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Rabbit Names: How To Pick A Name For Your Bunny

Updated on July 16, 2008

What Will His Name Be?

Choosing a name for your bunny is one of the fun things about getting a new rabbit. But sometimes its just so hard to come up with any inspiration. Your bunny's name shouldn't just be cute, it should also be easy for the Rabbit to understand. Easy names to understand are those that sound a little different from everyday speech. It helps if the bunny's name is one that is fun for you to say, or makes you laugh, as the tone in your voice will also influence how quickly the bunny learns its name.

If you're having trouble coming up with a name for your rabbit, you can ask friends or family, or look up in a book of baby names. Sometimes the best names come to you when you're not even thinking about them. There's no need to be in a rush to name your bunny either, you have plenty of time to get to know your bunny and see what kind of temperament it has before deciding on a name for good. Alternatively, it can sometimes be nice to let someone else name your bunny, like a brother or sister.

If you're still stuck thinking about what to call that cute little bunny you have, here are some fun bunny names, ranging from the classic to the unique.


Abba, Alvin, Ace


Bandit, Boo, Bouncer, Brat, Basil, Binky, Barney, Basil, Brutus, Biggie Smalls


Coco, Cottontail, Conan, Cuddles, Chewy


Diesel, Demo, Dax, Destructo


Eddie, Edge, Ezekiel, EVOO


Fang, Fluffy, Flopsy, Flick


Godzilla, Gizmo, Gonzo, Grumpy, Grizelda


Hook, Hoppy, Hulk




Jaws, Joker, Jones, Jose


Kritter, Killer, Krull


Loopy, Lottie, Lazer, Linux


Magnum, Mopsy, Musashi, Mouse


Nemo, Nero,


Obi, Ozzy, Ox, Olive, Onyx, Orbit, Overlord of the Universe


Peter, Pirate, Popeye, Psycho, Poppy, Peanut, Puff, Prince


Quincy, Quetzacotl


Runner, Rotter, Rex, Ranger


Slick, Smudge, Star, Streak,


Tinkerbelle, Trouble, Thumper, Taz, Toaster, The Bunny Formerly Known As Prince


Una, Unix, Ubuntu


Vegas, Vista


Wanda, Whiskers, Whisky, Wicket,




Yo Yo, Yahoo,


Ziggy, Zak, Zeke, Z

Found a name? Would you like to add your own ideas for bunny names? Leave a comment and tell everyone what your bunny is called, or tell us what your bunny would be called if you had one! The great thing about choosing a name for your bunny is that you can share the process with your friends and family.


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    • tarren 8 years ago

      my bunny is called tiger, because she is ginger with black stripes

    • Sophia 8 years ago

      My Bunny'z Name Is SMUDGE, Prince Of Hulk!!


    • Tayla 8 years ago

      cool namme

    • taylor 8 years ago

      my bunnies names have been tigger, eeyore, tequila, louigie, and teddy

    • Andi 8 years ago

      My bunnies are named Tribble (an Angora/lionhead/wooly mutt of some sort that looks like a little fluffball) and Dauntless (an adopted dwarf of some kind)

    • Annie 8 years ago

      My lionhead is called Soubi, and my mini lop is called Merry

    • Babyybunny1 8 years ago

      Ok i'l a little young i'm 14, and i need to keep my room clean for 2 more months to get a bunny and im stuck on names. i know im gonna get the bunny because i always get what i want. airgo, please help me with a name. thanks,


    • Jennablossom 8 years ago

      i am getting a little black polish dwarf in one week and have chosen Ozzie for a name. i think it's just enough cute & just enough troublemaker.... and a little rock n' roll. (o^.^o)

      but i also went thru these names too: BlackJack, Houdini, Apollo, Aleister & Devo.


    • raegan 8 years ago

      my bunnys names is max but you should think like fluffy this is my backround

    • Natalie  8 years ago

      i am getting a rabbit in one week and i am stuck between name

      lottie mistey poppy loopy jim roses zac zeke annie

    • natalie  7 years ago

      i got my rabbit and i called it mistey she is 12 weeks she isb grey i love her. if you are getting a rabbit us this website

    • A. Person 7 years ago

      Princess Sparkles, Captain Cupcake and Bob

    • midnight 7 years ago

      Fat black rabbit that blends in with the dark

    • rachele 7 years ago

      i can't think of a cute name for the rabbit i'm getting. simba,snoopy or cuddles

    • Declan 7 years ago

      Im Getting a Mini lop and im calling it Pancake

    • sara 7 years ago

      My bunny who just passed away =( was named Pancakes.


    • Bunnybaby 7 years ago

      Hi! As a bunny-owner wannabe, I'd name my bunny according to its breed by taking the first letter, so that I can remember it later (in case anyone asks). For example, if it's an Angora rabbit, I'd name it Angie, Ava, or Anna. If it's a mini lop, I'd probably use the second initial; i.e. Lola, or Lily. And if it's a Jersey Woolly, I'll name it Jedi!

    • shannon marie x 7 years ago

      hiya hopefully will be gettin a rabbit for my b-day

      if a girl tinkerbell if a boy flopsy

      my friends rabbit is called snoopy how cute ? x

    • lucy 7 years ago

      my rabbits are called romeo, billy-ray, oynx, tigger, outcho, sam, diesel, magmum, smudge, logan, cymba and ellie

    • Alyssa 7 years ago

      I'm getting ready to get a bunny and if it's a girl i'm naming it Ellie, and if its a boy im naming it Chester!!!

    • Melissa 7 years ago

      i got my bunny on saturday from a rescue centre and she was already called milly which i think is really cute :) !

    • charlie 7 years ago

      i need a mini lop rabbit i like the names maxy and cuddles and smartie and skittle and cappy short for cappicino.

    • christine 7 years ago

      my bunny is named Mocha

    • christine 7 years ago

      I named it Mocha because It looks just like a Mocha drink. O ya that bunny picture I just like the bunny I have. It's so cute

    • bing4 7 years ago

      fuzzy lumpkins is an awesome name

    • josie 7 years ago

      ooooooo i had a bunny named emily, one black one named sunny star, have one named angel, have one named snoopy, and had one named CUTIE tip!! get it like cuetip but cutie tip?! lol my friend came up with that one

    • Lola 7 years ago

      I have a bunnie named Smokey cuz it's grey!

    • oliviaaa 7 years ago

      my bunny's name is bunnyboy:)

      i have had him since i was 8!

    • Mish 7 years ago

      My fav bunny name is diva

    • Nishacee97 profile image

      Nishacee97 7 years ago from Wales.

      Hey my bunny is called Romeo because he was born on Valentine's Day ! How cute x

    • Gemma. 7 years ago

      i love the name repo or sweenie or piglet. my rabbits name is smudge because he is white with brown smudges,but, we are getting another one but we cant agree on the name my mum wants tinkerbell and my sister wants bambi which are two cute ones but i think we should call it piglet.

    • starlit kaulitz 7 years ago

      i had two dutch rabbits - oreo + thumper (black/white and grey/white respectively)

      & my fiancée and i just bought two baby bunnies - a white one with black spots named Gimpi (say the "g" like in "grab", then "imp-ee") & an all black one named nightmare (which makes us laugh cuz he's pretty much the size of a computer mouse)

    • Jennah 7 years ago

      I have a chocolate and white bunny named MooMoo...she's great

    • sabrina 7 years ago

      i have 8 bunnies but 5 of them are babies...... i gave two to my friend and have three more to name what should i name them? and they are brown and black and have white paws.... the adult bunnies are named skittles and yoda

    • Dan 7 years ago

      I recently got two bunnies and naming the first was the hardest. None of the names I had originally thought of suited him. He is now called Pip. Not only was this name quite sweet and simple but he is also brown and small, so it was a pretty good fit. My other little girl bunny is called Luna, which was perfect considering her pure white coat and little blue eyes. I love them both to bits maybe those names might be of inspiration to others.

    • Christina 7 years ago


    • Taytay 7 years ago

      My bun is named Trixe after Beatrix Potter who wrote the book Peter cottontail

    • Izzy (I love hamsters and bunnies!) 7 years ago

      I have a bunny. She is a dwarf agouti, she looks just like a wild rabbit. Her name is Emmy after my best friend Emma. Her sister who recentely ran away :( is called Hazel.

