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Common Causes of Sudden Death in Healthy Rabbits

Updated on August 14, 2015

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Domestic rabbits typically live between nine and twelve years, although eight years is common as well.
Domestic rabbits typically live between nine and twelve years, although eight years is common as well. | Source

We all remember the happy day we got our pet bunnies. Sadly, some rabbits that appear perfectly healthy die for no apparent reason. There is always a cause of death, no matter how sudden. As heartbreaking as it is, the bunny must have suffered from some illness, stress, or injury.

The Life Cycle of a Domestic Rabbit

This domestic female California rabbit (with kits) may die if put through sterilization surgery. With pet rabbits, it is best to only sterilize the males.
This domestic female California rabbit (with kits) may die if put through sterilization surgery. With pet rabbits, it is best to only sterilize the males. | Source

Rabbits are born in litters of 1-14. They start eating what their mother eats at around three weeks and can leave their mother at eight weeks. Most male rabbits (bucks) become sexually mature at around four months. This is a good age to have your male neutered. Females (does) can die from being spayed as it is a major operation. I suggest only sterilizing male rabbits.

Most rabbits stop growing between 18-24 months of age and a healthy rabbit can live for 9-12 years. While giant breeds will not usually live to eight years, a healthy standard or dwarf rabbit will live to a full life span provided it is cared for properly. Rabbits become senior citizens at 7-8 years of age. The Holland Lop and Netherland Lop have the longest life span, with most living past ten and even into their early teens.

Why Would a Seemingly Healthy Pet Rabbit Suddenly Die?

Ten Causes for Sudden Rabbit Death
The bunny was an indoor pet that could not handle outdoor temperatures.
Myiasis, or deadly fly-strike.
Injured during improper handling by children.
Fear-related heart attack.
Injured by another pet.
Aborted pregnancy
Swallowed a sharp object.
Bunny was older than you thought.
Pre-existing health condition.

Pet Store Rabbits Should Stay Indoors

One of the most common causes of sudden rabbit death is that the rabbit was meant to live indoors and could not handle the temperatures outdoors.
One of the most common causes of sudden rabbit death is that the rabbit was meant to live indoors and could not handle the temperatures outdoors. | Source

Most pet store staff will tell you to keep your rabbit inside until summer, when the weather is warmer. Pet shop rabbits have been inside the warm store for a few weeks or more and cannot live outside right away. Rabbits have delicate systems and a drop in temperature could kill them. It is not a good idea to keep pet store rabbits outside at all. They are indoor animals and must be kept indoors.

Deadly Fly Strike and Rabbits

Many new rabbit owners are not aware of deadly fly strike. This happens when a germ-infested fly lands on a rabbit and lays eggs on them. The eggs hatch quickly and can literally eat a rabbit inside and out.

A rabbit with deadly fly strike gets a dirty bottom and has a foul smell. If caught early enough, treatments can save the rabbits life but their lifespan will be shorter than usual.

The best way to prevent this fatal condition is to regularly check your rabbit's bottom and keep it clean. Use a fly guard in your rabbit's environment and keep your pet on a proper diet: no carrots, lettuce, or bread.

Rabbits Should Not Live With Children Under 12

Rabbits have delicate bodies and bones. If living with young children, a rabbit can easily be injured, perhaps fatally so, after being mishandled by a child.
Rabbits have delicate bodies and bones. If living with young children, a rabbit can easily be injured, perhaps fatally so, after being mishandled by a child. | Source

Rabbits often do not like children and can be very fearful of them. If a child does not handle the rabbit properly, the rabbit may jump about so the child can't hold them or lets go. If the rabbit falls to the floor they may break their backbone or neck. Their bones are very delicate and break easily. Children running around screaming can cause stress and anxiety for rabbits. If a child ran out into your garden yelling and a few days later your rabbit died, then you have your cause: Rabbits can die of shock (see below) and are not suitable for children under 12 years of age.

Rabbits Can Die of Fright!

Loud sounds can scare a rabbit to the point of causing a heart attack. The rabbit may go into shock and die a few days later.
Loud sounds can scare a rabbit to the point of causing a heart attack. The rabbit may go into shock and die a few days later. | Source

It is possible for a rabbit to die of fright. Loud sounds, such as cats, dogs, loud music, or screaming can lead to a heart attack and put a rabbit into shock, causing sudden death. It can day several days for the rabbit to die this way, and it does not happen often, but it is quite possible.

Other Animals or Pets Can Kill a Rabbit

Cats, dogs, and ferrets are hunting animals and can easily catch and kill a domestic rabbit.
Cats, dogs, and ferrets are hunting animals and can easily catch and kill a domestic rabbit. | Source

Do not even consider a rabbit if you have aggressive dogs, large dogs, young untrained puppies, ferrets, or cats. Ferrets are hunters and cat are wild animals will will hunt, frighten, or severely injure a pet bunny. Large dogs can easily induce shock and heart attacks. Puppies don't mean to be naughty, but of course they can hurt or frighten your rabbit to death. If you are planning to get a bunny, train your dog beforehand and keep them away from each other. Slowly introduce them to one another. Do not buy a terrier such as a Westie or Schnauzer, as these are hunting dogs and are extremely hard to train to leave a rabbit alone.

An Aborted Late Pregnancy Can Be Fatal

A female rabbit that aborts a pregnancy in late term may not be able to absorb the fetal tissue. The dead kits may become toxic inside her, resulting in death.
A female rabbit that aborts a pregnancy in late term may not be able to absorb the fetal tissue. The dead kits may become toxic inside her, resulting in death. | Source

If a rabbits aborts a pregnancy and cannot reabsorb the fetus, the baby rabbits will simply die inside her and create a toxic situation. A normal miscarriage can be absorbed harmlessly, but if the pregnancy is further long when the miscarriage happens, the mother rabbit may die.

Poison Ingested Inside or Out in the Garden

Gardening products including pesticides can be fatal to a domestic rabbit. Signs of poisoning are loss of appetite and discharge from the eyes, mouth, or anus.
Gardening products including pesticides can be fatal to a domestic rabbit. Signs of poisoning are loss of appetite and discharge from the eyes, mouth, or anus. | Source

It is possible for a pet rabbit to suffer poisoning and die very quickly. They may not show any symptoms and behave normally, but if there is discharge from any area, especially the eyes, mouth, or anus, they may have eaten something poisonous in the garden. They will have very little appetite for food or water. If your rabbit dies and you suspect poison, be sure to remove the body and sterilize the area. If you have another rabbit and that one seems fine, take them to the vet just in case.

Possible sources of poison include gardening products, pesticides, washing powder, and other cleaning products.

What You Should Know Before Buying a Rabbit

Bunny Is Older Than You Thought

Once a rabbit is past three, it can be very hard to precisely identify the age. Be very careful to check a rabbit over before purchasing or adopting. Rabbits stop growing at 18-24 months of age, but read up on the breed of rabbit you are looking at so you know typical sizes for babies and adults of that type. Some rabbit sellers may pass an older rabbit as younger. Unless you are sure the rabbit is young, think twice about buying or adopting. The stress of moving to a new home might cause a very old rabbit to die sooner rather than later.

Did Your Bunny Have Health Problems?

A rabbit may have a history of health problems that the seller does not disclose.
A rabbit may have a history of health problems that the seller does not disclose.

It is hard to tell a rabbit's history. If you do not know the person who is selling the rabbit, ask a vet or veterinary nurse to come along so they can give a proper examination of the animal. Ask the seller for medical records.

Swallowing Objects Like Glass Can Kill a Rabbit

Before your rabbit forages in the garden, make sure to remove any sharp objects, especially pieces of broken glass or anything that could be potentially very harmful to your pet. Rabbits will sometimes ingest things they shouldn't and in many cases it does them no harm. Swallowing a sharp or large object can literally tear a rabbit's insides, causing severe internal bleeding. If you notice blood around the anus, this may be a sign of internal bleeding. If this happens, take it to the vet to have it examined immediately.

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    • Kathy 4 hours ago

      John I am so sorry for your bunny passing away.

      I will keep you in all of my prays.

      Love always kathy.

    • john 19 hours ago

      My rabbit just passed away yesterday. Had her for seven years. She was old and her body could not continue on.she died in my lap.I'm devastated. Its very hard,but she knew I loved her and took excellent care of her.bunny is gone now. I'm crying as I write this.good bye,bunny.I'll miss you,baby!

    • Cara 3 days ago

      Hi my rabbits was very healthy and suddenly had fits and all 4 of them died by the same reason does anyone no what it was?

    • Kenya 7 days ago

      Hi my bunny is healthy very healthy no problems no nothing my cousin was carrying her and the next day she died

      R.I.P patunia I'll miss you always in my heart love your owner Kenya when I die someday I want to see you I know god will give you food everyday and will keep you nice and warm and healthy all my 7 bunnies love you patunia you baby's

    • stephanie 10 days ago

      yesterday my rabbit died suddenly we don't know how she passed away she was only a year old we got her away from a abusive family were the other people had a bigger rabbit and they never fed her until we got her she was a white blue eye dwarf lion head

    • Jillian 3 weeks ago

      My bunny had dislocated hips and had to scoot around but was otherwise pretty healthy we would have to clean her sometimes but other then that she was normal and then all of the sudden we found her dead. She was so sweet she will be missed deeply. R.I.P. Angel

    • Dimple 3 weeks ago

      My bunny was new to our home . It didn't eat anything and later the third day he died! We tried to feed him all the veggies we got ! Even the green grass ...Can we revive him ? The vet is really far off ...Don't know what to do!

    • BERT Machado 4 weeks ago

      I have 3 month old rabbits out doors in the pins and the weather at night gets to about 30 degrees they used to the outdoors but once in while one dies and that's 3 in the last 15 days and i don't know why they dying!!!!!

    • Leanne 6 weeks ago

      Audrey maybe instead of giving to people maybe you could be more informative on what people should do and not do as they seem to be asking advise not put downs .....

    • Audree 2 months ago

      You are not I REPEAT are NOT supposed to bathe rabbits. They are very clean mammals and clean themselves, This is why your rabbits died, they went into shock from being so wet. You should not be owning a rabbit if you are not going to research them first. Also, there are alot of poisonous plants and vegetables, make sure you do your research. It is your job to do so if you want to own one.

