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Bunny Breed Guide: Mini Lop/ Holland Lop Rabbits

Updated on October 08, 2007

If you've ever been to a pet store, then you are probably already familiar with the mini lop (also known as the Holland Lop). These little floppy eared bunnies have found great favor in the pet trade, in spite of the fact that oftentimes their natures are more skittish and less friendly than those of their larger, less compact counterparts. Fact of the matter is, Mini Lops are ridiculously cute, especially as kits, and it is hard to resist their little faces and big floppy ears.

Mini Lops can be good pets, but think of them a little like terriers. A terrier may be a small dog, but it needs a great deal of space to run in. Even though your mini lop may be small, he or she will probably need more space and exercise than a larger rabbit. Mini lops are also known for being more temperamental in general, so be prepared to spend some time with your mini lop before he or she becomes the cuddly little critter you had hoped for. (Disclaimer: This is one of those times where people disagree. Some people find Mini Lops to be the most charming creatures on planet earth and claim that they love to be handled and to love and snuggle on you. My personal experience is that they will leave scars if you annoy them too much, but as always, there are exceptions to every breed standard, and to every supposition.)

What I can tell you for sure is that Mini lops should be around 1.5 kgs or 3.3 pounds when fully grown.

If you intend to show your Mini Lop, you should be looking for the following characteristics:

Head: Bright eyes and nice floppy ears are the most noticeable features of the Mini Lop head. The eyes should not be too close together, and should be nice and large. The ears should hang nicely, and the inner part of the ear should not be visible when the rabbit is at rest.

Body: The body should be round and compact. These are strong little rabbits, and should look it. Their coat should be dense and not too long or too short.

Faults: The Mini Lop should be well furred, bare pads of the feet are considered a fault. Ears that are carried poorly or lopsidedly (ironically enough) are also considered a fault. A rabbit that does not have a nicely shaped head and 'crown' (the area between the bunny's ears) is also considered to be faulty.

Additional note: Many people cross breed mini lops to create various versions of the mini lop. For example, a Cashmere Lop can be crossed with a Mini Lop to create a Cashmere Mini Lop. The mini lop have proved to be a wildly popular choice for both breeders and pet keepers alike.


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    • Krista 07 profile image

      Krista 07 9 years ago from Europe

      Awe I was hoping I would find a hub on these. They are so cute. Are those yours or..? I'm planning to get ine this x-mas for my sister Jackilyn. she is on hub pages.Shes a big bunny lover like me.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 9 years ago from Georgia

      Lop bunnies are so cute!

    • Bunniez profile image

      Bunniez 9 years ago

      Hiya :) These bunnies aren't mine, but I do have a cashmere mini lop, so kind of like the top picture, but fuzzy all over. If you have a look at my profile there should be a link to my bunny blog that has pictures of my girl :)

    • Donna Fillmore 8 years ago

      Mini Lops and Holland Lops ARE NOT one in the same , they are two separate breeds.....check the American Rabbits Breeders ASssociation ,Inc. "official guide Book"......or web ......orNew York' raise Holland Lops and the much bigger French Lops....www. eurekas rabbits.piczo .com(need to work on our picture taking ,,.Most don't do justice to the rabbit....oh,....)

    • Bunniez profile image

      Bunniez 8 years ago

      In the UK, a Holland Lop is known as a Mini Lop. This article is about Mini Lops, however I have entitled the article Holland Lop as well for the benefit of American readers. Or perhasps for their confusion. Thanks for the links anyway, very useful for other readers :)

    • Astrid 8 years ago

      These rabbits are so cute and so cuddly. Two sisters are my class pets. I bunnysitted them for the summer. One's white and gray; the other is white and caramel. My class loves them. We take them out during quiet reading time. If you want to get a bunny, get a mini lop ear! They're very friendly and great for kids. It's hard not to pay attention to them. Their names are Eyeshadow and Fluffy.(Astrid, second grade)

      PS You have to get a pet bunny. And also, get a mini lop ear!

    • emily 8 years ago

      these bunnies are adorable especially the redhaired one !

