My female dog is about thirteen years old, and has been on Potassium Bromide for seizures for about ten years now. I am considering taking her off the medication. She hasn’t had a seizure in about seven or so years. The drug is expensive, and so is the blood work that is required to have done once a year. Is this a good idea?


Yes, it is a good idea, just wean your dog off slowly. Give her 3/4 of the regular dose for a few weeks, then a half dose for a few weeks, then a 1/4 dose for a few weeks. Give her as little as possible until you are sure that she is still not having seizures. All drugs have side effects, so if she can get by without them, you both might have many more years ahead.

Updated on March 10, 2018

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Alternative Dog Medication for Seizures
By Dr Mark