    • Paige 2 months ago

      My bunny was laying sideways and when I went to check on her I found out she died and we didn't know what to do with her sister

    • Qtyaus 2 months ago

      My bunny died suddenly. I work nights and checked on him about 6 am and then went to bed. My GF woke me up at 1pm and said she thinks the bunny is dead. I went to check on him and he was stiff laying on his side looking at the door as if to look for me. He was a little warm but I think he was dead for a few hours. He was only 9 months old, the only thing I can think of was we brought a aloe plant inside and he chewed on it as we let him run around the house a few hours a day. I cant believe that as a construction worker who is supposed to be tough and hardy that my bunny's death would affect me so much. He was my buddy, he would follow me around, jump on me and lay with me and sleep while I rubbed his head. Miss you Honey Bun.

    • Natu 2 months ago

      Bunny boy was livong with my female rabbit teenie... they were fine last night, this morning i walk out hes laying on his side, eyes wide open. She sat buy him and lifted his arm and sniffed his eye.... i dont know if she killed him cos she can be vicious.. im not sure how old he is we only got him about three weeks ago. My three yr old doesnt understand hes now gone.

    • Sad person! 2 months ago

      My rabbit died 2 days ago. I went to feed it and noticed it wasn't moving. It usually runs to the edge of the cage so I stopped, terrified. He was laying on his side with his head down too. Then I noticed him move his leg. I looked closer and saw his eyes were open and I said his name and he moved his legs and head a little for a few seconds. It was like he was trying to get up but he could barely move. I told my mum and we took him inside carefully. I examined him but there were no bite marks or ticks. Then I layed him down on an old shirt. I even tried feeding him a little bit of grass but he didn't do anything. My mum said it was dying and I was sad. We watched him for a while and he didn't move but every few minutes he would either kick his legs a little or sort of sneeze. After about 10 minutes he started to breathe different. He would open his mouth and take a big breath and breathe out straight away. It would make a little noise every time he did this. He did this every 6 seconds (I counted) so I knew his time was coming to an end. Soon he stopped breathing and I noticed he was starting to shiver slightly, his stomach and whiskers were moving and his tail went up slowly. He was also cold all of a sudden. We wrapped him up and buried him. It was sad because the day before he was fine! I'm still very sad... He will always be loved.

    • Flemishlove 2 months ago

      I had 2 beautiful giant brother but sadly I found one dead one morning and the other just drop dead couple hours after finding his brother. I'm guessing they ate something poisonous in the garden when I let them out for their run. Could it have been a poisonous plant?

    • anonymous 3 months ago

      (this is going to be abit long but very worth reading) my almost 1 year old mini lop rabbit called Cinnamon died early this morning, here's what happened.

      i went outside to look after my two rabbits and found Cinnamon laying down in the closed off part of the hutch where they usually sleep.

      for a second i thought it was just sleeping but when i opened the cage and shook it, i realised it wasn't just sleeping.

      it was still warm and squishy so i was quiet confused but i ran back inside to tell my mum that something had happened to poor cinnamon. i quickly ran back outside and shook it again and i saw its chest moving up and down slightly, which meant that it's heart was still beating, it was still alive! Mum told me it was probably dying. i was so upset and i pleaded that it wake up. it's leg moved a little bit and i tried to wake it up but although it's body was moving a bit, it's head and face was so lifeless. it's eyes were open and it was drooling. such a terrible sight to see... then i ran and grabbed a big enough box and carefully picked Cinnamon up.

      it's body was so warm and soft and fluffy. i placed it gently in the box, then it started shaking and twitching, i think it was having a seizure. but it stopped in about 3 seconds. and then i carefully brought my dying bunny inside whilst my sister kept my other bunny, Nibbles, out of the way.

      i sat next to Cinnamon for about half an hour before it twitched its leg and lifted up it head from the base of the box. hope filled in me but then its head fell back down. i didn't know what was going on. then it streatched out its legs and it's head moved again.

      then suddenly oil coloured fluid literally shot out of in between its legs and then it rested its head again,

      i asked my mum about it and she said it was its body shutting dow,.

      this made me so upset i patted Cinnamon for another half hour and cried and sand soft songs to it before i noticed its chest had stopping moving and it's nose wasn't twitching anymore.

      i shook it but it didn't respond at all.

      i cried even more and knew it was dead for real now.

      i picked up the box and took it into the shed, where it would stay until later when we'd bury it.

      i gave Cinnamon a kiss on top of its fur before saying goodbye and that i loved her forever.

      i closed the box and left it there.

      i went inside and had a shower which went for about an hour while i was still processing in my mind that my baby had just died.

      after my shower i quickly ducked into the shed and took one last look at Cinnamon.

      i patted its body, but this time it was cold and rock hard. i cried some more and gave it a final kiss and said my last goodbye.

      once i had stopped crying, i asked my mum what had happened to it.

      she said it had probably caught myxamotosis which is a disease spawned by a mosquito bite.

      then i remembered that i seen a mosquito flying around in the hutch when i found Cinnamon dying, and told her so.

      she said that's what Cinnamon had died from most likely.

      my other rabbit, Nibbles, is younger than Cinnamon.

      i didn't want to put Nibbles back in the hutch until we've sterilised it all so i made a space in my room for it with a little comfy bed and lots of food and water for it.

      i really hope Nibbles doesn't have this disease either because i don't think i can't handle another death.

      but Nibbles is going to be very lonely without Cinnamon, because they were so close together all the time.

      they were best friends.

      Rest In Peace, Cinnamon. i love you, always, forever❤️❤️

    • bk 3 months ago

      my bunny stomped his feet in the middle of the night last night, so I came out to check on him.. his nose was running uncontrollably & he was panting heavily... I held him & layed with him for an hour & it became obvious it was time for him to go.... he was 10yrs old with no known health problems, so it was either old age or a blockage. I tried to comfort him as much as possible.. I'm glad I was with him when he passed away.. I haven't stopped crying. 10yrs... awesome pet & family member.

    • XaneyahBestfriendBunny! 3 months ago

      Hi My bunny name was Kya.It all started yesterday when I was at home I had gave my bunny a bath and my mom yelled my name telling me to put my bunny up so I can pack my clothes.So I can spend a night over my cousins.I put her in the cage not remembering to dry her off.Later on I found her under her water bottle just standing there.I took her out.And realized she wasn't bleeding or blinking.I dropped her on top of the cage crying to death.Until my brother check and saw she wasn't dead.I got a towel and a blanket and wrapped her in it and held her by the heater to keep her an hour later we unwrapped her and she started flopping around bouncing every where.Until my mom said she was having a seizure.We wrapped her back up and she was fine.We laid her on my bed and I turned on my space heater.and left to my cousins praying she would make it.It was 2 days when I spend a night over my cousins.later on I came back home.Running in the house about to check on her.When my mom told me to wait.And she told my that my bunny had passed away and its still hard to believe that she is gone.I cried myself to sleep.Just a few minutes ago I was literally looking for her.When my brother reminded me she was gone.I'm still crying.But she will always be in my heart.

    • Ashton 3 months ago

      one of my three bunnies died today. His/Her name was Saige. They are too young to sex. I still have my others but i still don't feel better.

    • amb28 3 months ago

      one of my 2bunnies just died this early morning,the white one,sad.. which is my daughter adore so much. her tears will surely shed from her eyes when she come home just to know that her favourit (bunny) died.

    • Cheryl Gehrke 3 months ago

      PLease do not tell people to not spay female rabbits. I have had 3 from breeders that died of Uterine cancer. Gracie died first and I got her necropsied. she was full of cancer, then I got Binky and River spayed. The vet said they both had cancer but he thought he got it all, then 3 months later River died of lung cancer of all things and Binky died 6 months after that. A rabbit over 5 years old has an 80% chance of getting uterine cancer. I have rescued 54 rabbits and none of them have ever died from a spay. Boy rabbits should be neutered too because I had one little boy bunny who got testicle cancer and he died. This bun was from a breeder who let him go with his testicles all swollen up. I took him and got him neutered but he died because he was so weak. Please people if you love your rabbits and want them to live a long time, get them spayed and neutered.

    • Amrita 3 months ago

      My bunny named Bugz died last year ;(

      It all started when i went to my cousins house i was on my cousins bed and me and my couin saw a persson walk from the side of our eyes we were so terrified i started to think about Bugz and my 5 guineapigs. me and my cousin checked and yelled out MUM but it was't them they were outside.

      When we went home i ran to check my gunieapigs Zara, Kira, Simber, Bula, Vinaka and they were fine and then i RUSHED so FAST! to Bugz and sore him laying down with birds eating his food, i dropped and screamed.

      I picked him up and he was all sloppy, i was praying anf crying and panicking. I didn't know what do i wen and placed water on front of him and he just standed still i CRIED so much that i have never moved on. I tried to do mouth to mouth but nothing worked, and i was so heart broken and sad that i wasn't brave enough to tell mum and i was SO SO SO STUPID that i left him there you must think i am stupid and i hated myself for it. At night i told my sister that....he is dying and she didn't belive me at first and when we checked on him......he.......died i CRIED AND CRIED! And then the next day i went down stairs to hug him and he was stiff and his eyes were closed and kept crying until i told them.

    • Rabbit lover 3 months ago

      I am crying right now I have two rabbits, Mocha and Coco they were perfectly fine yesterday but then this morning at 8am when I went to feed them I found Mocha lying in the corner I thought she was still sleeping so I left her there, but Coco was always next to her. But at 12 am I went to check them and Mocha was still lying down so I got my dad to check her and she wasn't breathing so we buried her. I am still grieving but trying so hard to hold back the tears. RIP Mocha I hope Coco is ok too

    • Anonymous 4 months ago

      My White Little Rabbit died while giving birth and was bleeding a lot. We found two babies in different areas and we're both dead. Then the White Little Rabbit died...

