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Bad Rabbit Food: What NOT To Feed Your Bunny

Updated on February 10, 2016

You'd think that feeding rabbits would be easy. Just chuck any old plant matter into the cage and have done with it, right? Wrong. This feeding methodology is an excellent way to kill your bunny or make it very sick indeed. Knowing what to feed your rabbit, and especially what NOT to feed it, is a very important part of rabbit care because some of the foods that might seem great are, in fact, incredibly dangerous.

#1: Most Lettuces

As a general rule, you shouldn't feed your rabbit lettuce, which contains lactucarium, which can give your rabbit diarrhea so bad that it becomes fatal. Iceberg lettuce contains laudanum which can be harmful in large quantities. Yes, some lettuces are worse than others. Some claim that it is okay to feed them small amounts of Romaine because it contains the least amount of lactucarium of the common lettuce varieties. Some people report that their rabbits enjoy (and don't die from) eating small quantities of lettuce, but still, it's best err on the side of caution.

But leafy greens are very good for your bunny: See the list of alternative greens below.

#2: Certain Common Vegetables

Other common foods to avoid include cabbage, parsnips, swedes (rutabaga or turnip), potato, and tomato leaves. Vegetables that contain higher levels of oxalic acid (like spinach, mustard greens, and parsley) can be dangerous, especially in large doses. Onions, leeks and chives can cause blood abnormalities.

There are plenty of good and tasty foods that you can feed your rabbit, so save these for the compost or maybe your own table if you're a fan.

#3: Certain Wild Plants and Grasses

If you let your rabbit roam free in your garden or home, make sure that you don't have any of the following plants growing in places that are accessible, as they can also be dangerous to your bunny:

  • Anemone
  • Arum Lilies
  • Buttercups
  • Bluebells
  • Clover
  • Daffodils and other bulbs
  • Dahlia
  • Deadly Nightshade
  • Delphinium
  • Fairy Primrose
  • Foxglove
  • Hemlock
  • Honeysuckle
  • Iris
  • Ivy
  • Jasmine
  • Larkspur
  • Poppies
  • Primulas
  • Snowdrops
  • Tulips

In general it is best to restrict your bunny to grass-only-areas with no clover in them. Clover can cause gas, and rabbits have no means to expel it, which can lead to bloat and death.

What Should I Feed My Bunny?

  • Safe foods to feed your bunny include hay (preferably Timothy hay, as it contains the most nutrients, and not alfalfa, as it tends to contain too much calcium). There should always be plenty of hay available for your rabbit every day.
  • Fresh foods such as peas (English and snow), kale, bok choy, Brussels and other sprouts, celery, wheat grass, watercress, collard greens, squash, bell peppers, and broccoli. Sweet things like carrot, apple, and banana can also be fed in small amounts as treats.
  • Reputable pellets from a pet store can be fed in small amounts, but they should not form the bulk of a rabbit's diet.

If you are introducing a new, untested ingredient to your rabbit's diet, consider starting small and gradually increasing the amount. That way, if you see any sign of upset stomach or diarrhea, you can immediately avoid that food. Plus, it's a good rule of thumb to make sure your bunny gets a little bit of a wide variety of foods rather than a bunch of one kind, so keep this in mind, as well, and don't get into the habit of feeding the same foods over and over.

A little care in choosing appropriate food can make a huge difference in your rabbit's health and happiness.


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    • Kitty Whipple 4 days ago

      I enjoy your site because it is so informative.I find the answers to all of my questions. Your facts could save someone's loved pet! Apparently we are taking Bugs Bunny too seriously,because mine isn't crazy about carrots ! Your info on lettuce was so enlightening. TY

    • Dallas 5 days ago

      Can bunny eat onions

    • Veronica 9 days ago

      My son's bunny died a day after being fed baby spinach & spring mix. I don't understand. I want to get him a new bunny, but afraid of feeding spinach and spring mix.

    • 13 days ago

      stop feeding your bunnies vegatable oil ishola! your killing the rabbits, take them to the vet cause your just gonna kill all of them

    • Bunny lady 2 weeks ago

      Ishola... WHY are you giving vegetable oil? 12 of your rabbits died, and you're still doing the same thing?? Take the living rabbits to the vet NOW. You poisoned them

    • Ishola 3 weeks ago

      My rabbits are newly weaned and they are dying with big belly. I have being given vegetable oil but still dying please help me I lost 12 within a week

    • Good advice 3 weeks ago

      I have a baby bunny and she is a girl if you have baby bunnies or a baby bunny make sure to give it lots of love take it out of its cage and play with it don't be afraid to pet it,rabbits are friendly little creatures and Love attention from you and play with them all you can when they are little so when they grow up they won't scratch and bite.Keep your bunny close to your heart. In contrast, keep your bunny or bunnies healthy and give love to your bunny or bunnies. Love, The Bunny Person

    • vbaegbv46uohg 5 weeks ago

      I love bunnies so much I have 10 pet bunnies in my room and there favorite food is carrots and celery.My favorite type of bunny is the spotted bunny.

    • Roy 6 weeks ago

      My 3 yr old bunny from the get go has basically hated anything to do with pellets. Most Rabbit food we have bought him he has not liked and after a few days still no go regards to eating it!! I basically given him sunflower unsaled seeds, some of the smaller things you find in other pet foods . Loves Romaine lettuce, carrots etc. Anyone have any other advice. He gets out daily for exercise and we change his cage very frequent, every 4-5 days, water is refilled every day. Any advice ??

    • Amy 3 months ago

      Cool, my bunny is called Flopsy and I had her almost 2 years now

    • Tvtguh 3 months ago

      Grace, it doesnt say let them eat carrots...

    • ToriMay 3 months ago

      Well, my bunny Meatloaf eats just about everything he shouldn't (I apparently looked at some bad sources) we have always fed him like this for 2 years now and he never had one single issue. My bunny is a boss

    • bunny 4 months ago

      really good tips in this

    • Grase 4 months ago

      Awful sources! Me and my friend bought her first rabbit and we fed it Timothy Hay, Carrots and the next week passed, and he DIED! Turns out carrots have too much sugar! PetHELPFUL!? More like PetKILLER! :( :(

    • 4hmommy 5 months ago

      Hello I have read through all of these comments and remember there are no stupid questions but I did come across one I found interesting it was the one about consuming arsenic, just so you know as humans we do consume arsenic. Google search toxins and poisons naturally occurring in foods. Then search all preservatives and their chemical make up. Daily humans produce and consume more toxins than they actually realize.

    • Alexandra 6 months ago

      Hi I bought my rabbit to show for the fair he's a Califorian rabbit but I didn't know they were going to get him sold and killed. My mom paid as much money for me to keep my rabbit alive. Well since we had him he's a sweet rabbit, he's like a little puppy! People say not to feed them this and that, well I feed him whatever he likes. He'll smell it before he eats it and if he likes the smell and thinks it safe he'll eat it. My rabbit is an outdoor pet. At night he goes inside his cage or if it gets too hot we'll bring him inside until it cools down. My rabbit absolutely hates Timothy hay, I've bought him more than 10 different name brands. I gave him some alfalfa to see if he'll like it, and he absoultely loved it so we fed him that as part as his diet. He hasn't died or got sick so it's safe for some rabbits.

    • rabbit lover 12345 6 months ago

      thank you so much I will be getting a rabbit soon and now I know what to feed them and not to feed them



    • Trinity 6 months ago

      My bunny Snowball eats a lot of cabbage and she's fine! In fact, when we first got her the only thing other than hay that she would eat was cabbage, cabbage, cabbage!

    • Eddie 6 months ago

      My son purchased a Norwegian Dwarf for Father's Day two years ago. He's a real character. Rabbits crave attention so don't be afraid to pet them and give them lots of love. I named him Dexter. He was on his way to be live feed for snakes. I can hardly believe that breeders sell these cute creatures for snake consumption. My rabbit loves pears, bananas, apples, carrots, rolled oats and timothy hay. I find that Oxbow has the best products on the market. I've had rabbits for30 years. He lives in my apartment and has freedom to roam the apartment. He's partially litter box trained. I give him a small amount of alfalfa once a week. Fresh water every day. He loves when I chase him around the apartment. He has a nice life. I have to take him to the vet to have his nails clipped. Iy's too stressful for me to clip them. The last Norwegian Dwarf I had lived 1 years. He was a sweet rabbit. I've had better luck with male rabbits than females.. Rabbits are very curious little animals. They are high maintenance and are not a pet to bget for small children as they require a lot of work.

    • sketchy the bun 7 months ago

      Hi guys I work and a bunny refuge we grow our own greens for over 40 bunnys we never give them iceberg lettuce or cucumber also my bunny sketch dose not eat carrots we also give them oxbow pellets and fresh hay the baby's need loosen hay same with pregnant mothers hope this helps oh and all the bunnys live inside and don't forget toys and boxs to hide and play in. ADOPT NOT SHOP!!!!!

    • Ken 8 months ago

      Bunny's belong INSIDE! I have had my bunny 6 years now. He gets lots of timothy hay, he does NOT get tap water. I give him spring water with bunny vitamin drops. NO iceberg lettuce!!

      Mine loves, kale, green leaf lettuce, cilantro, dandelion leaves, green carrot tips, curly parsley, spinach, dark tips off romaine. Greens are important. Make sure U ive high quality pellets as well. NOTHING from a supermarket. Carrots are NOT a food source either, more of a treat. Too high in sugar. I give him a few pieces a week & a slice of apple & banana once a week. Keep the water clean as well as the cage. LOTS of timothy hay!! Fiber is big for them.THey like to play & chew on empty toilet paper rolls which is OK. It keeps them busy & teeth trimmed. Good luck!

    • Grieving 8 months ago

      Wish I read this yesterday. Today I fed my 3 baby bunnies white clover and they all died. Please, if you love your bunnies, don't feed them any clovers.

    • Kiera 10 months ago

      Can you feed them hey

    • Daniella 12 months ago

      Can u give rabbits Grapes

    • Ramin 16 months ago

      Can you keep your rabbits outside

    • liv 17 months ago

      well probably not try it and see.

    • smokiesmom 22 months ago

      Hi, i bought my bun Mello from a petstore and she was sneezing and the next day she had boogers in her nose so i took her back to the petstore and traded her in for my girl Smokie. The petstore is treating Mello and will sell her bavk to me once she is well. My question for you is both my girls are from the same litter and have only been seperated for about a week will i be able to just put them together immediately or will i have to reintroduce them

    • Eric100 23 months ago

      I read the part about the lettuce and i want to say: I have fed my rabbits lettuce all of their lives and there has never been any problems. they love lettuce and it doesn't harm them in any way. So does it matter what breed of rabbit they are?

    • Rea5002 24 months ago

      First try pellets. If your bunny is not eating,try a new kind also don't feed it lettace! My bunnies LOVE snow peas.try those.

    • Isabella 2 years ago

      My grandma is giving me a Red bunnie and i dont know if i just give it bunnie pellets and lettace, i would very much like to know thank you and please no mean comments

    • Blessed Samantha 2 years ago

      DO NOT FEED ICEBERG LETTUCE AND CUCUMBER TO YOUR RABBITS, for goodness' sake!!! Please, please, go to for more info on proper rabbit care and consult your vet if your rabbits are sick and NOT pet shops! Majority of the pet shops are IGNORANT to the wellbeing of rabbits. Their only purpose is sell you the rabbits (mostly from backyard/unethical/illegal breeders) and let you deal with the animal. The WORST place to seek advice from are the pet shops!

    • cpeteshaw 2 years ago

      Hi everyone,I have 2 rabbits that died today Ted was nearly 9 years old and Thumper about 8 1/2 both were in good health last night.

      I gave them half an Iceberg lettuce each and some carrots and cucumber yesterday thinking it was a treat in this warm weather but after reading the threads on here to try and find a reason I realise it was a bad idea,they have had iceberg in the past but in small amounts,please take care with your feeding we have had rabbits for years but never knew about this as always thought it was a natural food.

      Petshops should give more info ????

    • scared for my bunny 2 years ago

      I gat my bunny maby a week or so ago, and I fed him lettuce. Iceberg lettuce. I didnt know it could die. Please please please can someone tell me if comit needs to go to the vet. Im scared about him dieing. Im 10 and I love my bunny

    • Bob!!! 2 years ago

      My rabbit has bin sick

    • Haiven Ritter 2 years ago

      Hi I fed my bunny some clover today cuz I heard that its very healthy for them! The bunny is only 8-10 weeks old and I don't know what to do! She is drinking and eating but I'm still really scared! Please tell me what to do!!!

    • Minty bunny 2 years ago

      I just got a bunny from the wild we are going to take them to a shelter tomorrow is it illegal to keep healthy wild bunnies in Texas?PLEASE HELP I DONT WANT TO GO TO JAIL!

    • Prerana 2 years ago

      What do i do if one of my rabbit eats other rabbit's hair?

    • ZazBunny 2 years ago

      Hi there

      My dad bought me 4 bunnies for my birthday and i'm not sure where to buy a 'run' thing for them :/ And also, do I keep them outside or inside?

    • Rebekah B profile image

      Rebekah B 3 years ago

      Elena, How much do you know about rabbits??,

      Please email me back at:

      And if anyone else has a question about rabbits please feel free to email me also,

      I have 8 Rabbits, And i know a lot about rabbits, In my room i have almost 75 books about rabbits, :)

      So please email me at

      If you have any questions,


      Ps.Bunniez i'm not trying to steal your answer's or anything, I just want to help people and their Bunny's.

      Please understand, Thanks Bunniez, :)

    • Elena 3 years ago

      I strongly have to disagree with this article. You say no clover, thats one thing that rabbits LOVE. Wild rabbits eat it all the time and so do mine, I have never had an issue. As a show rabbit owner I only want top wuality for mine. My vet even recommends clover...

      So I really don't trust this article

    • Rebekah B profile image

      Rebekah B 3 years ago

      Bunniez, I would like to ask you a few questions about my Rabbits,

      I have a Female with a little of 5 Babbie Bunnies, They will be 4 Weeks old on October the 19th, When i first got them, They were really skinny, So i read on the Internet, Before i found you,

      That its best to feed your rabbit a diet, So my mom toke me to Tractor Supply and i got (Dumor- Advanced Diet) And they do really well on it, I have had my Rabbits for about 1 year, I have a young Female, And a Older Male, And Female, The Female is the one that had babbies as i said, I have fed them (Dumor- Brand ever sence,) Like on Alfalfa Chews, And Timothy Hay, And food, They really like that Brand, (I just wanna know if i'm choosing the right food, And is there any other things that they might need the most, Thanks, Please Comment me back, Rebekah♥

    • Nat 3 years ago

      i am 10 years old i have a bunny and the before this one it died because it had stomach pain so if your bunny is doing somthing like that PLEASE TAKE IT TO A VET!!! but now i have a new one named autumn and it the best thing ever!!!

    • Rebekah B profile image

      Rebekah B 3 years ago

      Bunniez, I would like to ask you a few questions about my Rabbits,

      I have a Female with a little of 5 Babbie Bunnies, They will be 4 Weeks old on October the 19th, When i first got them, They were really skinny, So i read on the Internet, Before i found you,

      That its best to feed your rabbit a diet, So my mom toke me to Tractor Supply and i got (Dumor- Advanced Diet) And they do really well on it, I have had my Rabbits for about 1 year, I have a young Female, And a Older Male, And Female, The Female is the one that had babbies as i said, I have fed them (Dumor- Brand ever sence,) Like on Alfalfa Chews, And Timothy Hay, And food, They really like that Brand, (I just wanna know if i'm choosing the right food, And is there any other things that they might need the most, Thanks, Please Comment me back, Rebekah♥

    • babynology profile image

      babynology 3 years ago from New York

      Congratulation on maintaining a great hub. My hub is about baby names and baby names meaning - All suggestion baby naming.

