How To Build The Perfect Bunny Hutch

A good sized bunny hutch from
A good sized bunny hutch from

If you like to do things yourself and save money in the process, building your own rabbit hutch is an excellent way to create a home for your rabbit that is nice and healthy. Most commercially available rabbit hutches are just too small for a bunny to be really happy in. Would you be happy if you could only walk two or three steps one way, turn around and walk back every day of your life? Of course not! But many rabbit hutches are made so small that is all a bunny can do.

Building a rabbit hutch is fairly simple for anyone with a circular saw, some timber, some wire netting and a drill. Here are a few design tips for making your own rabbit hutch:

Make sure that the hutch is at least 60 cm (2 feet) tall. Rabbits love to jump and when they are happy they will jump and spin in the air. Many commercially available rabbit hutches are only about 1 foot high, which is really too low for an active, healthy bunny.

Make sure that there is plenty of floor space. Our bunny hutch measures three feet by six feet, or one meter by two meters. The bunny has plenty of room to hop around, and that makes her very happy indeed. Rabbits are active creatures, its not fair to confine them in very small spaces for the bulk of their lives.

Design your hutch with a large lid for easy access. Another common problem with hutches is that the door will be relatively small and at one end of the hutch, allowing the bunny to escape very easily and making catching the rabbit difficult and making cleaning the hutch properly very hard indeed. When we built our hutch, we designed it so the entire wire roof was a large hinged door, making it easy to get inside the hutch, work with the bunny and clean it properly.

Make sure that you provide shelter in the hutch. A covered area that will keep the rain off is a must for all rabbit hutches. It is also a good idea to make sure that the floor of the covered area is raised off the ground, even if only by an inch or two. By building the floor on top of the bottom frame rather than under it, you will prevent the wood from soaking up so much ground water and rotting.

Chosing the wire gauge is another decision you will have to make. We went with a fairly large gauge wire of about 1.5 inches. I have found that smaller wire, especially when on the bottom of the cage, quickly gets clogged with sticky bunny poo and is horrible to try to clean up.

EDIT: I received a comment from a 'rabbit rescue volunteer' who took issue with keeping rabbits outside and on a wire floor. This is sort of a fair comment and I would like to address it. First of all, the wire is always covered with hay - I should have mentioned this originally. Wire can cause harm to a rabbit's feet if they hop about on it uncovered. However wire is absolutely essential because rabbits can - and do, dig. They can dig their way out of an enclosure in a few hours and even worse, if there is no wire, predators can dig their way in.

As for not keeping rabbits outside, I have had indoor and outdoor rabbits and both appear to have thrived well. Not everyone can handle the smell of bunny pee and poop inside and no matter how much you clean a rabbit's litter box, they really do smell. So, you know, to each their own on that issue.

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Carmen 5 years ago

Who made this rabbit cage ?

large rabbit hutches 5 years ago

This is such a very helpful post! I really learned a lot from this awesome post about How To Build The Perfect Bunny Hutch! keep posting!

william  5 years ago

I really enjoyed this post, I found it very helpful, but I would like to know where I can get the plans to build this large hutch!

Indoor Rabbit Hutch 5 years ago

Now I know How To Build The Perfect Bunny Hutch! I really learned a lot from this very informative post!

kendra 4 years ago

how much did this rabbit hutch cost??

joan 4 years ago

do you have a detailed blue print or steps on how to build this?

joan 4 years ago

if so please email me instructions.

lisa jackson 4 years ago

if this is your rabbit hutch i would be willing to buy it because i really like it so please give me a call at 6024460326

Candy 4 years ago

The link does not work and I wanted more details about the construction. Will pay for blue prints. email me at

Lynn 4 years ago

I would love to find some great plans. This one is assume. If anyone knows where to get them, Please let me know.

Danny 4 years ago

This is the most informative post that I have found so far! And i was really wondering about the wire bottom so thanks for that to!

BunnyLover 4 years ago


I live in Australia.. Qld. Wondering if u sell or know of places that sell big hutches like this cause like u said they r so hard to find ! They're all so tiny

Brady 4 years ago

Can yoj send me.some pics and the building plans prints please. My e mail is thank you

ettaariane profile image

ettaariane 4 years ago

This cage is great. I have kept outside bunnies for years who are very happy and live long lives. I dig down about a foot to put the wire in the outside area and then cover with soil. I must say though, that after 23years of keeping buns I have never had one do any digging apart from the two brothers who dug up my plot of carrots. I also find that if you let them roam the garden they make their own bounderies and never go outside it and return to their hutches at night. As long as you make sure you don't have any poison plants they are happy. Keep up the good work.