    • *Rabbit Lover* 8 years ago

      I have three bunnies, going on four or five this winter. I'm getting one or two Holland lops next! I prayed that God would provide a rabbit cage for me. So far, I've gotten 4 more. Thank you God!

    • hannah 7 years ago

      Aww, the little rabbit on the bench with the grey ears is the spit image of my rabbit!

    • Fluffy 7 years ago

      I love bunniez

    • Nancy 7 years ago

      I have a mini lop crossed with an english lop. She's gained the charistics of a english, just in mini form! She's a handful, but one of my more animated rabbits nonetheless.

    • Malliboo mile 7 years ago

      Hey i love rabbits

      i have 1 which is having babies soon and i have had some

      other females who had babies and they keep dying like the babies would die

      then the female dies and i don't know why


    • april 7 years ago

      I am looking into getting a holland lop what would you recommend for a first time rabbit owner?

    • Haley 7 years ago

      I am looking at buying a bunny for the first time. I am also looking into getting a mini lop. Is that a good choice?

    • Kayla 7 years ago

      I am a child and I am looking into getting a mini lop. Do They bite?

    • Stephanie 7 years ago

      My baby Mini/Holland lop looks EXACTLY like the one in the top picture! ADORABLE! :)

    • danielle 7 years ago

      holland and mini are not the same they are two different varieties of lop... holland is smaller than a mini by a couple pounds...

    • Rosieposie NZ 7 years ago

      I have the most handsome Cashmere Lop. I got him through a friend from a breeder who abandoned him as he wasn't like any of his brothers and sisters who were all white shorthaired minilops. My boy came to me matted and unkept and a very sad boy. A lot of painstaking combing and clipping and he emerged the most beautiful Cashmere Lop who we all love to bits.

      Dear "Scooter" is even loved by my two dogs, three cats and a mini guinea pig.

    • first time bunny owner 7 years ago

      i am looking into certain breeds i would want a holland lop, angora, lion head or a flemish giant. which one do you think is best.

    • barb 7 years ago

      i just bought my first two mini lops.they are question is,should the ears be lopped when they are babies??mine seem to fall back instead of down.

    • sheba 7 years ago

      do holland lops grow big and are they friendly

    • rabbit owner 7 years ago

      Holland lops [ not mini lops]can be extremely friendly and they stay fairly small. Mini lops do not stay as small and can be friendly.

    • Abree 7 years ago

      Do bunnies bite? Plus what is the bunny in the top picture? Is it a cashmere mini lop? How much do they cost and where can I get one in California?

    • Ashlen 6 years ago

      i have a minilop his name is sandman

    • ally 6 years ago

      awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! They are so cute

    • trti 6 years ago

      hoo would not love the cutest animal in the world bunnies and rats hala

    • Sonja 6 years ago

      I really want a rabbit and I think I'll get a Holland lop. They are really adorable. -You can actually put them on a leash and take them on walks!

    • Maja 6 years ago

      bunnies R rad :)Im 12 yers old hi

    • Fay 6 years ago

      Mini Lops get way bigger than 3.3 pounds. Mine is around 8(Which is very normal for a Mini Lop)

    • savannah 6 years ago

      my is round 10 or 11 punds it is over grown we think i have at least 16 rabbits

    • Kimberly 6 years ago

      I adore the mini lop and would like to have one but I would like to know a few things first.

      Pricing. It is extremely important I am able to, first, afford one and, secondly, afford to give him/her what he/she needs: good food/treats/bedding/vet cost/grooming cost/etc.

      Also, do they get along with other pets in the house such as a yorkie and cat? I'm not very worried about Timber, our yorkie who has been with us for nine years. It's the cat that concerns me. He is sweet as can be but very playful.

      Thank you for any and all information.

