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Is My Bunny Sick?

Updated on July 17, 2008

Is it time for the bunny doctor?

Because bunnies are quite different from other animals, it can sometime be hard to know whether they are sick or not. Here are some signs to look for that may indicate that your rabbit is not feeling well. Please note that if you think your bunny is sick for any reason you should take it to the veterinarian. Too many rabbits die because people ignore their sickness until it is too late. If you do not think you can afford the occasional vet bill, then you should not get a rabbit, as they need health care like any other pet.

Signs Of Sickness

Bunny Not Eating

Whilst humans and lots of other animals can go for a rather long time without eating, it is not at all safe for rabbits to stop eating. Rabbits have a special type of digestive system which must be kept moving. If a bunny's digestive system stops moving, then the bunny can die very quickly. For this reason, if your bunny stops eating for more than a day, you should take it to the vet as quickly as possible.

No Bunny Droppings / Urine

If the bunny stops urinating and pooing, then you should take it to the veterinarian. Lack of poo can suggest a blockage in the gut, perhaps a fur blockage, or some other material if your bunny eats cardboard or carpet or other indigestible things that can get caught in its guts. Bunnies die very quickly from blockages, so it is VERY important that you take your rabbit to the vet quickly.

Bare Patches

Bare, itchy patches of skin Rabbits can sometimes get mites, which irritate the skin and cause the fur to fall away, revealing red scaly skin. This is different from a moult, in which a rabbit's skin may sometimes be exposed, but in the case of a moult, the rabbit will not be itchy, and the skin will be a healthy tone and smooth texture. If your rabbit has skin irritation, you should consult your vet.

Runny Eyes, Runny Nose

A rabbit with runny eyes or a runny nose should be observed carefully. If it does not clear up, and the bunny loses its energy and starts looking sick and unwell all over, then take your rabbit to the vet, as it may have an infection just as people sometimes do.

Red Urine

Sometimes rabbits have red or orange urine. This can happen if they have had too many carrots. Normally this is nothing to worry about, but if your rabbit seems sick in other ways, or if it does not clear up in a few days, you should think about getting bunny to the animal doctor.


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    • taylor rickert 7 years ago

      my bunny is having a big problem, and i can't pay to take him to a vet. he is 2 years old and he can not hope, well he can he just falls over to his left side so he can't really go anywhere, but i felt his legs and they don't seem to be broken. contact me at

    • Tristan 7 years ago

      I have a bunny and he is not moving thanks for telling me that is not a sickness because I do not want my bunnie to die from sickness I love this website!

    • Havana 7 years ago

      My bunny has a spot on her coat that is not as thick or shiny as the rest of her coat and the fur comes out in globs but just in that area. Should I be concerned? Please help. I'm new to this.

    • Sandra 7 years ago

      my bunny has ADHD. is that normal?

    • HDUBS 7 years ago

      is it normal for my bunny to lay on her side? ive never seen her do it before and her eyes were open and she looked dead! Needless to say it freakd me out! should i take her to the vet or is this normal behavior i jus never noticed before?

    • baby b 7 years ago

      Hey Jenny people just want to ask. Some people don't know. My bunny just stopped and was laying down but it just needed rest and care for. So yeah. You really need to know about animals Jenny.

    • Karen Wei 6 years ago

      I just got a bunny last week. Its been acting wild the past week! but just today it stopped moving! it'll walk slowly if it needs something! he seems sick. :( Is this normal? Is it gonna die? PLEASE HELP!

    • kev 6 years ago

      i fed my bunny cabbage and it looks green is it normal?

    • help me~~~~~~~~~~~~` 6 years ago

      my bunny is having a big problem, and i can't pay to take him to a vet. he is 2 weeks(?)old and he can not hope, well he can he just falls over so he can't really go anywhere, but i felt his legs and they don't seem to be broken. contact me at

    • jackie 6 years ago

      if your bunny stops moving or looks lethargic there is definitely something wrong and should be checked out by a vet

    • Perseph 6 years ago

      My sister has a bunny, very energetic one too, and we've observed that the fur at the very edge of her nose is yellow with a little tint of brown. However she eats fine, acts normal, her droppings are normal, and shes as energetic as ever. Should we be worried?

    • Dennis Sherburne 6 years ago

      Last night my bunny was fine, today he is overly lethargic.

      I cannot afford to take him to a vet, but he has not eaten his rabbit pellets and diriks very little.He also refuses to eat any fruits or vegtables of any kind. He does eat raw oats, and loves to chew and shred news paper. Now he's just laying around and not doing nothing, but he is breathing ang purring. I don't know what to do for him, please help.

    • paige 6 years ago

      my rabbit is just over 2 yrs od and about 3-4 days ago he stopped eaing dry food and only hay and drank a tiny bit of water but now its bin 4 days and he wont come out his cage not going to the toilet eating or drinking and i can't afford to take him to the vets but its been 4-5 days hes bin ill and can take him to the vets on monday can anyone tell me what is wrong with him? and will he die by monday?

    • Jennifer 6 years ago

      i have to rabbits both nale.

      one is fine the iother has just got real skinny and he is still eating and drinking everything else is normal but he has just got skinny and now has a slow reaction span HELP!

    • sarah 6 years ago

      my bunny has a red spot in his left eye ! :(

      hes 5 months old, and i thought id switch his litter up to cedar , then he just got really depressed, he wont move or anything, he wont drink or eat , and i can't afford a vet :( !

      help !

    • tanya 6 years ago

      my bunny is ginger and ive just started noticing brown patches on his fur... they're gettin bigger and a small patch has just appeared on his hind leg!! i just want to know what it is and will it get serious?? or if it is serious!! im just worrying myself now.... please write back someone..... someone must have an answer.... :'( pppllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeee

    • coco 6 years ago

      mi bunny is 2 yrs old and he hasn't ate his pellets for 2 days

      but i let him run around in my yard nd he ate some grass

      i have also noticed that he hasn't pooped a lot like he usually does nd he didn't reali pee either

      he is also shedding now

      nd for 3 days we ran out of pellets so i just gave him carrots and one tomato could this change of diet be the reason y hez not eatin?

    • Hanan 6 years ago

      I am 8years old but today i am on the wii writing on the internet.My sisters bunny died today by a shuffle!

