apartment that does not allow big dogs. What kind of dog can I get as a single woman?


If you live in an apartment with weight restrictions my first choice would be to look for a bull terrier. They are mellow dogs, but they do look like guards. Be sure to look at the parents before you buy the dog, since some of them can be quite large, perhaps over the weight that you are allowed. Another good choice is the Standard Schnauzer. They are best for a very active person, so if you get out a lot, they will love to go for walks or runs. They tend to bark a lot when they hear anything unusual, so it might not be the best choice if you have neighbors that complain a lot. If you want to look at the medium sized dogs that I recommend for an apartment, I have an article at http://hubpages.com/dogs/medium-sized-dog-breed-ap...

Updated on April 11, 2018

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Five Best Dog Breeds for Single Women Living Alone
By Dr Mark