The Bored Bunny - How To Entertain Your Rabbit

Updated on June 19, 2013

A bored bunny is a bad bunny, and many rabbits are bored simply because their owners have little appreciation for how smart they are, and how much they need to play and 'work' their brains. If you got a rabbit because you thought they were a dull but pretty creature that would sit in a small cage all day, then you chose the wrong pet, and should think about getting a goldfish instead!

The good news is that there are many simple ways to entertain your rabbit, stimulate its mind, and keep it out of trouble. Read on to find out just how to keep your bunny healthy in mind not just body.

Flip and Toss

Bunnies quite often love to throw things around. Some rabbits will even attack things if you roll them towards them, much like a dog would do. There are a lot of small toys available for rabbits, usually made from some form of sisal or cane that are perfect for being picked up in a bunny's mouth and thrown around.


Of course, a big part of a bunny's repertoire is chewing. If a rabbit doesn't have good toys to chew on, it will soon start chewing things it shouldn't. Obsessive chewing is also a sign of neurosis, which can develop when your rabbit is just plain bored with everything.


Giving your bunny something to 'remodel' will give its natural burrow building instincts a work out, and hopefully save your furniture. Cardboard boxes make excellent remodeling centers for rabbits. Tape them up, cut a couple of holes in them so the rabbit can run through, and you have a toy that the rabbit can chew to its satisfaction, not to mention run around, hide in and behind, and other fun bunny things.


Change your bunny' environment up a bit now and then. Cardboard boxes, as mentioned in the previous section, are excellent toys (as long as bunny isn't eating the boxes) because they are light, cheap, very bunny friendly, and they provide literally hours of entertainment for rabbits, who love to sprint around them, run through them, and nibble bigger holes in them to their hearts content.

What this all really comes down to is a need for play and toys. I have written a whole lot of hubs on this subject, including ones with more expansive toy suggestions and inspirations. Not all bunnies play the same way, but all bunnies do want to play. If your rabbit seems to sit there all day and all night never doing anything, then it is probably bored out of its skull and going slowly mad.

Check out these hubs for more hints:


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    • profile image

      flossyann 8 months ago

      my rabbit gets up to all sorts of mischief chewing wallpaper wires clothes he's like a dog he's very clever he chews his bars when he wants to come out of his cage he's only 5 months old I've bought him tunnels and all sorts of toys but this rabbit is still in to my wallpaper help anyone please xx

    • profile image

      ADAfsf 2 years ago

      God, I hate my rabbit. She does NOTHING, and she won't warm up to me at all. I've had her for 4 months, and as soon as she ever comes up to me she turns around and flicks her foot while she leaves like she angry even though I did nothing to her, and whenever I think shes inspecting me, shes actually just trying to walk across me. I wish I got a ferret instead, I've read that their much more energetic and loving than rabbits ever are.

    • profile image

      Meadow11 4 years ago

      These are great my bunnie is no longer board

    • Bunnylover36 profile image

      Bunnylover36 5 years ago

      These games are cool but my two bunnies just run away and play PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Dani M. 6 years ago

      Hi my bored 4 1/2 month old Holland Lop, Oliver has stuff to do in his cage but he only plays with them when I am around or I show it to him. He has a ramp down to an open run with grass that he loves but he doesnet go down there unless I put them down there. I do let him explore the backyard without a harness or anything so maybe the reason he is so unambitious is because all he wants to do is go in the backyard. What should I do?? Shoud I stop the backyard exporations?

    • profile image

      Tallulah 6 years ago

      My bunny is so cute but she is getting quite aggressive- any ideas of what i could do. she is turning 1 in a couple of months.

    • profile image

      Oliviabartlett 6 years ago

      i have a bunny and he was things to throw around and run through and he doesn't play with them, all he does is lay down. He does run around a lot. Just because rabbits don't play with toys, it doesn't mean they are bored or going mad..... you never know they could play with them in the night

    • profile image

      tcm22101 6 years ago

      my bunny is a little aggressive. one time i was sitting on the floor playing with a balloon with my friend and she came over and started grunting a pawing at the balloon. she will also grunt when i mess with her food bowl to fill it up when there is still a little bit left in there. she will some times play with me but normally she wont.

    • profile image

      jodfrog 6 years ago

      Loved it, so did my bunny thank you sooo much. my bunny used to be a sad bunny , now its hopping around playing with everything and loves coming out of its hutch. Thank you!!!!!

    • profile image

      Lizzie:) 6 years ago

      we have this huge thing around the side of our house i was gonna use it as a play pen but it has a few sunflowers. are they aloud to eat them or do i got to get rid of em?

    • profile image

      Jennifer 6 years ago

      I have a bunny she is so cute! she always has this ball to playu with and it haas holes in it and she throws it back to us :) soo cute!

    • profile image

      Kate 6 years ago

      enjoyed reading this, it's good to have a few ideas I've had my bunnies since this past summer and their my babies but they always get bored with what I give them :)

    • profile image

      Mads 6 years ago

      Help my rabbit dose not play at all I've tried cardboard boxes balls all he dose is move his food ball and the ocassionall run

    • profile image

      louie the rabbit 7 years ago

      You can't stop rabbits from biting cardboard its just something they like to do. Also she could be biting the cardboard because she's bored herself to a thrad and she needs something to do

    • profile image

      unknown  7 years ago

      my rabbbit is called willow who is only 8 weeks old, when i try to put things like cardboard obstacles in her cage, all she does is eat them how can this be stopped?

    • profile image

      Ashe 7 years ago

      I have two dutch bunnies that love chasing each other around and laying down. I never really thought about buying them toys since they have so much fun together but maybe I'll buy them some chew toys and a hut for this Christmas ;]

    • profile image

      nicole  7 years ago

      my rabbit loves to lay on air vents and im a little worried it will get to cold and get sick. should i be worried

    • profile image

      jason 8 years ago

      Just to say this is poor. I have 7 rabbits that have plenty of toys and lots of stimulation, each is given lots of love and attention but they all like to lay down and relax throughout the day. This does not mean they are bored out of their skull and going mad. Its their choice. I suggest you find a new job.

    • profile image

      awesome 8 years ago

      some one just said ur bunny castle look shit. its perfectly fine to me. anyway the bunnies will chew it up.

    • The Info-Bunnie profile image

      The Info-Bunnie 8 years ago

      Yes! You are so right. Also, artificial (wood) tunnels should keep them going. They need exersise and to be played with. They aren't supposed to be just kept in a cage or hutch their entire life.

    • profile image

      Random 8 years ago

      tofresh4u, sounds like you need to give your bunny the snip, will be a lot kinder for him as he wont be so mad all the time...but if you have already had him done, then...sorry, cant help!

    • profile image

      yoyo 8 years ago

      thanks a lot I just do one of your tips

    • profile image

      tofresh4u 9 years ago

      My bunny gets like really mad if i mess with anything in his spot.He's smart but he's never cooperative when i try to get him to play.Is there abnything i can do to let him step out of his territorial phase?? if i even accidentaly throw a ball into his HUGE territory he runs over there and just attacks it.You would think hes trying to have fun but he just gets madder and madder until hell start boxing and grunting!!

    • profile image

      Heidi 9 years ago

      Awsome, I have bunnies and I never knew till the vet told us that they needed play and this was great-full of ideas!

    • expectus profile image

      expectus 9 years ago from Land Downunder

      Just read this hub enjoyed it very much:) good stuff

    • guidebaba profile image

      guidebaba 9 years ago from India

      Great Hub.


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