    • Ana Graciella E. San Juan 6 years ago

      how can i cure my rabbit? he is shredding some of his furs he is being BALD and my dad came up with Amoxicilyn medicine that is for humans is that right?

    • Ashley 6 years ago

      My bunny is 6 weeks old and just today wont eat her food and isn't hopping around or anything she normally does, she just lays there, sometimes she will move but not very much. Im worried about her, its too late to take her to the vet today, but i want to make sure she makes it through the night. Can someone please help me?

    • hihi this is karen wei 6 years ago

      i feed my bunny carrots and i don't know how much he should have and the carrots are baby carrots so im confused... email me at thanx

    • julie 6 years ago

      my bunny bitte's a lot and i loked up that bunnys some times hide there illness or pain so please please if you have any information on that contact me at please contact me

    • help :/ 6 years ago

      i have 2 bunnies both male.

      one of them is prfectly fine, but the other one got really skinny. he used to be fatter than my other bunny. he still eats, but he got way skinny too fast. he also started pooping big poops, and seems really tired. do you have an idea of what could be wrong with him?

      contact @

      please i'd really appreciate it.(:

    • bunny keeper 6 years ago

      I suggest if anyone is having problems with their bunns, to take them to a vet asap! not to wait! I have just lost 5 of mine in 3 days, its been traumatic! unknown causes, just waiting for the results of the post mortem :(

      If you loved your animal enough to worry about them, you love your animal enough to get them to a vet for treatment, if you can't afford it you should give the bunny up, idiots!

    • Marmar 6 years ago

      Sometimes i feel like my baby bunny is sick sometimes she coughs and i feel like shes going to die help me i love my bunny so much

    • bunny care 6 years ago

      my rabbit is only 2 months i saw the rabbit is not moving but it move when it eats....pls help me cos i am really scared tht my bunny would die....what should i do hub?

    • Xariah Gaitch 6 years ago

      Hi, My male lop rabbit is about 2 years old, and all of a sudden he's falling to his left side, he doesn't seem to be eating either and im gettin really worried, he hopps around fine but when he goes to jump down from my sofa or run round the side of my sofa he just falls over but when i move his legs around he shows no sign of pain at all what could be wrong with him.

      please email to tell me what you think

    • kele 6 years ago

      okay i have a question about my rabbit.... today when cleaning his cage i saw that his poop is all soft and not hard like always ... when i look at my rabbit he looks fine but every time he poops it looks like if its watery but not in liquid form .. please contact me back at if you can help me.

    • Jacqueline 6 years ago

      my bunny is sick. Im spending all my chrismas money to take her to the vet. I have a big feeling something is wroung. :(

      I hope shes ok.

    • ashley 6 years ago

      we just got a bunny two days ago its 7-8 months old, when we got her she had a watery eye and the area around the eye is bald, the people we got her from said it was just a cold and she was picking at the dry stuff around her eye. We get payed bi-weekly so we will be able to take her to the vet but not for a week and a half, I was wondering if it was anything serious? She eats and drinks fine and seems active. This is our first bunny! email me with what you think.....Thanks!

    • jean 6 years ago

      My rescued rabbit did not eat her breakfast, so I took her to an Emergency Animal Hospital and the next day to my regular vet, and after a week she had to be put to sleep because it was a week since she ate. The Vet said she looked uncomfortable and she didn't poop the day before, so I agreed. I picked my dead rabbit up that day and buried her. I wish I had done nothing and gave my rabbit till dinnertime to see if she would eat. I cost me over 1,000.00 and she died. I thought she got the best medical care, but it didn't help.

    • Raelynn 5 years ago

      my bunny is sick and I can't reach a vet, her butt gets out dark liquid thing, is there any medicine that we could make it in the house? Please answer fast! I need a fast answer!!

    • Jean 5 years ago

      Check a bunny web site for advice.

    • Chris 5 years ago

      OMG MY BUNNY THAT I HAVEN'T BOUGHT YET HAS STOPPED MOVING! ): i'm distraught, should i still buy her?

    • nathaly 5 years ago

      My bunny, Brownie, was lying on her back and wouldn't get up.My mom tried helping her up, but she would fall back on to the floor.It's head was sticking at an odd angle and wouldn't stand straight.When I came back from school, she was dead.

      What was wrong with my poor, little Brownie?

      -Nathaly Bonilla

    • Little toadette 5 years ago

      Hi. I got a 3 rabbits a week ago (1 female 2 males from the same litter) and they are about 4 months old. They were all fine until one night and the smaller male looked really sick!!!!!!!! Poor guy doesn't walk much and he can't keep his balance!. He barely drinks or eats and when he is moved he shakes his head like he can't hold it up! PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEE help me! He is my favourite!!!!

    • Paul L 5 years ago

      I just adopted a 7 month old male giant. He is eating well and seems to be in good health, but one of his ears hangs off to the side. Is this a sign of a problem, is there anything I can do to make it stand up and stay. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Paul e mail is

    • becky  5 years ago

      hi um i have this rabbit and he is a a really big lop eared one hes always had like really runny eyes and ive tried wiping them with a warm cloth it hasn't ever worked but lately his eyes have started to go really red do i need to take hime to a vet please help!!!

    • bunnyface 5 years ago

      my rabbit isn't moving a lot he is only breathing,he twitchs,blinks and when i try to make him stand he just falls on the side again and i don't know what to do.


    • bunnies are awesome 5 years ago

      my bunny is not moving and has poop and pee stuck to him what should i do ???

    • Alisha 5 years ago

      We won 2 bunnies at a carnival last summer. They have grown tremendously! One of them is fine...but the other one is not. We had to bring it inside and keep him in a box. We are very worried he will not move. He is laying on his right side and wont get up. He is still breathing but wont eat and we use a seringe to give him water. He doesn't even react if he pees in the box. He has plenty of room and we make sure hes warm. I have petted all over him and he doesn't acknowledge it. His eyes, nose, and everything else is fine.Do you know what's wrong? please email me at

    • Rabbit Robbie 5 years ago

      My bunny is just lying in his cage

    • Catherine Orbell 5 years ago

      Hello, my rabbit is kind of eating not a lot, and not drinking or being as active as he normally is. He's lost a bit of weight and such, he'll eat carrots and a little bit of hay but he wont eat his pellets or hop around as much as he normally does, as well as he isn't pooping like he should be. I have no money to take him to a vet for a few days, is there anything I can do at home to see if I can help him feel better at all? hope you can help thank you.