      Hope this helped!

      Also, I'm getting a little ginger one with a black nose but don't know what to call him. CAN ANYONE HELP?!

    • Kim 7 years ago

      I was thinking Fairy. I think that would be a wonderful name for a little firl bunny!

    • amy":) 7 years ago

      my bunnys name is duece because it had a bunny that looked exactly like himm(dourf)

    • Karli 7 years ago

      I got a bunny a couple days ago and I cant find a name!! She is a very small netherland dwarf. She is so adorable.. a beautiful greyish color. Like a mix of lilac and white :) She was born on Halloween, which I think is cool.. But I cant think of any Halloween names! Here are some names I am thinking about: Kuddles, Kutie Pie, Precious, and Daisy. I don't know what to do.. but shes down right adorable!! :)

    • lauren 7 years ago

      my two new rabbits i got today are called trixie and magic because they are jet black mini rex's and are 4 months old

    • lauren 7 years ago

      i also have three other rabbits called fluffy for obvious reasons and got 1 called leo and got another 1 called dandelion or dandy for short how cute

    • Jodie 7 years ago

      I am gonna get one and I'ts gonna be called pebbles

    • alyssa 7 years ago


    • hayley 7 years ago

      I just got a bunny for christmas i don't know wath to name them.

    • morgan  7 years ago

      I just got a bunny for christmas to and i have no clue wath to name them to. (they are both boys )

    • Tegan McMaster 7 years ago

      My mum and dad might be getting a bunny for my birthday.If they do I will call it Coco or Diesel

    • Kiki 7 years ago

      I want a rabbit, but i can't have one cuz of my dads allergies, but i think some awesome rabbit names that were not on the list are Daisy, Smores, Smokey, Misty, and Kiki hope my names helped you out :)

    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa 7 years ago

      Kush, Theadore, nemo

    • Kasey  7 years ago

      I am getting a Dwarf Hotot-Netherland Dwarf mix hopefully in a couple of days, and I'm stuck between Amie(French for friend), and Daisy.

    • Bunnii Loverr 6 years ago

      Hello, I have A bunny called Sox. He is a mini Lop and is black with two white socksand a white belly. I recommend the names Sox-(of course!) Snuggles and cuddles (two twin bunnies i used to have), Baby,Munchkin, Munchi, Lapin - (french for rabbit- say it is lapa) Petal, Cutie, Flame, Streaks, Cookie, Oreo,Cadbury and lots more! Try naming after foods if these arent helpful, but leave me comments if they are !!! ps: Sox is my peronal favouurit ;)

    • meg  6 years ago

      i love my bunny i called her flopsie she is a lop eared rabbit and loves getting kissed and petted shes a mix of colours like grey,black,white alsorts i love this web

    • Nato 6 years ago

      My bunnies name is peppa

    • Jaine 6 years ago

      MY bunnies name was Luigi.But now I have a newborn and cant decide a name for him

    • Kenzie 6 years ago

      My bunny's name is Josie and the ones before Josie were Julianna, chase, cam, Rex, landise, Rollie (pronouced Raleigh), Bella, Chloe, and snowbal! Hope this helps!

    • Mary 6 years ago

      My bunnys name is Shadow because he is gray and blends in with he shadows

    • Eliza 6 years ago

      I have all these names there is alot Buttercup,tresure,hazel,tilly,peanut,vanilla,flapjack,


      smartie,cookie,muffin,bluebell,lou lou,sooty,ella,pepper,

      lavender,pumpkin,smokey,spicey,tibbar (rabbit spelt backwards),mischief,rascal,nibbles,biscuit and inky

    • jenna 6 years ago


      my friends bunnies just had babies and im not sure what to name it. i like the names garret and jaydon. but i cant decide. lil help please???


    • Jackie 6 years ago

      Well i want to name my dwarf bunny Bella if it is a girl and JOker if its a boy are those good names?

    • jimii 6 years ago

      my bunnie is grey and i called it mr.BIGGLESWORTH LOL X

    • fluffy and fuzzy 6 years ago

      it is soo hard to pick a bunny name try these

    • Eileen 6 years ago

      My bunny's name is thumper. He is gray and so cute !!!!!!1

    • Baby  6 years ago

      My bunny is so cute he sleeps wit me we go every were were together dopey is my bunny name

    • poop 6 years ago

      my bunniezz names izz name poop

    • Grace (: 6 years ago

      heyy don't name a rabbit poop. that's dumb.

    • aupp 6 years ago


    • rumplestiltskin 6 years ago

      maybe Butterscotch, Timbit, Brownie, Cuddle, or Cuddles

    • Suzanne 6 years ago

      My 2 rabbits are called Meeper and Mooper

    • fj 6 years ago

      bugs bunny

    • Alex 6 years ago

      Im stuck with calling my bunny either roger or LJ (little joey)

    • sophiee 6 years ago

      my rabbit is about 5-6 years old and i called her millie when i was about 7 :L

    • sophiee 6 years ago

      ^^ that comment above was wrong -_- :L she is called molly not millie :L its cause i read a comment above and it said millie so i had the name in my head :L

    • Rachell 6 years ago

      I am going to get two dutch rabbits. I love rabbits, but i have a problem i dunno what to call my rabbits :/. ifanyone has any good ideas post a comment and at the end say to Rachel so know it is to me,

      Thanks for anyone who comments :)

    • Meaghann 6 years ago

      I got a bunny today and named her Layla :O)

    • bunnylover4eva 6 years ago

      my bunny just died on homecoming =( sadest day of my life she was like my best friend. her name was dusty and i will never ever forget her. i love u dusty

    • delilah 6 years ago

      me and my brother are gettign a grey bunny but we don't have a name any sugestions?

    • sehar 6 years ago

      my bunny's name is cuty pie

    • hasdjsayshyd 6 years ago

      I am getting a bunny!

      I want to name it a cute name but I still cant find one o well

    • Han 6 years ago

      I picking up my 5 week old rabbit 2day and i think i got a cute name Bailey! because its 2 young 2 sex so i picked a name i'd be happy with both ways!

    • Mr.Random 6 years ago

      Fudge and Izzie

    • Hannah 6 years ago

      i am getting 2 bunnies today but I still don't have names...... I want a nice cute name

    • Tiara 6 years ago

      if i had a bunny i would call it astro or a cute girls name would be snowy

    • shawn 6 years ago

      we had a bunny name colt one named cadberry and a white one named marshmellow

    • Lauren 6 years ago

      I have a year old male called Oreo and i just recently addopted my new lop eared black bunny shes 3 months but I don't have a name for her yet, her old owners called her Sabby, i was thinking Chips, Noodles, Coco Chanel, Bailey, Gucci, Hershey or Miffy, :x

    • Simone 6 years ago

      I just got a bunny for my birthday n its so hard naming it cuz it looks like a zebra i don't wanna name it zebra n i think its a boii help me :(

    • bunies678 6 years ago

      i have a bunny called "mimzy" hes so cute it can be a girl or boy name !!!

    • Tiffany 6 years ago

      My sister got a baby bunny for her birthday and she named her Diamond.I wanted to name her Ruby but my sister won the name Diamond.

    • Samantha green 6 years ago

      Cool realy helped I think I might call my bunny thumper

    • Megan 6 years ago

      My bunnies name is chocolate because he is brown with a white tai and nose

    • Diana 6 years ago

      I have a Siamese jersey wool bunny and I named him Jake !!!:)

    • sara 6 years ago

      idk, the name of the black girl bunny would maybe be named "stella"

    • Eevee 6 years ago

      My bunnies are called summer and Midnight there sooo cute

    • Alice 6 years ago

      I named mi bunnie by Disiding 4 names and then put her on the flor and called each name and the one she reacted to was her name but if yourbunnie reacs to two names ask your friends and family wich one they like it never fails

    • Lydia 6 years ago

      i like the name oreo when there black and white but im gonna name my tan bunny rhino from the movie bolt

    • Brandon 6 years ago

      My bunny is named thumper

    • Brandon 6 years ago

      he is just 4 months and his skin coulor is caramel...he is so cute :)

    • Brandon 6 years ago

      Simone,you should name it bandit

    • KKKKK 6 years ago about this name?