    • sheba 6 years ago

      hey im still thinking of getting a holland lop about how big do they get im getting a pure bread that is a very good breeder but i want to know about how big it might get cuz i cant have a very big bunny so is this a good choice

    • Jessica 6 years ago

      Rabbits, in general, if not fixed can become territorial and aggressive. My rabbit used to be aggressive and bite until I got her spayed and now she is a love. The cost of a rabbit depends on where you get it from. If you get it from a breeder, price varies, it usually depends on show quality, breed quality, but the cheapest is getting one just as a pet. If you go to a shelter or rescue the cost maybe a little more, but the rabbit will be fixed, which is a huge cost. Because rabbits are exotics, not many vets handle them so you have to find a vet that knows rabbits and generally they cost more. Good food is plain pellets made of Timothy hay so you must look at the ingredients. They should also have access to timothy hay 24/7. They can have romaine lettuce, but not iceburg lettuce. I don't know about grooming because I am able to do all that with my rabbit without having to take her to a groomer/vet. Rabbits live comfortably in 55 degrees farenheit but will be okay in 75, it is best to keep them indoors or give them a place to hide outdoors because they can give themselves heart attacks if a predator tries to get at them, they can also die of heat stroke. No wire bottom cages either, it's the easiest, but it really hurts their feet.

    • gloop 6 years ago

      Why did the person shut the refrigerator so fast?


      P.S. Remember bunnies poop.

    • Emily 6 years ago

      i have a few mini lop rabbitsw i love them

    • i want a bunny 6 years ago

      i rlly want a mini lop or holland lop. i dnt no wich 1!!!! my friend has 2 wite dwarf lop bunnies and they're havin babies but im not sure if i shud get 1 of those. how much is a bunny n e way?????

      plees help me!!!!!!

    • sheba 6 years ago

      ok me again thx for the other answers they helped so much ok so here's the plan im getting the holland lop from a breader for $50 im getting him at 3 weeks so im gonna train him to use the litter box what should i put in the box

      # 2 what's the best bedding for holland lops and i mean the best and what should i stay away from i called countless vets but they don't have any good answers and what should i stay away from that i put in there litter box again and what's the best newspapper?

      #3 the thing i heard about fixing them is that if you get them young enough that you can teach them not to be agresive and with the litter box they wont spray as much i don't have another bunny to mate or fight with so should i still get it fixed or should i wait when i get it and see how his behaivor is as he gets older cuz reamber im getting him at 3 weeks well thx byby

    • sheba again  6 years ago

      umm my mom brought up a good point i have a run for outside should we treat it for fleas or other bugs bcs with my cats we have to

    • mini lop lover! 6 years ago

      Im Getting two mini lops in mid july. I cant wait i think from the breeder im getting them from they are about £25-£40.

    • mmn 6 years ago

      My mini lop is dying right now. His best buddy was taken away I guess by a hawk 4 days ago, he is dying of a broken heart. I am just devastated.

    • Sheba's so lucky 6 years ago

      I might get a bunny but im not really allowed to. does anyone know how much the cheapest bunnies from a typical pet store tend to cost? cuz if they are cheap maybe i can convince my mom to get me one. she said six kids are all she can handle

    • sheba 6 years ago

      can someone plz answer my questions

    • Gemma 6 years ago

      I Think I Like dWARF lOP eARED Rabbits Better They Are Better and Some Times Cuter

    • Linda Ung 6 years ago

      OmG! That first bunny pic looks like that mini lop I just got!

    • julia M 6 years ago

      This person needs to visit the ARBA website. Mini Lops and Holland Lops are not the same. They are two entirely different breeds. Holland being the smallest. Should do research before posting!

    • Dan S 6 years ago

      I adopted a one-year-old pedigree, registered Holland Lop doe from a breeder who was giving her away since she refused to breed. My experience based on her is that they are terrors! We have all been bitten and she wants nothing to do with any of us. To attempt to clean her cage is a matter of risking lots of pain and bleeding skin. I also have an altered Holland Dwarf buck who is a really intelligent,lovable charmer, a 4-month old Flemish Giant doe who is a real clown to watch and a timid 2-month old Satin.

      I'll take ten of any of these breeds over another Holland Lop any day of the week! Worst adoption I ever made!!!!

    • Glenda G 6 years ago

      I have both Mini Lops and Hollands they are very sweet if worked with but any rabbit can be hard to deal with.They look very different so do your research mini lops are larger than hollands.

