I live in Nash County in NC, and I'm trying to get a USDA permit to own a raccoon or arctic fox. APHIS seems to have no clue. I am a teacher, and I’m trying to get the license based on “exhibition.” No one seems to know how to help me. Do you have any suggestions?


Contact the Wildlife Management Division office at 888-248-6834 for the appropriate permit or license. As raccoons are natives, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission would handle that. I'm not sure about arctic foxes; you should probably call the NC Department of Agriculture and the State Veterinarian. Exotic foxes might technically be legal, but they are still hammering out the details. Then you will need an exhibitor's permit from the USDA.

Updated on March 2, 2018

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North Carolina Exotic Animal Ban *ALERT* House Bill 554
By Melissa A Smith