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When Bunnies Attack: What To Do When Your Rabbit Bites

Updated on February 05, 2016

Rabbits, whilst being incredibly cute, playful, fun little individuals, also have some tendencies that may be somewhat surprising to the uninitiated. Though they are prey animals, they can have a somewhat vicious streak at times, and those big incisors can make for a nasty bite if bunny decides that you deserve it.

People are often mystified about what to do when their rabbit starts behaving like a pit bull, but here are a few tips to get you through the hard times.

Here's what to do if your bunny bites:

STEP ONE: Do NOT hit the bunny, or toss it across the room whilst screaming wild curses. The desire for this sort of reaction is understandable, but is generally frowned upon in rabbit keeping literature. Gently encourage the bunny back to its cage, where it can feel safe and can decompress. Think of it as a bunny time out, if that helps.

STEP TWO: Clean and disinfect the bite. You don't want to have any nasty infections to be weakening you next time you have to do battle with the small, fragile, and fuzzy creature.

STEP THREE: Figure out why the bite occurred. Did you scare the bunny? Did you offend the bunny? Did you hurt the bunny? Did the bunny simply decide that you needed to be taught a lesson? All these reasons are valid ones in the mind of a rabbit.

STEP FOUR: Once you have determined the reason, take steps to avoid it again. Rabbits that are in pain, or are scared will often bite, and you don't want your pet to become frightened or perpetually hostile towards you. Bunny/human relations can often break down when these incidents occur, and if you don't stop and think about things from the rabbit's perspective, then you may end up with a situation less easily resolved than the conflict in the middle east.

STEP FIVE: Make amends. Or, as our Christian friends like to say, turn the other cheek. This doesn't mean you should shove your fingers down the bunny's throat, but you should spend some time interacting with it in a positive way, once you have both had time to calm down. Keep an eye on the bunny in future, and if it shows signs of trying to bite again gently dissuade it. Bonding with your rabbit in a positive way is the best way to reduce future bites.

To squeal, or not to squeal?

Some sources say that you should emit a high pitch squeal if the bunny bites you, letting it know it hurt you. This only works if the bunny didn't intend to hurt you, which in some cases, it did. After all, what do you think it was trying to do when it abandoned its herbivorous instincts and got a mouthful of flesh? Squealing may help, it may not. Try it and see what your bunny does. If it simply gets a pleased and sadistic look in its eye, you can assume that it didn't help.


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    • Bunniez profile image

      Bunniez 9 years ago

      carri ann says:5 days ago

      helpful and humorous! one note under step 3 - my bunny bit me a couple times and it confounded me... until i realized it was right after I came home. And one thing I do when I get home is pet the neighbor's dog. So i did a little test and pet the neighbor's dog then put my hand near my furry friend and she went right for the bite. so then i pet the dog, came in, washed my hands and she didn't attack at all! it was something in the smell...

    • cookie's mommy 8 years ago

      My bunny bites if you smell too much like food (and haven't offered him any) and occasionally to investigate me. The questioning bites are usually picking at clothes or blankets I don't normally have on. any tips on discouraging this? It doesn't usually hurt, but I want to discourage him from chewing on stuff that's not healthy for him....

    • Bunniez profile image

      Bunniez 8 years ago

      Hi cookie's mommy...

      The bites you're describing aren't really going to lead to chewing by the sounds of things. The nipping is perfectly normal rabbit behavior, with your rabbit attempting to discipline you, or get your attention. The way to discourage him is to squeal loudly when he does this, as it will surprise him, and let him know that he hurt you. (Of course, he may not have hurt you, but that is a great way to stop his ways.)

    • Maria 8 years ago

      My daughter and I just got a bunny from a friend of mine and the first week we had him he was great, he let us pick him up and hold him and pet him and kiss him, now that we are on the 2nd week of having him well he is starting to nipat us but today bunny bite my daughter and she was bleeding. We have been trying to pick him up like we always would do and now he wiggles so much that he jumps out of our hands before we can take him out of the cage.

      Can anybody tell me why all of a sudden his attitude is changing. I am almost ready to give up on the bunny and give me away...It's sad to say but I need help here. He's so cute and we want to spoil him with our love and toys and a clean cage.

