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Rabbit Happiness and Longevity

Being a rabbit parent can be a rewarding experience, and we want to help you make the most of it.


Five Common Rabbit Illnesses

Having a pet bunny is a rewarding experience, so ensuring you know the most about them is vital to your relationship. Read on to find out the top 5 rabbit illnesses rabbits fall victim to.


Causes of Sudden Death in Pet Rabbits

Here's a brief introduction to the many causes of sudden death in pet rabbits that happen without warning.


Instant Tips to Understand Rabbit Body Language

Learn what's on your bunny's mind by understanding their body language.


How to Groom Your Rabbit: A Complete Guide

Bunnies love personal hygiene. Although they spend a lot of time grooming themselves, your pet needs some help keeping everything clean and clipped.


Best Tips to Feed Your Rabbit a Complete Diet

A carrot a day may be the popular way, but your bunny needs other munchies too. A healthy bunny hops over to a bowl filled with pellets, fruit and vegetables. Here's how you can serve meals that are tasty and complete.


Here's How You Can Adopt a Rabbit From a Shelter

There are many rabbits at animal shelters and just like cats and dogs, they await their forever home. If you're interested in rescuing a bunny, then this article is for you.


Is a Rabbit the Best Pet for You?

Dogs and cats are the most common pets in North America. Rabbits are less abundant but make fantastic companions. Contrary to popular belief, however, they aren't necessarily low-maintenance pets. Find out whether you can handle the chores, time and finances required by bunny ownership.


How Long Do Rabbits Live? Five Things to Keep Them Happy and Healthy

A rabbit lives an average lifespan of eight years, depending on care and nutrition.


350+ Bunny Names for Your Floppy-Eared Friend

From Theo to Petunia to Skippy, here are 350+ cute bunny names for your precious new pet! There aren't many critters out there whose cuteness can compete with the adorable long and floppy ears of a bunny rabbit!


150+ Cute and Funny Bunny Rabbit Names

Looking for that perfect name for your new bunny rabbit? Here is a list of over 150 to choose from.


Why Rabbits Make Awesome Pets Year-Round (Not Just for Easter)

If you have ever thought about getting a rabbit, here is some information to help you decide if a rabbit is the right pet for you. Just remember your new pet will need you all year long—not just at Easter time!


How to Choose a Name for Your Pet Rabbit

Are you having trouble figuring out a name for your new pet rabbit? This article has been specifically designed to help people like you decide on the perfect name for their fuzzy friend.


Tips for Caring for Your Pet Rabbit

Owning a rabbit is lovely and rewarding, but they need certain elements in their lives to ensure they are properly cared for. Please read my tips below.


15 of the Best Pet Rabbit Breeds

While most rabbits make amazing pets, different breeds bring different character and personality traits into your home. Here are 15 rabbit breeds that make great pets, with care information and photos.


How to Give Your Rabbit the Best Care Possible

Small pets are easy-to-care-for on a superficial level, but are you giving your pet rabbit the best care you possibly can? Learn about your pet's needs, including exercise, bedding, food, and more.


The History of Belgian Hares in the US (and What They're Like as Pets)

This elegant breed is nearly extinct in the US but has a vibrant history and a personality to match!


Is My Bunny Dying? What You Need to Know

Having a pet bunny can be one of the most rewarding experiences, but it can be traumatizing when your pet approaches the end of its life. Here's what to expect.


10 Best Pet Rabbit Breeds for Children

Whilst rabbits in general are not recommended as pets for children because of their high-maintenance requirements, these ten breeds make wonderful pets, provided they are treated well and handled correctly.


How to Entertain and Play With a Pet Rabbit

Learn how to enrich your rabbit's life with these playtime ideas.


Free-Range Bunnies: A Story of Rabbit Emancipation

Rabbits are social animals that love to rub noses, eat freshly rained-on grass, and feel the dirt between their furry toes. Is it because they are silent that we subject them to a lifetime behind bars, and how can you let a rabbit roam free safely and responsibly?


How to Bond With Your Bunny

Do you have a bunny who doesn't want to be touched or cuddled? With some time and dedication, you could have a rabbit who feels safe enough in your company to be picked up or snuggled. Here's how.


Is My Rabbit Happy? Signs Your Rabbit Is Content

Many people keep rabbits as pets or for breeding, but are their rabbits actually happy? Here are the telltale signs of whether your bunny is healthy and happy or unwell and depressed.


What Does a Dwarf Rabbit Need?

This article looks at how to house, feed and care for your dwarf rabbit and what health issues are potentially fatal.


How Moulting in Rabbits Make Them Lose Their Coat

Rabbits moult because they need to shed their seasonal coat. Moulting can take up to 6 weeks. Find out how to deal with moulting and how to handle your rabbit during the moulting season.