      I don't know what happened

    • DaPussSlayer 4 months ago

      My rabbit shiba just died yesterday and it was very hard on my mom,dad and me but she was a literal mutant sized rabbit she was overgrown we got her from my uncle and her parents were not that big...turns out there baby got huge but she died of either a heart attack,stroke or a seizure and when she died she was on her back and he legs were in the air i did not see it but my mom did and came in and informed me that she had passed away but the good side is that she passed away quickly and peacefully she did not suffer

    • tom cross 4 months ago

      my small brown rabbit, teddy, a species with one of those floppy double chin things, came to our yard about 2 years ago. we kept her in a hutch in the backyard with a seperate hutch for a larger grey rabbit right across from it and fed them both pellets, fruit n alfalfa mixes and assorted veg scraps and teddy was mostly fine and never managed to get any bigger (seemed underweight and small all the time). teddy was flighty, jumpy around humans when they put their hands in or near the cage, but was ok when she was taken out and would even lick people. however, late in the piece there were some observations i didn't think much about at the time.. she developed one cloudy looking pupil and when she would excrete she would do so in one part of the cage, the closed off part on the second level, it wouldn't always come out in pellets, sometimes it was runny, sometimes there was white liquid in there, most of the time it stank to high heaven. during summer there would also be a large presence of flies, there was also a discharge from one eye, the cloudy one. when we found teddy within the day, she was in a surprised, startled, sudden kind of pose, in her poop room, her fur on both sides stuck in what looked like her own urine, blood present around her mouth. she died a day ago and we are taking it very hard.

    • Amanda 5 months ago

      My bunnie died a few days ago last one we had and was a sudden death we think due to old age rest in pardise bubba

    • Emily 5 months ago

      We did have 8 rabbits in total. 4 boys 4 girls. But two weeks ago one of our female mini lops died. We went to feed them and she was dying, it's the most horrible thing to see. This week I went to feed them and one of my female Dutch rabbits was lying dead, this then brought us to some concern as they were both female and it seemed a bit strange that they both died quite suddenly in a short space of time. This morning I went to feed my rabbits and another female mini lop I found dying. She is still alive at this moment but she doesn't look like she has long left as she is having siezhres. We have made her comfortable for when she passes but are so sad and heart broken and also confused. They were all between the age of 2-3 years and all female. It seemed they had lost a lot of weight in a short space of time and we have recently put them out in the garden as there has been some nice weather.

      We have been wondering if maybe something poisonous eye have eaten or if some disease has been caught between the female rabbits.

      We have one female left and have moved her back into her hutch so hopefully if something poisonous is out there she should be fine. But it seems strange that the males haven't suffered as they are in pairs of girls and boys.

      Has anyone had q similar thing happen to. Their bunnies?

    • jamille 5 months ago

      I have 6 lionhead rabbits only 2 are left i feel so dissappointed huhu

    • Eh Hser 5 months ago

      my rabbite was ok last night but in the next morning when i went to check on her ......shes dead...i don't really know what cause her dead..her lips turn white just missing her so much ..7/15/16-7/26/16

    • BJF 6 months ago

      There is a risk of a bunny dying in any surgery. However, your suggestion to have only males sterilized is potential misinformation. I suggest that all readers with unspayed female rabbits also research uterine cancer in unspayed rabbits. It is a very real risk and 100% lethal as opposed to the spay surgery which is very low risk (very low to zero percent if you are seeing an experienced rabbit vet.)

    • kara 6 months ago

      my two rabbits have been killed by foxes early this morning, I am devastated

    • Jane 6 months ago

      My rabbit Carpet died suddenly. We think it had a shock from fighting another male rabbit but when I read this I don't think so. Plze help me!

    • Chris 6 months ago

      Both our dwarf lops died within one week of getting them from a well established breeder. Got them on the Sunday. Misty was dead by Wednesday and Honey died on Saturday. Very distressing. They were brother and sister from same litter.

    • Red 7 months ago

      Both my rabbits (brothers) died last night. They were only 8 weeks old. Something must of frightened them?

    • THFB 7 months ago

      My rabbit Harry has been shaking for two hours. We can not get him to stop. The vet is closed and IDK what to do.

    • Jean 7 months ago

      My new bunny just died. I blame the myself. The breeder told me it would be a good idea to bond her with my other bunny right away. Long story short, it was't she came down with GI stasis. It was too much for her little body. She was only 9 weeks old. I'm new at this and did'nt know what I was doing. I should have asked more questions, did more research. Got advice From the vet right away. I feel so bad, she never got the chance to be the sweetie she could be. I will miss you baby bunny.

    • Eleanor 7 months ago

      My bunny suddenly died i have no idea what happen but we think that it might of been a died this morning I am still very chocked.

    • Jelana 8 months ago

      That's a beautiful creatures they don't hurt people you should take care of them but they can scratch you when they're older older and guys be nice to them don't be rough like blocking and stuff just pat that's a beautiful creatures they don't hurt people you should take care of them but they can scratch you when they're older older and guys be nice to them doing the rough like blocking and stuff just packed them play with them kisses t kiss say do you everything you want with them and if you look on the top of the comments and be kind to the bod and be kind to the rabbits dying because the dying because of us us rabbits at the animals and clever animals that help us with very funny Take care of them hurting them stay away from the c rabbits at the animals and clever animals that help us with her any day are funny There buti colourful animals live beautiful in the heart of souls and they are a clever be nice to them take care of them guys thanks please do that bye

    • Jelana 8 months ago

      My dughtar has a pet rabbit and its still alive and we live in unit and my bunny sakes he tail every 45 minutes and to take of a rabbit advise. Frist when you get a rabbit you sould ask the pet shop onewr and ask if the rabbit got vaccine and all its needles . And make sure you don't rasie your voice at the rabbit or it won't get your answer and change the hay every Thursday and Saturday and ok and play with it and thanks enjoy

    • Mommy 33 8 months ago

      My male bunny(prince) is racing around in his cage he is next to our feamale bunny(gizzie) is she in heat ?

    • Rory 8 months ago

      I'm worried my two buns Annuska and Aurora might die from the trauma they have experienced this week. My careless dad used a weed eater close to them, they could have hearing loss too. I was trying to get him to stop so I could take them away from it but he just kept going with his earmuffs on. Also my four year old sister was chasing them today!! I'm keeping a close eye on them.

    • eleice muldoon 9 months ago

      my bunny was okay and perfectly fine on day and when I went to feed him the next day he was died.

    • Ali 9 months ago

      today my bunny is making choking sound im praying and crying and i think itll die

    • Jana 9 months ago

      I found my rabbit dead last night when I just came home.. She is 4 years old..

      I let my 2 rabbits free at my backyard with a cage for food and shelter.

      It was hard raining in the afternoon..

      She was very wet, cold and rigid when I found her (usually she always come to me so I could cuddle her, but that time I have to look for her)..

      Did she die because of wet?

      Thanks God, the other one is fine and I hope she'll be always fine..

    • lacey 9 months ago

      i had 2 bunneys they were healthy i made sure there cage was clean but today after church i was going to give then a little treat but the other cookie the one who all ways eats didn't want any i thought nothing of but i came back in my room a bit latter and it was making sounds i got my mom she said it was having shere after that it died i don't no if there's anything i could of done and if there's anything i can do to protect my other little guy please help i realy worried and sad

    • Rose 9 months ago

      My bunny, Moon, died 2 months ago and I still can't make sense of his death...

      I was overseas for 3 weeks so I sent him to a boarding house. He was all healthy and happy when I picked him up. The next day when I came back from work, I found him lying still on the floor. His hind legs were immobile...I took him to the vet straight away. They said he broke his back bone and there is nothing they could do about it, that I should put him down. I asked them to do more for him, take an Xray, gave him some pain killer, anything...They wanted me to leave him at the vet for another 24hours...Sadly he couldn't wait for me...The next day I rang back, he was already gone...

      He lived with me in my apartment for 2 years. He has always been a cheeky character, always full of energy. The room is completely safe for him. We had no other pet. I still don't understand how he could have such a bad injury...

      I'm missing him everyday....

    • Marie 9 months ago

      My rabbit died suddenly. He was a beautiful Rex/New Zealand Red. He was only one year old. He ate two green onions, unfortunately. Could this have brought about his death? We are so saddened by his passing.

    • Karen 9 months ago

      Our bunny died yesterday, aged only 20 weeks. Was hopping around lounge happily night before, put him out in the run during the day, had a nice house and tunnels to get in, came back in garden and he was dead in the corner, still warm :0( so heart breaking as only lost our dog to cancer last month

    • Ki 9 months ago

      just lost my rabbit a couple of hours ago. no clue how it happened. we were playing one minute, and the next she was gasping for air. rushed her to a vet where they hesitated to treat her cause they don't normally treat rabbits, and she died right there in my arms. i've been crying since 11 am. i wish it was something i could've done to help her, she looked so helpless, i just knew she wasn't going to make it. had Bunny for only 6 months. perfectly healthy. now i'm stuck looking at the videos i took of her being silly just 10 minutes before she died. I love you Bunny.

    • Michelle 9 months ago

      We adopted Yoshi in January from a local animal shelter. He was a beautiful 1 year old half Flemish giant and field rabbit mix. Is what they told us. Yoshi was 7 lbs when we got him and he was awesome. Loved or cat was a house trained indoor bunny with a gated enclosure we secured him in when we went to bed or left the house. Super fast and loved to binky big high jumps. Friday April 1st, Yoshi stopped being as active and wouldn't eat. Although he drank water just fine. I could tell by his demeanor he didn't feel well. We took him to the exotic animal vet specializing in rabbits a few hours later and paid for X-ray and exam. His x ray showed no food in the stomach and a little waste in his GI tract on its way out. There was also a super tiny something that looked to be calcified in his upper intestine. The vet said he thought the tiny mass was small enough to work its way out. But otherwise all the organs looked good, his tummy wasn't bloated and there was no sign of gas. He was put on a critical care liquid diet and stool sample was taken for parasite check. No blood work done. He also was given a dose of 14# metacam for pain management. I syringe fed him through the night as directed he kept pooping and loved water from the syringe. But he was clearly still ill. I took him back to the vet cause one of the stool tests came back positive. They told me he had pinworm but that would not cause GI stasis. No blood test still. No antibiotics and no drugs to move digestion along. He also was given subcutaneous fluids cause he had lost some weight and was looking weak. Another dose of metacam for pain and we went home. I fed him critical care and water as directed. Loved him etc. as the night progressed he became more immobile and seemed to struggle to breathe. He was whimpering as well. I laid on the floor next to him about 1 am and he kept creeping up to be next to me and was too weak to lift his head. His nose kept smothering in the floor. I held his chin to help him breathe. Then at 3am I wrapped him in a blanket to take him to urgent care and he died in my arms before we got there.