    • audrey 5 years ago

      my pet rabbit can't hold his head up. He holds it to the

      side. What is the matter with him?

    • Jacinta 5 years ago

      My rabbit seems very sick, i cannot take her to the vet because there fees are too expensive. she just sits in a corner with no energy once in a while she will grunt her teeth together making grunting noises, her nose is very red. the bottom fur of her mouth has gone hard and rough not fluffy. sometime she will get up and run around, but she seems dizzy because she runs into chairs or anything that gets in her way.! PLEASE HELP ME.

      i do not know what caused this but i do have to separate cages one for the males ( 2 and 1 guinea pig )the other cage has one female which is her. recently i put her in the males cage so she can have babies ( I've done this many times)

      though before that there used to be another female living with her which was her mother but she got sick and died from the same symptoms.

      im not sure what's causing this but could it be what's inside the females cage, like a disease making them sick ( this also happened to my other guinea pig)

    • sandy 5 years ago

      hi everyone i have a question i have 3 bunnies Lola,Theodore and Meach n0w Meach kept biting Lola on her eye had to separate her now she had like crust on her eye trying to find oiut what type of drops or medication to use just lost my job and can't really afford to take her to a vet but don't want her t get worse so open for opinions and suggestions

    • lilliana 5 years ago

      my rabbit has gotten really skinny lately and im really scared,he has just started today(april 17)and i don't know what i should do....and his eyes used to be wide open.:( please email me A.S.A.P

      Your the best:P

    • Alexis 5 years ago

      if my rabitt just lays down for a long time what cuold happen.

    • Shan 5 years ago

      i think my rabbbit is sick, just today i realized mt rabbit didn't wanna come out of his cage and isn't wanting to play like he usually does with my dog, and he isn't so moveable, he doesn't eat and doesn't want to drink water

      what can be wrong with him?!

    • Mariah 5 years ago

      My rabbit is sneezing , his nose is running , grunting ,and drooling. I don't think that is good! He is a minature lop ear and is 8 years old ? Help!

    • looper 5 years ago

      Looking for advise please. We have a lovely bunny but just today he is holding his head up and back in a very strange fashion!!! He is eating and hoping around okay, but the head thing is freaking us out. What could be wrong with him?

    • brandy 5 years ago

      I have a bunny that does not want to eat and is getting very skinny what should I do.

    • Darcy I am 11 years old  5 years ago

      This morning we just noticed that my dwarf rabbit was laid down witch he always dose so we was not worried but he got up and just flopped and ever since he ha just been laid in the corner he hasn't pood weed drank or even eaten any thing at all dose any one know what I should do please say some thing as soon as possible thank you

    • Ellie-mojo 5 years ago

      HHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My rabbit hasn't ate or drank in 5 days, but my mum wont take her to the vets as she says it is 2 expensive! I don't want my rabbit to die!!!!! PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shay 5 years ago

      I have a 1 yr old lop and lately it has been shaken like I has never done before. He hasn't really been eatting anything and doesn't wanna drink water when he come out his cage he hops around and loves to lay down in back of the toliet. Is anything wrong with him? Please contact me at

    • cody 5 years ago

      Hello, I am seriously concerned about my bunny rabbit it is a baby mabey a couple of weeks but today I found it laying on its side but it was breathing so i picked it up and sat it upright and it had its eyes closed. I tried to get it to eat with lettuce and carrots but it won't I called the vet and they said the vet won't be in until 6, please can anyone help me out until then to make sure nothing is wrong and it won't die. Contact me at thanks in advance.

    • Casey 5 years ago

      my bunny was fine an hour ago hoping around but just went back upstairs and its lying like its dead still breathing, its only 4 months old but i can't afford to take it to a vets, his sister is fine but ive tried gettin it to eat and to drink and also tried moving it but it doesn't seem like its in pain its just decided to give up is there anything i can do to help it or is it really just giving up?? thanks please contact me on or on facebook at cicjewellery thank you

    • Tisha 5 years ago

      I have apet rabbit and it's only 5 months old. My rabbit pee's red pee for a few days and then it stops. Is there a such thing that rabbits eat to much can die quicker.

    • thehertler97 5 years ago

      i have a 6 month old rabbit named Pip Squeak and he can't walk very well and leans to his left side and falls a lot and his left ear is down but his right ear is up and its mother bit of the tip of his right ear i felt his legs but they don't seem to be broken and he also shakes a lot and rolls over on his back and can't get up i can't afford to take him to the vet please get back to me at

    • Emma 5 years ago

      My bunny is acting funny he isn't moving much i let him out and lay down in the same spot for ages and he normally would be running around its just not like him he wouldn't take his favourite treats he loves them.He wouldn't eat his kibble,he was just standing there and he fell over? please help me

    • B20236929 5 years ago

      my bunny has saliva coming from his mouth i've had him for a day and he's been with my guinea pig does that mean my guinea pig got him sick he's only a baby

    • Dave 5 years ago

      My bunnies butt was bleeding when I corn holed her. It wont stop bleeding should I take her to the vet?

    • ben 5 years ago

      my 3 week old bunny does not seem to eat... when i play with it and try to feed it by putting the food on my lap it simply does not eat... however, i've only had it for 1 day... am i over reacting??? put the food pallets do seem to decrease in number... but not as much as i expect... please message me @

    • MG 5 years ago

      For all of the people who are going to say that their rabbit stopped eating, and isn't drinking much, or maybe they are bloated or they are just lying down all the time. The thing that is wrong with them is possibly Coccidiosis. This is a very common disease in rabbits. The coccidia lay eggs in the rabbit, and when the rabbit poops the eggs come out in the poop (you can't see the eggs, they are too small). Later (after 24hrs) the eggs hatch, and the coccidia grow into adults. They then infect the rabbit making it sick to its stomach. The leading causes of coccidiosis are: Stress (if you just got the rabbit it could be stressed from the move) An unclean cage (you should clean out at least the poop every day) and being in contact with another rabbits poop (they are usually fine with their own unless it is more than 24 hrs old).

      Also, if your rabbit goes into its hutch all day, or sleeps streched out in the cage it is probably normal. Rabbits are nocturnal (nighttime) animals, and they usually eat during the nighttime. If they are stretched out in the cage (and are breathing) Then they are just having a good snooze in the coolest part of their cage. Rabbits are very susceptible to heatstroke, so they automatically try to find the coldest part of the cage. Especailly if it's the summertime. If your rabbit is on its side all curled up then there is a possibility of sickness.