    • Bunniez profile image

      Bunniez 8 years ago

      Hi Maria,

      There are a few possible reasons for his sudden change of attitude.

      1. He was hurt by accident on a previous occasion that he was picked up, and now fears being picked up.

      Solution: Patience, time, back off a little and reestablish the bond without handling him so intensely. Don't let him get in a position to bite you or your daughter.

      2. He has suddenly hit sexual maturity, and his hormones are gong wild.

      Solution: He should be fixed (neutered) by a vet.

      3. He has a medical problem, and is in pain.

      Solution: Take him to the vet.

      I would take him to the vet anyway, as sudden changes in behavior should be checked out to see if they don't have a medical basis. If he is coming up around the 6 month mark, he may also be approaching sexual maturity, which will make him moody like any teenager.

    • Felicia 8 years ago

      Thank you for the advice, my cute yet vicious bunny is very frightening! He attacks out of nowhere. When I tell people about him they all laugh, and say they never heard anything like that. I have scars on my hands and feet to prove it. His favorite play toy is my dog's bushy tail. He smells for him and then attacks him as well. Could this be a male thing? Do you think he wants to mate?

    • Bunniez profile image

      Bunniez 8 years ago

      If your rabbit isn't neutered, and is over 6 months, I would recommend that you have him neutered as soon as possible. Aggressive rabbits are not at all uncommon, however you shouldn't have to bear the scars of his attacks.

    • BunnyForBirthday 8 years ago

      Hey Bunniez,

      i got a few questions;

      i really want a rabbit for my birthday, but my mom won't get it for me because she says they can smell, and their bites are horrible. Yes, i know that bites can hurt and that they can tend to smell. But isn't it true that if you clean their cages, they won't smell? I also know that if i were to get one, and it bit me i would be terrified to pick it up again. That's actually a definite negative. I don't know if you have any tips on the good side of getting a rabbit. so, if you can...HELP! i need to put up a good argument with my mom. And anybody else's opinion is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


      I wanna get a pet bunny!

    • Bunniez profile image

      Bunniez 8 years ago

      Hello BunnyforBirthday,The best thing I can recommend for you to do is to do much more research. There are at least 40 other articles here on the topic of bunnies, and there are many other great sites on the Internet as well. I should warn you that there is a high chance that your bunny will not like being picked up, most all bunnies hate being lifted off the floor and held. There are exceptions, but they are not the general rule. Bunnies can have a nasty bite too, but if you handle them properly you lessen your risk of being bitten. Having said that, my own rabbit gave me a nip or two in the early days simply for being so bold as to groom her.Bunnies can be awesome pets, but your mom is right. If you want to keep a bunny from smelling, their cage will need to be cleaned out at least once a day, and more likely twice if you want to keep it clean. Also, a bunny may take over a year to really become friendly. Do you have that much patience? People with cool bunnies are people who have spent a lot of time with their rabbits, who have been patient and kind. Rabbits also have a teenage stage where they get moody and irritable, and your bunny will also need to be spayed or neutered. A female bunny will most likely get cancer if you don't.

    • Bunniez profile image

      Bunniez 8 years ago

      That probably wasn't what you wanted to hear, but the truth of the matter is, how suitable a pet rabbit will be does not depend so much on the bunny as it does on you. Are you prepared to spend months taking care of a creature that may very well not care if you live or die.. but then eventually will run up to you and demand a head rub? I am painting a negative picture I know, but these are the realities of bunny keeping. If you are a good bunny keeper, then you will have a good and non smelly bunny. If you are looking for an immediately affectionate pet then a kitten or a puppy is a better idea.

    • BunnyForBirthday 8 years ago

      Yeah, it is kind of a negative picture, i know.

      But i guess i could be better off without a rabbit.

      I really really really want one, but even my sister said, "you know, the very first time it bites you, you'll never want to pick it up again."

      Truth is, THAT IS THE TRUTH. i would be petrified of picking it up, and those are really the small prices you gotta pay to have a fuzzy, jumping companion by your side.

      Thanks for your help, but i really don't think a rabbit's right for me.

      Bye Bunniez, your help is definitely appreciated.