    • Bunny101 6 years ago

      I have rabbits named: Champ, Daisy, Misty, Buddy, Licorice, Uptowngirl, Midnight, Petunia, James Bond, Robbie, Mia,Rose, Jolly Rodger, Joe , Thumper, Peter, Lucky etc.

    • ashley 6 years ago

      im getting a new bunny that's 8 0r 9 weeks old and i have lots of names like max,mick robbie and maximillion

    • Cassie 6 years ago

      I got my bunny, he is about 2 months old, I ca'nt come up with a name...Please Help :( Oh and he is grey and white, and a male....

      Thank- You :3

    • Katie 6 years ago

      My bunny it is a couple weeks old and all black and in the light its brown. i don't know if its a girl or a boy its to early to tell but i am having trouble picking a name can u give me so ideas?

    • Alyssa 6 years ago

      I have named my spotted minilop Marble. She is really sweet!

    • Rachel 6 years ago

      Im going to get a bunny on thursday and i have no clue what to name her. I have a few they are tell me which one u like best: Zoeii (Zoey, just spelled interesting), Kiwi, Calypso, Trixi, Bean, Fleur, Angelique, Mercedes, Alice, and Skye. Help!!

    • 6 years ago

      i have a solid black bunny don't know what to name it HELP!

    • rabbitslovr 6 years ago

      my rabbits names were stew sammy midnight and tibbar midnight stew and tibbar r currently living and 1 had 7 babies unfortunatly...4 died

    • rabbitslovr 6 years ago

      4 a black rabbit i like the names buster midnight clyde pepper bandit and shadow

    • poprock16 6 years ago

      as soon as i potty train my three dogs im getting a black and white baby bunny any ideas for names :)

    • Hayley 6 years ago

      I am getting a rabbit in 2 weeks.

      I am just stuck with these following names:





      ( i will probobly get a brown or white 1)

    • Sydney 6 years ago

      My buns name is cheshire ^_^ he is a rex and it white under and brown on he is wearing a cape -_-

    • Hollie 6 years ago

      ive got a rabbit on the 1st of september i thought of ninga but my mum says its a stupid name,hes a boy and he feels like velvet cause he is a rex i wanted to call him ninga cause he's black lol lol :p ;0

    • Dani 6 years ago

      I've got a pure white bunny and i named him doggie because one ear is up and one ear flops down.

    • Rachel 6 years ago

      I have a rabbit named willy right now and im going to get a rabbit and hes pure back and i need a good name for em i don't no if its a boy or girl yet so any sugestions???

    • amie 6 years ago

      im gettin a babi rabbit its white whith brown ears and im stuck for names can enyone help me

    • cute me 6 years ago

      im adopting 2 white bunnies a boy and a girl im so excited

    • rabbitslovr 6 years ago

      ok well my name is kenzie and i just had 2 give away my abbtis babies they were soooooo adorable....2 were gold gray and 1 had white and another was a mix of black and brown...the gold 1s names were mimzy and benji and the brown/black 1s name was bandit i miss the but my rabbit tibbar definatly does not

    • lalalachanna123 6 years ago

      i had a bunny she was all white with blue eyes and floppy ears and a boy all black with brown eyes they had babys 2 times and now the parents are dead they died 1 year ago and now there babys had 2 babys and they are both white with blue eyes and one has floppy ears i don't now if they are boys or girls yet there to young to tell but a boy name is cheeko or a girls name is bailey.

    • Melissa 6 years ago

      I have a bunny. I got him yesterday, and i named him Twinky, but then my hubby decided Bill (like the vampire from trueblood) was more acceptable. He's black and very little, SO CUTE

    • bunnigirl 6 years ago

      mai holland lop's name is brownie but i just call him bunnny... he totally responds to it too. sooo cuuttteee

    • Tessa 6 years ago

      i have 9 bunnies and they have some cool names like Sunny, Abby, Blazz,and more i love my bunnies they are so cool.

    • Molly 6 years ago

      i might be getting 2 bunnys whar name do i chose out of ida,devin,tinker,lola;milly,moco,lena.

    • Tracy 6 years ago

      Thanks that was so useful I will really remember those names when I'm getting my rabbit and also I'm going to get a Dutch to it will be a chocate color I'm so exicted thank you I will defitiny think about naming my rabbit one of these names,Oh and do u think u could make a web page About buying your rabbit and what to do and stuff like and for the very last time thank you so much???

    • milica milos 6 years ago

      i have a bunny and i named him ranger

    • dodo 6 years ago

      My Bunnys name is Sunny!!!

    • fluffy 6 years ago

      I have a bunny I got it today 18th november. and it is so is a baby rabit

    • boxag 6 years ago

      im gettin a bunny and i thinks ims gonnas names its alfalfa from little rascals!TO CUTE!

    • chelsea 6 years ago

      My Rabbits are called Smokey, Snowy and bingo

    • Awesome Person 6 years ago

      BUNNIES!!!!! I love them so much! I'm getting a lionhead to shar with my sister but we can't decide on a name. My sister thinks of really weird names.

    • kirsty 6 years ago

      my rabbits names are zack and cody names after the tv programme suite life of zack and cody zack is zack because in the programme zack is cheeky and my rabbit is cheeky

      and cody is cody because hes laid back and a good boy

    • MaiyuLune 6 years ago

      I'm getting a Beautiful black dwarf lionhead bunny and still have trouble finding a name, his current name is Chino. I have a few names in mind: Johnny, Lennon(John),Nightmare, Midnight, Mokona(Anime Character that looks like a black rabbit), or mix it up such as Nightmare or Midnight Mokona since in an anime there are 2 Mokonas, one black and one white hehe I know I'll change my mind haha

    • Brittanie 6 years ago

      We just got a small black bunny and we named her Sookie (from true blood)

    • Ben 6 years ago

      Named my black bunny jema from sons of anarchy

    • leslie 6 years ago

      i got a rottent how bout that lol

    • silvia  6 years ago

      omg i just got my first bunny but i don't know what to name him i was thinking about snooks or thumper HELP PLZ!!!!!!

    • M.J 6 years ago

      Im getting a bunny and i really like the names Missy Boo,Buttons, Theodore

    • Smilely :) 6 years ago

      I have two bunnys they are both hyper and curious and i cant decide on a name for is brown with a little grey and the other is all black they are both girls.

    • shailene 6 years ago

      my favourite pet is a rabbit ihave one rabbit she is a girl

    • ciara 6 years ago

      ok i am quite young i am only 8 i have a bunny called chocolate i am getting another one but i don't know what to call it vanilla strawberry emily buttercup daisy i just don't know

    • Sayris 6 years ago

      i started with 2 bunnies Romeo and Betsy , they had 6 babies which are 5 month old now. yesterday Betsy had 8 more babies, now y have 14 baby bunnies and i am looking forward to sell.

    • sheen.x 5 years ago

      A...Abbi, Anna, Amy, Ashley, April, Ant,Angel

      B...Betty,Brittany, Brian, Bumble


















    • Ashley 5 years ago

      My bunny is jet black and named Hennessy

    • jin 5 years ago

      my bunny is named radar

      to Rachel

    • latisha 5 years ago

      My rabbits names are minnie and misty

    • danielle 5 years ago

      i have 2 rabbits called misty and thumper , they had 6 babies together and 5 died because of how cold it was one night but 1 survived I called it lucky because it is lucky to be alive .

    • wendy 5 years ago

      I have two mini lops, Cupcake and Butterscotch and am keeping one of their babies, she's pure black and i can't think of a name for her, posssibly tinkerbell, peppa, bubbles or nutmeg??

    • sowmiyan 5 years ago

      i love youer song and good bass

    • michele 5 years ago

      just brought home our new mini lop named him willow!!!

    • flower 5 years ago

      i just go a bunny and his name is coal=) because his a mini black lopear

      and he's as dark as the mineral coal

    • Amber 5 years ago

      i love the name gizmo

    • TILLY 5 years ago

      im gettin two bunnyboys and i have disided on peter and bruno i recommend these two names because there cute and you can also name your rabit after a fairy tail charater!