    • Marcia 9 months ago

      My bunny just dies this past Sat and I have no clue as to how it happened. He seemed fine up until that moment. I had stepped out of the house and came home to finding him laying there. He was only about 4 months old and I had just adopted him a month ago. He was eating (hay) and drinking fine. Poop was normal. I'm still perplexed at how this all happen.

    • temple16 10 months ago

      We owned a dwarf rabbit called Fluffy for almost 5years and today March 14, right after bathing her in warm water, she flopped her head down in our arms and passed away. It's hard to believe the bath could have caused any stress as it was a routine almost every month (mainly washing just her lower body). Her body got very stiff after a couple of hours of passing away. Also noticed heavy breathing and less appetite & thirst just yesterday. Could it have been a coincidence where an infection or something else could have caused this so suddenly and quickly ? We are all grieving for Fluffy ! May your soul rest in peace.

    • Kate 10 months ago

      I'm currently nursing a very sick bunny. He's a rescue bunny and has been with us for 5 years. He had skin myxi when we got him, and since then he's had gut stasis twice, pneumonia once, and is currently fighting an abscess caused by dental problems that we didn't know about as he was still happy, well and eating and drinking fine. He's being syringe fed at the moment, and is on antibiotics and heavy pain meds, but prognosis isn't great and we may need to think about what's best for him, something that breaks my heart to have to do. We have an amazing veterinarian though, who specialises in rabbits, and he's done wonders for him over the years. I'm hoping Rodney pulls through, but while he's poorly, he's not grooming himself and under his chin is wet and dirty and needs a clean. Would warm water and cotton wool work well? Thanks!

    • Matt 10 months ago

      Our mini lop Elsa died at the weekend. Just 2 years old. Thought I had this rabbit thing down. She lived in a converted shed with another rabbit. She was eating well - lots of hay. Drinking plenty of water. She was pooing loads - firm, nice colour, good size. She didn't like to be stroked much, so I left her to nuzzle with the other rabbit for company. Normally she would scramble to a hiding place when I entered the shed at breakfast - but this time there was no noise. The other rabbit, Jack, just hopped out into the garden. But there was nothing from Elsa. Then I noticed her back feet poking out from behind a hutch. I hoped she was just lounging, but she had died during the night. Gutted. Kids had a cry and we did a funeral.

    • Vesela Krasteva 10 months ago

      My bunny died yesterday and it hurts so much! She was lively and playful the day before yesterday, yesterday I noticed she was not feeling well and did not want to eat anything. We went to the vet where they made all sorts of checks, x-ray, echograph, blood test and could not find any issue... it suddenly started bleeding and while they were preparing for an emergency surgery it started seizure, they tried giving it oxygen and helping its heart but it died. I miss it so much! Rest in peace Fluffy!

    • ANN 10 months ago

      My mini lop called Beau became unwell suddenly late Monday. I took him to the emergency vet and explained that he had become very still suddenly just sitting. I picked him up and put him on the sofa and he just sat there so I knew something was wrong

      The vet said to leave him overnight for observation I phoned at mid night and was told he still wasn't eating but he was moving around.

      I phoned again in the morning to be told still not eating but was hopping about. I went to pick him up at 8a.m. And they said it was serious when rabbits don't eat but he was moving. On the way home approx 10mins later he started as I thought moving about in his carrier but then I realised he was fitting and making strange noises in his throat. I was passing a vet inerrant surgery and rushed in. They put him on oxygen and tried to stimulate his heart but he died. They said his tummy was hard and distended. I am in bits I loved him so much he was such a funny little character. My flat feels so empty. Why did he die? The second vet said it could have been neurological because I told them a couple of nights earlier he had been throwing his head back.

      The one comfort in all of this was that the vets that I rushed into to see if they could help were as a team the very best of kind caring compassionate people I have ever come across they did every thing they could to save Beau but it wasn't to be.

      They were the Rosemount Vetinerary surgery in West Byfleet.

      Thank you so much.

    • Saddest person ever 12 months ago

      Sad sad sad my bunny Goldilocks (Goldie) was a healthy 2 year old rabbit with a love for Timothy hay and tiny Apple bites (sometimes) she was a lazy cute little thing.this morning we found her lying down on top of her food with her eyes open, cold as stone. She wasn't sterilized and seemed healthy, we kept her In a big warm box with shade for the summer. We never noticed any odd behavior and I'm so sad I cried for the whole day.

    • Sue 13 months ago

      Lost my Charlie rabbit 4days ago, totally devastated, he was an indoor /outdoor rabbit, never lived in hutch was always free lived with my cats and snuggled with them, he was just over 3yrs. As I got him at about4 months old (from someone who's children were too young to understand how to handle him) and was told his father was a lion head rabbit and I believe he was one of 4-5 baby's at the time, that was really the only information I had. Like some of the other comments he too died unexpectedly, fine the night before eating playing the usual , he'd been neutered, and had front teeth out as they kept curling and needed snipped every month, but that was a year ago and had been fine the night before, when I got up in the morning he was lying stretched out eyes open. Can't understand it, I am now questioning myself as I'm sure most people do after their loss, and making myself unwell thinking it was something I've done or didn't do, it's so upsetting, I loved and bonded with him so much and miss him terribly.RIP my beloved CHARLIE always in my heart.

    • Lu 14 months ago

      Yesterday my bunny died, in morning he was happy and eat and on the evening he did not want to eat he was like he sleeps, my father cuddle him he was alive and he went to shower and back and he was died. My brother in house is veterinar and he think that it was heart attact .

    • Maddie beans 14 months ago

      My baby scamp was just 2 and dyed yesterday I feel like it's all my falt

    • Gabby 14 months ago

      The moment i saw best to only sterilize the male i stopped reading. That is utter bs. Are you aware of the cancer rate on intact females? I have rescued many rabbits, both males and females are sterilized. All female rabbits that were 4 and over when they had suegery already had the start of cancer or had cancer.

    • Lyndsey 15 months ago

      I went out to feed the rabbits this morning I have two in a massive homemade cage and run and was totally devastated to find gizmo dead and Percy sitting beside him. He was fine last night ate and drank as normal healthy and active. I can't understand why as he was only 2 1/2. Life is so unfair rip gizmo xxx

    • Christine 15 months ago

      Continued about Luci: Luci and I got so incredibly close, it's hard to make it through a day without him. He was the sweetest bunny I ever had and the only bunny I ever had. I know he was happy here with me,I could tell by his actions.he'd come when I called him! His antics were adorable. He'd sit for hours letting me rub behind his ears! He's been gone for 75 days now and I've seen his face in the clouds. I miss my bunny pooh. Wish the RainbowBridge had visiting hours.

    • Marie 15 months ago

      My son stayed at a friends house last night....My Mom came to visit early this am and as we all sat down with our coffee my Mom said "Is Bun Bun sleepin?" I got up to go greet him and he didn't get up! My heart sank! I picked his lifeless little body up and he was still warm, & as I held him and cried I tried to give him mouth to mouth! I don't even know if that works on animals! The worst thing was having to tell my son when he got home.......he just lost my husband's Mom in Jan. & my Dad in May. We all cried together & my 7 year old son said a prayer before we burried him. We love you so much, & We'll miss you "cotton". ♡♥♡ :'(

    • Jakeyla 15 months ago

      Hi, Me and my sister had 2 californian pure bread rabbits. They both died this afternoon, we made a mistake leaving them outside. They were in the shade originally in their cage(bc theres hawks and we live in the country, so we dont let them roam the backyard without supervision but the shade moved and we forgot to place a frozen water bottle in their cage. Their names were Brandy and Mrs. Whiskers. Mrs. Whiskers was dead by the time we came outside and Brandy was slowly dying so I brought her inside and tried to cool her down and it was just too late and she died in my arms. The most traumatic experience of my life.

    • Jen 15 months ago

      My bunny name little black bunny died this morning all the suddent. I missed him and we missed him. I had him for a year and he is part of our family. I missed him around around my feet and play with me and crow on my football and try to turn around. It is my first bunny and it amaze me that he has no sound but highly intalegent animinal. Yesterday he still round aournd my feet and look health and a day before he can play for jumping over the plants look extremly healthy but all the suddent died today we feel so sad...we lost a family member. There is no sign. Only thing I notice his bottom is a bit of brown like dirt colour I do not know if that is cause problem.......May he rest in peace in heaven. God bless his soul.

    • Chris 16 months ago

      My son was pretty devastated when the rabbit we got him died yesterday. We kept him indoors so I was really wondering if I fed him something wrong. I've been trying to research that but I haven't seen anything very detailed. I want to get another rabbit but I don't want to make the same mistakes.

    • ShilohRising 16 months ago

      My rabbit died this morning. I found her 5 months ago on the road and she was a house bunny, litter box trained. I tried to find her owner no one came forward and she was not micro-chipped. She had an enlarged nipple but having been through cancer with my cat, I knew that could be the bunny's issue with the enlarged nipple. She didn't like to be held or picked up either. She would kick a lot and so we decided not to try it because we didn't want her to get injured. She seemed smart and healthy. I am not sure if she became dehydrated because she seemed normal until yesterday but she was in an air conditioned house most of the time, typically no hotter than 80 during the heat wave. But a few days ago she started hiding more and became less social. Then last night I noticed her breathing harder and it wasn't very hot, but still she had a dewlap so I am not sure. Today she went behind the TV and screeched once and died. When my husband and I examined her, we felt a mass of some kind on her chest wall. I think she had cancer - but am not sure exactly why she seemed to die suddenly. I have a feeling her previous owners may have released her because she was already sick. Having spent 4K dollars on my cat to try and save her from breast cancer, only to put her through misery - I will never do that again with any animal. The ordeal is lengthy and scary for the animal and the prognosis is not very positive. Animals do not usually do very well with cancer treatments from vets, in my opinion. Most people cannot really afford the gigantic costs related to cancer treatment when the prognosis is still very grim - so it usually amounts to cutting out the tumor,etc and it's all very precarious. I really miss the beautiful sad that she died.