    • felixrabbit 8 years ago

      Thanks for the useful information. My bunny, Felix (a new zealand white) usually nips me whilst licking my hand (he loves licking my hand after I pet him) or when he's running around my feet when he sees me coming home. First I didn't know why he always nipped me that way, until I found in a website that nipping softly(considered by the bunny) is also the way for bunny to express his/her love to us, especially if he nips when he's grooming our hand/face. One thing that the bunny doesn't know is: the nip really hurts! Yeah, I did squeal and Felix stopped his nipping action, but just for a time when he's terribly happy or licking my hand again, he'll nip me again too... However, I can say that I'm pretty lucky as I got so much love from my bunny....

    • New bunny mommy 8 years ago

      I just got a new bunny yesterday 4 months old and fixed, he was real friendly in the pet store but this morning I tried went to talk to him and try to give him my hand to smell me and get to know me and hi was kicking a lot telling me to leave,, so I put a few carrots in the cage. is he just scared being in a new house will he calm down?

    • wannabunny 8 years ago

      HELP! my friend has a bunny. I go to her house all the time. her bunny hates me! it nips me all the time. any reason why?

    • bunnies 8 years ago

      my rabbit always bites me but i don't khow why sometimes he jumps on me and bit my head! it really hurts. his only 1 years old and 5 months! i don't khow if i can't stay like this all day.

    • tod 8 years ago

      my rabbit is 8 weeks old we have had him a week and is sooooo friendly he does binkeys all the time and licks us too so we know he loves us all very much BUT when we go to see him in the morning he tries to bite this seems to be if we put our hands anywher near the part of the cage that he likes to peee ! HE HAS ACTUALLY BIT ME ONCE BUT TRIES IT EVERY MORNING PLEASE HELP i am only 8 and it really hurts he is very very friendly the rest of the time .

    • Angelina Yirka 8 years ago

      My rabbit was nuetered a month ago. everytime im in his x pen and move the slightest he growls then nips at me. i usually say no and depress his head down to the floor softly but firmly. i just want to know why he growls and bites should i not introude on his space and let him come to me? i am trying to bond with him and read it can take months. i am patient but something inside me just wants my little bunny boy to be kind. i also was contiemplating bonding him however, i am not sure if i should wait till he bonds with me. the funny part is he is bonding with my cat!

      by the way bunnies do not stink. my bunny goes potty in his litter box i clean the box every other day and there is no odor at all from him!

    • ellen 8 years ago

      Hi there,

      I do have a pair of dwarf rabbits. They were very playful and sweet at first. But this past few days the male started acting very aggressive and started attacking me everytime i put rabbit pellets inside their cage. I was bitten once and its really painful. Since then i got scared of him. He even attacks the female rabbit. I think the other one's pregnant im not sure if this is the cause of his weird behavior lately. Any advise would be greatly appreciated:) thanks

    • penni 8 years ago

      my bunny just went totally nuts at me a few minutes ago. i was picking bits of newspaper out of his cage and he suddenly lunged at me and started grunting and squealing, mouth wide open ready to bite (he did, he just didn't succeed in hurting me), while throwing its arms and legs around madly, trying to scratch me. so i smacked his bum (we've always done a gentle tap and that gets them settled) and he went away into his box part of the hutch, but came back out and lunged at my hand some more. He's been this way for around 9 months now, ONLY around me. around my 22 month old son, he's like cotton candy... he rubs up against him and lets him pat him, he licks and nibbles him but only ever attacks me. My husband says its because they act the same as dogs when someone is pregnant (they feel weird around you so bark/attack because they're unsure), im currently 6.5 months along, would that have any affect on how he acts around me, anyone?

    • tracey mannion 8 years ago

      are rabbit bites infectious? we borrowed a rabbit from my son's nursery school and now my children have several bites on his hands. Besides cleaning the cut out so we need medical care?

    • roar 8 years ago

      my bunny used to bite and chew my finger all the time, but it did not hurt at all

    • Gabby 8 years ago

      My rabbit is very aggressive and in the last few months he's bitten me and my mum. He hasn't been neutered but my dad's looking into it. He scratches me when i pick him up and I am scared to go near him now. Do you have any solutions on how to fix this?