    • darya 5 years ago

      i have a white and Grey nether land dwarf bunny that was born on family day2011 and his name is Mr.President

    • z.m.a.c. 5 years ago

      i had a rabbit called coco then 1 called rambe then 1 called nibbles then 2 called elmo and milo then 1 called jaspar and i am getting 2 more but don't know what to call them can anyone help me??? :D

    • Arty 5 years ago

      I got an albino dwarf lop yesterday. She's six weeks old and only her right ear flops over - it's super cute when she walks XD

      Boyfriend thinks she's retarded, but I assured him that she's perfectly normal.

      I called her Luna after Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter

    • Jemma  5 years ago

      I called my bunny Scarlett, and she's really cute.

      I think the name will instantly come to u when you see the bunny, so don't spend too much time thinking about it. I was gonna get a boy rabbit that I would have called Humphrey, but Scarlett was much cuter!!!

      Here are some nice names:

      Sooty, Sweep, Jazz, Saphire, Patrick

    • bunnylover 5 years ago

      I might be getting a rabbit for Easter,I think he's a mini rex.He is black and white.He has a black spot around his eye,on his back,and half a moustache!I think,the name Pepsi,is cute,but i'm kind of thinking of a pirate name.Because,of the black spot,it could look like an eyepatch!Lol I've only,gotten this far with the pirate name,Captain.... WHAT ELSE!?I kind of also like the name,Ace.And,I like Lucky.I want,a name that's cute,funny,and not popular or origanal.I think,Pepsi is the BEST NAME EVER!Do you guys,think I should name him Pepsi?I hope my suggestions helped all you guys too!

    • Rachel 5 years ago

      I am getting a baby gray and white floppsy eared bunny for easter and im thinking about naming him Ace,Harley,Slick,or Taz will someone help me out plz but i really like ACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 12345 5 years ago

      Tater tot

    • animal luver 5 years ago

      I just got 3 new bunnies. One is a boy that is spotted and he chews on wood alot so we call him Woody. Another is a girl that is spotted and we call her Peanut because she is so small.And the last one is a girl that is dark gray and has floppy ears but I don't know what to name her? Any suggestions???

    • h3ll0 5 years ago

      im buying a ginger rabbit and i think topaz is a nice name for her

    • 88888888 5 years ago

      i called my bunnys snowy and cloundy because they are both sooooo white

    • Meggy 5 years ago

      I have two bunny's, ones name is Lulu ( she's a girl) I got that from reading an American Girl book, and my other bunny's name is Oreo because he looks like an Oreo (he's a boy).

    • niknic 5 years ago

      we have 2 adult rabbits called Peppa & George and their babies are called;

      Lollipop, fudge, twinkle, magic, cookie, fizz(1st litter) & marble, snowball, bambi, dandy, blossom.

    • jon 5 years ago

      mini,sisey,pigey,suger,micbrowen,sugerplum,star,micey,pipsqwek,truble,sqwemey,wormey,and stinkey

    • indyah 5 years ago

      my bunnys are called poppy and dustey i love them thanks for all your help and names i think ive got the one for my new baby.

    • gwyneth24 5 years ago

      i want a bunny

    • Jewelz95 5 years ago

      I have 3 bunnies, 2 lionheads& one mini lop and she had 7 babies about a week ago.. Their names are ghost,moose,snowball,bear,twix/dream catcher, don't know which one yet..,nutmeg,rootbeer,lucky,oreo&suzuki i think,idk(bro's choice) hope to help! :D

    • bunnies 5 years ago

      im gettin a bunnie for my bday my sis wants to cal it fred ???? but im gonna cal it dis

      if its a boy cookie and if its a girl penny

    • Rockstar* 5 years ago

      Pandora, bonnie, alpha, Athena, flo, ophelia, vanilla, lokii +cappy(cappicino)

      Fudge, Noah, stArskii + pip.

    • kayelee bjornestad 5 years ago

      I'm getting a bunny today and I think it will be white and grey I can't find any cute names please help me

    • Jessica741 profile image

      Jessica741 5 years ago from Huntington Beach

      Thank you so much, I finally got the name for my bunnies..I called my bunnies

      Coco and Bambi, very useful hub!

    • Georgia Viret 5 years ago

      got a girt and boy dwaf floppy eared rabbit today i named the girl clordia but i don't know what to call my boy rabitt can you please help me decide a realy cute boy rabitt name

    • unknown 5 years ago

      funny cute

    • bunny names 5 years ago

      i love the name maizie it is a cute name also i love flopsy, fluffy you know cute names for boys go for something that expresses boys

    • asparkinthedark 5 years ago

      I named my bunny Waluigi (Walle) for short:)

    • me 5 years ago

      my bunny is named Dakota

    • me 5 years ago

      i think u should name him wallie

    • me 5 years ago

      i bought a bunny for 4-h but it is so cute

    • me 5 years ago

      pease right a comment back i like to know what other people have to say about the stuff i right

    • bunny 5 years ago

      im trying to pick a bunny from my friends litter and i cant choose

      little black runt or super fluffy rare colored??????????

      any suggestions

    • des 5 years ago

      i got a bunny yesterday and i thouth of bambi what do u thik but she is black and whit

    • domoo kunn 5 years ago

      i named my snowy and kiki i don't know which one...

    • Names 5 years ago

      Rabbit names
































    • m and m 5 years ago

      skitles jasper casper wallie dakota casey i like all of these names

    • Megan 5 years ago

      My Dutch is named Monroe after Marilyn Monroe

    • Cecilia 5 years ago

      A grey rabbit would definitely be thumper....

    • Chloe 5 years ago

      I don't know what to call my black&White rabbit and a caramel rabbit..

    • Lola 5 years ago

      I called my bunny sweetie snowball because she Is really sweet and looks like a snowball

    • duk3 5 years ago

      suger for a lite bunny im getting mine in a wk or sooooo hahaah

    • smiley(:? 5 years ago

      Hey iam getting a bunnie at the end of this month and iam stuck on these names oreo peper shadow bugs or thumper

    • Sam 5 years ago

      I'm getting two, don't know the colour or sex yet but if light grey and male I will name him Casper and if fawn and male, Diego or Simba. If black and male, Jasper. Light grey and female, Luna or Bailey. fawn and female, Soubi, Bambi, or Hazel. Black and female, Jasmine or Alice. Btw thanks for that list of names

    • minirexlover 5 years ago

      im getting a mini rex rabbit. its black i dont know the gender.if its a girl i was thinking athena (a-th-en-a )or alice if its a boy black magic,dark knight,teddy,or spartan thx for the list of names

    • minirexlover 5 years ago

      my rabbit is for 4-h

    • Jerrica 5 years ago

      I got a baby lionhead bunny a week ago, his name is Theodore! Because when his ears are down, he looks like a chubby chipmunk and hes cuddly.-named after the chipmunk from Alvin & the Chipmunks!(:

      His nicknacm is Teddy. (:

    • minirexlover 5 years ago

      my mini rex is 3 weeks its so small

    • jessica 5 years ago

      my bunnys name is sweety it is a munth it is so so so so so so so soso so so so so so cut

    • katie 5 years ago

      I have 2 bunnies. One is a big grey bunny named Tulip. The other one is a baby lionhead bunny, a girl that is tan wit whit paws. She is sooooo cute, but i can not come up with a name. I was thinking of Poppy, Hazel, Daisy,Coco,or Willow, But i cant decide!! :D hope everyone else can though

    • sara 5 years ago

      my bunny's name is Hmm i don't know yet please help me

      Im thinking dasiy,cookie,muffin,missy,choclate chip,

    • grace123 5 years ago

      im getting a rabbit i hv seen them but its to young to be away from its mum so im getting it in january its white and its a lionhead with pionty ears its soooooooooooooooooo cute but i don't know any names coz its my first rabbit i need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't know what sex it is yet either so ye help me plz

      i was thinking casper sparky sparkle angle hagrid (lol that's my mums idea btw) or snowy

      the only thing is i love the name casper but my friend has a rabbit called casie so i think they sound the same i hope she doesn't mind and its the same with sparky my bezzie has a dog called sparky so i couldn't call it that owwww no fair i hope my names helped you x :)

    • 99 red balloons!! 5 years ago

      has anyone got any ideas on a name for my rabbit i need some girl names please thankyou!!!! and i need to know where to get the perfect hutch i want a cool bigish hutch with plenty of room to look around if you know any places could you write a comment back thankyou again if anyone is stuck on names for boys here is a few







    • loopy loo 5 years ago

      hey my rabbit is cslled boo because i got it on halloween and its a white lop and my other rabbit is sooty and its brother is miremite because they are both black. then i have bubble and squek they are lionheads and they are brother or sister we don't know what sex bubble is but squek is a girl. and lastly we have cottonsoxs because she is sooooooo fluffy my lil sis wanted to call it fluffy but that is just to obviouse and soon we are getting a brown rabbit called thumper awwww cute names i know

      hope this was helpful xx

    • Shanzii3 5 years ago

      My Little Brother Has A Rabbit And Has Called It Rocky xx I Am Getting One Today And Calling It Thumper xx

    • Bunny used to be and want to be owner 5 years ago

      I had a bunny named thumper and he really thumped his foot! How cool. But he died when i was really little. But now i am going to get another bunny and i don't know what im going to name it... i love all the names!