    • violy 16 months ago

      My bunny died yesterday at around 6am. It was a very sad moment on our family coz we really took care of it for almost six years. My eldest son and I bought her besides Quiapo church and that was month of january 2009 ( my wedding anniversary). My female bunny gave us happiness because we treated her not just a pet but a really lovable ones. She was with us 3 weeks old until yesterday Sep 12, 2015...."the last breath" of her life . I remembered one thing ...when i got mad of her and told her that i will send her away if she cannot behave , and her reaction to me was ...she kept on moving around on my feet. I felt guilty so i hugged her very deeply .After that i noticed that she never did bad . "My bunny our good pet

    • Felicia 16 months ago

      My bunny passed away four days ago from some kind of infection. i was taking her to the vet because she wasn't acting herself and wasn't breathing that much, when i got to the vet she passed away in my arms. the doctor said she thinks she had an infection because she was bleeding from her rectum. if anyone knows what kind of infection that is please let me know

    • Jessica 17 months ago

      I've had my rabbit for nearly 3 months. he was fine before, he always had fresh vegies and water and pellets. I would take him out of his hutch normally everyday! when I went to his hutch this morning, normally he would run up and greet me. when I called his name I didn't even hear a sound. I peeked in and just saw his feet. I panicked! I opened it up and there as my rabbit just laying down. he normally would lay like that but this time he didn't move. RIP my beautiful boy! I loved you heaps and im sorry you didn't get to live very l0ng! you will always be remembered !I love you bunny!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Lacey 17 months ago

      My bunny Cruzier died last night. We had these dogs in our yard and we believe it was the dogs. But there were no bite marks, he was not tore up. We did not hear anything and our windows were even open! Our dog Shelby always barks at trespassers. My mom saw 2 or 3 dogs running through the trees. I went to put him away. I then saw this white thing and did not think much of it. It was my bunny

    • Jane 17 months ago

      We bought our baby lion head, Oscar, from The Rabbit Farm,Criccieth, Friday 24th July. Tonight baby Oscar just died. We bought him home, kept him in a large cage in the lounge, cleaned daily, fresh food and water daily, love, attention, quiet time, the run of the lounge and left him to sleep in my shoes,cos he liked them and tonight he just died. Absolutely heartbroken. We have no idea why he died. however,we did find a gelatin substance on him when we tried to check him. I have emailed the Rabbit farm as I am convinced he must have been ill when we bought him :(

    • Chelsea-Bo Best profile image

      Upset 19 months ago

      Hi i just came across you guys & all these comments as i googled to try find some sort of explanation!!

      i have/had a giant white rabbit bought from a farm shes 7 years old she seemed totally fine she sleeps in her own cage no more rabbits etc and only goes in back garden all fenced off and secured so cats etc cannot enter. I noticed the day before she wouldn't come out ftom under a bit of shade near my childs quad ,, she was just sat in a trance, now i know that was probably shock? Anyhow i got her back in her cage where she looked "tired" i closed her door the next morning i have never ever not in my whole life seen anything more DISGUSTING she wasn't laid how i left her she was on her side stiff,, her red eyes had turned pink and all her bum was brown and maggots were all over her bum. I knew she was dead on site snd it really has broken my heart 7 years shes been in my daily life,, i was so angry seeing these horrid little things i ran into the kitchen got a full tub of bleach and poured it on them on them and the hay near her bum then more and more seemed to come out!!!! i thought she has died so they should too , is that normal? It was like a horror movie jesus tbey were eating her alive they HAD eaten her alive??? i need advice please somebody answer me?? if she had passed peacefully i.e old age would the maggots of been there in her cage over night i think not??? That very last time i saw her alive all that was different is her bum area of white fur seemed a bit mucky which i presumed was ftom being near the tyre of the Quad ,, .....

      so basically she had brown all around her bum, a very tired look, then dead the next day with maggotts inside of her,, i cant come to peace i feel so guilty what even am i ?? Am i a bad owner ?? i love animals im a vegetarian as i find it disturbing people can chew and eat animals,, i would never harm an animal in my life. What has happened to my rabbit??

    • tiger pie 19 months ago

      One day my bunny Ginger died and I think that a black widle bit her because I put her in the garage and it was old so you might want to leave it inside.

    • shhs 19 months ago

      very strange , by rabbit died suddenly . my beautiful bunny .......

    • Monse 19 months ago

      My sisters bunny passed just yesterday, cause of death #2 happened to her bunny Peluchin but they took care of it immediately, it had happened last year i think and the her bunny had went under surgery cuz of it, he was about 6 1/2 - 7 years old. they said that he was like paralyzed that he wouldn't move, he just sat in one place, and as if waiting for my sisters husband her bunny Peluchin turned just a little to look at my brother in law when he called his name. My sister then told me that when he started stretching his legs she looked away and that he just passed. Her other bunny a Holland Lop named Puffy seemed to know to what happened, you could tell that he was sad right away cuz he was always the active one. Peluchin the bunny that passed, my sister and her husband never knew his breed. both bunnies are males

    • Stacy 20 months ago

      One of our female rabbits died about 3 weeks ago. Today we went outside to check on the other female and male but the male was dead. He had water and food and was acting normal this morning. It wasn't very hot outside today.

    • Sara 20 months ago

      My baby bunny died today. I'm not sure what happened she was fine and suddenly she did this weird flip and had like a seizure and died

    • mark raydon 21 months ago

      Im sorry to say but you're response or advice doesnt help anybody . You just say I'm sorry to hear that or


    • Ella 21 months ago

      Great hub but sad to see there is not a lot support anymore for people having these terrible questions about why their bunny suddenly has died. Im a volunteer at a rabbit sanctuary where we have to deal with many bunny health issues and im happy to help wherever i can.

      To start with...a few corrections and additions.

      Most important thing before you decide having a bunny...educate yourself first. Bunnies are far from an easy pet to keep as they are highly intelligent, need lots of care and attention. As they are prey animals they will not show you any weakness (unless you're expirienced enough to notice) as they become an easy target for preditors. A healthy balanced diet is a must! Vaccinations and desexing...also a must and these could be costs that might overwhelm you and many decide to surrender their bun because of this.

      A correction. All buns should get desexed! Even if a male surgery will be easier and cheaper to do...aside from hormones which could make a male or female very hard to handle (aggressive) female rabbits have a very high risk ending up with uterine cancer. The sugery will not have a huge impact on the bunny but you need to be 100% sure you have a vet specialised in bunnies. Ask the vet how many times a year he would desex buns and what are the succes rates. Does your vet know about diets...even medication should be very important to know for a bunny vet as a lot of wrong medication can be fatal for your bun.

      Another correction. I do agree its not a good idea putting two random buns together...but..buns need to pick their own partner! We can look for a new bun and make them like each other...most cases this will end up in a huge fight and bad injuries. Look for shelters around you who organise bunny dates! Again...ask them about succes rates.

      As i mentioned before..a shelter....please keep in mind...never shop...adopt! Too many people do not know how absolutely fully booked rabbit sanctuaries can be! Positive site...most of them are desexed...vaccinated, chipped and potty trained! :)

      Back to the many questions ive read about...suddenly my bun died.

      I haven't read all the questions and comments so forgive me if i have overlooked something but i dont see anything about gut statis...other words...bloat.

      This is the main reason why buns suddenly die. Please note...this is the reason...never the cause!

      Gut stasis basicly means...guts have stopped moving which is fatal for any bun. Bunnies intestines always need to be active. If this doesn't happen...gas bubbles join each other and eventually it will become one big bubble of air...this is extremly painful. This is what you will notice...the bun loses appetite...becomes flat...lies down...gets up...even will find a spot to sit where it normally wouldn't be. Your bun will start cooling of and could get into shock. If this is going on with your only advice i can give...keep the bun warm and go straight to a vet!

      Your vet should be checking next things.

      Temperture...sounds of gut movement...locate bloat...dehydration.

      Your vet needs to controle dehydration on the spot. Depending on the location of the bloat...painrelief and gutmovement medication and crital care. If your vet isn't suggesting or checking these're with the wrong vet!

      When your bun is stable will be time to find out the cause of gut stasis. Bad diet which can cause bloat in the cecum (bunny apendix) for example. Bad diet can cause massive teeth problems followed by abcesses and again...a bunny in pain stops eating and you're back with the gut stasis.

      Buns cant handle stress very well...its possible your bun had a pets...injury because it might have been dropped. Always remember...your cat or dog might not be interested in your bunnies...your bun will have an instinct to have fear for predators! Kids should aways be supervised when handling buns and its the parents who need to be responsible!

      A bunny diet is very important and new food always needs to get introduced slowly. The right diet should have 80% hay (oaten hay is the best) 15% greens (any green vegetables except iceberg lettuce. Avoid greens that makes you will create gas with your bun too). Twice a day...1 cup per bun. 5% treats and pellets. Many people give pellets as main intake...absolutely bad diet as this will cause obesity, sloppy cecals (night poos) and if mixed with other problems. If you are not sure about what to feed your bun...feel free to ask.

      Bunny owners also need to be ware of the following viruses: myxomatosis, calaci virus. Both you can prevent by vaccinating your bun. Young buns can die of coccidea...passed on by their mother.

      Sadly bunny health can be very complicated and i haven't share everything yet. I just hope many of you will be able to find some closure about why their bun suddenly passed away. Losing a bun can be very devastating epecially when you are desperate for some answers.

      If there are any more questions...feel free to ask.

    • shawna 22 months ago

      My rabbit died a few weeks ago, iy was very sudden. I check on her 24/7 because she was my show rabbit, and also my favorite. one day when i came home from school, i saw her laying down dead. her front end like her chest and under her mouth was very damp. She never acted differently so i didn't know anything was wrong. iv had her for months so she was used to me and everything but not sure what was up.

    • Olivia 22 months ago

      My rabbit died last night her name was Butterscotch. It has been so hard dealing with this. We have no idea how or why she died

    • Gillian 22 months ago

      My bunny Charlie died today. I just buried him and need to know what happened. He was only 1 and 1/2 MONTHS old. He was acting fine. Ate all of his food this morning and was happily hopping around when I left. I came home about 6 hours later and he was laying in the corner of his cage. I rushed him to the emergency vets office and he died in my hands right when the vet walked out to see what was wrong. I just don't understand what happened. We don't have any other animals and he was fine this morning. I bought him from a very nice and well known pet store. he had diarrhea in his litter box if that helps. Please could some one please tell me what might have happened. My dad and I just spent the last hour using a pickaxe to dig a grave for him since the ground is still frozen and I'm so tired but I won't be able to sleep until I know what happened.