    • AJ 3 years ago

      Can rabbits eat green onions?

    • 3 years ago

      Before deciding to have a pet rabbit, one must know what they should eat and should not eat. Our rabbit of course loves to eat carrots and every time we attempted to give the rabbit other food, the rabbit wouldn't dare to eat except for a few grasses.

    • bryanna rorie 3 years ago

      so what IS good to feed my rabbit

    • dave 3 years ago

      Have been reading through the posts and it seems to that a lot of people on here should forget about getting a rabbit as a pet as they clearly have no clue as to how to look after them. Rabbits are not like cats, dogs or other pets..they are very fragile in the sense that so many things can upset the balace in rabbits leading to ill health and worse still "death". Think of raising your rabbit in the same terms as raising a dealing with a new baby we learn from others within society, others experience becomes our experience which we pass on. Ask questions, read articles and books, google all this before you even consider getting a rabbit and perhaps then you will be able to make an informed choice as to whether a rabbit is right for you. And "please" as the above poster commented "IF YOUR RABBIT IS SICK, TAKE IT TO THE VET".......proud owner of a Black Havana, American Sable, Hotot and soon to be 2 Baby Lilacs..and just cosider this, the average spend on my 2 babies is £400 or $600 just for starters in the first year and this does not include food or unexpected vet please bear the long term cost in mind when making a decision....Scottish and proud :)

    • Kailey 3 years ago

      1. Y'all need Jesus

      2. Y'all need to learn to spell

      3. If it seems like your rabbit is sick, chances are it is TAKE IT TO THE VET!!!

    • hally 3 years ago

      my bunny ate alot of lettece is that okay for her

      please help me

    • me 4 years ago

      no. Im pretty sure most of the info on here is wrong. I have called serval vets asking what to feed my bunny. and rabbits loe romane lettuce. they just cant have ice berg! and when i got her..she loved clovers and was wild! and ate them all the time!

    • Angie 4 years ago

      My rabbit got into some pumkin cake. Can this be harmful to him? Thank God it was a small amount. Please help!!!!! Thanks.

    • Zac 4 years ago

      "...but you wouldn't eat a product that only contained small amounts of arsenic would you?"

      Bit simplistic reasoning here. People are happy to eat apples even though they contain small amounts of cyanide.

    • shannon 4 years ago

      hey im getting a bunnie what should i includ for food??? help me please im confuzed!!!

    • meg 4 years ago

      Feeding rabbits lettuce gives them severe diharea. So I do NOT recomend you feed your rabbit any kind of lettuce romaine or not.

    • nikki 4 years ago

      im not sure how trustworthy this site is as it says not to give your rabbit alfalfa hay or clover, yet im buying rabbit food that is reccomended by vets and it has both of these things in it. :(

    • Susie 4 years ago

      Our grandson fed the pet rabbit gum. Any suggestions as to what to do for the rabbit?

    • anon 4 years ago

      ... Everyone. If you're interested in learning about proper rabbit care, read through or a new wiki being started at . If you guys found this article, I am sure you can also do a proper google search to answer the questions you have instead of posting as comments.

    • LadyJustice 4 years ago

      WHY can't a rabbit have Clover or Parsnips?

    • Rabbit 4 years ago

      Here Are The Things That Are Bad To Feed Your Rabbit/Bunny:Clover, Foxglove, Honeysuckle, Iris, Hemlock, Poppies, Deadly Nightshade, Buttercups, Bluebells, Arum Lilies, Ivy, Daffodils and other bulbs, Primulas, Jasmines, Fairy Primrose, Dahlia, Delphiniums, Larkspur, Snowdrops, Tulips Dried Fruits Lettuce (Note:Only Romaine Lettuce Not Much) Corn Human Food Hamster/Or Pellets That Isn't Rabbit/Bunny Pellets If You Have A Yard That Only Has Grass (Note: No Clovers) So Only Grass Is The Safest Slides And Fence Are Ok And Onions Are Bad Only A Bit Of Banana Atleast Once Day Cause Its Very Sugary

    • gaby 4 years ago

      i feed wild rabbits cow milk is that ok

    • Arianna 4 years ago

      Can bunnies eat berries and nuts

    • Lexi 4 years ago

      A lot of that doesn't seem true at all my rabbit has lettuce a lot and he loves and he has been with me for more than 2 years and there hasn't been any problems with his health.

    • emily 4 years ago

      hey coco you should feed your bunny salt blocks its a great treat for bunnys

    • emily 4 years ago

      can my bunny eat peanut butter its a holland lop

    • bunny lover 4 years ago

      potatoe tops? not sure what that is. can they have just a potatoe?

    • co-co 4 years ago

      my rabbit loves dandelions, what else should i feed her? :)

    • Chelsea 4 years ago

      I haven't been able to get my rabbit pellet food for about a month in a half. I have been feeding her lettuce leaves and carrots and sometimes bananas and onions and tomatoes. She is a little smaller than she was. I am worried because she is usually bigger. What should I do??? I am going to get her some other food possibly tomorrow or this weekend. Should I just hurry and get it immediantly or will she be ok the next few days???

    • lexiluu12345 4 years ago

      How old does my rabbit have to be to eat carrots and other veggies bc when i first got them they said not to give it to them until there older but i dont know when that is they are 15 weeks old now???

      Please tell me because i really dont want to kill them

    • Mr. Timothy Hay 4 years ago

      You should try Timothy hay, it is nutrient rich and has both dietary and dental benefits. You can view a bunch of cool facts out about rabbit food at

    • mariahandpetttss 4 years ago

      Wazz up me and my family found all of these articles VERY helpful

    • rango1991 4 years ago

      hi i have a flemish gaint, i feed him a bowl full of veges and fruit each morning and night this includes mesculen greens (will this type of lettuce up set his tummy?) also capsicum,carrot,sliced apple,alfalfa sprouts and also a little bit of banana as a treat are theses foods ok ??

    • Katie b 4 years ago

      Everyone seems to keep saying bunnies cant have lettuce well its iceburg lettuce they can not have but romaine lettuce is good for them and a few other lettuces i cant remember them right now.

    • Jasmine 4 years ago

      @Kelly They are mating. Make sure they are spayed/nutered if you can't take care of baby bunnies.

      @Andrea You should talk to a guniea pig breeder, not comment on a old bunny article.

    • kelly 4 years ago

      my bunny is a normal lopped ear and he's kinda big about a good size and my sister has a darf rabbit and mine keeps getting on my sisters if not the smaller one is doing something with his bottom. what is going on?

    • bunny luvor 4 years ago

      My neighbors recently found a baby cottontail rabbit about 5 weeks old. They can't take care of it because it is a female rabbit and they have to males. (I know that they need to be separated at a certain age) They think the mother is dead but I don't because through some simple research I found that the mother only comes out at night to feed her babies, and this was during the day. I don't want it to get sick and I am really worried because I really love animals and it would break my heart to have on fade in my arms. I know this hub is old but I need to know. I feel like it needs specail care. I love them so much I already have a tear in my eye just from thinking about it. Any rehabillitation centers in northern N.J. (US) you reccomend..... please help me!!

    • Hannah 4 years ago

      I have had rabbits my whole life and I used to feed my rabbit lettuce and potatoes and some of the other things you say not to give her and she only had the hay that she slept on but she lived a long time. I try to give my new rabbit just what is said to be safe but I was reading about her pellets and people where saying not to give her lots but they are her favourite thing and she is in perfect health and has loads of energy. I think people can be over cautious with rabbits some times. rabbits eat what they can get in the wild and they seem to be doing rather well.

    • Momma Bunny 4 years ago

      Our bunny LOVES romaine lettuce--he prefers that to the timothy pellets. So far so good, he seems just fine. He likes the occasional carrot, unpeeled. Other than the yummy little seeds in the Kaytee Fiesta food, he won't eat any of it--he just tosses it out of the food bowl and digs for the treats. We do feed him Timothy hay, so hopefully he's getting his nutrients. But he loves Romaine lettuce, I can't imagine not giving it to him now. I think he's telling me he doesn't love processed pellets. Smart rabbit maybe.

      I think this topic requires some common sense, and some testing, to see what the bunnies like and how they react to different foods. Of course, I have no vested interest in any pet food company, I'm just trying to take care of our rabbit.

    • Chris 4 years ago

      I found this little rabbit in my backyard, and it seems to be injured o.o i have no clue what to do with it.

    • rabitt130712345432167325 4 years ago

      just got a rabbitt he is so cool what can i feed him?

    • Pompoms pappa 4 years ago

      I am quite concerned about my Rabbit, it seems to be stuck in my dogs throat? Should I take him to the vets or let nature take it's course? Oh and he's been on a lettuce binge.... Help!

    • sage 123 4 years ago

      thanks this was all really good info xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Evaana 4 years ago

      I just got a bunny and i am not quite sure what to do or how to do it like for instance clipping your bunnies nails or should you give your bunny carrots,lettuce,or celery!?

    • ww 4 years ago

      thanks now i know not to let my little bunny get in peanutbutter jar

    • sara 4 years ago

      ww do not feed your rabbit peanut butter, peanuts are a legume, not to mention the amount of sugar in peanut butter. This can kill your rabbit since their stomachs and cecum's are not meant to digest this. Can cause gas and bloating not good

    • ww 4 years ago

      can i feed my 2 bunnies penutbutter just wondering

      ps tell me asap

    • ~Lu~ 4 years ago

      stephanie are you kidding? GO TO THE VET. if you were having problems with your digestive system would you like someone to just ask around on blogs or take you to the doctor???

      krusty12, if you're twelve, better learn to spell first before getting a bunny. they're NOT some toy you can buy. they're living beings who need care, attention and responsibility.

      everyone who plans to buy a bunny or any other pet:


      inform yourselves about whether they'd be good pets for you, if you have time to spend with them and to care for them, if you have the conditions to keep it, if you know WHAT TO FEED HIM, how to clean his cage, how to socialize him, what diseases are they prone to, etc.

      PLEASE stop buying pets just because you think it's cool or cute. do you think a dying bunny is cute? yeah, neither do I.

      oh, also, romaine lettuce is fine for the bunny. just a leaf will do him good if he's constipated. not more.

      banana constipates him if it's too much, apples give him diarrhea if it's too much. the lesson should be: do not exaggerate with the fresh fruit and vegetables, and your bunny will be healthy and happy.

    • Krusty12lmho 4 years ago

      Uh we're can I find a business at to buy a bunnie

    • Stephanie 4 years ago

      I have a bunny and i berly got it its been having probles with its tummy it has diarrhea i got it and it already had this problem what should i do? plz do help meh TwT

    • Bungi is my bunnys name hah 4 years ago

      Most of you should not own rabbits. Bunnies having serious medical conditions need to be seen by a vet. Take care of your buns and never let house buns into the wild! If you can't care for a bun find a no kill shelter. I hate people treating these beautiful and awesome (and full of personality and attitude) like fuggin toys. Oh yeah and parents STOP BUYING BUNNIES FOR YOUR KIDS unless you are ready to take on the responsibility where your kids WILL FAIL. There is a special cage in hell for you bunny abusers. I really do love my buns and they are FAMILY...That is how it should be. OH yeah GET THEM FIXED so there are not so many out there suffering and dying...

    • sarah 4 years ago

      Call a bunny farm. Eden farms is good in Virginia. The people are really nice!

    • Bunnez 4 years ago

      Dont feed it cheezeburgers, or pizza or milkshakes, either.

    • bunnylover619 4 years ago


      Grass should be a main diet for your rabbit, it doesn't matter is it is wet or dry

      For treats apples and vegetables are great

      there should always be hay available for your rabbit

      it is very nice that you have made homemade toys it shows you really care about your rabbit

      good luck

    • Rabbitzzzz 4 years ago

      I love my rabbits!

    • Marie 4 years ago

      Sorry for my last comment/question i was typing to fast and spelled you and hay wrong lolz srry.

      Anyways plzz answers my question i am getting a mini rex rabbit next month and i like getting a head start i also made some homemade toys for my rabbit plz let me know and i dont know what age yet so just add the age amount to plz thanks again

    • Marie 4 years ago

      can you feed your rabbit grass?

      If y7ou can which would be better dry or wet grass becuase aren't ahy and grass the same thing?

    • gobgob 4 years ago

      What the hell do you mean no lettuce!?

      I thought lettuce was good for them. A lot of people feed their rabbits lettuce.

    • bunnylover619 4 years ago


      Well it is the same as I said to Katie Silbert As long as he/her don't show any signs of illness it should be all right if you have any further worries just tell me and p.s. It is very useful if you look at others comments I have seen lots of people say that

    • bunnylover619 4 years ago

      Katie Silbert

      As long as your bunny does not show sign of illness such as

      . Not eating

      . runny droppings

      or things it would not normally do, then it should be fine

      If it does show signs of illness take it to a vet near you

    • Jenna 4 years ago

      Can I feed lettuce to my bunny?

    • Katie Silbert 4 years ago

      OMG! i have a problem with my bunny, on this other website it said that lettucce is good for rabbit, so i have been feeding that to her for like 2 weeks.... will my baby die? HELP ME PLEASE!

    • bunnylover619 4 years ago

      please give me some advice because I am really worried, he also hides under his hutch which he has never done before! THANK YOU

    • bunnylover619 4 years ago

      Should I be concerned if my bunny is only eating straw when he usually doesn't and if he hides from me when he usually loves it when I come and he loves a cuddle?

    • Zac.Emma.Bunnies 4 years ago

      Hi, my granny fed some lettuce to my dwarf rabbits, and she feeds them that a lot. should i be worried? what do i do??

    • Quizative 4 years ago

      Any idiot can blog. I feel so bad for people asking questions and getting wrong information. Why do people feel the need to respond about things they dont know anything about. THIS AUTHOR IS AN IDIOT!! I have had rabbits all of my life AND I have rescued and saved baby rabbits AND my home is surrounded by a wildlife refuge. Half the things on the authors list are fine for rabbits to eat!!! The key is variety just like people to get all of their nutrition. Make sure you have a healthy pellet food and some hay then supplement with fresh fruits and veggies. The biggest risk of lettuce is that its all water and no nutritional value...many rabbits have starved with owners that didnt educate themselves and thought a lettuce only diet was ok. If lettuce was poison....half the forist would be extinct because they attack my garden every summer....for the carrotts, lettuce, apples, cucumbers, name it. Dont forget plety of fresh water.

    • salem122598 4 years ago

      Hi. I have been researching stuff and I am getting different reasons. People are saying alfalfa is bad for bunnies is bad, some say its good. Which?

    • Egobunny 4 years ago

      jazzy, bunnies are social animals and need some interaction, you need to spend some time with her and let her get to know you, lots of love and gentle strokes, if your giving her lots of hay it will be hard to see how much of it she's eating and as your not watching her 24 hours a day she's probably eating when your not watching, rabbits prefer hay and don't need pellets, just hay, grass and a small amount of veg like carrot, apple or celery (never salad vegetables, they could kill her) if she's doing lots of poo then her digestive system is ok, if not pooing it could mean her digestive system is blocked and a trip to vet is necessary, rabbits have very sensitive digestive systems so any change in their eating habits need addressing, but as she's only been with you for a week she's probably a bit scared, which means getting her to trust you and realise she's safe with you, so get her some chew toys, they love applewood, and make special time with her every day, cause if she hasn't got another bunny friend to play with she could get lonely otherwise.

    • Jazzy 4 years ago

      I just got a rabbit a week ago, and I've given it alone time, but she isn't eating. What should I do?

    • kris 4 years ago

      im about to get a bunny YAY

    • Jade 4 years ago

      My rabbit LOVES celery, is that okay to feed her? And terrie alot of rabbits are mean and aggresive. I'm lucky enough to have a nice rabbit that deals with my 6 year old brother extremely well. My rabbit was found outside in front of a vet's office about 5 days ago and i have been researching the proper way to keep her cage and feed her.

