We have a new eight-week-old mini Aussie puppy. We have had the puppy for ten days, and have used the crate for night training only. We are struggling with daytime training. We are both retired, and spend a lot of time with both dogs; taking them out after meals, playtime, etc. Even after only 40 minutes from the last potty break, the puppy will still have accidents. Are we expecting too much?


If she is holding her urine okay at night, it is just an excitement/accident problem, and you are definitely not expecting too much. You really have to step back and housetrain her using a crate during the day. If you know that she needs to go after about 40 minutes, let her loose to play for about half an hour, but then put her in her crate until the next scheduled "out." Even with a mini Aussie, this is only going to last a week or two, so it is not traumatic for the puppy.

Updated on March 26, 2018

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How to Housebreak Your Puppy Using a Crate
By Dr Mark