    • Namiz 22 months ago

      I had a dwarf bunny, and today at 5a.m he started grinding his teeth and shaking all of a sudden. Then he just laid there for 3 hours and unfortunately stopped breathing. I've only had him for three months. He was loved by my family very much. I can't stop crying. He will be missed..

    • prinisha 23 months ago

      My rabbit also died at 4 inda morning wasn't eatin or drink inda morning he just started screaming n I held him to comfort him he died in my harms I'm so depressed now

    • chirag 2 years ago

      my rabbit died this morning just 2 hours ago i dont know how in the night it was fine then in the morning i saw him and he was fallen to his right side making no movements its really hard to forget R.I.P my rabbit

    • Ashley 2 years ago

      My baby bunny oreo marshmallow died 2 hours and 15 minutes ago, at exactly 12:00 am , he was only about 10 months old and he died of gi stasis, he stopped eating and drinking and he was making weird noises, we drove him to the vet but we noticed he was dead as soon as we got there.

    • Ani 2 years ago

      My first baby that my bunny had died, I don't know why.

    • Cindy 2 years ago daughter has an indoor bunny that she loves more than anything, she will never grow tired of him, it has been more than a year. We have 3 cats and the bunny is not caged, lives in her room with a baby gate at the door. The cats come and go in her room as they please and even sleep with the bunny. We have 2 large dogs that are not allowed upstairs. This is the worst article on bunny care ever.......very pesimistic.

    • ashley dorris 2 years ago

      my rabbit died yestreday

    • Steve 2 years ago

      M rabbit died yesterday ,today morning I found other two dead ,this evening and was called and to my surprise I found my bunny restlessly running all over and nose bleeding and scratching its nose .I am so restless and cannot close my eyes to sleep,hope I will find her alive tomorrow alive.Please advise.

    • rolo 2 years ago

      My bunny is dying now. Went out and she laying there breathing but no real movement. Called her name she moved and just sort of tipped over. Had to tell little one she is sleeping since it is night. Food and water. I let her out last week and she was out for two days, it rained so I think it stressed her out and who kows what she munched on before I found her. She looked bloated then. Never getting a rabbit again, so cute but too fragile and needy. Poor bunny

    • 2 years ago

      My sons best mate Bilbo ,died this afternoon. He was a mini lop house bunny, about 2 years old. He was fine last night, but when I went to let him out of his cage this morning, it was covered in stinky diarrhea & he was sitting in it. I took him straight to the vets & although they tried all day he could not be saved. We are suspecting some sort of poisoning, perhaps something he picked up or some insect repellent that my daughter was using. Calisi (RHV) virus was ruled out by the vet as it usually doesn't cause symptons like this. We are so sad, that we have lost a member of the family.

    • kay 2 years ago

      My rabbit was died today at morning.

    • Chantelle 2 years ago

      My rabbit dies on Monday

    • andrea 2 years ago

      My two beautiful bunnies have died within five days of each other and its been such a traumatic shock. I have researched lots of information and there are lots of nasty man made viruses that are responsible for killing bunnies. Also bunnies have very delicate digestive systems so it is very important that all owners understand this There is lots of information on web sites and and you tube which can teach you how to help and care for your pet. Rabbits do not die of no reason and I think its nasty viruses are the main culprit.

    • Chris 2 years ago

      Our beloved rabbit Hershey passed away today, she was just shy of her first birthday. I took her in to get spayed but the anaesthetic caused a bad reaction and cardiac arrest an she couldn't be revived. I'm absolutely devastated but the only consolation is she had a year with us where she was loved, spoilt and will never be forgotten.

    • Silva 2 years ago

      Around 3 weeks ago my mom bought a baby bunny maybe around 13 weeks or even younger, on the third day on Easter morning when I woke up to check on it it's back was broken. I was so upset, I stayed with it funnily it died which was about an hour. Two days later I got another one (even though I didn't want another) I kept it for two weeks yesterday at night I noticed her being a little quieter than usually ad she made a grinding sound with her teeth so I got worried. But I thought nothing of it because she went back to normal (eating drinking) and at 3 in the morning I woke up with this bad feeling. I went to check on her and she was dead. The worst part is I wasn't there with her when she died. My heart hurts so much :(

    • kel 2 years ago

      why did he die? im so sorry

    • charlotte 2 years ago

      my bunny died today he was 13 weeks and 4 days old this helped me try to work out why he died

    • Karishma 2 years ago

      My bunny Snow-white died yesterday and I have no idea what could've been the cost of her death. She hadn't been eating for a few days but I took her to the vet and he gave me antibiotics to give her twice a day and gave me some hand fed food to feed her. All he said was that she had a tempreture nothing else. I was doing everything I could to nurse her back to health, but I found her laying dead yesterday. She was only 2 years old. I don't know what could've caused her to die. It's so devastating for me.

    • ARSLAN 2 years ago

      my rabbit died last night....his name was BUCKS....i loved him a lot......wherever is ur soul,i pray it will go into heaven.....i love u my BUCKS!!he died when he was sleeping in my blanket......can u tell the apparent cause?

      his age was bout 1month.........pleeeeeeessseee do tell........

    • Jim 2 years ago

      Our dwaf bunny Lilly 13 weeks old died last night for no reson. she was happy and playing last night. She lived in the house. Can some one tell me why.

    • Jim 2 years ago

      Our dwaf bunny Lilly died last night for no reson she was happy and playing last night and eating she lived in the house this morning she was died

    • johnny 3 years ago

      Our bunny milkshake passed away last night after giving our family 4 wonderful years of companion. I regretfully fed him "Wal-Mart" bunny food a week ago. Please heed our advice, buy nothing but the best for your bunnys sensitive digestive system. It was less than 24 hours between symptoms and death.

    • alicia 3 years ago

      he died last night.. he was a very young healthy buck before he got out of his cage. he was having spasms and tremors before he died. not any normal bunny sickness i have seen. i have had more then 20 rabbits for over 6 years now. maybe rat poison? i dont know. something killed him. i am very sad because he was my last rhinelander tho he was only part. came from my sugar mama.. it was an oops litter..

    • Alicia 3 years ago

      My young buck got loose with the older bucks. I found him a day later frozen flat with the lead buck staring him down. I put him back in his cage. 2 days later i noticed he has not eat or drink anything along with shivering and panting in his cage. I brought him inside to hand water him but am worried. He is not acting right and screaming every now and then. I checked him over, no broken bones or bad bite wounds. Can rabbits die of fear? It was a very scarey ordeal for the young one. He was healthy and nothing wrong with him before he got out of his cage.

    • vicky 3 years ago

      Our bunny crystal was found this morning dead in her hutch. We are very upset. She was fine the other day running around and.happy. She was looking thin though compared to her sister. She had a tooth problem last year where her teeth kept.growing and eventually the vet took out her front teethand she's been thinner ever since. Don't know if that was anything to do with her death. We got her and her sister almost 3 yrs ago when they were babies. I was wonderingshould we get another one so that the existing one doesn't get lonely? And how soon should we get another one?

    • Aaliyah 3 years ago

      My rabbit died today. He wouldn't eat, move , or drink anything. Every time I I put him on the bed , he'd always fall to his side. He acted like his legs were paralyzed , his head acted like a bobble head and couldn't hold still. His name was Lou. His previous owner didn't tell me how old he was or if he had good health.

    • ASHUTOSH BARESA 3 years ago

      My female rabbit was give birth 7 babbies and they all was died..its very painful for me

    • Nicholas Martinez 3 years ago

      My bunny died two days ago his name was cookies and I loved him very much know I don't know how I will live with out cookies

    • susied73 3 years ago

      my bunnie died today on christmas day off all days !! she was a 3 yr old mini lop .. seemed to be healthy and lived in the hut in a cage with her daughter .. the were happy together why did millie die so young ?

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 3 years ago from England.

      Sorry for the delay, it is likely disease or the weather. Rabbits especially babies do not cope well with cool weather or weather change such as mild weather- snow, being inside and going back outside, getting cold etc.

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 3 years ago from England.

      That is so sad! It was likely a combination of age and weather conditions or a fright from a cat/fox. Rabbits are terribly fragile :(

    • Lou 3 years ago

      I lost my rex rabbit Billy 2 days ago. He was 7 years old . I found him in his cage in the morning, with Lilly his sister sitting by his side. She was still grooming him. He had been fine the night before and was eating and drinking as normal. They had not been out of the cage for a few weeks so to my knowledge had not come in contact with anything toxic.

      We buried him under an apple tree in the garden. He was so loving and playful, we all miss him dearly.

      RIP billy - you will always be in our hearts and will never be forgotten!

    • Missy 3 years ago

      My bunky rabbit died yesterday morning, I had her for just under two months and was told she was only 11 weeks old when I got her. She woke me up in the morning with a loud sharp screaming noise and then collapsed to the floor when I went to the cage, I picked her up and she seemed fine but I carried on holding her and cuddling her, she then started to get hiccups and the next minute she had died while I was cuddling her.

      Was honestly the worst experience ever, Boppity was loved so much and her sister Bippity looks a bit upset without her around. I think Boppity might have had an illness before I got her, she never really ran about, just sat or laid down but never had a problem with her eating or drinking.

      Took her to the vets yesterday to get her cremated, should be getting her ashes back in the next 14 days, felt so lost and horrid without her today, felt like I shoulda done more to save her...

      I refused to leave her along throughout yesterday, I just sat there holding her stiff little body till my mum got home to drive me to the vets.

      Nature is a horrid thing at times.

      R.I.P Boppity, at least I was holding you and cuddling you when you died, I love you and hope I gave you an amazing last two months of you're life!

    • Shyni 3 years ago

      we lost 51 rabbit kids last days.. without anyreason.. rabbit kids of 3 weeks ,&some of 2 weks & some of 1 week... what care should be given to the rabbit kids ??? please reply fast as possible..