    • terri 4 years ago

      I have noticed my daughters 8 month bunny is chewing in his metal cage. He has toys in his cage to chew but dosnt use them. He has also started something else new. In the morning I give him a bowel with apples,carrots, and some other snack. The last few mornings i couldn't even get my hand in the cage to get the bowl. He head butts me and then today he even took a bite at me? Should I not feel him the same time everyday?

    • Lionhead bunny 5 years ago

      Hi, I have a lionhead bunny rabbit and im not to completely syre wats good or bad to feed her..i once tried a green apple, of course I cut it into bits and took the seeds out but she didn't really like the apple, so I tried a tomato, same way, cut it and take the seeds out..she loved the tomato. Ive been reading, so, is spinach bad for her? What about strawberries? Different types of berries?

    • cat 5 years ago

      I should add, they were 8 weeks when we got them, now 14 weeks. Have pretty much doubled in size, but definitely not fat. They have permanent access to fresh hay. We handle them every day, and their 'poos' are totally normal, all done in one corner of their run (we bought them a chicken coop, to ensure they'd have enough space!) I've just been googling again, and really don't get the lettuce thing. They get a huge mix, like the lettuce (sort of mesclun mix), and it has no impact whatsoever on their behaviour, poos or growth. Oh, they also don't like celery, which I gather can be a bit poisonous? They like the occasional strawberry. We grow lots of stuff in our garden, and happy to let them choose. The also LOVE young grape leaves!

    • cat 5 years ago

      I recently got 2 Flemish Giants for my daughters. They are bright, friendly and happy. I give them lettuce every day, along with all sorts of veges (I've discovered they don't like carrots, that was a surprise!) They particularly like parsley, mint and oregano. They like capsicums, but not spring onions. I fill up their pellet bowl whenever they empty it. I don't get the lettuce thing. They run around the garden, and eat whatever they fancy. I know there are poisonous plants such as tomato and potato leaves, but other than that, can't we just trust them to choose what they want?

    • Brooke 5 years ago

      Hi I'm 12 and thanks 2

      This website I'm a much better owner to my super cuit bunny

      That's name is Hopper & is a gray bunny & hopper comes when I call her & she LOVES carrets so mutch that she eat a cran

    • DwarfbunnyB 5 years ago

      My dwarf bunny has a weird bump zit looking thing on her cheek.she eats and acts fine I'm just worried of what it could be? PLEASE HELP

    • Shelly 5 years ago

      WOW i guess Libby is a popular name also is that Apostolico girl really her last name but i have a bunny named thumps because he thumps his feet on the floor all the time also the person who owns this site should take that apostolico girl off the page cause the info is too deep.Also cause she is a kid.And people should really be more nice to animals.

    • core 5 years ago

      Yes You should.

    • keighley 5 years ago

      I have a young dwarf bunny and i gave him iceberg lettuce i didn't know it was bad for them. now he has diorreah and is just sitting in the corner usually he'd be hopping around the place do i need to bring him tothe vet?

    • Bunnycommonsense 5 years ago

      It is extremely difficult to take the opinions of an "expert" writing online when they cannot even keep their stories straight from article to article that they write. For someone who seems so militant in blaming others for poor care of their rabbits, it seems to me a bit of common sense should be used by Mrs/Mr Bunniez as their articles are full of contradictions and honestly misinformation. I urge everyone on these boards to use common sense and not to take the word of Bunniez as gospel as they cannot even keep their word straight from page to page. Do research in other places, that can give works cited, check books out of your local library, find someone who has raised rabbits for years to let you know what has worked for them. Look at what wild rabbits eat, and how they behave, it gives a good idea of what tame rabbits can eat as well.

    • Mizuki 5 years ago

      Hello there~

      I would like to answer some common questions I have been reading about,

      1.How do i potty train my rabbit?

      Well,you (with something to cover your hand)pick up its droppings and put it were you would like it to use the bathroom.

      2.i just got a rabbit.My rabbit seems scared of me what do I do?

      Well,give it some time,

      what if you were just sent to somewhere you've never been never seen? you would be scared.

      so,just give the poor thing some time.

      3.My rabbit is sick,what do i do to make him/her better.

      To me this is just stupid to ask.Why would you wait to get him/her better?Even if your just check to make sure he/she is not sick,GO TO THE FREAKING VET.its better to be safe that Hey,my rabbits okay,then,OMG I THINK MY RABBITS DYING.

      4.What should i feed my rabbit?

      Isn't that in the aticle above theese comments?

      Well,feed it Carrot TOPS and timothy hay and rabbit pellets.that's my recommondation

      Please don't be mad at me if i got some stuff wrong,

      i don't own a rabbit i have been researching them ^u^

      so that i can get one

    • Cat 5 years ago

      Good care & good diet will prolong your bunn's happy life. Do NOT feed alfalfa pellets; there is too much protein; your bunns will get FAT! Alfalfa pellets r used 4 COMMERCIAL rabbits, 2 fatten them quickly 4 slaughter, like most other mass produced commercial animals(for food); also, most, if not ALL alfalfa products r Genetically Modified (GMO), so may cause additional problems, not recognized prior to GMO alfalfa. Additionally, OAT HAY should be available AT ALL TIMES. Alfalfa hay, again, is NOT what bunns needs!

      Carrots, apples, bananas & most fruit have TOO MUCH SUGAR, & can cause serious problems 4 bunns, as well as most, if not ALL cruciferous veggies; see list here:

      An EXCELLENT book 4 those considering or already housing a rabbit is: "RABBITS FOR DUMMIES" see here:

      Also, check the House Rabbit Society at:

      (by the way, rabbits R NOT rodents, they R of the family 'Leporidae' of the order 'Lagomorpha', thereby, they have different requirements from rodents.

      Rabbits CAN be house trained (litter box), can be 'trained' to play fetch (they love 2 push/toss things around w/their noses/mouths), will come when called, and greet you when you get up in the morning and/or come home in the evening.

      The more time you spend w/your bunns, the friendlier s/he will become. Have your rabbit SPAYed or NEUTERed. That will also help w/house training, temperament and long term health.

      Bunns should also ALWAYS have something 2 chew on; some type of 'SAFE, NONTOXIC' toy, tree branches, UNtreated 2X4 or redwood fence. SOMETHING 2 keep their TEETH filed down. Rabbits' teeth NEVER stop growing. They can over-grow preventing bunns from eating, causing starvation.

      If your rabbit EVER displays ANY behavior that is UNUSUAL or if bunns appears ill, take her/him 2 the vet IMMEDIATELY! Bunnies R VERY SENSITIVE! & NEVER TRUST YOUR DOG W/BUNNS~ Dogs CAN AND WILL kill bunns; either by physical contact, or bunns can literally be SCARED TO DEATH causing bunns 2 have a HEART ATTACK.

      LOVE YOUR BUNNS! Take GOOD care of him/her. S/HE will LOVE YOU BACK~

      My rabbit was 8 1/2 years old when she died. She found a quiet spot in the back of a closet she never visited before, lay down & died. Cause unknown, no obvious trauma. Either she ate TOO MUCH CAT FOOD (on the sly~RABBITS ARE NOCTURNAL~most active at dawn and dusk and throughout the night) or that 1/2 AVOCADO pit she ate was toxic to her, as they are 2 dogs & cats.

      Happy Hopping!

      \ /

      o o


      u u

    • Sam 5 years ago

      Funny you say "but you wouldn't eat a product that only contained small amounts of arsenic would you?..."

      Rice contains arsenic. Everytime you eat rice or rice pudding, or anything containing rice or rice flour you are consuming small amounts of arsenic.

    • bunnygirl00 5 years ago

      My 18 week old holland lop eared bunny was in my bedroom and when I was cleaning her cage she ate a little bit of an aero chocolate bar! I read online that chocolate can be REALLY bad for bunnies, but i don't know if it's a big deal sense it was a little bit. She doesn't seem weird yet, she's lying in her cage like always. Is the little bit of chocolate a bad thing? HELP!

    • nicholas 5 years ago

      ps.. he is a lion head rabbit... I ALSO give him the roll from the toilet tissue he loves to pay with it is that safe??

    • nicholas 5 years ago

      ps he is a lion head rabbit .....

      and also i give the roll from the toilet paper after we use it and he loves to chew and play with it is that safe???

    • nicholas 5 years ago

      hey i do give my rabbit lettuce and he poops a little bit more but nothing crazy, even though ur info was great i will stop giving it to him if u have anymore info important please email me at please i love my jack and my wife hated him but now she loves him hes becoming family even my pitbulls are getting used to him jack like to play around them it took a while for them to get used to him but as i said hes becoming family and i would hate to lose him off of my mistakes!! thank you

    • baylee 5 years ago

      how do you toilet train your bunny?

    • Waffle says 5 years ago

      my bunny Waffle has just discovered the wonders of being petted, now he wont do anything at all but sleep and be petted, and he started eating less, is he just being lazy or is he sick? :S

    • Nancy 5 years ago

      @ lapiou soak lettuce in water

    • Nancy 5 years ago

      I'm wondering if I can feed him swiss chard ?

    • lapinou 5 years ago

      hi its been since one week i got a sweet bunny,the only problem is that she has not drink water at all.well could someone plz help,am a bit worried about her reaction.but she seem all fit and fine.she is only three weeks.thanks in advance...

    • Bunny-Love 5 years ago

      I had a rabbit then i fed him some iceburge lettuce i fed it to him all the time but then a few months later he passed away.I do not think it is okay to feed your rabbit iceburge lettuce.

    • lily al 5 years ago

      Hey i have a bunny named Libby she is the best she loves hay and eats pellets too.Also all you people saying mean things and cussing Shut it or get off this site im sure the person who started the website does not want to read dumb reviews also im 11 years old and love my rabbit.

    • Kaylee Apostolico 5 years ago

      Hey iam 11 and i just got a bunny i named her libby she is the most gorgeous rabbit i could ever have my aunt told me not to feed her lettuce so i am lucky but i also have a little leash for her to let her play outside but now im scared to because with my friends she took off twice, and she gets all nervous should i give it a try with just me with her or keep her inside, but other than that im good she loves hay and i fill her water up every day i just was wondering about that 1 thing .please let me know soon.Also i love Libby to death but i have had her for quite a while and everybody loves Libby.

    • Grimm90 5 years ago

      I have a 6 month old dwarf rabbit that I had for a week, and whoever wrote this is a liar. I feed my rabbit a handful of romaine lettuce every other day since I've had her(2 months) and she hasn't gotten sick, she is energic, she poops just fine. If you want a real list of healthy foods and bad foods maybe you should visit the humane societies site instead of someones blog. Btw I am a vet assistant I work for the ASPCA in new jersey, and I am telling all of you a handful of romaine lettuce 3 times a week won't harm your rabbit!!!!!!

    • Kassidi 5 years ago

      So I live on a farm and the other day I found a bunny hiding in the bushes up the canyon so I brought him home and I have no idea what I'm doing, he is in a 3 x 4 cage with straw and a card board box... I've been giving him romain lettuce and carrots and straw. Help?

    • Islandstyle671 5 years ago

      I just wanted to make things clear, If lettuce is bad for rabbits then why do wild rabbits eat them? Plus I have a friend that breeds rabbits for a living and lettuce is what he gives as treats at least twice a day and his rabbits are healthy. Not to mention that half his back yard is a farm (lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, string beans, etc...) and every time i go to his house I help him catch the rabbits cause they over took the back yard. So PLEASE tell me is are you sure about the lettuce? cause I have seen first hand that lettuce is part of the rabbits health. all the rabbits are in healthy condition.

    • Isabella 5 years ago

      My bunny is not acting itself. I will take it to the vet tomorrow. It is not really eating and about half an hour ago it was thumping it's foot continuously. HELP! What do I do?

    • unknown 5 years ago

      Carrots is not supose toe kill your bunny neither does lettuce as long as its not iceberg its save i have a baby bunny and it loves lettuce and carrots and for those who feed chocolate please don't its realy not good for them.

    • Mel 5 years ago

      Today my bunny ate some old broccoli I had chucked out in the garden. I'm not entirely sure how old it was but it has been raining a lot lately so it could have germs? Will he get sick? I'm worried ... shall I take him to the vet?

    • bunnizRcool 5 years ago

      hi all swimmer are you joking the bunny duh!!!!! Ashely i have no idea but i have 3 rabbits and i definatly wouldn't but it's your disision. is it ok to feed your rabbit carrot in big amounts? cos 1 of my bunnys ate 11 carrot sticks.

    • Ashley 5 years ago

      can i give my bunny frozen yogurt?

    • swimmer 5 years ago

      Hi I would like to know, should I get a pet GUINEA PIG or a BUNNY.Which will be the most enjoyable to play with and can I take them for a walk.

    • Susan 5 years ago

      My bunny is 4 1/2 months old... what kind of apples can she eat?

    • Thumpertherabbit:) 5 years ago

      hi, my stupid brother fed my rabbit a jellybean, could this kill the rabbit?! HELP! what can i do?

    • rebroz 5 years ago

      if you haven't done your research BEFORE buying a rabbit on what to feed, homing and care then you should not have a rabbit. They require lots of attention and are high maintenance. If you are not ready to put in the time needed for researching them then you shouldn't have one. All of your questions should be directed to a VETERINARIAN as most of the questions on here should be asked before buying a bunny. P.S if the animal looks/acts sluggishly take it to a VET.

    • punkin 5 years ago

      so why cant bunny expel gas?? because mine farts all the time...

    • mybunny 5 years ago

      My bunny loves kiwi fruit :)

    • A.S.K. 5 years ago

      Bunny lover

      one of my rabbits had a bald spot behind her neck and it was from an injection she had a couple of days ago

      did your rabbit just have an injection???

    • A.S.K. 5 years ago

      adding to my question earlier P.S SHE LIKED IT!!!

    • A.S.K. 5 years ago

      Hi my dad gave my rabbit a jellybean and it ate it what's going to happen to her???

    • Taylor 5 years ago

      Rabbits in the wild eat lettuce and greens so obviously it isn't fatal. It makes rabbits healthier.

    • Bunny lover 5 years ago

      my bunny has a bald spot under her leg... i don't know if its fron her sheding soo much but what do i do?

    • i love bunnies  5 years ago

      yes u need to clip your bunnies nails at least once every 2 or 3 months ,otherwise his or her nails can become to long and not comfy for u bunny to run and hop on :)

    • agustina 5 years ago

      i have a bunny and don't clip his nails should i or do u think he is fine?

    • red teddy bear 5 years ago

      i want a rabbit so bad does anyone know where to some dutch rabbits? by the way i live in indiana demotte

    • Alex 5 years ago

      Hi. How much do bunnies, their cage, feed and stuff like that cost? I really want a bunny for my birthday which is less then two months away and Im turning eleven, although I'm not sure that my mom will say yes. How can I pursuade her to say yes? She thinks bunnies are smelly but they aren't if you take care of them. The thing is, my mom works at home and when I come back from school, we go to her work place and don't come back home until six or five hours later. Is it OK to leave a bunny for that long? I still have time to stay home for an hour or half and hour to spend with the bunny. Please help!

    • Sampson 5 years ago

      My son has a Blue Bevern rabbit. Recently the rabbits feet, hind end and tail have developed a brown color to them. It's obviously a stain, because the fur is normal down to the root. We've tried some rabbit cleaning supplies, washed out the cage (which turned out not to be dirty at all), and even tried vinegar to wash his paws. Nothing works. He is supposed to show him in the county fair in a few weeks, but I don't think it will happen if we can't figure this out. Any ideas????

    • Bunny lover 5 years ago

      Thanks for the edvice.

