My thirteen-year-old beagle won't stop licking his tummy. I've tried the cone, spray, and leave it command, but as soon as we're not looking, he licks the same spot. What should I do?


Lick granulomas are a psychological problem that occurs with allergies, but are much more common on the front legs and feet. I would take your Beagle to his regular vet to examine the spot since at his age it can be pre-cancerous. If it is not, he may need to be on long-term antibiotic therapy. You can also try rubbing the spot with coconut oil three or four times a day. (If he licks it off it is not going to hurt.) Vitamin E might also have positive effects; so you can rub a capsule on the spot once daily. (Again, licking it off is not a problem. A lot of the creams and other meds prescribed for a lick wound should not be licked off.)

Updated on March 27, 2018

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By Dr Mark