    • Saige A 6 years ago

      I would just like to say that mini lops and Holland lops are NOT the same thing they are totality different and if you knew anything about these rabbits you would know that they are not the same! Please do your research before you post things like this on the internet!

    • Pancakes4ever 6 years ago

      Heyy im only eleven and hoping to get a holland lop and i have a few questions......

      1.Will they get along with my 2 year old lab?

      2.What age do they have to be to take them home?

      3.If i get two (1 girl and 1 boy)will they mate immedientelly or will they just be friends and soon breed?

      4.Will not neutering them make them aggressive/

      Thanx 4 reading this and pleasssssse help!

    • Pancakes4ever 6 years ago


      pllease answer my question im literally despirate!

      sorry 4 being anoying i have spent 48 hours on the web researching and cant find the answer!

    • Kim 6 years ago

      My daughter is 12 and my son 14 and they have and breed holland lops we have a 1 1/2 yellow lab very calm she likes to lick them and we do not leave them alone. They must be 8 weeks old before taking them home and they should be taken from their mom before taking them home. They should be 9 months before breeding them and they will mate before then if they are not seperated. We have one older buck that the more he is breed the more aggressive he is. We have one young buck that is so gental but he is only 10 months old. I have heard that bucks are more gental then girl. Good luck

    • brett 6 years ago

      Hey kim. learn how to spell. I have an 18 month old holland lop (buck) and had him neutered 5 months ago. much more tame and managable. makes a much better pet as he also does not spray anymore.

    • Pancakes4ever 6 years ago

      Thank u so much kim

      im minding my friends rabbits and the lab seems fine with it any advice 4 my mom on getting a RABBIT 4 me it would really help and my mum thinks they're 2 much work............ARE they????

      Please reply ps.your kids r so lucky and any names 4 my rabbit

    • lopsnhops rabbitry 6 years ago

      This is mainly written for pancakes4ever

      to answer your questions...

      1. the rabbit will most likely get along with your dog if the dog gets along with the rabbit. you should take precaution when introducing them in case either is not OK with the other one. your rabbit should generally be fine once it is used to being handled and what not and dogs usually get the idea when an animal is a pet

      2. a rabbit needs to be a minimum of five weeks, but a responsible breeder lets them go at around 6-8 weeks. never buy a rabbit that is less than five weeks.

      3. if you plan to get a girl and boy they will mate. but the female will be territorial and most likely, rip the male apart. it is horrible. breeding is a big responsibility though i have bred my mini lops and plan to have two more litters of kits next summer with both my Holland and mini lops, but back to the question. if you plan to breed, you will need three cages, 1 for the kittens (babies, also called kits), one for the buck (boy), and one for the doe (girl). The rabbits should both be at least six months old and healthy. Take the doe to the buck's cage, never the buck to the doe's because of territorial issues. leave them together for about 15 minutes, but keep an eye on them to unsure mating and no fighting.if they fight, take them away from each other immediately. if the mating is a success, the doe will kindle (give birth) in approximately a month. if you want to know if she is pregnant prior to kindling, ask an experienced breeder, such as the one you bought your rabbits from, to palpate the doe. when the doe is giving birth, do not try to watch, as she may kill or eat the kits. do not handle them unless the doe is in distracted with a treat, etc. remove any dead kittens from the nest and make sure that she is feeding them. if she is, their tummies should be nice and round. also, i forgot, place a wooden nest box in her cage a few days prior to kindling. make sure she has plenty of straw, hay, etc. to line the nest with. when the babies are 6 weeks old or older, they can be sold. never leave the buck in the doe's cage in case he eats the kits. don't ask pet store workers these questions they are not informed with the right information. you should also get your rabbits from a breeder to ensure they are healthy, purebred, etc. you can also get them tattooed for showing by a breeder and you can get their pedigree.

