My younger cat is a male, and he bullies my older female cat. He watches her while she eats, and when she's done, he will attack her, jumping at her and biting her neck. Then he will eat from the bowl. He waits for her at the doorway of the bedroom and bathroom (after she goes potty) and attacks her. I strongly say no, but he continues to attack on a daily basis. How do I get him to stop attacking her?


Usually younger cats are just more energetic and playful in general. While some of this may seem like bullying to us, this may just be the way these two interact. If the other cat is continuing to eat, drink, and go to the litter box, then it should be fine just to let it go. I have one cat who occasionally runs into the room and pounces on her sleeping housemate. They tumble, the other runs off. Then it's like nothing happened. It just seems to be that some cats interact with others that way. What may seem weird to us is okay to the other cat.

Updated on April 4, 2018

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Best Ways to Stop a Cat From Being a Bully
By L C David