      If you have any more questions for me simply post them on the site, I will try to check it once a week.

    • WHITNEY 5 years ago

      my bunny smudge i have just cme back from skl and he is just been realy skinnny and hia legs wont moe but he is eating and drinking alright just not eatting any hay and he keeps weeing and poping a lot and i can't afford to take him to a vet because my mum and dad haven't got anoth money and i dunno wot to to do someoen on here plz help me im crying and i don't want him t die xxxplz plz plz someone tell me wots wronge wid him he is only 1 years old i want him to live longr and he is a long lopped rabbit and they get realy big AND I GOT HIM FROM PETS AT HOME AND I REALY HOPE HE DON'T DIE XXXXXXXXXX HELP HELP HELP XXX

    • MG 5 years ago

      Hi Whitney,

      Did you get him from a pet store? If you did, then that's not good. Pet stores usually have really inbred rabbits. This might be a case of inbreeding. Because he is a year old I doubt that though. He might just be lethargic. Try looking it up on the net or on yahoo pages. They might help. Unfortunately I haven't had or heard of that problem before. Besides that rabbits get VERY stressed VERY easily. They are one of the few animals that can literally die of fright. Did you take him on the trip? Did he get dehydrated at any time? Was he in an overly warm place for more than half and hour? Was he exposed to any animals such and dogs cats or other rabbits? He could have gotten a disease from another species, or he could just be having severe growing pains. You know German shepherds? Well their bones grow so fast at some points in their lives that they can become paralyzed. Most of them are fine with the right feed though. How big is Smudge supposed to get? Is he fully grown now? That could be the problem. What percentage feed are you giving him? Did you try giving him like a carrot or apple or some other treat to tempt him? You could also try giving him pinapple juice in case its a fur ball. Rabbits can't vomit at all so when they get hair balls (like cats) They have to poop them out. Pinapple juice usually helps to break down the ball and helps him pass it.

      Hope your bunny feels better soon.


    • Ehjax 5 years ago

      I read a few of the comments on here today about having their bunnies falling over, and or refusing food. I feel your pain and unfortunately if you do not get them to a vet withing a day, their chances of survival are bare to none. Even if you do get them to a vet, depending on how long they have been sick their chances of living are not good.I did get mine to the vet and over the last few days, i have watched a slow recovery but still progress. The vet told me that he probably would not make it through the night because unfortunately with bunnies any illness can travel through them so quickly. But i can tell you this, when you help your little friend its sure rewarding to have them back in your life. People should not get pets if they can't afford a little medical attention, they look up to you and i can't imagine letting my little angel just die without giving him a fighting chance.

    • 5 years ago

      when i pose my bunny he keeps leaning to the left side what do i do to help walnut?

    • MG 5 years ago

      Try 4-h.

    • Jessica 5 years ago

      My bunny is not eating at all!!! i don't noz what to do please help!!!

    • Hi can someone help me ? 5 years ago

      So i have a lionhead male bunny he is about 6 months now last two days i haven't been home much and today i noticed his poop was much smaller he is still eating hay and running around, but im still worried what do i do?

    • jj98 5 years ago

      hi, if your rabbit is bleading from the rear or nose and has lost appetite, it is possible he has gotten a hold of something poisenous to them. they may also just be lying around in their cage. but if they are not bleading at all, don't worry about it. also, if they are just bleading, it's possible they have a blockade.

    • carolina 5 years ago

      i think my bunny rosie is sick she dosent eat well and dosent drink a lot of water shes blind by her right eye and possible now getting blind on her left she falls over a lot and i don't know what to do to help her

    • pissed 5 years ago

      People should educate themselves about how to care for rabbits BEFORE getting a rabbit. Oats, cabbage, tomatoes... these are things that rabbits should not be eating, at least not on a regular basis. If you can't afford vet fees you can't afford to have an animal. End of story.

    • anjali 5 years ago

      "i fed my rabbit spinach 3days back and its toilet is little thick and its losing lot of hair/fur. please tell me what can i do?"

    • Katydid 4 years ago

      I have a hobby farm, and my animals are livestock. Yes that includes rabbits. I understand that all animals (pets or livestock) should be healthy and well cared for, heck I agree with it! Still, getting pissed at people for trying to help their animals is wrong. Seriously though Mr/Mrs pissed why are you so pissed? They are just animals and they aren't nearly as important as people. I hate it when people get all worked up over their sick little bunny but then nobody cares when children (human beings!!!) are dying all over the world! Seriously though! Lighten up all of you stupid animal activists! My adopted sister in Africa died this week because nobody cared enough about her to get our money to her before she died. Yet you are still worked up about people not being able to afford vet bills! Get a LIFE!

    • JACKN 4 years ago

      my bunny is dying No

    • lisa 4 years ago

      My rabbit is 6 years old, ive noticed that he is drinking a large bottle of water in almost a day, he is eating fine,but he is peeing loads its a puddle and he is getting ,very thin

    • Selena Gomez 4 years ago

      Hey i don't know how to.say this ? But my friends Bianca Lopez bunny sees to be dying. Please send me a comment on twitter or face book. And also add my #1fan please i really want to help her add Bianca lopez she has a lazy white bunny picture on FaceBook.

    • Selena Gomez 4 years ago

      Yeah its me again i payed for the vet and they said they have nothing for the sickness of Bianca Lopez bunny ? But thanks and yeah don't STOP postig here some of these answers could help you .

    • Selena Gomez & #1 Fan Bianca lopez 4 years ago

      selena gomez:what's best for your bunnies is to pray for him and let him/her die if u can't pay 4the vet the only thing u could do is pray for him.

      Bianca Lopez:i know sounds meen but that's the last thing you could do for him to live for his 2life with god

    • Anis Farhanah121099 4 years ago

      thank you for these but im still confused because im still a kid and i don't know what is right and wrong but what i want to know is that is my rabbit sick if it sounds like its sneezing and its ears are heating up and if the nose is yellowish at the side. my mom says not to worry cuz she thinks that nothing is wrong with it and i am very worried i need to know if i should take my rabbit to the vet or not. please help.