      4. you should be careful neutering a rabbit because if they are in a bad mood at the time they could stay like this permanently.

      joining a 4H club is a good thing to do to learn more about rabbits. I am twelve and i live in pennsylvania. i am in the Montgomery County 4H Furry Friends Rabbit and Cavy (guinea pig) Club. it has been a wonderful experience and i now know more about rabbits than most would imagine of a twelve year old. every year the 4H has a fair which is definetley (sorry i spelled that wrong) the highlight of the year. we have a three day two night sleep over where all the clubs come together and show their animals, etc. we have a show with ribbons and all that stuff and it is awesome i have won some pretty nice prizes with my mini lops. we meet once a month (our first meeting of the year is tomorrow). you will learn A TON of rabbit showing stuff and other rabbit info. Please join it is a wonderful opportunity and experience.

      Hope that helps!

      -Katya from Lops n' Hops Rabbitry (Ambler, Pennsylvaina)

    • lopsnhops rabbitry 6 years ago

      p.s. i have five rabbits formerly nine

      rabbits are not much work you only need to clean them about once a week. also, i forgot to mention, if you breed and sell your rabbits, they sell for around $25- $40 dollars IF they are :

      purebred (preferably with a pedigree)


      good showing quality

      i can tell u more about they standards in showing for your breed if you choose to breed and sell you r bunnies.

      and as for the question of names?

      bucks: joey, sammy, max, cinnamon (assuming its a cinnamon color), etc.

      does: millie, lily, muffin, kiyana (the name of my friend's rabbit), trixie, etc.

      hope that helps too

      -Katya from Lops n' Hops Rabbitry

      P.S. what state do you live in? if you live in PA, i can refer you to some excellent breeders who i got my rabbits from. I can also give info on my 4H club

    • Pancakes4ever 6 years ago

      Thank you sooo much!I live in Ireland but thanks.You are so lucky.You have made my day ps.i love the names

    • lops n hops rabbitry 6 years ago

      That's so sweet, and I'm glad you like the names. By the way, I just went to my first rabbit show! I don't know if they have them in Ireland or not, but if so they are a wonderful place to buy rabbits. I showed my holland lop and 2 mini lops there and I also bought another holland lop :)

    • bubs and buns 6 years ago

      Theirs no point in disputing the temprement of different breeds iv had several breeds of bunny over a period of 15 yrs and found them all a pleasure apart from one dutch doe i think temperement is very dependent on the commitment you have to your rabbits they bite if they are scared so building up a trusting bond with your rabbit before expecting it to be perfect!

    • Darla 6 years ago

      I do not have a lop I have different type of bunnies but not a lop I got most of my bunnies for 5 bucks I am trying to get one because my parents say i am aloud to get whatever I want and as much as I want but I only want 20. Thanks

    • Miya 6 years ago

      I love bunnies and I trying to get one but my parents are not letting me.:(

    • Florence 6 years ago

      I have a 3 year old doe holland loop. I would like to find a companion for her. Can she breed at this age?

    • Rabbitinfo 6 years ago

      Holland lops usually stop breeding around the age of 3 years.but if your rabbit doesn't have papers don't breed it if you breed it there could be a number of problems with the babies. A good place to find rabbits is a rabbitry in Montana cc rabbitry the website URL is the contact info is on there they have pet rabbits available almost every holiday

    • Triple Crown Rabbitry 5 years ago

      This piece is utterly incorrect. I breed and show mini lops and I can promise you they are TOTALLY different from Holland Lops and are practically the opposite of everything these people say. My advise, find another output of information because this is almost all incorrect.

    • harerazer 5 years ago

      A Holland lop's max weight is 4lbs.

      A Mini Lop's max weight is 5-6lbs.

      A cashmere lop that someone mentioned on her is really called an American Fuzzy Lop. U can find a lot of information on

    • Christine 5 years ago

      I just got a lop eared rabbit about a month or so ago and I can't figure out what kind of lop she is. Can anyone help? Shes about four pounds, and has medium length ears and a flat coat.

    • beth elliott 5 years ago

      hollend lops and mini lops are verry difrent.Mini lops are mutch bigger. Mini lops are what i rase and they are verry sweet and they are cuddly and yes they do take work.all animals do take work my mini lops are all verry cuddly and i have spent my time in loving lops weight limit is 6.5 lbs for a doe that has bred befor and minumum weight is 3 lbs

    • Anthony 5 years ago

      I have a 5 year old hollend lop female and a 4 year old male. The female was bred when she was around 8 months old and has never been bred since. The male has never bred before. My question is can they still be bred considering these sircumstancea? They are both still energetic and are healthy.

