The surgeon is board certified. Unfortunately, cost prevents us from changing surgeons. They don’t charge for repeated surgeries. The first surgery put the kneecap back in the grove and things were tightened. The second time, he made the groove a little deeper and did something more with the sutures. The first surgery was luxating patella. I think the kneecap is all the way out again. The vet believes so. The surgeon will see her in the morning. What happens when it’s not fixable?


If it is not possible for him to fix the kneecap, eventually the dog will develop arthritis in the joint and will either walk with three legs or may even have to drag her end. You might look into a wheeled cart that supports the hind end, similar to that which is used when Dachshunds undergo back surgery and are no longer able to walk.

I have seen some dogs that no one is able to repair. As long as they are small breeds, the owner just has to make adjustments. It is very difficult when the dog is large and not able to be carried around.

If you would like to look down at the comments section and there is a Facebook link with a video of a small dog that is so severely affected that surgery is not an option.

Updated on January 30, 2018

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How to Fix a Luxating Patella (Bad Knee) in a Dog Without Surgery
By Dr Mark