    • The Guy Who Knows... 5 years ago

      Hey - I've seen a couple mentions here of rabbits with swollen gooey eyes. This is a clear and prominent symptom of biological warfare; specifically, Miximatosis. As far as I'm aware, there is no cure or antibiotic; the merciful thing to do is kill your Rabbit, or to watch it very very closely and hope for the best. However I cannot stress enough-

      This Virus is manmade.

      To kill a Rabbit infected with this virus is NOT a sad affair- you are commiting a MERCY for your animal; it probably cannot hear you, cannot see you, cannot smell, and can barely feel you. It's not a nice condition; and since the virus that is killing it slowly was made by man, why don't you kill it quickly, and show that mankind isn't entirely bad.


      Don't feed them Geraniums.

      These too are poisonous.

    • BunniLuver 5 years ago

      Some names for a girl dog could be...







      and Thumbelina.

      I think the best name for a girl dog would be Bella!

      Good Luck! :) :-)

    • rosie 5 years ago

      hey everbody im back!!!!!!!!!!!! i should be on what not to feed your puppy because im getting a miniature pinscher mixed with a jack russell terrier puppy. i need help with names shes a girl by the getting a puppy because if you read my comments my baby bunnies died and my mom said that she would get me one but when we got it on the way home it died,i don't know,can anybody give me some girl names and tips the way i need a boyfriend for my sixth grade dance.

    • BunnyLuver 5 years ago

      emmie 667, what's is your bunny's name, you keep saying she. I'm curious!

    • BunnyLuver 5 years ago

      The site I found that on was called,

      Hope that helps! :)

      P.S it has some instructions of what to do.

    • BunniLuver 5 years ago

      Some bunnies get it in a few days, others in a few weeks, or even longer. Don’t get discouraged.

      That's what I found on another website, so I guess it will just have to catch on.

      Good luck! :)

    • emmie 667 5 years ago

      yes i have introduced her to the litter box , she is 2 years old and i am using sawdust for the litter. not being rude or any thing

    • BunniLuver 5 years ago

      I'm not sure what u should do when your bunny is pooping all over and doesn't poop in it's litter box, but i do have some questions like what r u using as litter? Or have u introduced the bunny to the litter box yet?

      U should Google it if u can't find the answer any were else.

    • BunniLuver 5 years ago

      I want a bunny bad and I did some reaserch ( I just read this page) That u should feed a bunny hay, food pellets, and dried fruit. But onc and awhile u can feed it carrots, apples, and bananas.

    • emmie667 5 years ago

      what does it mean if my rabbit is pooping in the wrong place and won't go into her litter box? shes was newted couple of weeks back! help im worried!

    • Bobby 5 years ago

      No idea, but help me how much should I feed my rabbits while I'm at school

    • Confused :S 5 years ago

      How come farmers feed their rabbits lettuce?

    • bobby 5 years ago

      i just got a bunnie today can u tell me what to feed her\him

    • abby pelletier 5 years ago

      my bunny used to bounce off the walls but now she hopes around for an hour then flops over and lounges under the couch...and her poop is squishy and in long clumps, is does the mean shes sick?

    • lisa 5 years ago

      umm take your rabbit to the vet pronto< they can die, or worse, can be scarred for life VET NOW

    • sextoy 5 years ago

      feed them a little,because lettuce has 50 percent water . it will make their poop watery and too moist.

    • fluffy girl 12 5 years ago

      i like bunnys they are very soft

    • Bremus 5 years ago

      my rabbit loves top get into the garden and eat mint leaves. Should I stop her?

    • rosie 5 years ago

      why would someone feed their rabbit apple seeds??????????

    • zac 5 years ago

      don't feed rabbits apples to your rabbit because the seeds contain the poison arsenic which is not enough to kill humans but is enouth to kill rabbits

    • Gemma 5 years ago

      We found our 2 males rabbits dead in their cage this morning. They were 2 years old. They never seemed to fight. We have not changed their diet. One had an ear taken off. We placed their cage under a tree that dropped berries and maybe that poisened them. Could that have set one off to attack the other ?

    • rosie 5 years ago

      i did not feed them veggies. only their pellets. im only 11 years old i need real help from a 11 year old kid not an adult.

    • Vet Dr.M female 5 years ago


    • Velvet the bunny and Zoey and angle the dogs 5 years ago

      How old should a bunny be to eat human food (Such as celary tomatos and grapes etc) Also how do u make bunnies bond with other animals?

    • horselvr 5 years ago


      I am sorry about your bunnys. my rabbit died last tuesday.



    • rosie 5 years ago

      i don't know why my baby bunnies died. i came home looked in the cage. one was laying on its back.the other one was fine,until 2day i woke up she had a huge hole in her fur and she was dead. i cried and cried. but, my mom said that when i feel better(i have a cold) she is gonna buy me 2 adult bunnies. a their names are roxy and rosie.

    • funky alex bunny :) 5 years ago

      i love my bunny;)

    • Tess 5 years ago

      My bunny is 2 months.she has been at my house for 3 days.

      She dosnt trust me to carry her.?

      PS I am feeding her romainian lettus and she seems fine.

      When I let her out of the cage she jumped around bit then she hid under the bed for like half hour!!!

    • courtney 5 years ago

      hi rosie you don't know mw but i just wanted to tell you that to tell between a male or female bunnie you have to to take it to the pet store like pet smart

      and also you can give your bunnie a bath

      btw im 11 too

    • amber  5 years ago

      i bought a rabbit 4 11 bucks

    • diamond 5 years ago

      my rabbit is being starved by my mom she wont go get food what can i give him i don't have carrets or celery HELP!!!!!!

    • jlovemac1 5 years ago

      i got a rabbit and dwarf rabbit, together i wonder if

      will kill each other.what do i do when that happens???

    • bunnies4eva 5 years ago

      okay siriously !!!!!! someone help me out a little hear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    • bunnies4eva 5 years ago

      okay im lookin for a bunnie and im kinda pressed for space. wat kinda bunnie is small, easy to handle,and needs little gromming.

    • rosie 5 years ago

      i don't know my baby bunnies r not eating. i gave them some food and fruit.

    • rosie 5 years ago

      how can you tell that your bunny is a male orfemale??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • courtney 5 years ago

      i neeeeed help can i feed my 2 week old bunny carrots or

      strawberries???????????? i don't know any thing about bunnies and i just got one

    • bob 5 years ago

      can i feed a 2 week old bunny carrots???????????

    • Elaine 5 years ago

      Lucy, your rabbit needs timothy hay. If it is less than 6 months old, your rabbit needs both timothy hay and alfalfa. They need the fiber to help their poos firm up. Hay should be the MAIN part of their diet. If the poo is watery, essentially diarrhea, however, your bun will need to see a vet ASAP because diarrhea is serious and leads to death in a lot of buns. Good luck!

    • Alexis 5 years ago

      me and my boyfriend just got my rabbit and first we didn't have a finished cage for it so we just let it like jump out of the box and run round the house but now our cage is finished but everytime we put the rabbit in it seems to want to chew the cage apart and its really annoying me and my boyfriend at night! wot should we do? we don't want to give her away! another thing is that im not really sure how many times a week we should give her veg coz we don't want to kill her!

    • Lucy 5 years ago


      my rabbit is a black rex and i was wondering why he sometimes has sloppy poo stuck to his bum?

      i have gave him a lot of cardboard recently to naw on because i've heard people say to give it them to help there theeth.

      I got a cotten bud and wet it with warm water and salt,the poo was removed and it was clean.

      I'm not sure what could be wrong with him? it might be nomal but im not sure?

      i feed my rabbit WAGG BUNNY BRUNCH. he loves it,i don't normall give him vegtables or fruit,but sometimes i get him grass,carrots or cabbage for him for a treat but i do wash it first.

      Also how much grams of food should i give my rabbit to keep him on a healty diet?

      i get him out 4 times a day,he lives in the house in a cage,he's a house rabbit,so i'm sure he cant catch anything like,fly eggs or mites or anything like that?

      he has a litter tray which he use's a dog bed(which he loves)+a hay trough and a food trough he also has a large water bottle which i change every week,+i change he litter and clean his bed every week too.

      i also have a lead for him and sometimes take him outside for some exercise.+we let im in the back garedn for a run also.


      please get back too me,,it ergent.

    • Juan Carlos 5 years ago

      i don't have access to timothy hay here in the philippines. .so can i feed my rabbit with bermuda grass hay?

    • jen 5 years ago

      Mel. Your rabbit may need wormed. Also remember to give her food to eat 24/7. Preferably hay and grass.

    • Fran 5 years ago

      I was wondering... My rabbit loves whole wheat bread, (only giving alittle at a time) & saltine crackers

      w/out the salt. Is Bread ( whole wheat ) O.K. for them ?

    • Mel 5 years ago

      My rabbit lived with a guinea pig but unfortunatley the guinea pig died a few months back, and now my bunny is really skinny. i feed her twice a day and give her toast, shredded wheat, treats and vegetables, but she has still got skinny. What can i give her to bulk her up??

    • Stevie 5 years ago

      House Rabbit Society is an EXCELLENT website to use as a resource. Research is KEY to having happy, healthy pets. If you look on the Internet, you will find CRAZY advice! Try and stick to verifiable sources and organizations. Breeders and other individuals that claim to be experts, are not always the best sources of information. Strong opinions do not always equal accurate facts!

    • bubba ganoush is his name 5 years ago

      Ok so I've been reading these comments about people with sick bunnies. They have vets for a reason. How about you call the vet and ask them instead of making someone online.

      And for those who don't know how to take care of their rabbit do some research! Buy a book on rabbits, talk to vets, and google is a wonderful place.

    • Bridgit 5 years ago

      i have a rabbit and a cat, i keep them in separate rooms, can they meet?

    • Bunny Baybe 5 years ago

      Tell you what. If you all send an email to, I will be happy to answer your rabbit questions, one at a time. I am a long-term rabbit breeder in Pennsylvania and will probably know. If I don't know, I will gladly look it up for you. Please just give the article writer a break!

      Btw, lettuce IS poisonous to rabbits because it causes diarrhea. The effect can be cumulative, so avoid feeding altogether. The people who have been feeding it long-term, expect your bunnies to die any day. SO is soy. Grapes, although toxic to dogs, are fine for rabbits, in small quantities. Rabbits can FART, they just can't BURP(I can't believe I had to spell it out for you!) so gassy veggies are fine! Diarrhea is the enemy, some veggies will cause diarrhea, that's why you can't feed them to rabbits. Tomatoes are fine, just don't give them any leaves or stems or roots, just the fruit. Potatoes are too starchy and will make rabbits fat and anything green on a potato is toxic to you and bunny! Parsnips are fine, cabbage is fine, but the majority of your greens should be grass and weeds, provided you can positively(!) identify them.

    • Ally 6 years ago

      Hi am am getting a rabbit in 4 or 5 day what is the stuff i need to learn about and how much do you feed a 8 week rabbit

    • bunnyslop 6 years ago

      rabbits can eat cos lettuce we have been feeding it to them for years... also rabbits under 6 months can eat vegies mine are 6 weeks and sll 8 are fine..

    • New to rabbit 6 years ago

      Can rabbit eat luffa

    • bungie 6 years ago

      uh ok u seem to think that ur a bunny rabit expert i mean u can feed it clovers carrots cabbage and tomato leaves lol u have no idea no affence :/ but u should do some research

    • wow 6 years ago

      The owner of this page clearly has no clue about any pet care and should NOT be giving advice. Please people go to to get info and advice on how to care for your rabbit. Hopefully this page will get shut down soon.

    • Rowan Wollangk 6 years ago

      Rabbits favorite food is carrots.

      But can they have pickles?

    • hi 6 years ago

      my baby rabbits have dirrareiah how do i stop it

    • i love buns 6 years ago

      do you know what? my bun died on christmas day !!!!

    • Annonymos 6 years ago

      My bunny is addicted to unhealthy rabbit do I get him back on his usall diet of pellets twice a day?

    • annonymous 6 years ago

      i always feed my rabbit clover and nothing bad has ever happened to it.

    • Sophia 6 years ago

      rabbits like mini weats

      rabbits nameis Sparkles

    • umustbejoking 6 years ago

      anna, you must know that if you put the rabbit back outside it will surely die. NO FRONT PAWS, seriously, please try to find it a home :( Why did you even leave that comment it is so sad.

    • jade123 6 years ago

      You know that u should not bathe ur rabbit to often as it will get will feel stress..u just need to wash the legs and butt will do...My rabbit died becoz my grandmother bathe it...but if u bathe it too often,and u can feel that it is begining to fall sick...THEN BEWARE!!!Bring ur bunny to the vet...

    • Anna 6 years ago

      Yesterday, my mom found a poor little rabbit! It's front paws got cut off by a hunter! We had to save it. We are gonna keep it until it's healed. After it's healed we are gonna let it go into the wilderness! How I wish that I can keep it as a pet.(By the way, I named it Wednesday.)

    • Blueberry 6 years ago

      My rabbit loves eating paper and cardboard. She has rabbit pelts, hay, Nasturtium leaves, carrots, apple and sometimes strawberries. What am I doing wrong? She also likes paupau. Thanks

    • naka 6 years ago

      I only feed my bunny carrots, hay, potatoes but i fed him that before i read this.

    • bunny lover 6 years ago

      HELP! i have been feeding my bunny lettuce all the time and heard that it is really bad for her. what do i do and she has also been eating the pine needles of my christmas tree. is that ok? i had just got her a couple of weeks ago.

    • Baluba bunny 6 years ago

      My bunny died yesterday and I am crying :.( I feel like my life is over, my life was careing for the little girl...Baluba :.( :.( :.( :.(

    • Mattie 6 years ago

      I have two bunnies a buck and a doe and I was wondering something . I really want to take my doe to the vet . My buck got taken to a show in August and I got told he was extremely healthy and now I want to take my Female to the vet to get her nails trimmed they are very sharp . What will they do at the vets office ?

    • Hayden 6 years ago

      I'm going to get a rabbit today and I hope that he's going to be trained. It's also coming from nearly 500 miles away!I hope he does not die soon. It's also in the beginning of December. WISH ME LUCK!!!!!

    • KattieK 6 years ago

      I just bought my lionhead bunny and im trying to litter train him but he always just seems to lay in the litter box and go to the bathroom everywhere else what should I do??

    • Baluba bunny 6 years ago

      Has anyone got a fluffy bunny??? I have one and He eats and eats and eats He will have his food gone in 30 seconds!!!! what is happening??

    • sherri 6 years ago

      i never knew there was so many things u shouldn't feed ur rabbit my rabbit is 14 now n still going strong and all in ever fed him was shop food carrots and lettuce.

    • calibunbuns 6 years ago

      I just got a male californian rabbit from a friend and his fur is seriously matted behind

    • michelle 6 years ago

      never ever feed your rabbits lettuce they will die had three rabbits and they all died because someone said to give it lettuce yea right do not give it to them.....

    • Baluba bunny 6 years ago

      Oakley, Bunnies can eat enything and everything including sofas but I'm not sure bout pumpkins. are you talkin about a pumpkin that has been carved or one that hasnt??

    • Soon to be new owner 6 years ago

      Thank you sooo much for this useful article!

    • Oakley  6 years ago

      Can Bunnies eat Pumpkins?

    • Cooper 6 years ago

      If I do give my rabbit a piece of fruit lets just say an apple should I cut the seeds out to prevent any problems or leave them as a treat cause I know he loves the sunflower looking seeds in his food bag.

    • Baluba bunny 6 years ago

      Sam, that happens with most bunnys but unfortually you just have to brush or pull it off.

      supypoo, why say that when there must have been a reason that YOU came to this website so stop pestering the curious


    • supypoo 6 years ago

      K, all of these questions all u guys r askn, r on google. Y wast time wating. Specialy for ppl wit food questions. its all online.