    • Bunny 3 years ago

      My daughter came out this morning to feed her bunnies to find them both dead :-(

      They were laying beside each other, stretched out

      One was very stiff and the other still partially soft

      We have no idea what happened

      They were life long companions, probably about 7 or 8 years old

      Starlight was so inquisitive and moonbeam (the male) was as placid as anything, everything they did together Starlight had to go first as she was the boss

      It's just unbelievable that both have died together. We thought foul play but our place is secure. Moonbeam had a very slight bit of blood around his nose and he has been off his food a bit but it appears he died last

      Some things just don't make sense :-(

      We lost another little bunny a year ago when some low life came onto the property (different house) and killed our rabbit - human beings are the scum of the earth sometimes

    • FFA MEMBER 3 years ago

      hi my name is gina and im in ffa i was wandering how you feed a rabbit that lost its teeth cause he bit his cage and he wont eat anything how do i get him to eat?

    • Star 3 years ago

      um i have a silver marten and i need to know how to cure wet tail? Cause i cant pay for a vet visit. So what can i do?

    • bunny madness 3 years ago

      my bunny got attacked by the black borrowed 2 holes one on her neck and one on her back..I thought she was done until.I admin. .05 off penn.vk intermuscler for 7 days irrigated with curved syringe of hydrogen peroxide and triple ant.ointment over areas..Then I read to wipe them with vinegar so the flies wont land on far so good..

    • ??? 3 years ago

      My bunny Summer died yesterday, we just found her dead in the morning. She was fine and healthly only about 1 year old (we got her when she was 5 months old) we think she ate a slug or was too cold. Really miss her and just can't believe it.

    • Christy 3 years ago

      I had a dwarf rabbit we had her for 4 years she was a baby when we got her and she died today and I'm trying to figure out why cause this has happened to some other rabbits I have had not at the same time they are outside rabbits that styled in my yard .

      I do have some in a pin and one of them died the same way this one did it is like there neck is messed up and they will just lay still and ever 3-4 min they would try to run but couldn't then it was like a seizure and they would die no marks of anything attacking it no blood no nothing she looked liked she always did but when I found her she did not try to run from me I held her till she died . Just want to know why she died she was my favorite one .

    • Adriana 3 years ago

      Be extremely careful when you have someone that hates you and does an insanity of killing your pet"my rabbit called funny face died last night around to 10 or 11 pm cause of death I have no clue but thinking about it this rabbit was drugged or poisoned very bad"I own 7 rabbits Including funny face so it was 8 rabbits total his death was fast within hours only he had diarrea without me noticing it was one of our favorite rabbits and to me the way I saw him like if he was drugged or poisoned but all I know he died with diarrea poor thing well miss him a bunch forever and god bless all those rabbits in the world and I hope God can judge all those that are and do evil in a daily basis not only to rabbits,dogs,and all animals in this world'they have all the right to live just like us the humans God gave life he is the only one that can take it away but no one else can and who ever does the wreath of God is going to get them sooner or later.

    • shivani 3 years ago

      my baby rabbit tuk tuk died d morning he just leftout his neck and was not standing was not at all attcaked i sooooo miss shim i will die widout him

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 3 years ago from England.

      This is not true for does, I had a female I rescued from being bred one litter after the other and she lived a very long and healthy life unspayed, I know plenty of people with non-cut does that do not get this problem.

      Timothy hay with dandelion is very good quality however it is often more that they get poop around their bottom and they can't poop more out that causes it than anything else.

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 3 years ago from England.

      It sounds very odd but he was old enough to leave his litter. I'd say it was probably shock or illness that killed him, rabbits are very delicate about things like that.

    • mattimeo0001 3 years ago

      The commonest cause of sudden death in rabbits is gastric slowdown or stasis. Rabbits are hindgut fermenters - their digestive system is made to get maximum nutrition out of a high fibre low calorie food (grass). They re-digest a portion of what they eat in the form of cecals, which they eat straight from the anus. If a rabbit's digestive system slows down gas is created which is painful and the rabbit stops eating. Feed your rabbit plenty of good quality hay and be sparing with pellets. Your rabbit should never be without food. If your rabbit stops eating take her to a vet asap. Please spay your female rabbits - over 85% of does will develop uterine cancer in midlife if they are unspayed.

    • sandy 3 years ago

      My four month old buck (netherland dwarf) died suddenly a month ago I could find out why he was eating properly drinking and had lived out side all his life and we only bought him at two months old he was fine around six six-40 in the morning and had food water fresh clean bedding and around 8-9:30 he was dead and my mom checked on him a few a hours before and she said he was fine.

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 3 years ago from England.

      If they aren't given adequate shade, housing, food and water they are likely to die. They are mammals and they have a lot of thick fur, they require water as they can dehydrate, heat stroke etc just the same as any other animal can, most will instinctively get out of the sun but if they can't they will have no choice but to endure it.

      It sounds to me that your neighbours weren't caring properly for your pets, they should have been kept in the shade during the day and in the cool, rabbits do not tolerate weather conditions well.

    • Maramar 3 years ago

      My little brother had two Rabbits for a few years we just went on a week long vacation and left them with some neighbors that have taken care of them before. They have lived outside all their lives and we have given them the run of the side yard. We put them in a smaller portable hutch to take to the neighbors. We just got home and were going to pick them up after my mom called the neighbors but then they called back and said they had both died sometime between dinner and 10:00 when we called. My brother is so upset, he loved those rabbits. We think maybe it was the heat it got over 90 degrees today and apparently they only had a piece of cardboard over them for shade. But we really don't know, how could they have died so suddenly?

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 3 years ago from England.

      It sounds like it could be illness or a serious problem with the pregnancy especially if she was very young or an older bunny

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 3 years ago from England.

      That's awful but yes the farmer and especially breeders can interbreed either by accident or on purpose, sometimes for more interesting colours etc which is sad because the animals don't know any better.

      I think you should make a complaint or at least get it out there that this man is selling sickly, interbred bunnies and is not giving them the time or care, the fact he sold them as girls when they were boys is a spark to show he hasn't even looked at them properly

    • nicola 3 years ago

      my rabbit was pregnant and stoppedeating for one day next day was dead it had runny nose and blood at rear end

    • Sammy 3 years ago

      I think we have had a suspicious seller of our bunnies. We didn't go to a well known store we went to a man who had bred them and they were in a hutch on his farm as the last 3 of the litter - although it is perfectly evident they weren't the same litter.........told we had three females and then later discovered they were all males so we had to buy separate hutches for them all outside.........the kids absolutely adored them, we checked them yesterday with the kids and all 3 rabbits were fine, happy and problems........I checked them this morning........and all 3 are gone....... I've not told the kids yet. :-(

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 3 years ago from England.

      I'm sorry to hear that :(

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 3 years ago from England.

      That's sad, it might have been the weather conditions were just too harsh

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 3 years ago from England.

      I'm very sorry to hear that :(

    • Chyane 3 years ago

      My bunny dyed last night I am still crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;;

    • mmad 3 years ago

      my newborn baby rabbit was born at was drinking it's mothers was healthy.and another one was week.yesterday,the 2 bunnys was drinking milk peacefully.i was so happy.but today i dont know why the week bunny doesent want to drink its mothers milk suddenly its body became colder.and bubbles came out from its nose.and it didn't move.only 3 days after he born his dead.i burried him sadly

    • mmam 3 years ago

      my rabbit just dead today......hmmm

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 3 years ago from England.

      I'm sorry to hear that! Yeah he was very old for a rabbit and lived a good life :) sometimes doing your best doesn't always work when it comes to animals but at least he had a happy life and he's at peace now.

    • gina 3 years ago

      Our bunny chip died last thursday. He was white and fluffy and enjoyed hopping around our house. He was 12 years old. His death was very sad. He was experiencing costipation and blood in his urine a couple of weeks ago. We did medicate him but two weeks later he took a turn. One night he just started flipping all over his cage and stiffening up. He did this all night..poor guy was having seizures. The next morning his breathing had slowed and he had to be put down. We gave him a proper burial and is now in our yard. He was a great pet and we will miss him.

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      It sounds like it could be an illness rather than the weather, not eating is the immediate sign of an infection/illness

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      Some places are more prone to infection than others, indoor rabbits or rabbits that are not coming into contact with other animals and live away from the countryside are less at risk. Injections are worth it.

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      There's a possibility it could be similar to SIDS in humans, baby animals can and do die. Their mother may have suffocated them or killed them, may not be caring for them, infection, heart attacks or shock it is impossible to tell unless you get them all autopsies which are very expensive

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      I completely agree, I've known people who have said 'oh they have a nice rabbit/dog/guinea pig so I'll get one for my child and it will be nice' no pet should be left unattended with a child especially a smaller one as they can be easily hurt (the child or the animal) and it wouldn't be fair, I know there are places near me that refuse sale to anyone buying for a child.

    • Alejandro 4 years ago

      Peach died last night outside. Maybe it was the cold temperature that killed her, but she was 3 and survived last winter just fine. She didn't even touch her food yesterday. We will be burying her later today, R.I.P Peach

    • qtips 4 years ago

      i would recommend everyone takes there rabbits to the vets for a vhd jab i seen a friends whole litter die suddenly from this disease it was the most upsetting way to see an animal die both my bunnies have had it and i recommend always buy new hutches or from ppl you know because this disease can stay in the hutch if the previous bunny may of died from vhd it needs to be brought up more from vets as i had to asked because its not a known disease they wont ask if you want it it cost me £12 so definetly worth it :)

    • nikki 4 years ago

      i had two does and a buck (all in separate cages)i bred them one doe had one kit who is healthy at 13 weeks old. the other doe had 9 kits up until last sunday they were all healthy lively eating and drinking well i discovered two dead babies on sunday. i thorougly cleaned the hutch with the same rabbit disenfectant as usual put fresh bedding, hay and food in. all was welll until yessterday when i found three dead babies and then a forth that night. i have no idea what has happened as i have many rabbits and have never encountered this problem before sadly all the rabbits including the doe have now died they were in the same hutch, i am worried my rabbits in the separate hutches get ill could this be a disease can anyone help ?

    • aliceleftinwonder profile image

      aliceleftinwonder 4 years ago from Somewhere along I-5

      I raised, breed, and showed rabbits from about seven until high school (I still had them, but stopped showing). Personally, I disagree about rabbits as being a poor pet for children.

      Depending on the temperament of your child and the household in general, they may be an excellent pet. Maybe not. It's just like any other pet, all interaction should be supervised, specifically with younger children.

