My 10-year-old Maltese has swollen feet due to an allergic reaction to probiotics. Her front paws are raw from licking, and she's been limping. Can I do an Epsom soak along with a little vinegar? If the vinegar solution is too strong I think it would sting at this point, but I do believe she is developing yeast issues.


If your Maltese has been licking so much that her paws are raw, she probably does have a yeast infection. Diluted apple cider vinegar (half water) is okay and will not sting too much, but you have to see how she reacts. If it is just an allergic reaction, she will probably not even need the Epsom salt solution.

Updated on February 28, 2018

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Why Does My Dog Have Swollen Feet and What Are Some Natural Cures?
By Dr Mark