    • Julia Tenorio 4 years ago

      I have a bunny and his butt red and his stomach won't stop growling and its not because his wants food because I fed him lots of times but his stomach still growls

    • Anne 4 years ago

      I took my bunny to the vet and guess what, they didn't know what to do because it's classified as an "exotic" pet in my country. I'm going through these webpages trying to see what else I can do for it, and these idiots just keep saying "BRING IT TO THE VET!!! ASLK;EFJSA!!!"

    • Gill 4 years ago

      Okay, I just noticed how many people are complaining about there bunny being not so well but how they cannot afford to take it to the vet. Read this article carefully! If you cannot afford to take it to the vet you shouldn't have a pet. This is a sin, your watching it go towards death. I'm not trying to be all religious here but I hope you sleep well at night knowing that you have killed a living loving animal. If you cannot afford a pet, DON'T but one its so simple. What's the point of having it if you are not going to take proper care of it? It makes me upset because I have had a bunny for almost two years now and guess how much I spent on him at the vet? Roughly $4,000 so far. He has had an ear infection since I got him. But he is happy and well and getting treatment whenever it comes back. It is very costly but it is worth it. It hurts me to see there are people who cannot afford them but are buying them and watching them suffer. You people have no heart. And there is no point of asking questions on thing cause I doubt many of you will get the answers. A better source would be to call a vet and ask them. IT'S FREE! THEY DON'T CHARGE YOU FOR ASKING THEM A QUESTION ON THE PHONE!

    • Roxanne 4 years ago

      I have a rabbit he is three weeks old, 1 of 4 babies born. The parents seem fine and the other babies seem fine. but this one baby will shake when walking, seems to crawl not hop. he is the smallest of the litter but not by a lot. he can lift a foot off the ground to scratch nor took his head under his body to lick himself because he falls over and cannot get up. he seems to be fine when he runs yet walking and standing still is a major problem as he falls over himself with the shakes. i took him to the vets thinking one of his legs was broken because he seems to trail it more than his other legs, the vet said he didn't seem to be using any of his limbs properly and to give him time. I don't want to give him time if he is in pain. i just want to know what is wrong with him, and how i can help him. it is so bizare. he seems to eat fine when he is held still enough to manage it. someone help.

    • lowla143 4 years ago

      :p awsume!!!!! U love my bunnies

    • janisseery 4 years ago

      my bunny was cold today when i picked her up. she is an indoor bunny and the house is alays warm. is there something wrong with her?

    • samantha 4 years ago

      hi i just got a rabbit yesterday for my daughter its a year old in april but today i had it out and went out of room when i came back in there was a puddle on the floor yellow creamy stuff looked very much like custard. I am concerned as i don't know what it is please help

    • julia 4 years ago

      what do u do if ur rabbits fur is falling out near his eyes cause mine is like that?? help

    • GinaG.xx 4 years ago

      My rabbit runs around with at a tilt, his back legs go to the side and he loses his balance, my last rabbit did the same but sufferd from fits and he sadly died,but he also had the sames back legs not working, in his life he suffered may fits, the rabbit i was previously talking about it still alive but only it back legs don't work properly, is there anything that i can do at home to help it i really want to take it to the vets but my parents won't i am only 15 but i don't like to see my rabbit suffer please can someone help me i am really worried. :'(

    • MG 4 years ago

      @ samantha

      That is pee...

    • charlene 4 years ago

      i have two rabbits and one is a boy and one is a girl, the girl i losing a lot of hair i don't know if it could be the lead rop...

    • daisy 4 years ago

      my rabbit rolled over like a dog playing dead it was really weird?

    • mandyksmith 4 years ago

      just to let everyone know, miximatosis is back, but this time it's mainly attacking domestic Rabbits, passed on i guess by certain insects, there was a warning about it in the paper a couple of weeks back. So seriously if your bunny's acting out of the ordinary health wise, affordable or not get them to the vets.

    • Brea 4 years ago

      I have a question to all who are asking what to do with their bunnies because they can't afford to take them to the vet. Are you kidding? When you take in a pet you care for that pet. If something proir to that took your extra money then pawn or sell something, a pet is a commitment. I see my bunny as a child and if I were to have a child (I'm 15) I would not just say "Sorry that you're sick but I can't afford to care for you so suffer and possibly die." Please be considerate when you take in a pet and make sure you can care for it. I have a part time job for my pets and a seprate savings account for any unexpected vet trips. Comman sence!

    • Liza 4 years ago

      Its been 8 hrs my bunny hasn't ate anything and has been sitting on the same place without moving. Please let me know is not wel?

    • helping 4 years ago


      you need to take your bunny to the vet ASAP, because that was happening to my bunny and when i took him to the vet he needed meds because he was constipated and when bunnies are constipated they die quickly. Luckily my bunny is super fine now thanks to the vet. And it wasn't that expensive it was about $140, so its defiantly worth it.

    • Sj 4 years ago

      I am sorry but if people can't afford care for there animals then why get in the first place, rabbits shouldn't be made to suffer, if there is something wrong then they should see a vet ASAP!!!

    • Amber 4 years ago

      I have a male and he is not eating much as usual, and he is just sitting in his litterbox. He also looks tired. Pls help! :( I hope he is ok

    • Amber 4 years ago

      The side affects of being sick or dying are not eating as much as usual, laying or moving in one spot, and looking very tired. If your bunny is like this, then you should go to the vet. Hope this helped and hope for the best for your bunny.

    • Jim 4 years ago

      Why is my bunny all dirty all he's been doing is eating his own poop and liter is there something wrong pls contact me at

    • christa 4 years ago

      my bunny has a tilted head and a loss of balance but i read on the inter net that it is only there for a little bit but it has been there for over 6 months what shall i do

    • RK 4 years ago

      If you are not willing to accept the responsibilities that come along with a pet, then please, please, please don't get one. This includes researching the animal so that you can learn how to properly take care of it, bringing it to the vet for regular check-ups and when it gets sick, and spending enough time with the animal to understand normal vs abnormal behavior. I'm shocked and disgusted by some of the posts people have put on this page.

    • Kitty 4 years ago

      please bunny is about a month old and after 2weeks that i've had her she started sleeping a lot and i don't know what could be wrong with her. every other day she would walk around everywhere and be adventurous but then out of no where she just sleeps all day. she will eat and then go to sleep, she wont drink water and i try to give her some but she wont drink it. please help, i don't want my bunny to die. contact me on my email asap please.