    • sam 6 years ago

      my rabbit poo keep sticking to it bum and fanny parts in big clumps how do i stop this ?

    • Mona 6 years ago

      Hi, I am in South Korea with no experienced rabbit vet in sight. He is 6 months old, not fixed and had snuffles when he was younger, now no symptoms. We were over feeding pellets about 3 months ago which caused him to be very sick with diarrhea and dehydration. We nursed him back to health and now feed him a proper balanced diet of hay and 3 cups of 3 kinds of veggies per day. I give him a tiny amount of the pellets now in the morning as a treat, he loves it, but I am very careful since I now it could cause a problem. This morning he got a hold of the bag and ate more than what I usually give him, and I noticed about 2-3 hours later stool that was coated in blood...the stools were normal shaped and he is acting normal. Is this because of the pellets or something else?

    • Baluba bunny 6 years ago

      would someone answer my question!

      and there is a list somewhere in this list of what bunnys can and cant eat but answer my question

    • tasneem 6 years ago

      i think it is very good for my friend mustaina who has a pet rabbit :)

    • Arnisha 6 years ago

      they said don't give your rabbits lettuce but she eats it evryday she doesn't like rasins and she eats cheese nips and cubed cheese,she also eats grapes and macaroni she even eats my shoes its like shes a goat i put her in the playpen and she ate the whole fornt part of it plus the plastic part, does she need medical attention plus shes very itchy shes not mine i adopted her form my aunt a few weeks ago, can someone give me a list of foods thye can and cant eat, email me at

    • Gracie 6 years ago

      Hi My rabbit is 14 weeks and is a dwarf lop very cute but he seems a little bored what can i do to play with him anyone??

    • Baluba bunny 6 years ago

      when I say (eats a bucket of hay I mean a lawnmower full of grass)




    • Baluba bunny 6 years ago

      Hi guys I have got a bunny and she has eats like mad.

      she can eat a bucket of hay, and a bowl of food in an hour. Can you help me and Baluba (my bunny)

    • amani 6 years ago

      It's fine if you bunny is licking you that means she loves you.

    • Felix 6 years ago

      I don't get it. Everywhere I look online says that clover is bad for bunnies, but I feed my bunny a little bit of clover every other day or so. Yet my bunny (Felix) still seems perfectly fine. Does it make a difference that he's an organic bunny? I got him from an organic farm.

    • white rabbit 6 years ago

      is it ok to feed my pet rabbit a water spinach or in tagalog kangkong and petchay?

    • ThatssMeee. 6 years ago

      ;I let my friend take care of my rabbit for two weeks because i went on a vacation. Before that, my rabbit [ Butters] had normal small blackish pellet poop. After, when I came back...her poop was much bigger and very light brown, very Indifferent than before. Should I be concerned? Is it still normal? She fed it a lot of carrots too.

    • Rose. 6 years ago

      I had a white haired, pink eyed rabbit that i found in my garden when she was 1 month old. No one claimed her in local paper, so i bought her a big hutch, she eventually had the back garden and a secure verandah with her hutch on it at night. If it got cold i would bring her in at night and even during the day if really cold or too hot. I fed her pellets, hay, mixed rabbit food, some greens that she liked eg., green part of dutch carrots, boc choy, a piece of apple or pair occasionally and some carrot. Now she is dead at 18 months old. She was bleeding at begining of week then it went away then it came back at end of week. I took her at end of week and vet said he could feel lumps in her stomach and thought they could be turmors. I regret not taking her early to the vet on the first day and not taking her in her first year for vet to check her over and get some good advice. Who would have thought that 2 months after my dad dying, my rabbit also would be dead which was a real comfort too me at that time.

    • millie my bunny 6 years ago

      how do you litter train a bunny is it just like a cat?? oh and is it normal my bunny loves to lick me, is she showing me love and just getting the salt off of me?

    • Hannah 6 years ago

      My rabbit's poop is is green and sometimes not the right round pellet shape, and today his pee looks slightly red. I know if you feed rabbits beets they're pee can turn red or even purple but we haven't given him beets lol. He just eats store bought bunny food, and the occasional carrot, orange, banana, apple. He's had watermelon rines, and MAYBE cauliflower [my dad is always trying to give our bunnies the scraps]. Do you know if anythings wrong with my bunny?

    • Bunnylover 6 years ago

      I've had my rabbit since March this year, I haven't seen him sleep once... is he ok?

    • Mack :D 6 years ago

      Ok, whoever is writing that lettuce is bad for yo bunny, you seriously need to update ur info like Christine said. i just talked to my 4-H leader who has had rabbits since she was 3 and now she is in her 5o's. she told me that she ALWAYS feeds her buns lettuce. i understand that it can affect SOME buns but u need to include in ur info that it only affects some buns. it's like one of those medication commercials that says there is like a .3% chance that u can get this life threatning disease as result as symptoms for taking this medication. oh, and by the way, it read all the info on this page about how u shouldn't feed ur buns lettuce and based half of my report i need to complete for 4-H on dangerous foods and diet... GGGGGRRRRRR!!! thanks a lot! >:^( (this is my very angry face)

    • Christine 6 years ago

      None of you guys have any clue what you're talking about. Lettuce is NOT bad for your rabbits, ONLY iceberg. In fact, lettuce has tremendous nutritional value, including that such as romaine, green leaf, and red leaf.

      To the author- please cite the source where you stated that lettuce "contains lactucarium, which can give your rabbit diarrhea so bad that it becomes fatal." Your source is most likely outdated and giving the public wrong information.

      Edible lettuce, Lactuca sativa, does not even contain lactucarium although it does contain lactucin which is in lactucarium.

      Look at you scaring all of these Elementary/Middle School kids who have a pet rabbit, even as this is FALSE information.

      As for everyone else, just read, as it is the most updated and informational care site for rabbits on the web. will have EVERYTHING you need to know!

    • chloe 6 years ago

      hey what do i do now that i have got a rabbit what can i give him to eat

    • Carly 6 years ago

      I have a Lionhead bunny who had just passed away, and i can't seem to figure out why this happened, i gave him a watermelon shell for the first time, and i don't know if that it was caused it. I checked on him just before i went to bed and we figured that he was depressed because we have another bunny who escaped so we figured that... , he was in the corner with his eye's partley shut and didn't seem to responed. So i checked on him the next morning and he was turned over on his side!

    • Miss May May 6 years ago

      I was wondering when i can feed my baby bunny carrots i gave her one the other day and she had no interest in it is tht normal thanks

    • Jessica 6 years ago

      -Ihave 2rabbits called Bonie and Lilly they r so cute and im trying to keep them happy and healthy.The information on hear is fab!

    • micky dee 6 years ago

      makalyla you should really take it to the vet lettuce is bad for bunnies try to give it hay

    • makayla 6 years ago

      i fed my rabbit lettuce celery and carrots for three days cuase i didn't have rabbit food its a 2 month old mini lop naled saphira i saw she had diareah shoud i stop giving her treats i also gave her some water melon what should i do about the diereah should i take her to the vet i am 11 what do i do i do not want her to dieee! :(

    • mia2234 6 years ago

      my bunny is eating dog food what do i do

    • mickey 6 years ago

      im scared! ive allways gave my rabbit lettace and hes loved it! i have never seen anything wrong with him, but with all the lettace ive fed him, will he die? or do i just stop feeding it to him and it will be all right?

    • Jill 6 years ago

      I am going to get a bunny soon. what do I use to groome her? she is an angora bunny 1 year. this is my first bunny, so can you help? what typ of brush do I get?

    • Cheyenne 6 years ago

      Hey, My bunny just recently started eating his own poo. I also noticed that his poo has gotten smaller. He did run out of food for 1 1/2 days and only had hay and his treats could this be the cause of it all? Of course now he has food but I'm also wondering if it might be because I got him different food? You know the ones that has the pellets and the vegetables. He never acted this way with the regular pellets. Is that the cause for everything?

      Thanks for the help.

    • eevee 6 years ago

      My grass is full of clovers and their just fine they are 2yrs old and have been out in my garden loads of times

    • Bunniesrawesome. 6 years ago

      I agree that its a lie about bunnies that cant eat lettuce. I had a friend that only fed her bunny lettuce for two weeks and he was just fine. He was a dutch bunny.

    • Elizabeth 6 years ago

      Important information before I adopt my new bunny in a few days. Already have it's cage ready. Hey, I actually thought lettuce was good for a rabbit. My cousin had a rabbit and fed it lettuce and nothing happened. She even recommended I feed that to my new bunny. I'm not so sure who's word to take, so I'll do more research.

    • Chris D 6 years ago

      "you wouldn't eat a product that only contained small amounts of arsenic would you?"

      Lots of people do, on a regular basis! Almonds are a great example, as well as some Teas, soft drinks, rices... Lots of foods contain small amounts of arsenic. Bad example to use guys :-)

    • rabbits 6 years ago


      you shouldn't just give that to your rabbit that is very bad

      it needs pellets and hay in its diet aswell

      im not surprised its not moving

      does it have bad diarrhea?

    • rabbits 6 years ago


      you can give your rabbit a bath buut do it on a hot day so it wont get cold when its wet

      also make sure not to get bubbles in its eyes

    • sergio 6 years ago

      my bunny is pooping a lot and it doesn't move as it use to.I only give it water, lettuce,carrots, broccoli, and grass

    • Beatriz  6 years ago

      can i take my bunny a bath

    • maci rogers 6 years ago

      just got a rabbit i named her carter ray rogers but i fed her carrots and cucumber all day cause the feed store was close

    • Derp 6 years ago

      You only mentioned one food not to feed your rabbit. I believe in the title it said 'foods'.

    • rabbits 6 years ago


      you could try, but introduce them slowly

    • Rabbit Rescue Volunteer 6 years ago

      Please do not use this article as help in any way. The person who wrote obviously has no idea how to take care of a rabbit. Please, go look at It has very helpful information on how to have a healthy, happy rabbit. It will tell you everything on how to care of your bunny.

    • Chey 6 years ago

      Hi i love my bunny. I just got it yesterday. Should I get it another bunny to play with? Or will they just fight.

    • rabbits 6 years ago


      don't get another rabbit

      as they will fight because the one you already have is in ITS OWN HOME and wont like another rabbit

      just give itmore attention

    • rabbiittssssssssssssssss 6 years ago

      you can feed your rabbits anythhing that you would eat apart from sweets and chocolate and anythiing fatty, sugary or salty

    • rabbits!!!!!!!! 6 years ago



      its very hard to toilet train boy rabbits

      but you could try and put some droppings in the loo and he may start to use the toilet

    • **smile** 6 years ago

      hi i have a new girl rabbit

      she is 1 and a half years old

      ive had her for a month now


      please help me ive tried everything!

      what do i do??

      ive tried lots of different types of dried food

      and hay

    • bob 6 years ago

      hi i have 2 rabbits

      one girl and one boy

      i just got my boy neutured

      but before he was i let them mate

      as i wanted babys

      i think she is pregnant

      but they live in my garage

      is it ok to have the babys outside? or will it be too cold?

      also i have wild mice living in my garage does that matter?

    • hailey 6 years ago

      i feed my rabbit lettuce all the time, as well as carrots and cucumber ! and lollies and chewing gum and he is a very healthy, active, funloving rabbit !

    • bunny-lover 6 years ago

      someone answer my QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bellaluvzcoco&millie 6 years ago

      Hi again!,

      good news- coco & millie are now officially in love with celery. i heard celery is very good for their teeth and health. to rabbit-love, you feed your bunnies lettuce? I am sickened. And to whoever posted the comment that said that they feed their bunnies cakes and cookies, eeeww. you're basically murdering them.

    • yo joe 6 years ago

      i just had my bunny doing something bad like it opens iots mouth for no reason is it gagging,chokeing or something what is it.

    • bunny-lover 6 years ago

      i just moved my bunny outside into a large hutch he is starting to get used to being in it but he seems lonely my parents said i couldn't get another rabbit to keep him company what should i do i think he is depressed

      also does anyone know where to get bunny toys that arent expensive

    • bunny-lover 6 years ago

      don't feed your rabbit cake and cookies it could harm him in lots of ways

    • Sietoshi 6 years ago

      i feed my bunny cake, cookies and all sorts of fruits and vegtables and when i don't feed him these types of stuff and jummps around his cage and tears things up. How do i stop him and get him to start eating his bunny food?

    • KnightHolyDevil 6 years ago

      Bunnies can be very complicated. There are a variety of websites through google that can help greatly. I put them all together and chose what to feed my bunny. I will be getting another one soon and hopefully they can be pals.(they're both males)Other websites also help with introducing ways to join bunnies together wich Im going to try myself. Hay seems to be the best choice I found to feed them. Treats I give are dandelions straight from the yard. Bunny behaviors can vary. Ive noticed some are more timid and nice while others can be aggressive. Truly there is no exact way to stop them except for treating them like your own child. Eventually they'll change or they wont at all. Welcome to the ways of human beings. Always be mindful about what you feed them and what you let them do. Watch out for certain greens because some like iceberg lettuce can cause gas wich is hard for a bunny to pass. like your own gas cramps except you can get rid of it much easier. Rabbits come in all shapes and sizes as well as their personality, behavior, likes and dislikes. Don't get concered too much if somethings not happening right away and remain calm. Give it some time and you can figure out if you really need to take her to the vet or not. I hope this can help you all out. I don't know about potty training but ill be willing to give it a try. Thanks for reading my passage. If you have any more questions email me at thanks again

    • .... 6 years ago

      Hey my bunny is about 5 months old and i am trying to litter train him.. it isn't working very well.. can anyone help me with some tips?

    • Jess 6 years ago

      this is a lie that rabbits can not eat lettuce. My rabbits always eat lettuce at the wildlife care center and they all are thriving.

    • Debra 6 years ago

      Buy a metal feeder. I use metal and have no problems with any of my rabbits. Available at Walmart, Tractor Supply Co. and feed stores.

    • bunny-lover 6 years ago

      please answer my question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bunny-lover 6 years ago

      I got a bunny for christmas in 2009. I got him one of the hanging water and feed bins. He loved the water bin, but he chewed the front of the food bin off and I was thinking about bying another one but I don't know how to keep him from chewing it up again. Do you know any way I can stop him from chewing it up again????

    • Evasive 6 years ago

      Unless they are crying like kittens, LEAVE WILD BUNNIES ALONE. Mom only is near them for a short time each day to feed them. She doesn't stay near the nest because that would make it easier for a predator to find the babies.

    • amccarntney 6 years ago

      im getting a bunny i still don't know what to do

    • candace 6 years ago

      i just found sum baby bunnies and im not sure how to take care of them wat do i do? my mom put grass and carotts in the thing there in. and i only have 2 of them

    • shane 6 years ago

      my rabbits are 5 years old and i always feed them lettuce, and thety are still the healthiest bunnies you will find.

    • samm 6 years ago

      what do i do?? my bunny loves celery plz help me

    • rabbitlove 6 years ago

      The comment about rabbits not being able to eat lettuce is completely false.

      I have had many, many rabbits, all of which ate lettuce and lived long lives

    • Samantha 6 years ago

      How old does a rabbit have to be before breeding?

    • angela  6 years ago

      pls answer it.....the bad foods for bunnie pls write it all....pls.pls.pls.pls.pls and also the right kind of foods for bunnies also.........

    • angela 6 years ago

      pls,answer it...the right kinds of food pls write it all and the bad of food pls write it all too cuz i really really need it :)))))))))

    • angela 6 years ago

      what is the right foods for bunnies????when i put my 2 bunnies in our yard they eat any leaves i don't know what's the kind of the tht ok for them?????and what is the bad foods for bunnies?????