Kathleen 4 years ago

I would love the blue prints does anyone have them? Please email me at Thanks,


Jayne 4 years ago

I desperately need plans for a hutch like this. If someone could email them to me I'd be very thankful.

Steve 4 years ago

This is the nicest rabbit hut I have seen, great work. I would also like to get the plans and cost if possible. Thanks for you posting this hutch for others to enjoy and get new ideas.

dbredeson profile image

dbredeson 4 years ago

I would also like to have the plans for this bunny house. Please send to if anyone has them.

amy 4 years ago

could i please have the plans for this hutch?


please email

Teresa 4 years ago

love this hutch/bunny house/condo its awesome would love to have the plans and matieral list my email is thanks

brenda 4 years ago

I love this bunny house I would the plans for this and the matieral list my email is

David 4 years ago

Could you please send the plans as well or post them on a website. This is an awesome place you have made.

Nichole 4 years ago

I need the plans too Please

angie 4 years ago

could you please send me the plans also it is greatly appreciated my kids got bunnies for easter but come to find my husbend is alergic but the kids love there bunnies so we can't get rid of them please send them to

kari 4 years ago

If someone has plans for this Hutccould you email me

kcnswagner 4 years ago

I would also like the plans for this if anyone has them. Thank you :)

sharon 4 years ago

Love the hutch!. Would love to know how difficult was it to make. Cost? And where did u buy the plans!. thank-you

carroll 4 years ago

I would like to get the plains for this hutch too if you dont mind.

crisitina 4 years ago

how much did it cost? and do you have a blueprint, if so can you please send me a copy. we have 4 bunnies that needs lots of room. Thank you..

Kathy 4 years ago

This is a very insightful and inspiring posting. I too would love to have a blueprint of your hutch as will be getting two angoura bunnies shortly. I'm certainly willing to purchase the plans. Thank you

bunnies awesome 4 years ago

your tips are great thank you for writing this

Dee 4 years ago

Hi, I'd also like the plan for the above hutch and run please. Thx x

Paul Connick 4 years ago

can we get the plans emailed to please

Krystal a 4 years ago

Please send me the blue prints!!!!

Richmondclan 4 years ago

Are there plans for this? I would love them please!

Suzi 4 years ago

Hi, I love the cage could I please have the blue prints/design for the rabbit cage as I can't find a cage that has enough space for my rabbit. Could you please send to my email address at

Lorelei 4 years ago

HA! Everyone loves the hutch/cage/pen and so do I! Im moving to Florida, and I have 2 rabbits, 1 guinea pig, and 6 Quail that all get a long together and I would like to put them in the same hutch outside in our new house! So before I leave, mabey you could send me the blueprints and tell me the cost and more pics of the pen! Anything so I get get a better Idea of the pen, and building it, and or buying it! thanks! my number is (757)708-6787 and my email is thank you!

Pam 4 years ago

We are looking to build a hutch for our rabbits as we need to move them outdoors for the warmer season can you please send me the info on how to build???? Thank you

Steve 4 years ago

Please send me blue prints awesome cage love it I want it for my bunnies thank you

Steve 4 years ago

I forgot email addy it's s-allmacher@ hotmail. Com


4 years ago pleeease send blueprint

Angela 4 years ago

I love love love this! Awesome work! I can't believe how many bunny lovers there are out there. I think they are coming up in the world. i absolutely adore mine. they are the best pest! We are building a rabbit cage and of course would love to knock off your design. seems as though you need a receptionist to keep up with demand. :)

Brenda 4 years ago

I have been looking at hutths and I love this one can u send me the planns for this one . I have been looking for the planns for it and cant find it thanks so much...

Carma 4 years ago

Could you please send me the blue prints for this hutch. This would be great for all our bunnies. Could you please email me the blue prints or tell me how to find the blue Thanks!!!

matthew harrison 4 years ago

Hi please could you send me the blue prints and I would pay for it please send me an email

Tina Morton 4 years ago

I would also love to have blueprints and a material list! Thanks so much!

Tanya 4 years ago

I would also love to have blueprints and a material list! Thanks so much!

Jen 4 years ago

could you please send me this plan... Thanks!

joe 4 years ago

please send me the prints also! great job.

Hayden 4 years ago

I love this hutch and want to build it as a small project with some youth club members. Can you send me the plans/blueprint/how to build at If you can do a material list as well then that would be awesome

Jenn1781 4 years ago

I love it! Could you please send me the blue prints as well? Thanks!!

Banita 4 years ago

I would also like the plans and cost of the bunny hutch!! please!!!

lisa bithell 4 years ago

how much???