    • Lop Of Luxurie 4 years ago

      Hi, I bought 3 rabbits a few months ago, a male and two females. Well, they all just sit around their hutch eating food and getting fatter and fatter until they couldn't really hop anymore, they just had sex. Then they had babies and now the big rabbits step on the babies and rub them in their poop. Two of the babies died, and the big bunnys ate them. I clean the hutch, but the pee and poop on everything so fast they just stand on it and lie down in it, they're so fat they can't really get all of their skin out of the way of it. They stink. When you try to pick them up, they scream and try to kick you off. My friend said they're gonna give themselves heart attacks by doing that. Are my rabbits normal or what? Also, sometimes they're friends and sometimes they hiss and bite each other. And when the boy mounts a girl, sometimes she kicks him across the cage

    • whats it toyah 4 years ago

      my rabbit has 9 kids 8 girls one boy

    • what's it toyah 4 years ago

      just give him or her carrots and feel her/he belly bye bye bye bye bye bye bye love u i am just kidding bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye

    • Maddy 4 years ago

      My bunny is fairly old and she has this thing that is growing on her ear. I can't tell if it's hair that's just been dried up or something else?


    • kerry 4 years ago

      hi im really worries about my house bunny he has white gooey stuff coming out of his bottom does any one know what it could be?

    • kenny 4 years ago

      hi my rabbit likes to jump out of his cage a lot soon the colour of his poo changes i can't keep a track of what he eats what sshould i do

    • fiza 4 years ago

      the top part of my rabbits ear is chewed off and i have no idea what to do he seems to be fine he is running around and eating but should i be worried i put a tissue on his ear and held it for about 5 minutes then i put a dissinfectent cream around its ear will it be okay i am really worried about him he has not made any strange noises or anything please contact me at :

    • Aundraus 4 years ago

      I think my rabbit is sick, she wont come out of her, she'll hop back in when i take her out. But I don't want to wait a few days to take her to the vet. She hasn't had a checkup for 5months

    • what do i do?!!!!!!! 4 years ago

      my baby bunny keeps on falling over on its side and it can't stand up at all. it also keeps on making teeth noises like rubbing his teeth together. i checked its teeth and everything was fine. i think it might be a brain problem. what do i do?! i can't afford a vet. will it die?

    • Anjelica 4 years ago

      Well hey to make long story short my bunny was looking for a place to nest I could tell because just last month she had giving birth. She gave birth to 6 kit(bunnnys) and well threwout yesterday and today 3 has past away... I found them very cold and skinny.. is there a reason she didn't care for them ? The other batch of babys she had are all fine. Oh and another question she (the momma) was bleeding a little after she gave birth is that normal?

    • Sophie Louise 4 years ago

      Hi, I'm Sophie Louise and I'm asking to see If you could give me advise on my Dwarf, Albino Rabbit Zac.

      Last Year he had a blocked tear Duct so he had to get his back teeth pulled out. Later Last year his eyes Started to run again, The vet bills were expensive last time so we just decided to wash his eyes out with Luke warm Salty water i did this for 3 days and i cleared up fine.

      Now It's back again but it Running lots more and his nose is also running. Should i take him to the vet? Or can you give me a simple solution? What do you recommend?


      From Sophie Louise & Zac

    • CarlyEko2212 4 years ago

      My female bunny gave birth to 6 rabbits 1 week 6 days ago. Only half of the bunnies have their eyes open, and their eyes are only half open. That IS normal, right?

      Please answer.


    • Krystal 4 years ago

      my rabbit is using the bathroom on himself and wont move what's wrong with him?

    • julie 4 years ago

      I have a beautiful black and white bunny and doing great. Last nite my 3 yr old gave him some of her deviled egg.....just wanted to know will that hurt him???

    • Jess 4 years ago

      I just got home today,and noticed one of my rabbits isn't moving, he won't eat or drink anything, and whenever i try to move him he falls over onto side.Is this normal? Please contact me at ASAP!

    • helen 4 years ago

      hiya my bunny lent to one side she can't move er nose wet and er eye are running

    • bunnypup profile image

      bunnypup 4 years ago from United Arab Emirates, Dubai

      Guys, listen up.

      If you think your bunny is sick, call your vet and ask for advice!

      If the vet says you have to go to the vet, then go RIGHT AWAY!


      If you can't afford a vet, you got the wrong pet, people!

      Do you think bunnies don't NEED vets?! Of course they do!!!!

      So go do some ACTION! Do not think you can wait A LOT!

      Oh also, you might be wondering why bunnies HIDE that they're sick.

      That's because its to not alert the predators that they are weak!

      Please check your bunny EVERYDAY to see if its ill....

    • sophie Lousie 4 years ago

      Thanks that was gr8 advice.............

    • sonia 4 years ago

      hi few day ago my bunny sarted vometing and then a few days ago my mom pryed and then after she was done my bunny got better i kinda got surprised

    • k.siddiqui 4 years ago

      please help me i have 2 rabbits one is male and another female but today my female rabbit trying to eat but can't ,he stand up for long time ,her weight is lost but she can eat only grass not carrots and other, her age about 4 month

    • bunny lover 4 years ago

      i have had 2 wild bunny babies, when i checked on one it was laying on its side looking dead. we picked it up and it can't move its head. its limp. it tries to stand up but can't. we went to take it to the vets but it died. later we found a bug on it. im just wondering does anyone know what happened?

    • Nicky 4 years ago

      My rabbit is so lovely n energetic usually bt 2day shes sleepy shes eatin n drinkin,bt her belly is making noises and moving all over,is she poorly x

    • ... 4 years ago

      PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO... My bunny has abscess and I don't have enough money for the surgery. Please tell me is there another way to cure him because I don't want to lose him. PLEASE HELP!!

    • KW 4 years ago

      Hi There just wondering if any one can actually give me some useful advice about one of my bunnies? He is a 3 year old, pure white bunny. He is acting completely normal but i came home from work this evening and noticed that there was runny poo in his out door hutch. I cleaned this up and checked his bum which was also covered in poo. Ive cleaned this as much as i possably can and i can't see anything unual there (i was worried about fly strike) Anyway, as i was doing this my house mate who was holding him noticed that he has bald patches on his tummy and hind legs? The skin is not red, broken or sore and seems ok apart from the missing fur. Any sensiable ideas what this might be?? Thanks in advance.