    • Meg's Mom 8 years ago

      Our family has two dutch bunnies almost two yrs old. At first they would play with my kids and I quite nicely. We would take them with us to pet stores and anywhere we went that allowed our bunnies to be with us. Lately our bunnies (sisters) have been fairly anti-social with all of us. My daughter tried giving them a snack and one of them bit her. Is there any way to work with them to become social again?

    • Ethan 8 years ago

      lol my rabbit bit me and i bit him back gently lol he never did it again, i did take him to vet to see if everything was ok and hes perfect lol

    • wendbunny 8 years ago

      hi, my rabbit bites sometimes but i think he is tellin me to leave him alone.

      also can any one tell me is it a good thing to bring the rabbit into the house when its really cold out side. some people say it is where as some say it isn'

    • Fran 8 years ago

      For the most part, my 2 bunnies seem to Not have an odor. However, I noticed that after running from me (when I am trying to get them back in the cage), when I finally catch them, there are times when they have a Bad Odor. They Did Not have the odor prior to running from me. Can the let off a bad odor if they are scared? It's a nasty smell that just seems to come during those times.

    • haylee 7 years ago

      i bunny likes to nip at my toes or pants when im at the computer. it is totally for attention. i usually just clamp his mouth closed with my hand and say no in a loud and deep voice.

    • bek 7 years ago

      Do rabbits bite when they are having babies? She bit my sister.

    • dru712 7 years ago

      I need help I got my daughter a bunny & he attacks her every time she gets near him. she is the only one he has bitten. she loves him ane even though he has made her bleed more than once she dosent want to get rid of him what can I do ?

    • andrea 7 years ago

      if your bunny bites you, all you really have to do is flick them in the nose and that tells them not to do it again. but if they are biting constantly and making you bleed, it is a good idea to listen to this. and also, if u get a rabbit, let it relax in its cage for a few weeks. let it get used to its surroundings and let it get comfortable. do not cuddle or pick up your rabbit too much because u are pretty much a stranger to them and they will probably bite you. and also don't give it treats the first week. u can start to pick up ur rabbit and cuddle it after it looks comfortable which will probably be two weeks after u got ur rabbit

    • bunny hater 7 years ago

      i hate bunnys i have one and it scatches me all ova the face it hurts soooo much

      dogs a really good mice r really good but rabbits i hate them well i think im hurtin the bunny that's y its made but anyway i loveeeeeeee dogs and mice

    • Machiato's mom 7 years ago

      My rabbit is the sweetest bunny ever. He has never bit or hurt anyone. He is 4 1/2 yrs. He is free to go in and out of his cage, our house and roam the yard. He is very happy. My daycare kids chase him, play with him and try to hold him and occasionaly pull on him. He is best friends with my boxer, they play and cuddle, but... he attacks my exchange student! It is the craziest thing I've ever seen! we didn't believe him at first, He told me Machiato hopped into his room and bit his leg. and again during dinner he said the rabbit bit his leg. Then last night, our student waked into the dining room, my rabbit was chillin in the living room with the family and dog, Machiato jumped up and charged the student, followed him everywhere he went, scratching, bumping into his leg and trying to bite! I was laughing because I could not believe it! Machiato was seriouly attacking our student! Why would a sweet, gentle rabbit act this way towards one person? Any ideas? He uses our same laundry detergent, shampoo and body wash. We have had many other exchange students and there has never been a problem!

    • wabiabi247 7 years ago

      i want a bunny SO badly but........I'm afraid of all the things that could happen like it running away, biting me, of just not liking me.....What should i do about this?.....GET OVER MY FEARS OR NOT GETTING ONE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Margaret 7 years ago

      Love your article! LOL I have a bunny I bottle fed and it bites only if in it's cage. It doesn't like you in it's space. Some times it will bite alittle if your holding it and it wants down. You can usually tell when it's about to happen. It has nibbled on me since it was a baby. I hear it is actually a sign of affection. (Hopefully!)

    • catarina 7 years ago

      hi, iam catarina i just had a rabbit i just wanna ask if can know what they like mos

    • wannabunnee 7 years ago

      i reallyy reallyy want a bunny but reading all of these comments is making me scareed of them... i just went to the pet store today and held the sweetest one ever but now im scared to get one.... what should i do?? just get it, or listen to what people are saying and get a dogg???????????