    • adam 6 years ago

      Hi, I have a new lion head rabbit, 2 months. Great pet. I was told they can break their own backs trying to get away from people. How safe are they to let jump and climb? The rabbit is very smart and has already climbed a 2 foot fence of chicken wire that was on an angle. should I be concerned about it getting up onto tables and jumping down?

    • cath 6 years ago


      Im so glad i have found this site. My rabbit had a cold a few weeks ago and now she had got mattied hair above her nose with bogies in it. Her whiskas are intertwined in it as well can anyone tell me how i can solve this problem as i want her to be happy . Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Linda 6 years ago

      My rabbit doesn't like to be held so I pet it. When I leave she follows me. Why does she does that?

    • Kate 6 years ago

      Oh my gosh! Thank you! I had been occasionally feeding my bunny lettuce and she was eating some clover. Thank GOD you posted all this!! THANK YOU!!!

    • Bellaluvzcoco&millie 6 years ago

      OMG!!! I only got my rabbits (Coco, Millie) 2 weeks ago- and I'm a first-time rabbit owner!!! I've already bonded them, no probs (But now they hate being seperated! lol) their diet includes hay, grass and pellets, and I've also been feeding them carrots and lettuce 4 a week!! uh oh...My friend told me its good for them... I started feeling that something wasn't right so I researched on the internet what bunnies should eat. And apperently, Carrots and lettuce are supposed to be killers!!! I was so shocked I was literally crying! Now I've introduced them to Celery and they aren't eating it.. I don't want them to starve!Can anyone give me advise on what I should feed them that doesn't KILL them!!!?

    • Becka/RABBIT LOVER 6 years ago

      Hey i have a rabbit and i love it.Here is a few tips wat u need to make sure of is that u rabbit has enough space to ruN AROUND accourding to the size of your rabbit.make sure that your rabbit has water & food at ALL times. u must hold and cuddle your rabbit to let it know its loved ..what u can feed your rabbit rabbit food apples carrots cucumber an noo letuce =)

    • Andy 6 years ago

      Feed your bunny carots once or twice in a while.

    • coolcat 6 years ago

      hey i so badly want a rabit

    • bunnyfeeder 6 years ago

      how much carrot should i feed my bunny in a day ?


      Shes almost 5 weeks

    • walid 6 years ago

      my 4+ weeks bunny drinks very very little amount of water which cause its urine to be yellow..... is it ok ?

      is there any problem if give her some rice once in a day ????


    • walid 6 years ago

      to : buggaersbunny > take your bunny to the vet immediately !!

      This can go bad.......

    • buggaersbunny 6 years ago

      what can cause a rabbits eye to water badly, it getts all over and the fur around his eye is bunching up and getting all crusty with the sticky white flued that is seaping out of his eye.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    • walid 6 years ago

      my 4 weeks old bunny eats only hay(safe),rice and cabbage. I don giv da cabage much. She doesn't eat apple,grape,carrot and other fruits and veg. about 90% of the time i feed her hay . is there n e probs for feeding hay that much ? HELP HELp HELP HELP HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Julissa 6 years ago

      i had a rabbit before nd well i have to learn more about rabbits becuz she barely died last week. i qave her lettuce by axcident cuz i didn't ko nd ell she ate leaf clovers around with qrass nd well i dunno if i should qet another one but dis time imma take qood care of it i will learn more info bout bunnies nd rabbit.! thx for dhe info quys.!

    • nicolevins 6 years ago

      -Chocolate isn't good for them, it is almost like a poison

      -Oatmeal, yes, in very small amounts. Shouldn't be given more than 2 times a week

      -Kiwi, yes

      Apple? Of course! They love it

    • Debora 6 years ago

      hey i was wondering if all the following are good for my bunny because she loves it...>>>

      chocolate, oatmeal, strawberries, kiwi, apple,

    • bunny lover 6 years ago

      my bunny ate a lot of lettuce but nothing happened to him

    • Katie 6 years ago

      Umm... guys stop asking silly questions. I bet she doesn't reply to these messages because you guys are not putting periods, not using capital letters, and all that kind of stuff. Now stop doing that. K?

    • Gigi 6 years ago

      My bunny will not eat pellets anymore. It's probably my fault for giving her too many treats, but she will just take the bowl and flip the contents. I've thought about cutting out treats and just giving her pellets thinking she will eat them if she gets hungry enough, but will she? I don't want her to get sick from not eating.

      And how long can you leave Timothy Hay in a cage? She's made a "bed" out of it and I hate to disturb her hard work! lol I do give her fresh hay daily.


    • Katie 6 years ago

      I give my LionHead bunny carrots some times,

    • bunny 6 years ago

      you can feed you'r bunney carots just think they eat them in the wild and they live

    • Katie 6 years ago

      Bunny-Lover, you can't feed your bunny cat treats.

    • amanda 6 years ago

      i have a 1 yr old rabbit nd runnin outta food what can i feed him:(

    • Briana 6 years ago

      I wouldn't recommend giving your bunny jelly beans. If she so happens to have one, i don't think it will be the end of the world. Ive caught my bunny taking my gum out of my purse and eating it, as well as eating the wax from my scented candles. He was perfectly fine. But you never know what could happen. I think there just attracted to the smell of fruity flavors.

    • jenn 6 years ago

      i got some jelly beans for Valentine's Day and my bunny goes crazy for them. She tries to eat them right out of the container and rip them out of your hand and does not stop sniffing and searching until she finds them. Are jelly beans ok for her and why does she act so crazy when they are around. Also i feed her lettuce celery and some times spinich she is only 6 months old should i avoid giving her anything but pellets and hay. She seems perfectly healthy poops tons and runs around like crazy ... thanks

    • amanda 6 years ago

      i am confused i got a rabbit about a month ago... i did some research about how to care for and feed rabbits b4 i got her..and i read that rabbits should not b fed pellets after u take them home, that pellets r only for breeders for the short period that they will have them. Said i was supposed to switch to mostly vegetables and just a little bit of pellets. Well i did that and now my rabbit eats 2 large bowls a day of broccoli, romaine lettuce, celery, kale, carrots, and endive. But now i am reading on different sights that rabbits really shouldn't have that much vegetables and mostly pellets. She used to eat a lot of timothy hey b4 she started eating vegetables, but now she wont eat any of it or any of her alfalfa treats. She seems healthy and happy. She goes to the bathroom just fine, with the occasional diarrea. Someone please tell me what to do .. do i switch her back to mostly pellets again? or do i just leave her with the vegetables since she seems happier? thank you amanda

    • bunny-lover 6 years ago

      is it ok to feed your rabbit cat treats?

    • Kevin 6 years ago

      I just want to teach my 1 month old bunny where to litter but i am not able to do so, can you please tell me how i can teach him to litter at one common place as he is littering all over the house. Alos i want to know whether are there any ill effects with bunnies litter and urine.

    • rabbitlver 6 years ago

      how much should my kitten weigh it was born last easter

    • honey bunny 6 years ago

      i got my first bunny and it was so sweet but when i tried to get it it BIT ME!?!?!? y did it bite me?!?!?!?!?!

    • delanie 7 years ago

      My bunny hasn't been eating much lately her, food bowl is filled and its been like that for 3 days now is there something wrong with my bunny? does the name of a bunny affect it? My bunnies name is ms. stew.

    • buddhabunny 7 years ago

      hello I just brought hom my baby lionhead dwarf from the pet shop last night and I turns out he was taken away from him mother too early and refuses to eat the pellets/hay/or treats. I was told by the lady at the pet store to feed him kitten milk. this is my first rabbit and I have been reading up on this as much as I can but I was looking for a little insight on feeding him. he was having what looked like seizure last night but i later found out through a vet tech that he was just in shock from being moved around so much. We have estimated that hes probably only 3 or 4 months anyone with insight please help me out!!

    • anonymus 7 years ago

      my rabbits eat alfalfa hay all the time is this really going to kill them?

    • timothy b 7 years ago

      okay, i am not an expirenced pet owner with bunnies aneyway, but im having a bit of an issue. somebody on my block released 4 or more domesticated pet rabbits to roam freely and live on their own, at first not knowing much about them assumed that they would be able to survive like "jack rabbits" or wild bunnies. but when i came to notice that the rabbits numbers were dwindeling i became concerned. i love animals especially rabbits and i found this a form of cruelty seeing as everyone of these domesticated bunnies but one had succumb to the first freez we had in this area of florida. luckily one had survived but one of my neighbours dropped off on my porch to take in, she said discustingly cruel things that could do to this rabbit on the occasion i was not willing to take care of it. of corse i was going to i had no other choice my only problem was that im finantally burdened im only 15. so i looked up on the computer everything that i could possible need to know like diet and any health issues the rabbit might have and the only problem i found was a build up in his ear , i looked further into the matter to find out it is ear mites. so i went with my christmas money to petco and bought timothy hey some rabbit pellits and rabbit bedding as well as some of the treatement medications neccary for the mites and applied as directed and a water dish. he seems to be doing MUCH better than befor with the activity, he was not very mobile at all but now hes very "hoppy" im beginning to introduce carrot apple and celery to his diet as a treat daly. my only issue is im not allowed to make him my permenant pet. this means i need to find him a suitable home once im sure his ear problem is better. how do YOU think i should go about doing that? im told if i give him to the pet store they'll feed him to the snakes! screw that! noone in my faimily will be able to take him.. also i soaked the bunnys ear in luke warm baby oil non cented as directed by most sites i checked out and got some of the very loose crusties off without incident because i know from reasurch im NOT supposed to remove major amounts of it or ill cause discomfort. there is still some left in the ear canal i will continue to lichtly coat the ear in baby oil but will that crusties eventuallu come out on its own? please help me with this and if im in correct with ANY of this let me know ive never had a bunny befor and i wanto make sure the little guy is happy and i find him a good home

      thanks, Tim

    • Gizzmo  7 years ago

      Yer that's true lauren but i think its not good for baby rabbits to eat it but it okay when they get older, and i have got a blind rabbit and he really skinny what do i have to feed him?

    • lauren 7 years ago

      Yall think you know what you're talking about, but you don't!!! My rabbit is 9 years old and she eats lettuce every day and she has never been sick.

    • hghdfghc 7 years ago

      my bunny she poops every minute and we fed her all kiind of stuff will she be ok

    • Espresso_bunny profile image

      Espresso_bunny 7 years ago

      What happens when the grass is dead, what do you feed them then?

    • Norie 7 years ago

      I have never seen my rabbit 'sleep', either. She's always half awake...or so it seems.

    • amanda 7 years ago

      i fed my bunny lettuce will he be ok

    • DESTANI  7 years ago

      i use to have a rabbit but one day my moms bf let it outsid and our chihaha killed it :( stupid dog anyway i have always hated that dog

    • destani  7 years ago


    • Moe 7 years ago

      hey everyone, jus wondering a got a 5 months old dwarf rex(doe) and she wont eat ANYTHING except lettuce(dark green leaves)i tried pallets, alfalfa hay and pretty much everything but wont like it too much, sometimes she nibbles on timothy hay but its occasional. please help wat should i do, i kno and read its not ok to feed them jus lettuce.

    • Dana 7 years ago

      Hi, i got my rsbbit about a week ago and she is only a month old cuz her b-day was on October 5th 2009, she has a lot of energy but I NEVER see her sleep, is this a problem?

      Please help, I want to know if my rabbit is healthy

      or if she needs to go to a vet.

      Thank you!!! :))))

    • Sophie:) 7 years ago

      hi my bunny's wont stop chasing each other around the cage and they both are males my dad built them an awesome cage but it is connected what do i do to make them stop chasing each other around the cage?????

    • mikayla  7 years ago

      can my mini rex eat a card board box like a diet coke box?

    • Jenny-rabbit 7 years ago

      To all of you who still have questions in RE: to what rabbits can and can't eat go to the house of rabbit society webiste and it has all that info on there. Bunniez also has another hub what to feed your bunny rabbit-what do rabbits eat that one had more info on it plus i posted a few lists from the house of rabbit society on there. If you can't find something on either list then I wouldn't give it to them. Think of your rabbit as a child and food as medicine if your child found a pill on the ground outside an you didn't know what it was or what it would do to them would you give it to them.....please don't answer that! after some of the comments i've in reguards to what people are doing their rabbits i can't bear to think that some of you are also parents and what you do with them!

    • Katie 7 years ago

      Hi I'm Katie,

      Well I have This rabbit named Jinx. he is a really nice bunny. he is a lionhead bunny. is it ok if he eats leaves? because he ate a leaf and i was wondering if it is ok for him?

    • Cindy 7 years ago

      From the text of this article:

      "Clover can cause gas, and rabbits have no means to expell the gas, which can mean bloat and death. ... Fresh foods such as ... broccoli can also be fed in small amounts as treats."

      I'm surprised that you list broccoli as something that can be fed to a rabbit, right after you state that rabbits have no way of expelling gas! I have always told my husband NEVER to throw our bunny broccoli or cauliflower, as these are cruciferous vegetables that cause HUGE amounts of gas. (Haven't you ever noticed how much you burp after eating raw broccoli and cauliflower with dip on one of the hors d'ouevre platters?) My advice is DO NOT FEED BROOCOLI, CAULIFLOWER, CABBAGE, etc.

    • hayley 7 years ago

      can rabbits/bunnies eat blueberries? I am doing an experiment and I don't wanna hurt the little guy.... :/

    • claudia black 7 years ago

      dood answer the comments plus what else can they eat cucumber

    • aileen 7 years ago

      can bunnies eat collie flower

    • Jenny-rabbit 7 years ago

      does she poop everywhere if so i would litterbox train her before trying to hold her a lot. Find a spot where she poops most often and put a box with her bedding in it if she poops somewhere else put the poop in the box and she'll get the idea. If she/he is litterbox trained and just poops on you then he/she is either scared or probably not nuetered/spayed and is marking you. If he/she is not spayed or nuetered then it just means that the rabbit really likes you and is marking you as theirs. Either way you should have your rabbit spayed or neutered to prevent cancer and to help with behaivor. please visit the Rabbit House Society they have great info

    • tigger 7 years ago

      can some one tell me how to stop my rabbit from pooing or peeing on me, because it goes through the towl. would some pls explain to me

    • tigger 7 years ago

      Ok ok you don't need to keep repeating stellana i suggest a lot of plants(vegatbles) for eg you can feed them parsley spinich not broccoli, cabbbage, parsnips, swedes, potato tops, and tomato leaves. never feed them lettuce because it gives them gas and the 1 problem about that is they can't pass gas. Any other food that would give a human gas do not give to the rabbit

      They can eat Grass and / or hay

      Pellets can also make up part of a rabbit's diet Fresh Vegetables and some fruit make a great addition to a rabbit's diet,

      Veges that are okay for bunnies include:


      Beet TOPS





      There is some argument over leafy vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, spinach, and the like. Some say that they should never be fed to bunnies, others say that the darker leaf vegetables are okay in small amounts. But personaly spinach is ok for them another grat food is snow peas they just love it.


    • stellana 7 years ago

      Im getting a rabbit soon and i don't know what to feed it.Any ides on what to feed rabbits?

    • stellana 7 years ago

      im getting a rabbit soon and i don't know what o feed it.Any ideas?

    • tigger 7 years ago

      hellooooooo please answer

    • tigger 7 years ago

      answer some one i need to know

    • tigger 7 years ago

      pls someone answer my queastion

    • tigger 7 years ago

      can some one tell me how to stop my rabbit from pooing or peeing on me, because it goes through the towl. would some pls explain to me

    • Bessie 7 years ago

      My family just got a bunny, we think it is a girl, how can we tell? Also can it eat oats like dry oatmeal or something? She loves it, and she dumps her food is that normal real bad or just something she likes to do or is it telling us that she does not like the food?

      P.S. My dog loves her and my cat tolerates her, so I don't have any problem with THAT!!!!!!!!!

