What can I use on my furniture and carpet to kill the parvo virus?


According to Veterinary Partner, bleach diluted as one part bleach to 30 parts water should be used to clean bowls, floors, surfaces, toys, bedding, and anything potentially contaminated that is colorfast or that you do not mind potential color changes. Allow at least 10 minutes of contact to kill the virus. Steam cleaning the carpets/furniture with the solution will kill the virus, but it may bleach them. Things get tricky though as the virus can hide between carpet fibers if not soaked well. You can try calling several brands of parvocide products and asking whether their products are safe to use on carpet. If you are getting another puppy, risks are lowered if you get an older puppy (over 16 weeks) who has completed the vaccination series and then wait at least one month before introducing to your home. Things can get risky though if you have a yard that also needs to be disinfected.

Updated on March 13, 2018

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How to Kill Parvovirus From Your Dog's Environment
By Adrienne Janet Farricelli