      I'd advise anyone who is looking into getting a rabbit (or any other animal) PLEASE, do your research and think it though. No animal should be brought home on a whim.

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      Sometimes these things just happen especially if you don't know how old the rabbit is. You could for example have 5 rabbits, they all receive the same terrible fright and only one die it purely depends it is difficult to say what caused it

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      Sorry to hear about it but sometimes baby rabbits just aren't strong enough, even the strongest one of the litter is not guaranteed. Baby rabbis are fragile and shocks, eating something etc can bring on a heart attack. If the rabbit came from a pet shop and was too young/ was inside and suddenly put outside from being in he warm (it would be an indoor bunny) the temperature change can kill them.

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      Sorry for the delay and about your bunny.

      They should be okay just make sure you are giving them a good quality food, fresh water and hay. Always check to make sure there is nothing contaminating your normal tap water sometimes things do happen and are in the paper or the news we don't hear about much so we miss.

      If you can afford to and have the time and the rabbits are okay with it you could have a monthly vet check up. Just handle them and keep them away from sudden temperature change, stress and hazards. Have them spayed or neutered if they aren't already and give them as much space and grass as possible.

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      I'm sorry to hear that!

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      They sounds strange it could have just been a heart attack. Do not bring rabbits inside from the cold suddenly as it can make them really sick and die they can't handle temperature change and air conditioning is not the same as outside air especially at night and in summer.

      You could have taken them to get checked out, disinfect EVERYTHING the other rabbit has touched and keep a close eye on them.

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      I'm sorry to hear that!

      Lots of baby animals die simply because they are sick or not strong enough :(

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      It could have been some kind of infection, eaten something toxic, twisted gut, illness or shock.

      Usually when a rabbit is sick their coat loses luster and colour, they become unusually quiet and laid back, not eating or drinking, foaming at the mouth, dirty bottom, leakage from crevices e.g. eyes, bottom, nose. Blood leaking from anywhere, an unusually slow heart rate as they are normally fast, glassy eyes. If you notice anything immediately check take to a vet.

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      Hello everyone and rabbits are prone to sudden death, it could be a sudden heart attack from a fright, from a shock they received even a week before, something they ate or just died. If the rabbit had been vet checked, was young and no sign of illness or possible shock then it is impossible to tell without a vet cutting the dead animal open which costs A LOT of money.

    • magwaba.v 4 years ago

      my doe died 2 days ago. i just found it dead in the morning the previous day it was fine and no sign of illness. Other mates are well in the same cage

    • BunnyLover 4 years ago

      My baby rabbit died the first week we got her. I really want to know what caused her to die. Marshmellow was just a baby....I can't stop crying for her.

    • linda squirrell 4 years ago

      Our darling fluffy white lop eared bunny bubbles passed away last night he got fly strike my children our so upset we are going to bury him today we love you so much bubbles and we will miss you so much. Bubbles was 6 1/2

    • nooramali 4 years ago

      I have four bunnies. When I back from office, both of them shook and unable to walk. A few minute later, they were died. It was really weird because there were no symptoms of poisoning either food or drink. It was no bleeding or injured sign. But, the other still healthy and able to run. I always wonder what happened to my bunnies. Can you share with me about how to manage the other bunnies. I hope you will reply me. Thank you...

    • Nayeli 4 years ago

      my bunny cloudy died cause of the really hot sun.He had a heart stroke

    • Julia 4 years ago

      My rabbit dies around 20 minutes ago..... when i went outside to check on them and give them fresh water and food. he was screaming and bouncing around and then suddenly flopped over :( so i took my 2 other rabbits inside closed the door and turned on the a.c. what can i do to protect them?

    • Behnaz 4 years ago

      my baby rabbit died in the morning. last night she was ok but.. :( he made some noises as he was passing away. i cant forget it:,(

    • sarah 4 years ago

      i had a black young rabbit she was beautiful, she was 9 month old and i love her too much she was quite nimble, very cute and intelligent but suddenly i found her bored and sleepy the day after she has diarrhea and that night she died bitterly :( i don't know what did happen to her? but i suppose she suffered from a dangerous virus

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      @T.J. the rabbit could have eaten something, or sometimes like with other animals that have such delicate systems it can just twist. It's usually irritation or an actual stomach problem but the actual cause of it cannot very easily be determined unless the rabbit has been cut open to find a cause, unless you wish to pay A LOT of money to chop up a dead rabbit then I'm afraid you're just going to have to settle for a twisted stomach, poisoning, ingestion of an unusual object stress etc.

    • T.J 4 years ago

      I lost my rabbit last night. Like a lot of you guys it got sick and died that night. I took it to the vet that day and all the vet said was that the stomach was unusually swollen. He said it might of somehow twisted its stomach. But that's all he said. When we took the rabbit back home, I noticed it would be sitting down in one place not looking well. But would constantly move positions every couple of minutes and sit back down. As the night went on it got weaker and weaker and was starting to struggle to breathe. I new it was slowly dieing. Eventually it couldn't move and was just barely breathing when it then lost its life. If anyone could let me know what might of happened and why it was slowly moving positions constantly before it died that would be very helpful.

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      Thank you very much :)

      It really depends, a lot of places will not sell rabbits to children, pet stores will because they are basically on a get rid and make more money thing. Some rabbits are okay with children but a lot of rescue centres in particular won't re-home them to children

    • purnimamoh1982 profile image

      purnimamoh1982 4 years ago

      A truly informative hub. Voted up and followed. I however have a deviation as far as children are concerned. My two rabbits loved my son very much although we had to train my son and rabbits took some time to get accustomed to him. I have shared some experiences here

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      Loss of interaction and appetite does indicate some form of severe shock, injury or illness. It can quickly be onset. One minute the rabbit can be perfectly alive and running about the next drop dead.

      Were you sure on the age? did you check for fly strike? any discharge coming from the nose, eyes, bottom or ears?

      Like most animals some rabbits will just suddenly die, it is very difficult to tell without being exactly precise, could he have gotten hold of an electrical chord, a piece of glass or some form of detergent?

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      Sorry for your loss. Yes it can happen very suddenly, one minute fine the next they can be extremely sick or dead. This happens.

      Shock, fright, injury to brain or spine, sudden illness, internal tumours, poisoning, and such.

      Giant rabbits and dwarfs often do not life past the age of five at the very most. Many pet store rabbits are the same so your rabbits age could have been a factor. Are you sure on age? it is very difficult to tell once a rabbit reaches about two or three.

      Check for any causes, was it eating and drinking, interacting properly? it can be so hard to tell without opening the rabbit and looking for a cause done by a vet but this is extremely expensive.

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      Was the rabbit bought from a pet store and then placed outside, if so this is a very likely cause. Pet rabbits can die from sudden change such as weather conditions when the rabbit is used to living indoors, shock, spinal damage which can be done very easily. Rabbits can fall sick so quickly they can be fine one night and dead by the morning however if this rabbit was young the cause could have been something like a nasty shock, injury to the brain or spine, or of course the stress of a new environment.

      I recommend keeping two rabbits together, a male and a female have the male neutered. Rabbits bought from rescue centres are a better option as pet store rabbits are over bred, inbred, often sickly and many do die after being brought home.

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      Could it have been caused by the female? are you breeding them too often? Were there any dangers, anything the rabbit could have gotten to in his living space? Are you sure of his age?

      Depending on the breed, breeding rabbits often do not live as long as rabbits that have only had one or no litters. Sometimes if he was put with a female that didn't want to breed she may have killed him.

      Rabbits can break or severely damage their spines easily as well has have heart attacks, internal tumours, sudden onsets of illness, poisons and shock. I would check him over and check the living space over thoroughly and scrub everything down just in case if you don't know the reason you need to be extremely careful.

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      That is very, very strange. Carefully inspect the living quarters and the other rabbit for any signs. Was it eating and drinking normally, had there been any odd behaviour? are you sure of the rabbit's age? Many factors can cause sudden death but I would be concerned as to why this has happened and if there has been shock, illness or injury. Rabbits can also break or cause severe spinal damage easily.

      Your other rabbit will be okay, she is female I presume? DO NOT replace the male she WILL rip him into pieces, almost ALL female rabbits will severely injure or kill a new male rabbit on their territory. She will be fine with lots of love, attention and affection. Rabbits do go through phases of being depressed my rabbit was depressed for over a year after my boy died but she became much happier again it's hard to snap them out of it so don't let them fall into it.

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      So sorry for your loss, my rabbit died a month ago on Thursday but she was an oldie and ended up with incontinence and paralysis.

      It's hard to say what could have been the cause but the loss of appetite could mean illness, infection, poisoning or other problems. Did you check him over and check his stools? it can be extremely hard to say without seeing him or taking him to a vet. You could have had them test him after death for the cause but this would have been extremely expensive.

    • Joyell 4 years ago

      I just got my dwarf bunny and haven't had her a week... She just pasted in today... :(

    • Barbara 4 years ago

      My precious 3 1/2 year old bunny died sometime during then night for no apparent reason. He was absolutely fine but then would not play or eat. He did drink some water, he used his litter box and then he just sat very still. I held him and he seemed too quite. I am devastated. I adored Coco. He was a totally indoor only bunny and nothing had changed in his environment.

    • Matthew 4 years ago

      Our poor bunny died last night. A happy bunny who had the run of our garden and house but passed away at age 4 1/2. Very sad. Cant tell what happened we didn't do anything differently.

    • Erika 4 years ago

      My sister just got a pet rabbit last week. I went in to check on her and she had died some time during the night for no apparent cause...

    • rockee 4 years ago

      me rabbit died today..i dont kow..what is the reason..we breed our female rabbit. but our male was died

    • Loty 4 years ago

      My rabbit rolo died yesterday, showing no symptoms at all he was fit healthy very well looked after and only 3. Only comment is will our second one get Lonely as die to? X

    • Michelle 4 years ago

      My bunny died last night.... He was a giant gorgeous bunny called buddy who was only two years old..

      We are not sure why he ied, yesterday morning he had not eaten his food or had a drink, he just laid quietly not even responding when we spoke to him , then withinf four hours he died... This was heart rending as he was a much loved rabbit...

    • ILoveMice profile image

      ILoveMice 4 years ago from England.

      So sorry to hear that! R.I.P

    • denno 4 years ago

      my bunny died just today. it was very hard on my family.

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