    • Tammy 7 years ago

      We clean our rabbits cage out and 1 or 2 days later I notice piles of stuff in her cage that looks like chewed up pellets that she spit out and covered up with the timothy hay. When I try to clean this out she charges at me and bites. Is this normal?

    • kassidy 7 years ago

      is it safe to get your rabbit to get fixed???

      i didn't know that lettuce and clover and buttercup and honeysuckles were bad for a rabbit!!!!!!!!

    • binderiya 7 years ago

      i gav my bunnt lettuce evryday what do i do

    • autumn 7 years ago

      ok im 13, goin to be 14 sept. 16, and i was jus told im getin a bunny. i was wonderin a few things...

      -should u change cages as it gets older

      -how do u get it to stop chewin on its cage

      - what kind of treats should i feed it and how often

      - is it ok to feed it meat

      -how old should it be when i buy it


      p.s- thnx a bunch!! and if its a boy its name will be shakespere and if its a girl its name will be mercadese (mers-ayd-eez)

    • georgia 7 years ago

      can anyone please help me about rabbits eating prunes?

    • emily 7 years ago

      pet shops, city farmers, that's where we get ours :)

    • jordan linton 7 years ago



      does anyone know where petrus is!!!!! for rabbits

    • jordan linton 7 years ago

      im getting my california rabbits today for ag but im not doing it for show im going to breed there 6 months old but ....... the rabbit food they ate since they were born is a kind i cant find at pet stores or the feed stores ive been to if anyone knows where i can get petrus please tell me or tell me what i can do that wont give it diharea petrus is rabbit pellets........ i just want to keep them healthy comment back asap please............

    • georgia  7 years ago

      my rabbit has a digestion problem and I was wondering if dried prunes would be okay for her.

      please write back soon

    • claire 7 years ago

      Is it ok that my bunny licks me? she does all the time. she also falls alseep on you, there is nothing wrong with her is there?

    • Bunnysarecute 7 years ago

      How do i toliet train my bunny? and what does sprayed mean? is it like nuetering your rabbit?

    • i haz a bunny 7 years ago

      Thank you so much, you sure no lots about bunnies!

    • I haz a bunnie 7 years ago

      i would first introduce them at first, for about ten minutes, if all goes well, they will be able to be housed together!!!if all does not go well, i would wait a few days before trying the proccess again. Hope this helps!

      I haz a bunnie

    • MY bunnies cute 7 years ago

      Is it ok to mix to different breeds of rabbit together?

    • MY bunnies cute 7 years ago

      My bunny clover is a month in a half. she is still tiny. we are planning to get another rabbit it about 2 weeks. she is a netherland dwarf. we are getting a female.

      ps: i have been feeding my rabbit perfectly. is it ok to have a huge rabbit bowl thing that's full of rabbit/guinea pig food peletts?

    • I haz a bunnie 7 years ago


      i know how you feel..i have a jumpy bunnie myself. When you r holding your rabbit,make sure to support the rump...that's a big problem for most rabbit owners. you should also spend more time with her and, if possible, get her spayed. i recommend you give her treats when she behaves. when you hold her, if she tries to scratches you, i would hold her paws together until she understands that you r the one in charge. i hope this works!

      I haz a bunnie

    • seania 7 years ago

      hi i hav a rabbit that is 7monthz old she constantly bites and scrapes you wen ur holding her and is very jumpy she is in her huch most of the day[the huch is in my shed]and my brother takes her out to the runn every day for a few hours i am realy afraid of her because she keeps attaking me and i don't no how to control her she trys to escap from my handz wen i hold her and she gives me realy evil eyes wen i go into feed her. wen i open the lid to get her bowl she trys to jump out please help me cuz my parents are going to sell her if she keeps doing this thankz xx

    • i haz a bunnie 7 years ago


      i think you really shoudn't be sticking your hand in her face(i'm not trying to be mean). i bet she is uncomfortable by the sudden dissapearance of her world. if she scratches you again, try making her more comfortable by petting her ears first, then slowly making your way down to her face.

      Hope this helps!

      I haz a bunnie

    • Elizabeth 7 years ago

      I have a bunny that i got about a month ago. I can put my hand in front of her face, she will scratch my hand.

      Why will she do that?

    • MMCork 7 years ago

      I have a sweet new male bunny--He was found and not claimed. He very sweet. The vet says he is about 3-4 months old. The vet as well as several other people have told me that I should have him AS SOON as his testicles descend. Is this true?


    • i haz a bunnie 7 years ago

      ok so my bunny hasn't pood (while i was with him)and im alittle worried about him..but he still acts like himself.........i have him in my house he lives outside in a cage im thinking he wants to poo in his cage..plz help!

    • luvlionheads 7 years ago

      you can feed your bunny veggies if he/she is weaned in small amounts, it would be best to not feed until she is about 4 months old

    • Alan 7 years ago

      I just got a bunny yesterday and it is 10 weeks old and i just wanna know if she has to be a certain age to eat fruit or vegitables.....when i got her at the pet store they said she has to be 3 months old that ture????plz help

    • hannah 7 years ago

      u girlz have ben very helpful.thx!!!

    • Kuneho 7 years ago

      I never fed my rabbit any lettuce of any kind.

      There is ALWAYS fresh TIMOTHY hay in her litter box.

      I feed her also about 1/4 to 1/3 pound of either KALE or COLLARD GREENS every day. Carrots on occasion. I spare a piece of apple or banana as an occasional treat. AND ONLY as a TREAT at every BEDTIME- a small handful of variety rabbit pellets (has the corn, sunflower seed etc.). A 32 once water bottle is freshened up and filled EVERYDAY with out fail. She has a very large 30X48 dog crate she calls 'home' where I built a second floor for her to jump on and relax. I put her travel carrier in there with the door removed - her toys are in there for her to play with in the mornings. Litter training was a cinch, and completely PERFECT after she was spayed. She has chewed VERY LITTLE after she was spayed, but I DID replace some lamp cords before then! She's a 95% perfect house bunny since she was spayed....She's a 5%'er when I'm too busy to pay attention to her. She will tease me and run under the bed where I'm not sure to trust her yet. Expect a $400 to $500 bill for spaying, about half as much to neuter the male, if you decide to do that. I cringed at it...but now I am so glad I did! Spaying reduces the ovarian cancer problem too. She may live longer. We love our bunny, she's a precious member of our family. Litter training was easy. keep the litter pan in her cage, or where-ever you wish it to be, keep putting the poops in it. bunny will eventually learn. Bunny might pick a certain place to go, and make it a little difficult for you to train her where you want her to put the litter box there. keep putting the pills in the box, gradually move the box to where you want it. I use wood stove pellets for the litter box, and change it EVERYDAY with 6-8 cups of wood stove pellets. Cheap, the pellets cost $5.50 a bag and last 2 weeks or more. The box is big enough for her to jump into and while she's there she eats the hay I put in there for her. The wood pellets are on one side of the box, the hay on the other. Good feeding, exercise, clean water and cage (home) - she has not asked me to take her to the vet since she was spayed.

      I never punished my bunny in any way. I read everywhere that it doesn't work, so I always used positive things to teach our bunny. Every now and then I greet our bunny with little treats, a grape, rabbit pellets...etc... she is very warm to me. will just melt into my hands with I pet her.

      This is SO IMPORTANT if you want your bunny to trust you-- Understand that by INSTINCT, your bunny fears being preyed upon. Your sudden moves towards her, your SHADOW will scare the heck out of her. It may take you days or weeks to recover the trust you might lose when you scare her by be careful that you DON'T! Always know where she is and not frighten her. Walk slowly around her, always remember she sees you as a GIANT! Few people know that a rabbit can DIE from fright alone, don't frighten her.

    • Kuneho 7 years ago

      roo. you have 27 rabbits and you can't sell them.... you ask WHAT TO DO? separate the bucks from the does. this is "males" and "females" LOL

    • roo cireal 7 years ago

      I have 27 rabbits and Im try to sell them but nowone wants them what do i do

    • Roo cireal 7 years ago

      why is my 4 month year old rabbit smaller then my 2 month year old rabbit does it have a disease

    • lindsay 7 years ago

      how do i know if my rabbits a girl or boy?

    • Shadow 9 7 years ago

      I Just got a bunny too, so that is why I am also online, to find out what are the best and healthiest food choices for my bunny. If anyone knows, please give me a lsit of more than ten different food types to give my bunny, because no one could live off of the same food item every single day of their life. So please somebody reply. Thank you for taking your time to read my problem.

    • Shadow 9 7 years ago

      Some people tell others to go to the vet and not to ask online. One reason people ask online could be because they don't have the money to go to the vet and pay for its health. Another reason could be to make sure that they don't wast time or money by going to the vet just to make sure it is ok, when they have the internet where you can find any information about bunnies or other stuff. going to the vet, Just to find out if it is ok, is a wast of time if your bunny really is ok. so that is why some people go to the internet before going to the vet, if neccesary. I just wanted to let some poeple know.

    • jen 7 years ago

      According to my vet who has specialized in small animals for 17 years, mostly rabbits, romaine is fine to feed bunnies. I would have to say that my healthy 11 year old bun who eats romaine everyday is quite enough proof that it is okay to feed romaine to me. As for your comment about would you eat a food that contains only a small amount of arsenic, most sources of public drinking water contain traces of arsenic as well as does most commercially produced chicken (Tyson is one of the few that does not btw). So, yes most of the people for whom you are writing do consume arsenic regularly.

    • bunnieowner 7 years ago

      omg sophie u have to know if the male was with the female or not duh and she will have them in about 30 days or so and she will get fatter in about two weeks ps feed her lots of food and fruits and like horse grain is very good for it

    • sophie:) 7 years ago

      hi how do you tell if you rabbit/bunny is pregnite or not without going to the vet?????????????????

    • mexibunny 7 years ago

      ok im curious that if the nerve or vain what ever you want to call it grows with in the nail. EX: if the bunny has long nails willl i be able to cut a big chunk of of the nail or just the tip like usual.

    • Esquilax 7 years ago

      PR Fan, if you can get the other rabbit, do it. The were a bonded pair and rabbits have social needs. It would be good for his mental/emotional well being. Plus watching a pair interact is fun; they groom each other, play, lay around like lazies, etc.. If they're male and female be sure they're fixed so you don't have babies. If left by himself, I can't tell you how he'll be. He could get over it in time or be depressed.

      To get him to like you, first thing is be patient. You JUST got him, he's confused by new surroundings, traumatized from being transported, alone without his buddy, so of course he's going to be aloof. Give him peace and time to explore your place (bunny-proof where he shouldn't go) Get down on the floor to his level so you're not a scary lumbering giant. Talk in a calm voice to him. Let him sniff you and know your scent. If he lets you, pet his forehead; most rabbits like that. When he gets more comfortable with you, touch him more, try scratching his cheeks and petting his back. Offer his treats or veggies from your hand so he associates you with positive things. Most of all just give him time to settle in and get to know you. Don't hover over him all the time and perhaps he'll end up seeking you out for company, especially if you're on the floor. Good luck!

      Folks, if you have questions, search for a rabbit forum or messageboard and post them there. You'll get good answers from experienced owners. :)

    • Esquilax 7 years ago

      Hayley I'd recommend that you don't feed wildlife. They do fine on their own. Feeding could result in loss of fear of humans, which can be really bad if the animal approaches the wrong human.

      Be sure there isn't harmful pesticide in the yard so the rabbit doesn't ingest when it grazes

    • Hayley 7 years ago

      There is a wild rabbit in my backyard. is it okay to give him carrots or some type of food, what would you recommend

    • PR Fan 7 years ago

      Hi, I just got a 5 year old rabbit, who has never been seperated from his best friend, until now, and I might also get that bunny too, but if I don't, will he be ok? Also, how do I make him like me more? I just got him yesterday, and he was shacking a lot that day, and was running away from me a lot. What do you think I should do?

    • Sophie:) 7 years ago

      hi can i feed my bunny tomatoes just wondering

      can you also feed them onions


    • bunnieowner 7 years ago

      well that all depends on the kind of hay u have alfalfa or timothy

    • baby-ella 7 years ago

      hi, my rabbit is 7 and a half weeks, i just got him the other day, ive been feeding him hay and pellets. today i have found six drops of cecotrope poop and he is not eating it. am scared for him, is he ok? shal i take him to the vet? please help, cos some are telling me its completely fine but some r telling me to take him to the vet. am soo worried i don't want him to die, please HELPP!!!!!!!1

    • bunnieowner 7 years ago

      I have a six year old english spot show champ she loves to play and get pet but she claws when u pick her up.She has toys and is a very spoiled bunnie we have a homemade cage and a run but her sister had a infection in her side witch mad a hole in her side and a fly got in there and layed eggs we rushed her to the vet and they got it out but now she has a hole in her side and she cant show anymore and she is my baby she loves to b picked up but she cant play to hard cuz her scabe on the side will open and bleed and she could die of loosing blood.PS to all bunny ownerz its help full if u keep a notebook on all of wat ur bunny does or wat u have learned i no i have at least 4 notebooks on my baby girls o by the way sherry put a litter box in the corner it poops in  and yes change the peeded on bedding thaks fr al heino ever im 12 years old and lovemy bunies

    • sherry_flopsy 7 years ago

      My bunny Lilo loves willow leaves, they are yellow. I give them to her after school when I get home and she goes crazy for them. She also loves to eat the top of the carrots. Lilo always poos in this one corner and also wees there on top of the hay. Should I remove all of the hay where the wee and poo touched? coz tats a lot of hay

    • glitterleaf 7 years ago

      I'm getting a bunny in a few days, and I heard bunnies are afraid of flight, is that true?

    • sophie :) 7 years ago

      Nicole: are you going to have a boy and girl bunny or two girls or two boy if you have two girls or boys you might wanna kep them separate for a week or so and then put them together but keep a close eye on them

      i have a boy and a girl bunny and they like being next to each other cause if i put them together they would have babies

      and nusaybhah: i don't think you should feed your bunny too manny pancakes or she/he might get a little sick

    • nusaybah  7 years ago

      my rabbit eats pancakes

    • nicole 7 years ago

      i have a bunny and she lonely will she be OK with sharing every thing when i get another bunny

      thanks nicole

    • sophie:) 7 years ago

      lina: thanks so much for telling me

      do you know why my girl bunnies poop is blackish brown? i am really nervis about her

    • Lina 7 years ago

      Sophie...tomatos are bad for your bunny do not feed him/her tomatos..

    • sophie :) 7 years ago

      zcanida: thank you for telling me that i tried and my bunny dosent pee or poop on me anymore

    • sophie :) 7 years ago

      sandy: you should make shure she is pooping a lot and you probably bring her to the vet cause that Leeds to bad problems if you don't

      oh and do you know if you can feed bunnies tomatoes just wondering

    • sandy 7 years ago


      Im very worried my bunny just found a halls cough drop and ate it and i couldn't get it away from her! will she get sick? I don't know what to do!?

    • Bunny 7 years ago

      Are cucumbers ok for a bunny?

      My bunny does not poop often but is still energetic as ever.

    • Rui 7 years ago

      is it alright to feed your bunny nuts (peanuts, almonds, etc.) as an occasional treat?

    • zcanada 7 years ago

      Sophie, about "potty" training your rabbit...

      With my rabbit, i just kept her in the cage until she was "used" to going in the corner of her cage and then gradually increased the amount of freedom she had out of her cage ( space and time). If she ever went outside of her cage, she was immediately placed back in her cage and locked in for a little while. This is to re-enforces the concept that the cage is where she is meant to go, not as punishment, as rabbits do not really understand that concept.