    • Anthony 5 years ago

      Sorry, I meant circumstances, not sircumstancea.

    • alissa 5 years ago

      what type of bunny is best for me?? i am only 10 years old BUT i really want a bunny!!!!

    • Keeley:) 5 years ago

      Hey everybody! I own Mini Lops and breed them true that they are super cute, but they can be a little mean. I also show. A good show Mini Lop should have ROUND BODY, AN OVER-BITE, UNDER-EYE SHADOWS, FOUR TOE-NAILS/TOES. These are just the basics- the regulations go much further. What I meant by mean was that they can scratch- so before thinking that they are all nice and sweet I personally think that they scratch the most and will def. leave scars. Considering that I have a meat rabbit that wouldn't even think of scratching me. But the cuteness pretty much covers it up. Mini Lops should weigh between 3-6.5 LBS. If you can't handle them- don't buy them. As for people who say wire bottom cages hurt their feet- don't say anything about something you don't know. Rabbit breeders raise them on wire cages. Thanks!!! Love,

      The Rabbits

    • herpdurrderp 5 years ago

      i have a holland lop named savage, SO FREAKIN FLUFFY!! oh my god he's ridiculous.

    • heygurl 5 years ago

      Does anyone know where I can get a Holland Lop like the one in the Photo below? I want one just like taht and i've been looking EVERYWHERE. I live in ontario canada.

    • Jocelyn Jordan 5 years ago

      the first one is adorable i love him or her so mutch its so cute

    • jules1113 profile image

      jules1113 5 years ago

      Where can I find a cashmere mini lop? Where did you find yours? I have two rabbits, my oldest is nearly two years old and she is a Dwarf/English Spot mix. My baby is 3 months old and she is a Holland Lop. I'd like to have a cashmere mini lop, too!

    • JessicaR 5 years ago

      I don't know how it is in the UK, but in America the mini lop and holland lop are two completely different breeds of rabbit. Like a yorkshire terrior and a tea-cup yorkshire terrior. They're based off the same thing, but they are not the same. A mini lop is nearly twice the size as a holland. A hollands max weight is around 4 lbs but usually in the 3 lb range and a mini is normally about 6 lbs. This is very noticeable once you've owned both. And in my experience of 3 hollands and 1 mini lop, they have all been incredibly sweet. The girls are just more skittish. But if treated good holland males are incredible pets who LOVE to be pet and given lots of attention to.

    • eL 5 years ago

      USA UK

      Mini Lop = Dwarf lop

      Holland = Mini Lop

      Does this make sense?

    • Luminita 5 years ago

      Hi, I have a question. I love this bunnies and I would love to have one. But in my country I cannot find this type of rabbit. And unfortunately I am from Romania. How can I buy one of this?

    • brad 5 years ago

      go on ebay and see if you can get in contact with the breeder and have them ship it.

    • S&A Angels Rabbitry 5 years ago

      holland lops and mini lops are 2 WAY different breeds!!! mini lops can be up to 6lbs sometimes more but thats outta standard! hollands are much smaller theya re also showed different, mini lops are also known as a mini french lop

    • jodie asworth 5 years ago

      OMG that looks relly like my old rabbit what i had it died of old age i was relly siad when it happened but i did not know in till i got home and looked in it home i teld my mum and me and my mum and dad diged up a hole and berried him i only realised when i got home from school lots love jodie ashworth 9 r.i.p xx

    • Jessica 5 years ago

      I don't mean to be rude, but a holland lop and a mini lop are two different breeds. Mini lops get to be around 6 pounds and hollands get to be around 3 or 4 pounds. The mini is about twice the size of the holland

    • bob 5 years ago

      Where do you find mini lops to buy?

    • Sharon 5 years ago

      How can you tell the difference from a Holland lop and any other lop. I just got a 5 month old saposidly Holland lop and i think hes between 3-4 pounds now.