    • Caitlin 5 years ago

      That was great help i thought ver y hard its name is smooch cause it cuddles up too u

    • BunnyGirl 5 years ago

      I'm getting a new bunny soon but I just can't name HER yet. The funny thing is I've seen her 20 times now. She black with white feet, her owner put a peace sine bow on her. So what do I name her? HELPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      A wonderful hub,we are not allowed to have a dog due to a strict Landlord but nothing states that we cannot have a rabbit.

      I love all animals and I am missing not being owned by one.

      An up up and away for this one.

      Take care and enjoy your rday.


    • Elijah 5 years ago

      Thee name for that bunny should be "Berry."

    • MYBUNNNNNNIE 5 years ago

      I just got a bunny and my sister and I can't choose pixie or prudens

    • em girl 5 years ago

      my bunnies r fatboy and nutmeg.... AND THERE BOTH GIRLS!!!!! LMAO

    • Ima unicorn!!!! 5 years ago

      I'm gonna get a rabbit in a few months but I cannot decide on a name!! Help me!! :'()

    • amy 5 years ago

      i read the name thumper and just thought it was so cute so that's what my jet black bunnys name is gona ne i get her on saturday

    • kylie 4 years ago

      i named my bunnie Hopscoch

    • Lolhahahahhahaha 4 years ago

      Why don't you call the rabbit if it had buck teeth call it buck

    • ROSE 4 years ago

      ok ilick the name nibbles

    • Anon 4 years ago

      Billy White Shoe, Flopsy, Rabrat, Blackie, Marshmallo

    • Jessica 4 years ago

      Every time I have ever gotten a rabbit I pick out a name right away but then as I get to know them I end up calling them something else. So my french lop is Papa and my holland lop is bonnet like the hat. Don't know where that came from in my head but it suits her.

    • Mikey 4 years ago

      My bunnies are named mr.wiskers and dimond ( which is related to a carrot )

    • inkdali 4 years ago

      My baby is a fat white rabbit & I named him Jax!!

    • Emma 4 years ago

      My rabbits name is Cupcake cuse he has white tips of his toes he is a lionhead

    • Crystal 4 years ago

      My baby bun'z name is Mater!

    • Sarah Magee 4 years ago

      I had a bunny named Cali cuz it was calicoded color:)

    • lovelyashleyp 4 years ago

      killer because if looks could kill i would have be killed by my bunny

    • alvin 4 years ago

      i am going to call it alvin

    • Kayla 4 years ago

      I had two rabbits. The passes away. There names were mango and Latte

    • Kayla 4 years ago

      I don't know what i could name my rabbit. Its a boy. Its pure white and likes to explore. He also likes it when he is getting petted

    • Bunny :) 4 years ago

      I got my bunny today (valentines day) but i might name him Snickers :)

      Candy... HUGE part of valentines day

    • bunyluva 4 years ago

      Im getting a bunny for my birthday and if its a girl im gunna name it percy,quincy,or ginger if its a boy im gonna name it buttons thumper mr. Whiskers or prince

      Hope this helped

      ohh and if anyone has anyone has more ideas tell me thx bye

    • Daniel 4 years ago

      My bunny's name is Sneeze because he snoze a lot when he was a puppy XD

    • Rhia Minx 3000 4 years ago

      Suggested rabbit names:


      Ferndinand,Frank,Hinx,Zany bunny.

      GIRLS:Arabelle,Bluebelle,Fern,Ms Queenie,Jas,


      BOY and GIRL:Lucky,Mispy,Qoulla,Mana,Zip,Fatso

    • Mazzie 4 years ago

      My rabbit's names are

      ebony and Rueban

    • Kriana 4 years ago

      Well I read a book and there were 2 bunnies called button and barney

      They sound cute so hope it helps!

    • goose 4 years ago

      girl....katniss, marla

      boy..... benjiman, goose, ace, peeta

    • AKSB 4 years ago

      My rabbit's name is Latte because she has coffee colored spots and she's white (:

    • emily love 4 years ago

      blacky, cream, fluffy, mocha, oreo, porshe,cocoa,chanel, eminem,samy, cappachino, brownie, lady, coffe, spoti, frappe, gucci, pele, speak, bobby, thumper, frappachino, cuddles, flopsy, sniffles, deor, Apple Ibunny, and lele.

    • Hannah 4 years ago

      Hey my name is Hannah and I'm 16 but I'm stuck on bunnie names i like diva kind of but I don't no but I have a bunny and it's tanish. And my mom has a bunnie and it's name is skittles so please help

      It u have any ideas tell me please at 9185233746 thanks and please

    • Megan 4 years ago

      Starsky, so when it's in its cage you can say look there's starsky and hutch. lol

    • Mia b 4 years ago

      I have got a rabbit he is called Aster I. Love him

    • Aza 4 years ago

      My bunny's names have been Fifi, Mocchiato, Thumper, and Sprite. :) I also have animals named Dot, Luna, Puzzle, Gypsy, Duchess, Peaches, and Camma. :)Just some ideas for y'all.

    • Megan 4 years ago

      I think that there should be a bunny name up there for kitkat so I named my dwarf bunny kitkat cause it's brown and kitkats are my favorite candy????

    • mecalah 01 4 years ago

      im gettin a bunny after spring brake and i have no clue wthat to name it i was thinking girl sophie boy toby

    • jess 4 years ago

      My rabbit is called blosom

    • Violetgleek 4 years ago

      Im have a brown female mini lop which i named Autumn. And a hotot ( white with black rings around his eyes) which i named Bon Iver ( french for good winter)

    • sid 4 years ago

      I just got a rabbit WEBKINZ and I was wondering what to name it... anyone got ideas?! P.S. I don't know why I picked this site though... oh well! :)

    • Rachael 4 years ago

      My rabbit's name was Barney

    • Xelah Rain 4 years ago

      My bunny just had a litter. they were born on Valentines day and should be ready to sell around Easter. I named them for fun anyway.Autum, Taby, December, BigEars,and Road Runner is my favorite. the mom's name is Willow and the dad's is Pluto.Any body want a baby?

    • Emily 4 years ago

      I am getting a rabbit soon. My grandma gave me money to buy one for my birthday. I'm looking for a female Netherland Dwarf. I think they are so cute! I want to name it Arobi or Byun. But I'm not sure if those sound to much like boys names or not. Oh well, I'll figure it out! :D

    • Jennifer M 4 years ago

      I got a bunny today and named him Karl Fredrik, and was about to get a female too and name her Junie, for Junie B Jones !

    • NUNYA 4 years ago

      I have two bunnies, Koda and Boo.

    • Shelby 4 years ago

      Hey i'm 13...i thnk it's cool that u ppl have bunnies!...i juz got one 2!...BUT, its kinda pathetic that u guys r tryin 2 find names of the inernet...dnt u thnk? U should have originality in ur names...isn't it fun 2 come up with a cool fun name all by urself?...that's wut i do...

      LOVING ALL, Shelby

    • eddie12345 4 years ago

      hey,i'm 13 and my rabbit is called domino !!!

