I'm getting my first Cane. She is a puppy, and I will pick her up in a few weeks. Both my wife and I are dedicated to spending time with her. We already have a smaller breed dog. We both work and we will have to leave her in a big kennel during the day while we work. Will this cause a problem with her training?


Cane Corso are not one of the breeds that do well if left alone all day. When your dog is a puppy, it is even worse. Yes, this will affect her training. If you do not have someone come in and walk her during the day in her formative first months in your home, she is more likely to become neurotic. Do you leave your other dog alone in the house during the day? Your puppy is going to be a lot happier if she can be in a kennel with the other dog, and then when she gets a little older, they can be loose in the house together.

Updated on February 19, 2018

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How to Prevent Aggression in Your Cane Corso
By Dr Mark