Our vet poked her finger inside my dog's anal gland to check it and the second time blood came out. The first time it was a liquid material; she thinks it was still an infection, not the gland liquid. We don't know if she did a culture. Our dog has been taking antibiotics for a month! Why did blood appear on her finger the second time from the gland?


It may be that the blood is due to the presence of an anal gland abscess. Another idea that comes to mind, although unlikely, is that the vet was a bit rough and accidentally scraped the tissue causing the bleeding. If your dog has been on antibiotics for a month and they are not working, (generally they should help within a couple of weeks) chances are, your vet may have to flush the actual gland and the duct and maybe try a different type of antibiotics. For a culture, it may be better getting a sample from inside the gland.

Updated on March 13, 2018

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Some Dog Anal Gland Remedies
By Adrienne Janet Farricelli