Mario 4 years ago

Would help if I could get plans, My email is

brandy 4 years ago


heyape 4 years ago

If you are sharing the blue prints and supply list that would be awesome! This is awesome and my bunnies would LOVE it. Looking to build a large one like this with the grandkids. Unable to get the link to work so any additional help would be much appreciated. Thanks for sharing/posting.

Dalton T 4 years ago

Could you please send me the blueprints as well?

D.Taylor 4 years ago

I want to build this hutch. Can you send me the blueprints?

Laura 4 years ago

If you are emailing plans and supply lists can you please send them to me as well at Thank you.

Beky 4 years ago

If you are willing to give the blueprints and material list, could you please email them to me at you could post on this page! Thank you!

Anita 4 years ago

Hi, this is a fantastic design, I have 3 rabbits that need more space and this would be perfect, please can you email me the plans, I would love to make this. Many Thanks.

Megan 4 years ago

Will it aid on to rabbit on to double hutch

Kerri 4 years ago

I also would love to have the plans and any other info you might have. Our bunnies would be so much happier in a hutch like this. Thanks so much!!!

Kerri 4 years ago

Forgot to give you my email:


Lucille 4 years ago

it's looks great. can you send me the blueprints?

how much did it cost to build?


my email address is

Sarah 4 years ago

I volunteer at an animal shelter, and this looks like a perfect home for our bunnies!I would love to see the blueprints, if at all possible :)

My email is


Todd 4 years ago

I am building hutches in Oklahoma call 918-772-7986 shipping available

emevelyn1 4 years ago

Can you please send me the blue print my email adreess is thank you!

kristiedill 4 years ago

hi i love the idea my son is 4 and wants a pet we have narrowed it down to bunny rabbits and he saw this and said yep mommy thats what they want a castle. lol he is so good and i think this is a very good design if i could get u to email me the blue prints or measurement that would be super. cant wait to build a bunny castle lol. email is thank you so much.

Shannon 4 years ago

Hi!! I am getting a Flemish Giant rabbit very soon and wanting to build a large hutch. Looks like this would be perfect :) I noticed a lot of people requesting your plans, if you are able to send them, my email is:

Thank you! And my future rabbit thanks you, too!

Michelle 4 years ago

This was a very useful post! My dream is to one day have a rabbit hutch like the one pictured above. However for just starting out I'm going small.

freddy 4 years ago

AMAZING!! can you please send me the plans too? My daughter will love this!

Erry 4 years ago

I love it! Could you please send me the blue prints as well?

E&T 4 years ago

That enclosure is beautiful! We are getting an 18x21 building that's 7ft high at the hip, and we plan on using a part of it for my rabbits and making it an indoor and outdoor place for them, do you have some time to maybe share your ideas on a blueprint for the place when it's built?

My email is

Paula 4 years ago

My girls raise bunnies and would love to find out more about the hutch and the cost and the blue prints. 4 years ago

Hello... this is gorgeous. I will include it in a book I'm working on for rabbit lovers.

Would you also include me in your long list of folks who like the plans to be able to make it?

Thank you.

Elizabeth 3 years ago

Hi there,,,,, Can you please email me the plans at Thanks so much.

Sherri 3 years ago

I too would love the plans for this hutch if you don't mind sharing. Thanks in advance!

lauren 3 years ago

Id love to buy this this thing if you dont mind it would be great to find out the cost .On this page! thank you.

Tobi 3 years ago

Could send me the blueprint for this?! 3 years ago

Hi. Are you sending the blue prints and the cost? Can a divider be put in the middle?


lisa 3 years ago

I would love blue prints

bspaulding 3 years ago

Please send blueprints. Would love to build this hutch.

jasmine 3 years ago

i LOVE this bunny hutch! we may use the design for bunnys and chickens! can you send the Blueprints to please? thank you very much! you are a great designer

jcook1100 3 years ago

What a great hutch. Can I please get a copy of the plans emailed to me at Thank you so much.

Kym 3 years ago

Has anyone received a reply or email?

natewagner 3 years ago

i can never find any pans for the poop to fall could some one help me find some

hollypaulwills 3 years ago

I would love to adapt this rabbit hutch for my three cats. Any ideas?

Samie8908 3 years ago

Would like the plans for this cage. Please send to

jaellis2006 3 years ago

I would also love the plans! Awesome cage!


cav 3 years ago

Looks great and info very useful, plans and cutting/materials list would be greatly appreciated. I only hope i can do it justice.

Treegap 3 years ago

Great info. Thanks!