    • sherbert 4 years ago

      i ? rabbits and can i have some rabbit names for my new rabbit im getting

    • izzle808 profile image

      izzle808 4 years ago

      WOW! I LOVED THIS HUB! It was awesome and the info really helped! I don't suppose you know any mini lop breeders in the manuwatu?

    • USA to Australia 4 years ago

      To all fellow Americans, please note that since moving from the USA to australia the holland lop is not "our" mini lop!!! The uk and Australia call holland lops mini lips - they are the same thing in those two countries! Yes, our holland lop and our mini lops are different, but once again, in Australia and uk what we call holland lops are in fact the Australian and uk "mini lop" please don't abuse them and perhaps do a little research first!!! I know this as I raised holland lops back in the USA and now had to get use to calling these little holland lops mini lops!!!

    • bunnylover 4 years ago

      I would like to know the difference between a mini lop and a Holland lop. I'm looking to buy and I want to know which one is smaller in size and has bigger ears.

    • USA to Australia 4 years ago

      Which Country are you living in, Bunnylover?

    • dancer99 4 years ago

      The bunny's r sooooo cute. I love bunny's. I have a holland mini lop. She is sooooo cute. We named her Cinnamon because that was her color when we got her. Now she has some darker spots. You should get a holland mini lop. They r great pets. Love the pics again!

    • sara 4 years ago

      how can i breed my mini lop with my dwarf she s 2 and he s 1

    • Kate 4 years ago

      I would like to get a mini lop.... One like the top picture..... Good choice? I read a book about rabbits and fell in in love with them!

    • dj 4 years ago

      Me and my girl friend just naught a broken black mini lop, how exactly do u litter train a lop?

    • Ann 4 years ago

      Mini Lops and Holland are not the same....

    • aj 4 years ago

      i want one sooooo


    • Jessica 4 years ago

      I like rabbit mini better than lops my rabbit mini is only 3 months old.

    • Tonio 4 years ago

      That top rabbit looks EXACTLY like mine. My rabbits' name is Fonzie.

    • longtimelooking 4 years ago

      I have been looking for a Holland lop in the area of Omaha,Ne would anyone know of some bunnies?

    • Pet Rabbit Care Facts 4 years ago

      We have what I think is a mini lop earred rabbit. He is very sweet and gentle. Please be sure to check out my page and you can see his photo

    • Bunny Lover 4 years ago

      Are they for sale

    • olivia mann 4 years ago

      im getting a holland lop if you have any useful informatio please tell me. :^)

    • ariana 4 years ago

      Hi, I just bought a holland lop and she is the sweetest thing i only have had her for two days but she already trusts me and even fell asleep in my arms

    • brookbunnies 4 years ago

      Hollands and mini pops are not the same. Hollands are smaller and more temperamental. I would recommend a mini lop any day to a beginner, but Hollands are pretty good too. Mini lops are about 5 to 6 pounds while Hollands are 3 to 4. This is correct in America, but I am not sure about the UK. If you want to buy a Holland or a Mini, I would look at ARBA's standards to make sure, as the two are occasionally mixed up. Personally, the Hollands are slightly cuter, but the mini's outstanding personality makes up for that.

    • Natalie 4 years ago


      Mini lops and Holland lops are different breeds! Ironically Mini lops are big and Holland lops and super tiny. Just wanted to point that out.

    • morgan 4 years ago

      is there a number i can call to get that first bunny at the top of the page?

    • Rabbitlover#1 4 years ago

      I think mini lop rabbits and holland lops are different.How i can tell is holland lop rabbits if you look on the top of there heads you can see a little bump.For mini lops it does not have a bump.

    • bunnylovar 3 years ago

      i think this is the right link but like ware are all of the bunnies

    • Hollandloprabbitlover 3 years ago

      I have got a Holland lop rabbit called HoneyLouna and it's perfect!!!

    • Cadbury 3 years ago

      Mini lops are not also known as holland lops are at least 2 pounds larger! Holland lops are the smallest of the lops, and are "dwarfed". Mini lops actually tend to be more lazy than most breeds!

    • Alexis 16 months ago

      Cab English lops breed with calafornia mix?

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