    • Maclain 4 years ago

      Hi :) i got a 10 week old baby bunny last week. he had umbilical chord problems when he was born and has a big sore on his belly from it. i have been putting antibiotic ointment on it, but im afraid he is sick from it. he is extremely docile, but still eats and drinks. i don't know if he is just an extremely calm bunny, or if he doesn't feel well. he spends most of his time sleeping while hes in the cage and doesn't seem interested in any of the toys i got him. is this normal or is this behavior shown when hes sick? here is my email: Thank you so much!

    • Mr Piglett 4 years ago

      quick question for the serious rabbit people-dont wanna hear the BS from some of previous comments- rabbit I bought from auction has runny nose, sneezes at times...runs around like crazy but the last few days I have noticed him laying down looking tired...he is still eating/going potty and talking to me but I am not sure if this is serious or something that rabbits just go through.....I have four others and I don't want them to get "it"...they all have separate homes but are close together. Thank you

    • indrani 4 years ago

      i hv 3 2months baby 1 of them looks non energetic.but i gv it GLUCON-D and it runs like we hv no i want to whether i do right or wrong?

    • beka 4 years ago

      One of my baby rabbits isn't as active as the other babies should I be worried when I touch the other babies they jump around this one rowans they are 6 days old

    • Jessica 4 years ago

      Okay if your bunny is not hopping you need take it to the vet right away. The bunny can have an inter ear infection .if that so and not treated it could tilt head and it will die . As well if your bunny has an ear down it an inner ear infection.

    • Missy 4 years ago

      Hello all. I have a 2yr old female rabbit that gave birth to 4 healhy babies last thursday. She has been doing great up until today. she layed down like usual but is shaking more than normal her ears are warm and it isn't cold in the house. we don't have a vet around that is able to help with answers wat could possibly cause her to do this. Please help

    • Brandon 4 years ago

      I'm 12 and my rabbit died today, but he was fine a month ago then this month he started to get so skinny that you could feel and see his ribs. yestuday i was carrying him and put him on the floor so i could keep an eye on him and he fell over to the the right and I had to help him get up cause he couldn't on his own. I don't know how old he is I got him from a friend, and the rabbit was madded but i got him back to health then his was so wild and adventurest now he died, can anyone tell more or have a idea how he died. My parents said we couldn't go to the vet due to not enough money. I found him today between his cage and the wall. Plz tell me what happened or how he died thxs. Rip Hops _____-2012.

    • Kirsten Marie Church 4 years ago

      my bunny keeps on having fits and shaking what should i do as im worried?

    • mimi 4 years ago

      i have a bunny he is lying on the ground making funny noises and trying to get away from the other rabbits

    • kayleigh 4 years ago

      My rabbit is 8 years old. Shes been fine but all of a sudden she doesn't want to eat her pellets, hay or drink much water. She does like her treats still. Shes been lying down most of the day. She is shedding A LOT. she seems to be cleaning herself a lot too. could her fur maybe be clogged in her? help please!

    • Bunny 4 years ago

      To all those people who don't know why their pet is sick- get a vet. That's the best answer. But if you really can't, try your best to go online and research on the symptoms omg! My rabbit isn't sick but I go online frequently to memorise the symptoms just in case it ever happens. For example, Your bunny has difficulty supporting it's head and is unbalanced- its most likely head tilt. No matter how costly is it, you NEED to get it to a vet if it's sick. I'm sure you wouldn't want it to die. To kayleigh- I'm

      Not sure why she's not eating but if she's shedding a lot, you might want to groom her with a rabbit brush instead of letting her groom herself or woolblock might happen :/ I'm not sure about that though, it's best if you contact a vet. I hope all your rabbits will feel better.

    • Brooke 4 years ago

      I just got a bunny last week. Its been acting wild the past week! but just today it stopped moving! it'll walk slowly if it needs something! he seems sick. :( Is this normal? Is it gonna die? PLEASE HELP!

    • 4 years ago

      i was told about a year ago my rabbit has cancer,she's been doing well until now.

      yesterday she stopped eating and drinking very little.

      today she only had a tiny little amount of cabbage but i have noticed that when she tries to turn around she falls over and still not eating.please help but i can't take her to the vet as i don't get payed until friday

    • 4 years ago

      My flemish Giant seems to have fluid in his lungs or mucis when he breathes. I put him in the celler due to the heat. It is much cooler there. What could this be?

    • tmariehurst 4 years ago

      A friend of mine gave me 2 doe's that were given to her just 3 weeks before. Both doe's were pregnant and my friend could not keep them. Having many rabbits of my own, I knew that this was not a good situation for these rabbits as the multiple moves had them highly stressed. 2 days after I got them, they both gave birth about 6 hours apart. there was 7 kits in one litter and 5 in the other. The 1st doe with 7 kits, buried them in her bedding and stopped caring for them. 1 died as a result and at that point I took the remaining 6 away, put them in a basket that I had put some of doe #2s bedding and fur in along with some of her feces to hurry the rescenting process along. I then placed the 6 kits in the nest with the 5. They did very well for about a week, although the 1st litter was about 1/2 the size of the 2nd. Then the 2nd doe's milk dried up and another kit died and the remaining 10 were weak and dehydrated. At this point I removed the 10 kits and brought them in and began hand feeding them. All but 2 kits had their eyes open and I noticed that something did not look right with the 2. I knew that I might lose the entire 10, but was 100% sure that I would lose at least 4 more. 2 days later I lost one of the kits whose eyes had not opened and looked strange and again 2 days later lost yet another kit leaving me with 8 kits, including the one with sealed eyes. I took the "blind" one to the vet and they moistened the eyes and gently pulled them opened at which point we dicovered that the little kit is indeed blind. It was born without an eye on the right side and the eyeball on the left is clear pink with no iris and what looks to be a bulge on the bottom of that eyeball, same color. So the kit is 100% blind and when I asked the vet what caused this they said they did not know. I am now fairly certain that it is also either partially deaf or completely. It is in good health and has a greedy appitite just like the other 7, but I would like to know if this is a common occurance. Any ideas from anyone out there?

