We have adopted a 150 pound English Mastiff who has been on a raw diet for last three years. It is very expensive: 2 chicken breasts + 1 pound ground beef per day (in 2 feedings). He also gets legumes. Help! This is expensive. He has allergies & this was recommended by a holistic vet (and a previous owner). How can I feed him for way less than $3/day??


A dog that is that large is going to cost a lot to feed, whether it be real or commercial food. (Check the prices on the premium foods that are prescribed for allergies next time you are at a pet superstore.) You do not need to feed your dog chicken breasts and ground beef though. Look into some alternatives discussed in this article (chicken feet, chicken necks, chicken wings, beef trachea, etc.), feed him vegetable peelings, and put together a diet that is less expensive.

Updated on February 16, 2018

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How to Find Inexpensive Ingredients to Make a Cheap, Homemade, Raw Dog Food Diet
By Dr Mark