      If she is marking all over the house, reduced the amount of space your rabbit has to roam, and pay close attention to where she might be marking. Bunnies are creatures of habbit, they will go in the same place just because it's what they have always done. so to litter train, find where your rabbit is going now, and try putting some newspaper down,( it will probably get chewed...) but keep at it. Then as soon as she is used to the paper, but a litter box lined with paper on top. The best boxes are those that are very easy to get in and out of, so they won't be intimidating for the bunny. Rabbits tend to pee ect.. while they eat, so putting a little bit of leafy greens in the box will help. (although make sure it doesn't get soiled). Eventually you will have a litter trained rabbit. Most importantly, consistency is key to training any animal, so be sure to keep it up daily.

    • Sophie :) 7 years ago

      hi its me again i was wondering what is the easiest way to litter train/potty train your bunny???

      by the way if you want my emil it is

      thanks sophie

    • Sophie :) 7 years ago

      hi its me again i was wondering what is the easiest way to litter train/potty train your bunny???

      by the way if you want my emil it is


    • Sophie:) 7 years ago

      lilypuff- you don't need to change your bunnies food every day just make shure it isn't old and make shure you keep a decent about of food in its bowl

    • lilypuff 7 years ago

      should i be changing my bunnies food every day????

    • Sophie:) 7 years ago

      hey what is the best way to keeping your bunnies teeth short and not sharp??

      and the other thing is how do i keep my bunnies from peeing on me?? other than potty training them??

    • Sophie:) 7 years ago

      heyy my bunnies wont stop eating they arer dorf bunnies and i am worried they will get over wait

      plus one more question is it ok the feed bunnies tomatoes?? just curious

      sophie (:3 its a bunny

    • zcanada 7 years ago

      Maddy, it sounds like you should talk to a vet, since it appears you have many urgent questions and most likley have absolutly no idea what to do

      ANd no grapes are NOT bad for animals, jezz louise where are you people getting this?

    • Doris 7 years ago

      Are grapes & raisins dangerous for rabbits? I saw something on tv that stated that grapes & raisins were dangerous to animals. I think they were referring to mainly dogs.....but what about rabbits in general? Thanks.

    • maddy 7 years ago

      1 what kind of food do rabbits love the most?

      2 do bunny get more and more worse because my bunny does not try to bite or any thing that is bad. so will it get more worse when she older just curious?

      3 how do you stop it from eating the poisinus plant?

      ps her name is oreo

    • maddy 7 years ago

      what plants are bad for rabbbits??????????????????????????????????????

    • maddy 7 years ago

      is a geranium bad for a rabbit because i have three plants of them and i am only 10

    • Sophie :) 7 years ago

      how is the best way to potty train your bunny??????

    • zcanada 7 years ago

      Yah, you can definatly feed your rabbit lettuce ( romain, green, red ect..) and spinach ect... Just not iceburg because it's mostly water, and it wont KILL it, it would be like if all you ate was celery.

      Also, despite my efforts, my rabbit has gotten into chocolate, nuts, wires, paper, carpet, toilet paper, garbage, jalapeno chips, popcor + butter and a ham sandwich ( although the meat was left) and is still as healthy as can be, not that i condone it, but even in the wild they eat some terrible things...

      Seriously people, before you get a rabbit ( or any pet) research it using REAL books by REAL vets ect.. not some slosh off of the internet, as helpful as it can be, sometimes, this just proves it.. don't feed your rabbit lettuce? you can't be serious? everyone has different opinions on EVERYTHING, it seems.

    • sophie:) 7 years ago

      what should I do my bunny when ever i hold him he will pee on me

      im 10 and i need help!

    • 7 years ago

      thank you but i have all those things and he is still scared plus i'm even more scared because he would not let me pick him up i started to chase him around!!!


    • Dulmit 7 years ago

      I placed the poop in the litter box, not the bunny.

    • Dulmit 7 years ago

      I litter trained my bunny by keeping him in his cage and placing a litter box in with him. Every time he pooped, I would move it into the litter box. He figured it out in about 2 days and has been going in the box ever since.

    • Dennisrod3 7 years ago

      Ok, so I have a bunny, its very young and healthy. I am a 1st time pet owner. But I have a few questions:

      1st Question: WHen I bought her i got a starter kit it included food(pellets, hay), bedding and a cage, and water bottle for it. So I was running low on food so i went to walmart and bought some called Wild Harvest Super Premium Rabbit Blend Pet Food, It sounded good but my bunny doesn't eat it. but she loves the other food it came with. So my question here is does she need to get use to it or trained to eat it?

      2nd Question: DOes a bunny need to be trainied to wear a leash, cause I tried it and she began flippin around, what's the best approach?

      3rd Question: The best way to train a bunny to poo and pee in her cage and on the floor, without a litter?

    • sophie:)  7 years ago

      what should I do I just fed my bunny some lettice will she die?? im soo nervise HELP!

      please someone help me!

      sophie :(

    • Krista 7 years ago

      Relax research rabbit food on google or just go to the pet store get timothy hay, rabbit food pelets, carrot tops, romaine lettuce, something for it to chew on, a box for it to hide in ...


      most bunnies will be scared at first until it gets to know you and its surroundings. just talk to it or leave it in a quite space for a while

      the worst thing you can do is chase it around until you can pick it up

      let it get used to its surroundings for at least a few days

    • 7 years ago

      WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!!??????

    • 7 years ago

      I'm getting anew rabbit and the rabbit is scared to come out of its cage what should do to get it out? I don't know what kind of food to get it either!PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

    • lexein 7 years ago

      Are cucumbers a safe food for adult rabbits? I haven't found an exhaustive list.

      Is it necessary to peel or slice the cucumbers? Should they be given only as treats? Thanks.

    • Donald  7 years ago

      Can you feed a rabbit green onions?

    • holly 7 years ago

      why do you say don't feed rabbits lettuce but every other site says to feed romaine lettuce ??????

    • kirial 7 years ago

      don't be decieved by bunny's fur coat, cold can be harmful or even fatal to them. If it is 0 degrees Celcious then you will need to make sure the cage is sheltered from the wind, rain, snow, and ice and if you have more than one rabbit in separate cages I'd suggest getting a heater to keep the temperature closer to 10-15 C (50-60 F) or letting them huddle together if they all get along.

      If you mean 0 Farneheight, then your bunny would probably be best off moving inside for the winter or until the temperates head up to at least 30-40 F. Or, once again, get him a covered shelter with indirect heating (central or ambiant heat not a box-heater pointed at him)

      When you use a heater for your rabbits ensure that the hot air has a way to escape and the colder fresh air can get in or your bunny could suffer a lack of oxygen over time and die. I also suggest consulting a professional and double checking the best way to do this, as well as verifying any advice you read online. You don't have to be a vet to post a "professional opinion." And being a breeder or owner doesn't necessarily mean you know everything or even close.

    • Roisin 7 years ago

      my rabbit sleeps inside in a cardbord box in winter at night as it drops below 0 some nights should i keep him in his hutch and cover it with a blanket or still keep him inside at night.

    • Shay 7 years ago

      I am getting a female rabbit from the pet shop in a month and 6 days. What breed do you think will be the best. I Live in W.A.

    • rosser 8 years ago

      my bunny ate tissues is it danger

    • kir 8 years ago

      help me i don't know what to do .what food do i give my bunny.

    • steph 8 years ago

      hello, i need your help please! i just got two baby bunnies that are only 4-weeks old because i didn't know that 4 weeks is too young for rabbits to be raised. since we got them yesterday, they haven't been eating their pellets. so for one whole day, they weren't able to eat. however, they're eating a lot of the grass we have from our lawn so we fed them grass the whole day. but they're NOT POOPING AT ALL!! why is this??? i'm so worried!!! please please help me. they are acting completely normal (at least based on my knowled) since they're not lethargic and they like to jump around.

    • Rick 8 years ago

      My rabbit has been living in the same cage since it was a week old. Now it's three months old and it is 10 or eleven inches outstretched. Should I change the cage...?

    • trug18 profile image

      trug18 8 years ago

      i got my rabbits two years ago. since then, I've read books and magazines and spoke with a couple of veternarians to make sure I was giving them the best care possible. I've been feeding them rommaine lettuce every day since the day I got them and they are both perfectly healthy. It all depends on your rabbit.

      Also, in response to eliz's comment, those "poops" are called cecotropes. The rabbits digestive system is unlike many other animals. Since they are herbivores they have a very large cecum. Food material must got through their digestive systems twice in order for the rabbits to get all the nutrients. The food goes through once, comes out as a cecotrope, is ingested again, and then comes out as hard round feces. Cecotropes are 100% normal. Most of the time rabbit owners never see them because the rabbit eats them as they are coming out (usually at night). when they leave the cecotropes and do not ingest them, it usually means the don't have enough fiber in their diet. make sure they get enough hay and they will be fine.

    • scarlett22 8 years ago

      wow thanks for posting this or i will never know what to feed my rabbit but still in my comment i still don't have my pictures but my picture in postout is a naked girl me

    • Grace 8 years ago

      It is such a lie to say you cant feed your bunny lettuce. romain lettuce does fine with a bunny as long as its in small doses every once and a while. it isn't anything to worry about.

    • lace 8 years ago

      My bunny is very aggressive and offten bites, Im trying to show as much kindness as i can and not be mad but how long will it take for him to warm up to me? I've had him since he was about 4 months old. hes about 8 months old now

    • eliz 8 years ago

      My two rabbits poop diarrhea looking pellets sometims. Well, I assume its diarrhea coz its not like the normal small poop pellets. Its like small little poop pellets all stuck together. They smell really bad. And they are a bit moisty. If I don't clean it up right away, it will stick to the floor, or whatever it is on.

      I've asked the vet, and they said its nothing to worry about. But I don't think its normal! :(

      They poop normal though. They poop the unusual one, sometimes.

      Please help.

    • Ima Gayfer  8 years ago

      hi, my names polly, what's yours?

      bluck, my bunny just shot out a hairball.

      omigoshh, it has BLOOD on it!

      should i be conserned?


      Ima B. Gayfer

    • Ima Gayfer  8 years ago

      hi, my names polly, what's yours?

      bluck, my bunny just shot out a hairball.

      omigoshh, it has BLOOD on it!

      should i be conserned?


      Ima B. Gayfer

    • Ima Gayfer  8 years ago

      hi, my names polly, what's yours?

      bluck, my bunny just shot out a hairball.

      omigoshh, it has BLOOD on it!

      should i be conserned?


      Ima B. Gayfer

    • kenita 8 years ago

      hey there, i just got a seven moth old mini rex buck and im wondering awhat a resonable diet would be for him. i was also wondering if it is possible to litter box train them.

      thanks a bunch,

      Kenita and tucker

    • mandy/miranda 8 years ago

      can bunnys scream if they can...... why?

    • mandy/miranda 8 years ago

      can you over feed a bunny???? just wondering, so i don't do it

    • bunny3kids 8 years ago

      hey, what about those pea pods?

    • *Liz* 8 years ago

      Any suggestions on good animal names?

    • rabbit3kids 8 years ago

      wondered if pea pods were ok for bunnies. we have a 3 week old dutch/lop mix and just got her the other day. she is still very scared so we have been leaving her alone. will she 'soften" up?

    • *Liz* 8 years ago

      im back, i might get a mini-rex,w/ a cage w/ a good backyard. but i need help on takeing care of it, any suggestens?Oh, ialso hve a semi nice dog. I NEED HELP!!!!

    • *Liz* 8 years ago

      i'm 11 on Septemer 17, & i WANT a mini rex

    • fluff 'n' stuf 8 years ago

      hi me again

      my brother soked my rabbit with his hose

      and now

      my rabbit as just making this blowing

      should i be worried or is it that he just got water up his nose


    • fluff 'n' stuff 8 years ago

      my rabbit seems to be board all the time he just sits in a box i gave him all day

      is there something wrong with him

      should i worry

    • 8 years ago

      What is a potato top?

      I don't quite understand that.

    • BILLYDALE 8 years ago

      I have now been breeding Vienna Flemish Giants successfully for 3 years, but thanks I like your informative site. I love the Flemish breed, and I didn't know LETTUCE was bad for them!! My grandmother and mother also breed Flemishes for their meat. Best Wishes to you in the future.

    • Keeley 8 years ago

      well took my rabbit to the vet today to gets her nail clip nd the vet said she is a bit over weight nd well my rabbitn lizzy dnt really like doing stuff nd what should i do with the food should i change it or give her less..?

    • latoya 8 years ago

      my bunny is 8 months she don't sleep should i be worry

    • AVERY PINDER 8 years ago


    • Cozmo! 8 years ago

      my lionhead bunny has a lump of fur above his nose is this normal?

      He won't eat his food during the day but he will eat it all during the night is this normal?

      He won't be littertrained he poops in 2 places in his hutch what should i do?

      He isn't eating his cecotropes he left 5 of them in his run at the bottom is this normal?

    • tarren 8 years ago

      i feed my rabbit lettuce in very small quantities and not very often and she is fine with it. she loves a bit of cucumber tho.

    • emily 8 years ago

      I fed my rabbit lettuce by accident and she doesn't seem to be herself and i'm scared it'll turn into something bad.

      what shall i do

    • candi 8 years ago

      my rabit is sick and i need to no what to do

    • 12yroldbunnyluvr 8 years ago

      this sight is amaizing! It helps a ton with curious questions i have! i will definatly recommend it! thank you!

    • Bunniez profile image

      Bunniez 8 years ago

      Bunnyluvr, seriously, take your rabbit to the vet. Why would you even waste time online when your rabbit is obviously sick?

      As for you Reese, it depends how much she gave it. Your rabbit may or may not be sick. If it looks ill, take it to the vet, otherwise be more careful in the future :)

    • Reese 8 years ago reallyy scared..

      my mom fed my bunnie lettuce will she be okay??


    • bunny luver 8 years ago

      my bunny has like white stuff all over his eyes what should i do its kinda scaring me cuz he cant even see cuz'v it help me please!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

    • MimiReardon 8 years ago

      Litter! She chooses our furniture over her littler box.

      Sleepless in the burg,


    • Bunniez profile image

      Bunniez 8 years ago

      Both of you last two commenters need to take your rabbits to the vet.

    • shelby 8 years ago

      my bunniesfront left leg goes out striaight when she trys to walk/hop? why is that . the lady i got her from said it wasn't broken just stiff. im a little confused.please shes smaller than her brothers and sisters from the same litter! is something wrong with her?

    • ***!!!Rihanna!!!*** 8 years ago

      i recently got a baby lionhead rabbit, but i can't seem to train him to use the litter tray and is it normal for him to make a little mountain of poo and recently a tiny bit of his fur has gone so i can see his skin is there something wrong?

    • Bunniez profile image

      Bunniez 8 years ago

      Your bunny should not be allowed to eat dog food. It could make it very sick.

    • Mariah 8 years ago

      my bunny Storm NEVER eats hes bunny food and when he does he its a whole bowl full in about 2 hours. He ALWAYS is eating my dauchounds food and is still very hyper!! But sometimes (this is soo funny!) he just crashes out on the floor like a dog its SOO CUTE! but is it bad tht he eats soooo much dog food??

      p.s. I also started to give him dry apples and cinnimon oatmeal he LOVES IT!

    • Anthony Greco 8 years ago

      My bunnies Larry and Snickers have been very good bunnies but thers 1 thing never feed your bunnies lettuce!

    • Susan  8 years ago

      my rabbits ate dry cat food, a lot. They sneaked out of their pen when we weren't home. They are as frisky as ever. What should we do?

    • bob!!! 8 years ago


    • Bunniez profile image

      Bunniez 8 years ago

      Bob, go to the profile page. At the bottom right you will see an article about what you can feed your rabbit. Also, google is your friend. Sometimes questions can be answered here, but this is not a free bunny advice service. If you are getting a rabbit you should be prepared to do the research yourself, look things up in search engines, go to your library, and ask questions of the breeder you are getting the rabbit from. If your cat kills animals I would keep it away from your bunny.

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