I work 6 hours a day five days a week. My kids aged 8-14 really want a dog. We would take good care of the dog and live in a house with a nice garden. Should we get a dog? If so, what breed?


Not everyone can be at home all day for their dog, so I do think you should get a dog for both you and your kids. The breed really depends on what you like. Any of the dogs on this list are okay, but the basset hound and French bulldog are usually better with kids than some of the other breeds listed here. If your older kids are very active and would like to take their dog out running, a Whippet or Greyhound is a good choice, but if you are homebodies, then you should choose the basset.

Updated on April 16, 2018

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The Seven Best Dog Breeds for Someone Who Works All Day
By Dr Mark