    • Terri 4 years ago

      I have 2 bunnies and one just had babies about 5 days ago and im keeping one of the babies but i named my male rabbit patches because he is tan with grey patches and he has black and a white dot on his mouth on him and the female i just named momma or sometimes we call her bun buns and she is a blonde color but her belly is white but the baby we are keeping is an all white one and don't know what to name it yet but her other babies are all blonde color with a little bit of white on them

    • kacee 4 years ago

      i just got a bunny and i don't kno wat to name it i have anabelle, lulu, zoey, juliet, prim, zuzu,carlos, and romeo. he or she is soooooooo cute!!!!!! ya he/she is onl

    • Valerie 4 years ago

      I'm planning to call my new LionHead bunny "Nibbles" :)

    • lafferty 4 years ago

      hiya mate

    • danielle 4 years ago

      my bunny is a dwarf bunny and his name is mr.nutter butter

    • just a girll :) 4 years ago

      I am getting a black bunny this week and i want to name it thumpie ( thumper but to common ) , Lu ( short for Lucy) , and Lady but i dunno .

    • mia 4 years ago

      I'M Getting a bunny it's going to be brown do you recommend I should call it Milo?

    • bunny 4 years ago

      a easy name to remember

    • danielle 4 years ago

      i would name it Oreo a normal name

    • xelah rain 4 years ago

      i have a chicken named oreo.

    • Xelah Rain 4 years ago

      i thimk that human names r boring for pets i think they should be named cute things like Oreo,tabby,Roadrunner,blosson,peterson,thunder,River,Pluto,Willow,Spottedleaf,and sandpaw. who agrees?

    • rachel 4 years ago

      luna, katniss, gidget, or suzuki,

    • Deb 4 years ago

      My Bunny was Dusty Blue Kashmir

    • xelah rain 4 years ago

      bunny names cud be:

      sandpaw ,tabby, roadrunner,moca,latte,coffee,blossom,spotted leaf...

    • bunny owner wannnabe 4 years ago

      mocha, pumpkin, dasher, hop, lilly, violet and creme!

      bunny owner wannabe!!!

    • Zella 4 years ago

      Dear Shelby ,

      If you think it's dumb to look on the Internet to find names.

      You must think of yourself as dumb because to find this website you had to look up bunny names.

      It doesn't just show up



      P.s. Anyone with me?

    • Nadine 4 years ago

      My bunny's name is habit because she has a habit of chewing my cellphone charger.It is also a mix of 'hasie'[AFRIKAANS] and rabbit.But, I also think Vegas and Playboy is good names for your pet bunny

    • Olivia 4 years ago

      I named my bunny Flopsy because he has floppy ears.He has 23 brothers and sisters Bella,Domino,Autum,Chelsy,Lulu,Cupcake,Popcorn,Lily,Mia, Peyton,Pom-Pom,Spot,Cookie,Snowball,Ice-Cream,Cottentail,Abby,Emma,Calli,Lightning,Sky,Candy,and Fluffy.

    • dancer321 4 years ago

      I have two bunnies. One is Cinnamon and the other is Pepper. I don't know how i came up with this but i call Cinnamon beanie.

    • Fuz 4 years ago

      Our Rabbits are called (Thomas) Hobbes and (Jean-Jacques) Rousseau after the political philosophers. Also the names go together well. Not very rabbity but its kinda a family tradition.

    • laura 4 years ago


    • tanner 4 years ago

      my rabbits name is spaz because i had him since the minute he was born and all the other bunnies were huddling together he started sneaking and it looked like he was spazzing and all the other bunnies ran away from him and after that i had to care for him since then

    • jessica 4 years ago

      mine is Princess Ginger Pie but i call her Ginger and my other one is Princess Latte Mocha but i call her Latte and Ginger's middle name is Duchess and Latte's middle name is Chocolate Truffle!!!

    • dogs 4 years ago

      i like ruby snowdrop creamy snowflake chrismas i have trouble finding my bunny a name tell me your name just post a comment to dogs or you can say to ella diane price

    • Sarah Louise Stevenson 4 years ago

      My bunny is called Yomper! She's named after the British animators The Brothers Mcleod, who created characters similar to sheep, which were called yompers. When she was born, she looked just like a yomper, and thus her name was born.

    • bunnypup profile image

      bunnypup 4 years ago from United Arab Emirates, Dubai

      My orange-brown dutch bunny is called...

      Sniffle!!! :)

    • nora 4 years ago

      so my brother got a trip so he bought a bunny so we were thinking what we will name it please help me we didn't fine any name for anmils and something else so please help me

      thank you !!!

    • bunnypup profile image

      bunnypup 4 years ago from United Arab Emirates, Dubai

      nora, to find out a name, you have to get ideas from what your bunny does, his/her personality, or maybe how he/she looks like. If your bunny is white, and a female, you could call it Snowy, or Snowflake. If you can't find anything, search in the internet, I got my bunny's name idea from a similar name that was Snuffle, but I changed it a bit and my bunny's name is Sniffle! If you are asking people on the internet, don't just ask for a name. Cause your bunny might be white, but people give you names for brown bunnies!! Just make one up, search, or ask. If you're asking, to get the best names, say how your bunny looks like, and how he/she acts. Good luck to all of you trying to find bunny names!

    • Xelah Rain 4 years ago

      My Bunny just had her second litter april 16.... there were 8 babies but 2 died because they crawled out of their nest box. there is one that i like most. it is gray with a white stripe on its head and white iside its ears. i don't no if it is a boy or a girl yet but i was wondering what to name it. Anyone? Ps. good advice bunnypup.

    • Xelah Rain 4 years ago

      how come no one ever replys to me?

    • rose 4 years ago

      i had two rabbits before and they were called thumper because he thumped all the time and smokey because his fur was coulered grey.Does anyone have any iders for my new two rabbits ones white and brown and my other one is black and white.Just got them today.

    • asdf 4 years ago

      if any one has a white rabbit pls name it beanie i love that name 4 a rabbit lol :)

    • fred 4 years ago


    • aubrey 4 years ago

      my bunny is named dozer

    • FooFoo 4 years ago

      We named our baby bunny Foofoo. Cause we also have is mother father and another bunny. Benny Benetia benson Foofoo we have aprox. 5 Bunnies.

    • sarah 4 years ago

      I have a bunny I just don't now what to call her im thanking of fluffy or baby I love the name penut just not for a bunny

    • Ellie 4 years ago

      Can someone help me i have a lion head bunny i don't now what to call him. He is all white.

    • soffey 4 years ago

      wow you have a lot of bunny names.

      I'm having trouble handling my dutch bunny.

    • Kirsty 4 years ago

      I got a rabbit on the 9/6/12 and he is called Kupkake and it does look like a cupcake (that's what my mum says anyway) and he is so gentle

    • Eliza 4 years ago

      I have a fat Mini Rex, she is tan and i can not decide on a name! She is very sweet and playful! any suggestions?

    • Eliza 4 years ago

      She also loves to lick me for some weird reason. She tries to burrow into my stomach.

    • Stephie 4 years ago

      Pancakes, and Shadow

    • BunnyGal 4 years ago

      Flossie and shadow are my two sweet bunnies :)

    • Bunny Gal 4 years ago

      Flossie is a dwarf lop, she is very timid and Shadow is a bold lionhead. I used to have a bunny named Pandora, but sadly she passed away recently ;(

    • BunnyGal 4 years ago

      Eliza, how about Sunshine, Snuggler, Caitlin... Running out of names... Blossom?

    • bunnylover 4 years ago

      i have 2 bunnies they are half hollandlop and mini rex one is white with tan spots that ones name is butterscotch and i have one thats all white and loves two be curled up into a ball that 1 is snowball!!!!!!

    • bayever 4 years ago

      Hi, my bunnie's name is splash but we call her bunny or bun-bun. But I think Flash or Flashy is a good name. Or frosty, marshmallow, Fluff.