Rabbit Breed Profile: The Netherland Dwarf

These rabbits have huge hearts and even bigger personalities. Find out if the Netherland Dwarf is the right breed for you!


The Ultimate Guide to Dwarf Rabbit Care

Do you know how to take care of a dwarf rabbit? If not, read through this article carefully and get knowledge and tips on how to best care for these tiny (but awesome) rabbits.


Rabbit Breed Profile: Lionheads

Tiny, cute, and extra fuzzy—Lionhead rabbits are one of the newest breeds of domestic rabbits in the United States. They are, however, already one of the most popular rabbit breeds among pet rabbit owners.


The Story of Buggy Bunny, Our Beloved Pet Rabbit

The story of Buggy Bunny, our beloved pet rabbit, and what we learned about caring for rabbits along the way.


Common Causes of Sudden Death in Healthy Rabbits

A pet rabbit may be healthy one day, sick the next, and then die very suddenly. Why does this happen? Sometimes, the rabbit is older than the owner realizes. Read on for more possible answers.


Why Rabbits Grind Their Teeth and Breathe Heavily During Sleep

Learn why your rabbit is making the noises he is. Grinding teeth is for a rabbit what purring is to a cat.


A Guide to Getting and Caring for Your First Pet Rabbit

Here are some tips for selecting and taking care of your first pet rabbit. Rabbits make wonderful pets, but there are some things that you will need to consider before bringing one home.


14 Reasons Why Your Bunny Might Be Sick

Rabbits can't tell you when they feel sick. It's up to you to figure out what is wrong with them. Here are some common problems that can make a bunny ill or uncomfortable.


Why Is My Rabbit's Ear Floppy? Lop Genes and Other Causes

While many rabbits' ears are consistently erect, some rabbits have two floppy ears or one erect ear and one floppy ear. This article discusses several potential causes of floppy ears in rabbits.


How to Keep a Free-Range Outdoor Rabbit

Rabbits were meant to roam free. Learn how to set up an outdoor cage with frequent opportunities for daytime outings in your yard or garden.


Do Rabbits Need Straw or Hay? Bunny Bedding vs. Feeding

Straw and hay are both dried grass products that look similar, but while hay is full of nutritional goodness for your rabbit, straw is only good for bedding.

A good sized bunny hutch from

How to Build the Perfect Bunny Hutch

If you like to do things yourself and save money in the process, building your own rabbit hutch is an excellent way to create a home for your bunny rabbits.


Why Do Bunnies' Noses Twitch?

If you spend any amount of time with a bunny, you will notice how much their cute little noses twitch. But why does a bunny twitch its nose so much, and what can you learn from their nose-twitching?


Bunny Care and Feeding: Can Rabbits Eat Chicken?

Is it okay for a bunny to eat chicken scraps? The answer is no. Learn why rabbits should only eat plant-sourced foods like grass, hay, and vegetables.


Why Does My Bunny Poop so Much?

If you have a new rabbit, you might be surprised by how much poop it makes. Rabbits poop a lot! Learn what's normal and what might be cause for a vet visit.


Cold Weather Care for Outdoor Rabbits

Keeping rabbits outside in the winter can be very challenging. Here are a few tips to safely keep your rabbits warm, fed, and watered during cold weather.


How to Help Pet Rabbits Adjust to a New Home

New pet rabbits need some time to adjust to their home environment. Here are some tips for helping introduce the new rabbit to your home and other pets.


Bunny DIY: How to Make Your Own Homemade Rabbit Toys

Rabbits need toys to live happy and healthy lives. Luckily, homemade toys are easy and fun to DIY. You'll find all kinds of ideas and instructions here!


What Are the Best Bunnies for Children?

Bunnies can make great pets for kids, but some types of rabbits make better companions for children than others.


The Bored Bunny: How to Entertain Your Rabbit

Keep your bunny entertained with games, toys, and fun "projects" to work on.


Toys for Rabbits

There are all sorts of fun, commercially available toys for rabbits. These are great for entertaining your pet and keeping its mind busy.


Is My Bunny Sick? 5 Signs It's Time to Go to the Vet

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether rabbits are sick or not. Here are five signs that may indicate that your bunny is not feeling well.


Rabbit Names: How to Pick a Name for Your Bunny

Choosing a name for your bunny is one of the fun things about getting a new rabbit. But sometimes it's just so hard to find the right inspiration. Your bunny's name shouldn't just be cute, it should also be easy for the rabbit to understand.


How to Tell If Your Bunny Loves You

Rabbits do not communicate with words, so sometimes it is hard to tell if they love you. Here are some signs that can let you know.


How Big Should My Bunny's Cage Be?

When getting a cage for your bunny, it is important to remember that the cage needs to accommodate the size that the rabbit will grow to, not necessarily the size that the bunny is at the time you buy the cage. Read on to find out more.