25qwertyuiop 3 years ago

Just got new rabbits and built a cage following every works amazingly well!

HEHE 3 years ago


Chloe T 3 years ago

hiya ... if it is possible could you please send me the plans/blueprint/how to build this and a list of everything i need?

i have 4 bunnies and i know they would love this in the summer :)

Chloe T 3 years ago

hiya ... if it is possible could you please send me the plans/blueprint/how to build this and a list of everything i need my email address is

i have 4 bunnies and i know they would love this in the summer :)

thank you :)

Melissa 3 years ago

Can I get these plans please...

Loz 3 years ago

This hutch looks amazing!

Could someone please email the blueprint and material list to me???

Thankyou in advance!

Cheryl 3 years ago

Love this hutch and I know my 5 bunnies would too! I would love to purchase the plans. Enjoyed the post as well, very informative.

Please email me at

Thank you so very much!

Donna 3 years ago

Love this hutch!! Interested in plans and a material list. Email:


Faith 3 years ago

interested in building this i just got 6 bunnies that need a hutch and this is perfect i need instructions to build it as i don't have much money to go and buy one like this in store

my email

thank you

Sue 3 years ago

Please send blue prints for this hutch, love it!


Tony 3 years ago

Love this hutch!! Interested in plans and a material list please.

My E-Mail is

Thank you.

Karen 3 years ago

If you are giving out the plans and material list for this hutch - I would love to have it as well.


Lisa Smith 3 years ago

I would love a copy of these plans! We just purchased a Flemish Giant and would love plans to build a bigger hutch with a yard for him. Please email me with the plans if they are available or how much you are selling them for.



paradigm2012 3 years ago

Did anyone get plans for the hutch shown? If not, did you build your own? Am about to embark on building a hutch and would like to get it right the first time. Thanks

If so please send to, thanks

fergy 3 years ago

I would love to get plans as well. Has anyone received them? Please email at with info, cost, etc. I have 10 rabbits + 3 new babies last night. I need something like this please!


Tim 2 years ago

Anyone fancy sending over the plan for this as well please.

Victor Bernardino 2 years ago

please send me the prints.


Rory 2 years ago

I would like the plans as well if anyone has them please send thanks

josh 2 years ago

does anyone have bunnies at all?

TJ 2 years ago

I really have looked all over for ahutch that I thought would be fitting for rabbits and your is by far the best built. Could you send me information on how to build one just like it? I would appreciate it greatly. My e-mail is

Gwen Maddox 2 years ago

Gwen posts.......

Bring on the plans for this wonderful rabbit hutch!! Really, do you mind sharing the design, or can I buy the plans???

larry 2 years ago

Where does one get the plans for this rabbit hutch from?

larry 2 years ago

Where does one get the plans for this rabbit hutch from?

2 years ago

Where did u get that rabbit hutch!??? Also how long and wide is it and tall?????//

Lisa Binggeli 2 years ago

I love your Hutch. I would be more than happy to pay you for the plans. (blue print). we just got a rabbit. I have a daycare and the kids love her so much. This would be so much fun to build.


Morgan 2 years ago

Are the plans for this hutch still available?

liz 2 years ago

I love the hutch will house my rabbits ! Can you please send me plans @

Ali 2 years ago

Hi can I please have the plans to the hutch please send it to

Jean Nagle 2 years ago

Please could I get the plans to build this. E-mail me at Thanks

Dawn 2 years ago

Please send blue prints if possible, the store bought hutches are way to small and would love my bunnies to have plenty of space. Thank you

Venzaan 2 years ago

Hi can I please have the plans to the hutch please send it to

Tiffany 22 months ago

Hi can I please have the plans to the hutch please send it to

Sarah 20 months ago

Can i please have the plans too???

Rachel 17 months ago

would love the plan as well if anyone is getting a reply,

Amy 13 months ago

Rabbits don't live as long outside. And also, your rabbit shouldn't smell at all if cared for properly.

Danita 13 months ago

Can I get the plans for this bunny hutch?

Kathey 9 months ago

This Hutch is wonderful can I get the plans for this bunny Hutch?

kylie0204 8 months ago

This hutch is fantastic, could you please send though blue prints to thank you

Matthew 8 months ago

This is awesome, I have a client who is looking for something like this. If you would, could I please have the blueprints and cost? My email is Thanks so much!

Kathryn Wangsadirdja 5 months ago

I have 2 males rabbit and never get along with each other

I found your hutch might solve my problem for their housing.

If you don't mind share the plan to build the hutch, please email me at

Thank you in advance

Tamera 4 months ago

can you put mulitple bunnies in one caged area???

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