    • nik2289 4 years ago

      I am getting 2 female mini lops this week, they are both orange and white. Trying to think of names, would like them to work as a pair. Thinking either Blossom and Petal, Muffin/ Biscuit/ Peanut/ Caramel/ Fudge (A Name to go with SPLODGE which I really like!) or famous duo's like Thelma and Louise or Wilma and Betty. Any thoughts (I don't really like names which end in 'y' or 'ie' or that are too long!) Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Cheyenne Lowery 4 years ago

      i'm stuck on names for both male & female bunnies. my brother & i are thinking Spots, Shiloh, Tiny, Shadow, Fluffy, or Blitsole. please say which of theses would be a cute name for a brown, black, & possibly white 1 or 2 week old male or female bunny! & nik2289 Blossom and Petal would be great names for the little animals!

    • eshe7fantasy 4 years ago

      My sister had a bunny named

      Cal-E Cat. she got the name from her calico like coloring n cuz she acted like a cat. our youngest sister who was just starting to write came up with the spelling n it just stuck. im thinkin of getting a bunny n the names i really like are jesse emily jasmine n bonsai... i saw binky too tho n i kinda like that :)

    • eshe7fantasy 4 years ago

      Cheyenne i think shiloh n tiny are adorable names!

    • clodia 4 years ago


    • jasmin.o 4 years ago

      i might getting a bunnie its black wth light brown (blond lookin) around its eyes and i dnt HAVE A NAME i dnt no if its a girl or boy to young

      but i NEED HELP

      girl name

      boy name

      plzz help

    • Liyla 4 years ago

      My new little buddies name is Thumper :):):):):)

    • AnimalGirl0953 4 years ago

      Im getting a white girl bunny with brown ears and nose. Im thinking of naming her smudge, clove, cinnimon, flopsey, peaches, emme, bam bam, or freckles. Can you suggest other names or tell me which one to choose? Thanks.

    • Bunnygirl225 4 years ago

      I have a little bunny multicolored (black,white,tan and grey!!!) and me and my friend (vegata girl) named him/her capachino!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bunny girl225 4 years ago

      His/Her eyes are squinting!!!!!!!

    • animallover 4 years ago

      What do u think , Joy , Smudge , Streak or coco

    • PoppetLover 4 years ago

      My rabbit is called Freddie.

    • RabbitLover13 4 years ago

      Hey, I have a grey and white standard chinchilla rabbit and is so adorable. We've had him a while but never actually considered a name for him, just kept saying it was Rabbit. He is 12 months old and he is so adorable, his personality is so funny and cute. I need a cute name for him to have so I can get a clicker and start to train him. I wish to enter him in shows as he could be a super star and get so much out of it... I do hope you can help me getting him an adorable name...

    • Madison Age,8 4 years ago

      I want a rabbit and I think I'd name my bunny Hopcorn. I would choose that name because it's a combination of popcorn and hop, so I think it's cute. That's what Id' name my bunny if I had one. XD

    • Jess 4 years ago

      I have 4 bunnies :))





    • Harlee 4 years ago

      I have 11 bunnies

      Bandit. Earl. Wiggles.

      Oreo. Sally

      Keqo. Snickers

      Skinny miny. Riley

      Tubby. Usher.

    • Jamicka 4 years ago

      my husband bought me a bunny so a thought fancy was a cute name for her she has a gray noise and feet as well as her tail and rest o her is white.

    • Lukas 4 years ago


    • Sophie 4 years ago

      I am getting a baby dutch I think theese names might come in handy my lil bro n sis (twins) vannila venus willow scarlett sniffles midnight magnolia rascal hazelnut dutchess bambi thumper lucky hope crystal dixie missy jewel princess duffy toffy bandit cottontail slopsy tinker tiger

      Later on we desided it was to be cottontail shes a CUTE lil one cotty motty flopsy ahhhrrrr

    • abbie 4 years ago

      i just had two baby bunny named Coco (brown bunny) and Peppy (gray bunny) and they are just so cute

    • Bobbyjo 3 years ago

      Harley and Clover

    • Hannah 3 years ago

      The name should be Joana

    • 3 years ago

      I named my new rabbit Avalanche snince his fur is completetly white and kicks real hard!

    • Max 3 years ago

      I am looking for a name for a white bunny

    • digitbulb 3 years ago

      i'm not sure what to name my bunnies! one is white and the other is brown and tan. I was thinking of sugar & spice, creme & hazel, sugar & ginger, and others. anyone got any ideas?

    • Sorry guys 3 years ago

      I am getting a 2 rabbits tomorrow ones silver, his name is bullet, the others name is mindy she is golden brown with white, they are both adorable now for some rabbit names for you guys

      Bob, ninja, Phil , drake, fat cheeks, chubs, grubbie, Clark, fang, and he or she has BIG teeth like my old one did Buck fits the purpose

      Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed....LIKE IT UP

      ,The rabbit guy,

    • Namingndanbunnehs 3 years ago

      Here are some cool rabbits names.....LIKE BEFORE YOU READ PLEASE!

      Brown: chocolate, fudge, tree, prim, rough

      Black: ninja, dark, flee, par

      Gray: dusty, cone, grudge

    • socks888 3 years ago

      i have two baby holland lops... one Coco and one Zoe. Coco is a broken blue tort doe and Zoe is a really small Cream doe.

    • McKenna 3 years ago

      I had a Dutch names Oreo (Black and white obviously), a white new Zealand named Amanda, A black New Zealand named Crow, a three legged mixed breed named Tri-Pod, a pair of Rexes named Rose and Henry, A Flemish Giant named Pepper Hasenpfeffer ( he is steel colored, and a little background, my dad thought that it was funny to say we will cook him up, and in German Hasenpfeffer means rabbit stew) and I just got a French Lop (Pure white buck) and am considering the names Edison, Edgar, and Elvis ( Had to be and "E" name because his tatoo is an "E". Hope I could give some great name examples! :-)

    • McKenna 3 years ago

      Sorry French Angora not French Lop...don't know what I was thinking...

    • Ri 3 years ago

      I noticed that there were no X names, so here's one. Xena

    • Madison, Age 8 3 years ago

      So, 4 months ago I said I would name my bunny Hopcorn, but, I'm thinking of second thoughts like Cookie or something so tell me what you think!


      Maddy : )

    • Ben 3 years ago

      how about Carrots & Cookie Dough

    • Bunny lover 3 years ago

      Butter scotch

    • Bunny Lover 3 years ago

      I have been waiting for a pet all my life and today is my lucky day!

      When Winter is over I am going to get a pet rabbit. I am so excited I am already thinking of what to name him or her, I have thought of some names like lettuce or carrot. If you like you can name your bunny lettuce or carrot. Thanks for reading.

    • Bethanie 3 years ago

      I have loads of rabbits! I have Cornflake, Brian, Angel, Mitsy, Lottie, Buscuit, Bella, Max, Delilah, Sooty, Tinkerbelle, Smokey, Ozzy, Midnight, Tiana, Red, Snow and Mittens :)

    • Sofie 3 years ago

      Is river a good bunny name for a girl?

    • Hadley 3 years ago

      My 3 rabbits were muffy, Buffy, and fluffy

    • william 3 years ago

      i think you shall name it fudge, because it is the couler of it and it is just aadoreble

    • matison 3 years ago

      ziggy cottontail or double M wich one should i chose

    • melodybunny 3 years ago

      My brown mini rabbit is named Melody!

    • eliabeth 3 years ago

      help i do not know what my bunny

    • bye 3 years ago


    • Emma 3 years ago

      Bunnies that have gone over the rainbow bridge have been called big ears, izzy, and barney and our current bunnies are called scooby ( Barneys brother), biscuit, olly, Millie, misty, treacle, honey, coco (biscuit and millies baby) and lily plus we have a fawn minilop doe (honey and biscuits baby) that needs a name!!!!

    • none 3 years ago

      I'm having trouble naming my female mini lop rabbit who's grey with a white spot on top of her head. At the moment I'm thinking Muffin, Mini, Bonny, Lottie, Holly or Lola!!!

    • none 3 years ago

      I don't know what to call her!!!! Me, my mum and my little sis played a game last night going through the alphabet starting with A, we each said a name begining with A then B then C and so on. I quite liked the name dusty have you got any other ideas for my baby mini lop!!!!

