My dog has infections in her paws, and no matter what I put on it she’ll lick it off before it can help her. Even stuff the vet said she wouldn’t like, she’ll still lick it off. I applied undiluted neem just on top of her paws as I know the smell and taste is quite strong? Is it safe though?


It is not safe for any animal to ingest neem oil, but usually, the smell means that dogs won't lick it (horses too). I would suggest washing the paws, applying the oil, and being with her for several hours so you can monitor her. If she licks it, or if she reacts to the neem, get it off of her quickly. I'd suggest doing this in the evening when you are near her (presuming she is not an outside dog) and not going out to work. If this works, you should only have to do it a few times. Also, there is always one of those veterinary collars that are shaped like a funnel.

Updated on April 8, 2018

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Neem Oil for Dogs Stops Itching, Heals Skin, and Repels Fleas and Mosquitos
By Susan Hambidge