    • vanessa 4 years ago

      i have a lionhead rabbit and lately she has been sneezing. i don't know if its because of her new litter pan bedding or if shes sick.she has no problem eating or going to the bathroom, but i have noticed that she has crust stuff around her eyes(kinda like eye boogers:P) and around her nostrals theres yellowish stuff around it, but maybe its just from her eating the grass outside?. should i be more concerned and take her to a vet ?

    • MG 4 years ago


      I think your rabbit has snuffles... Pasteurella... yeah... It is an incurable respiratory disease in rabbits. The disease CANNOT be passed from rabbit to human or vice versa, but it is VERY highly contagious from one rabbit to another. What color is the discharge from the nose? If it is clear then it is allergies, but if it is colored or creamy then it is most likely snuffles. There is a suppressant, but no cure.


    • Kaity 3 years ago

      My bunny is an Angora and he has stopped eating his pellets but when I hold a carrot for him he chows down.. My parents do not believe in vets so I kind of have to rely on home remedies.. I just think it is odd that he will eat some vegetables but wont eat the pellets.. is this just a bad habit or should I take it seriously? please contact me at or thank you

    • cynthia sienczenko 3 years ago

      my rabbit about a month ago started SNEEZING now a month later he stopped eating now he is so skinny an my parents don't want to take him to the vet help me pleaze

    • Jane Badoiu 2 years ago

      Hi, I am new to this site, I am a new bunny owner also, I bought my bunny 5 weeks ago, the pet store told me he is about 1 year old, his name is Oreo, about 3weeks ago I noticed his head tilted, I took him to the vet and the vet told me is noting wrong with your bunny, maybe he had a stroke but he seams fine now, I went home, after 5 days he started acting like he was having seizures, he was rolling over in his cage without stoping he will stop 1 minute or 2 then keep rolling. I thought he was going to die. :( it was very sad, he did it all night. First thing in the morning I took him to a different vet, he said he thinks he has e cuniculi , he is eating and pooping,but he is not drinking to much, the vet give him some fluids and give me something called panacur and I have to give him 0.3 ml a day, I feel like the diagnosis were not wright, the vet didn't take blood and didn't do any tests, the bunny is doing a little better but he's head is still tilted and he still rolls over in his cage or on the carpet, he sims ok on the day time but at night I hear him rolling over at least 6/7 times a night but not nonstop. He does it once then stops, anyway I feel that something is wrong and no one is helping him, I am going tomorrow for a recheck but I am afraid, I don't trust this vet, what should i do??? How can I help my bunny?

      I will probably have a lot of spelling errors but please ignore them, I need help with my bunny and I will not let my broken English stop me. ( I am from Romania) Thank you.

    • kisha8 2 years ago

      My bunny is just lying there not eating not drinking and we he tries to hop away from me he falls over to left ankle around in the circle outside he's noses wet and he sees it should I give him some cold medicine lol no for real I don't know what to do can someone help me

    • Emma White 2 years ago

      Hi I am just asking my rabbit always has poop stuck to her so what's wrong please reply im only 11 and Im concerned

    • 2 years ago

      Emma White. If your bunny is still alive please take her to the vet as soon as possible. Try to not keep your rabbit in a flat bottom plastic cage. You should keep it in a wire cage if you can to avoid maggots from getting inside of your rabbit. If you see any maggots then rinse therm off of your rabbit and pick them off your rabbit as soon as possible and immediately take them to the vet.

    • yary 2 years ago

      My bunnies leg are numb he walks weird

    • helen delgado 2 years ago

      Please help my about 3 month bunny is not eating and lies on the floor flat or lies on his left side and does not use his front legs he just stares at us and blinks and my mom wants you to reaspond first to see please reaspond before its too late

    •  22 months ago

      I have two rabbits that i just got about a week is kind of thin and i never see her drink any water but she eats like crazy and pottys fine. The other has been freaking out since yesterday and he's becoming kind of thin as well. Is this ok? Do i need to take them to the vet? I don't want them to die. Their just babies.

    • lj 15 months ago

      Well since people post ...i would like to ask as well

      my rabitit sat in the water and he didnlnt eat nor drink he died the following day what could be the problem he was white so he was an albino?? My email is or my phone number namibia africa: 0818285518

    • 12 months ago

      I have a female and male rabbit we got back in early spring just New Years Day I found six baby bunnies eyes closed big furry she's taking care of him and we separated the male from the female just a minute ago she peeing blood no blood clots just heavenly Red Tent to her urine. !

    • makenna 6 months ago

      My rabbit is not a act ting as normal or as useawol he always digs but now he is not digging at all he always does a whole bunch of happy flipps a now he just sits around and pees and poos everywhere what do I do im really worrid.

    • Cecilia 6 months ago

      My baby bunny is only two weeks old and is not moving and leaning to its left. What seemed to be that it passed it laid on its side and got stiff then a min later it sat up again but is slowly breathing.

    • Abbey 6 months ago

      My rabbit is acting really dopy lately. She doesn't move around much and when she does walk she tends to fall over. She moves her head around a lot to see where she is. Do you think she is blind.

    • 6 months ago

      Hello, my bunny started being... too calm sitting in a corner of the cage not eating at all (only with syringe) and very rarely drinking water. I took him in my arms massage him massage the stomach and it makes sounds like it works...but he doesn't eat anything... and sitting like a ball of fur all the time...i gave him vegetable soup with syringe and immediately he starts being more active but after 1h he sits calm again.What should i do?

    • Henry 4 months ago

      My bunny is eating but her poop is like cow pat. Is this serious?

    • Help 4 months ago

      Pls my bunny always lies down and she always drink water but now she did not drink my mother say that she will b fine and she said its just need a rest but she do not stand up and when i called her she is not going in front of me i wish she will never die she is my 2nd rabbit


    • Anna 4 weeks ago

      My bunny is 1 years old and has red eyes, losing fur around them ,but not a lot, and he won't open them. The right eye seems to be worse. What do I do?

    • Maddison 3 weeks ago

      I'm sick of these stupid adds whatever you are trying to sell it's not gonna work so please stop putting stupid adds up they waste my time

    • Bella 9 days ago

      My bunny is really skinny and gottin more skinnier and when it walks it looks weak and she eats well but theres also been a cat around the house and trys to get them but she has no cuts or anything and the the cat is not ours her name is sugar please help me shes very playful and caring and i love her so much and bugs bunny he and her are always close to each other .

    • Amber 40 hours ago

      My baby can not move and will not get up what do I do for in I can not take it to the vet

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