    • none 3 years ago

      my mum's just said to me it looks like your rabbit's got a star shape on her head and that's what the spot of white fur on top of her head was. So I have now named her....... STAR!!!!!!

    • none 3 years ago

      hear are some other names for rabbits

























    • none 3 years ago

      Please ignore the message above the message above

      She is now called.....Hope

    • Mya 3 years ago

      I'm getting a bunny and I'm naming it Bugs. My cousin's bunnies are named Marley and Zeus .

    • hi 3 years ago

      What about Bambi

    • HAZZAH 3 years ago

      should call bunneh MUFASA

    • Becky 3 years ago

      My bunnies are Casey, Cole, WoollyBear, Seal, Lion. Rooh, and Snoopy...all boys!!

    • Jesabel 3 years ago

      I have a 2 year old Black Otter Male mini lop named Bentley

      A 1 year old orange butterfly Female dwarf Rex X mini lop named Mini

      And we adopted our third and final rabbit which is a 11 week old agouti butterfly Female Mini lop and are stuck on a name.

      I like Pepper, Petal, Hazelnut, Bailey and Flicka

    • Jess 2 years ago

      Mine is a blonde girl named Velveteen

    • chase 2 years ago

      when I get a bunny I want to name it bliss if she is a girl. and if he is a boy I want to name him peanut. I would only name him peanut if he was a mini lop because if I get a mini lop it would be tan....

      other names I thot of were.....











      bo bo









    • Buzz infinity 2 years ago























      Thunder storm

      Storm cloud

      Carrot cake











      Wind storm








      Cotton candy

      Peter cotton tail









      Funny bunny


    • lady angelus 2 years ago

      I have recently brought an 8 week old lion head bunny, she light gray so light gray she looks sliver. For that reason I called her Luna. I have a chocolate brown mini lop called Katerina. I also had a big lop tri coloured bunny called Renesmee

    • Ember 2 years ago

      My rabbit is a mini Rex, and he is vlck, so I picked one of you're name suggestions and called him Diesel!!!!! Thanx

    • angelina 2 years ago

      hi fluffie is my bunnys

    • Addie 2 years ago

      I might be getting a bunny and had some name ideas, but you can use them if you don't have them already and like them.... if I get a boy I was planing on either Tiny Tim, Percy, or Thumper. I had some trouble with girl rabbits names, I'm not quite sure that i like these, but honey, autumn, or rose. If you have any name ideas for me, please post a comment saying boy or girl and the names. Thanks!

    • sofie landsberg 2 years ago

      my bunny's name is Chalk because he is black with one white paw!!!!!!!


    • Pam 2 years ago

      one of the names should be Magillacuddy

    • Emma 2 years ago

      My rabbits name is daisy

    • chloe 2 years ago

      I think that 2 good names are Roxi and Molka.

    • cheeta 2 years ago

      Girl names: Lyilee(pronounced Lie-lee) misty raja Lanny Alicia ava bunbun ember mocksey coco Luna prim and Katnip

      Boys names:thumper spaz Sir Hopsalot smoky peanut and rolo

    • Jessica 23 months ago

      My bunnies name is ginger because she is a ginger colour.My brothers black bunny is called darth vader . And my sisters bunny is white but she can't decide what name to choose she is picking between ELISA and snowy



    • bunny lover 22 months ago

      My bunnies names are Scooby,Gus,Rocko,Echo,Buttercup,and Daisy!

    • Fuzzball 22 months ago

      OK my bunny is called fuzzball for a reason because he is just so

      fuzzy and just completely CUTE!!!!!!

    • Cindy 22 months ago

      My bunnies are named Vladimir and Caesar. :)

    • Amy 22 months ago

      My mini lop doe is called Pixie Lily and my mini lop buck is called Alfie.

    • Jenn 22 months ago

      Getting a grey dwarf bunny naming it shadow

    • Riley 21 months ago

      my fluffy brown female Rex's (a type of breeding rabbit) name is Cinnamon

    • stephany 20 months ago

      Me and My Brother got brown Bunnies and we think might name them bouncer and binky

    • Taylor 19 months ago

      i got my rabbit on Easter this year. He was young when I got him. His name is pascal ❤️. And he is absoultley adore able! The name pascal means "born on Easter" so I thought that fit him perfectly. I couldn't ask for a better rabbit.

    • Julie 19 months ago

      mustache and sweet pea are the names of my boys

    • ashley 19 months ago

      My white Hotot dwarf's name is Rebel McTwisp. She's a little rebel and she looks like Nivans McTwisp off Alice and wonderland. But i struggled with calling her first name : Honey, lemon, Thyme,time, late, or tock. Blinc, Diore, Mac or Diva because of her eyeliner.

    • Kristen 18 months ago

      We have three rabbits named Oreo, Flopsy, and Pepper. I'm looking in to anther one who will be named Opal.

    • Tylin 18 months ago

      I'm getting an all red Holland Lop and her name is Ginger

    • Jackie 17 months ago

      My rabbits name is moose. :)

    • Katie 17 months ago

      I named my bunny Ember. She's a dutch so she has a blaze, but Blaze is a male name. Ember always struck me as a female name, and because they both have to do with fire, they are related. In short, her name is Ember because she has a blaze.

    • Bunny lover 101 16 months ago







    • golivas88 16 months ago

      Those are all awesome names! Our bunny's name is badoing because when he hops he goes badoing, badoing! The kids wanted to call him bugs bunny but thought it should be more original his full formal name is Bugs Badoing Chin-Chin Bunny! Chin=Chin because he chins everything in site and when he flops on his side....he looks oriental.....he is sooo cute.

    • bunbun28 15 months ago

      I have a grey bunny with tan paws and face and a white chest

    • malynda Lynn martini 14 months ago

      I love black and white bunnies That are 8 months there just so cute soft and cozy they cuddle they love each other than I could play with each other they cuddle with peoples there just so cute bunnies and aren't they

    • bunnies 14 months ago

      I love the names but Penny, Cinnamon, butter cups, and a really cute french name is also cool!

      Bunnies are so cut!!!

      Trying to convince my mom and dad...

      hopefully they say yes. :] Go bunnies!

    • Morgan 13 months ago

      Hazel :)

    • MACKENZIE 12 months ago

      I am getting a bunny exactly like the picture but much smaller. I am naming it WILLOW or CINNOMON.

    • ghfgvd 10 months ago

      a cute name for abunny would be Hadlynn!!!!!!!

      ^ ^


    • Isabella 9 months ago

      Fudge or Toffee

    • kirstin 9 months ago

      I'm getting a bunny this summer and I'm either going to name him Winston or Oliver :-)

    • Liana 8 months ago

      I have six bunnies:







    • Trinity 6 months ago

      Mine is named Snowball, because her fur is white as snow and when she's curled up, she looks like, well, a snowball.

    • al 6 months ago

      My bunnies names are Flossy and Sparkle.

      If I get another I'd be leaning towards Aria or Ollie

    • Lena 6 months ago

      I had Rosie, Nibbles, Oreo, Hershey, Rocky Road, Cinnamon, and Chocolate Chip personally. My mom had Coconut, Corky, Konan, Stuart, Teddy Bear, and Socks. my brother had Floppy. my sister had Thumper and Kelsi. We got them all used to their names and humans before they even went to another family and that was from birth. Oreo and Rocky Road were the sweetest babies. Stuart was half blind and Socks and Rosie really hated carrots. Teddy Bear was an escape artist.

    • Jemma Hammond 4 months ago

      I have a little mini lop and we called him toffee also we are getting a white blue eyed mini lop which I want to call snowbelle

    • Caitlin Gorman 3 months ago

      I named my black otter Netherland dwarf buck Dopey

    • honey bunny 3 months ago

      I have 2 Lionhead bunnies mine is called Tilly(grey) and my brothers one is called Willow (grey and white)

    • Cas 2 weeks ago

      I am thinking of naming my baby Holand Lop mix Jynx.

      Not sure yet though. I am going back and forth with names.

    • Angelie 2 weeks ago

      i can't find a perfect name for my new bunny.

    • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

      I'm getting a bunny and I'm going to name it dr. Fluffles! He's going o be white with light grey floppy ears.

    • Trudy 22 hours ago

      I want a name foy kids that starts with the letter m

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