Specifically, how many years did you wait until you were friends with the crows?


Well, that's hard to answer since there was no substantial defining moment or turning point. I'd say that it took several months to establish a pattern with the crows and set up a model of interaction. At first, it took awhile to "find" each other—I'd come out of my house, and they'd be busy elsewhere, or they'd be waiting outside for me when I wasn't coming out. It took several months for me to learn their routine, and vice versa.

I should also say that our "friendship" consists of me feeding them and them noticing me. I feed them because I'm interested in them and want to connect, but I can't say the feeling is mutual (although they do love peanuts!).

Updated on April 9, 2018

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How to Make Friends With Crows
By Joanna