    • me 7 years ago

      hi wannabunny.i don't know about you but rabbits like me a lot.

    • Eliya 7 years ago

      i just got a rabbit 2 days ago and this morning he licked me and then in the evening he bit me and blood came out and he always sniffs me and then bites me really really hard and i don't know what to do!!!!!!!

      (please give me edvice!!!!!)


    • emma 7 years ago

      some people say that certain bites are submitted as a sign of love but i found squealing very usefill when i rescued my aggressive bunny she soon learned. i also gentally pinched her bottem as that's a way of telling them that your the boss.

    • kristystar 7 years ago

      yeah its bad if bunnies bites us like my dog he once bite me my lips its a little bouching

    • joy 7 years ago

      my bunny just bit me! it bleeds! i shouted so loud..

      reason? i took him to bath ^__^

      i already cleaned my wound and washed with soap..

      i think i just have to make up with him and offered a peace offering=)

    • joy 7 years ago

      for me, i still choose to be bitten by a rabbit rather than a dog.

      a dog may have rabbies, but bunnies? not.

      any animal may hurt you if you don't treat them good.

      in my experience, its my first time to see my bunny act this way, maybe he doesn't like to be bathe =)

      @Eliya, maybe you did something wrong? maybe you scared him? or hold he's hungry?

      try researching about how to take care of bunnies.

      so you will know what you must do, and what you must not to to a rabbit. =)

      or visit your vet =)

    • Liz 7 years ago

      I've had my bunny for about 5 or 6 years now i think. He's a male and he isn't neutered and he's never bitten me in all these years. He doesn't really like being held but he will let me pick him up without being aggressive. He's only ever bitten one person - my boyfriend at the time. He would be fine until my boyfriend tried to get near me, my bunny would charge at him biting his ankles and kicking his back legs at him. Do you think it was jealousy?

    • stacy 7 years ago

      i got the sweetest little bunnt the other day and i love her way more than i figured i would.i love her little licks she does it constantly

    • Rachael 7 years ago

      I have a dwarf Lop, he is 5 months old and such a sweety.He loves attention and lives inside day and night, although he is let outside to run around during the day.He has a whole room to him self that he sleeps in (lives in). I am confused by his behaviour at times though. He often nips on my pant legs and at times even my legs. It doesn't seem that he is doing it to hurt me more that he is bored or wants attention. I give him so much attention and don't know what else he wants or if he is just doing to let me know he is happy? I am also unsure as how to disapline him when he does something I do not like I tend to just take him away but he just comes back and does it again. I am not sure if I agree with getting him neutered, I know that it is highly recommened but I just feel as though its a little harsh as he has no choice! Also he runs around my legs all the time, I have read conflicting opions as to what this means...can you advise me on what this means. Thanks

    • juel 7 years ago

      my rabbit has all of sudden gone really vicious with me, she will not let me anywhere near her cage and def not anywhere near her things. she grunts at me. i have already had one nasty bite and she bit my neighbour to who was looking after her. I am considering taking her back to the pet shop to be rehomed, i have lost all confidence with her and am not finding her a pleassure anymore. This makes me really sad. Can she be tamed

    • jessica 7 years ago

      dear juel,

      maybe your rabbit is going through a teratorial fase like when there in the wild when they dig borrows there very teratorial and maybe that's what your rabbit is doing its like female humans can be grouchyer than boys and that's what might be happening but all you need to is when you go to her cage don't scare her like moving really fast or saying stuff really loud because rabbits have got very good hearing so maybe whisper and then after about a week and a half she will be back to her loverbul self! :-)

    • bunnylovers 7 years ago

      hi, we have two rabbits their both used to been handled, their called jack and george, george is fine when you put him on your shoulder but jack bites everytime you put him on your shoulder, and don't know why! it hurts when he bites and get frustrated but don't harm the bunny.

    • Sara 7 years ago

      Hi, I got my bunny a while ago from a friend. She was the only one handling it and sparadically at best, with two younger brothers that didn't know how to treat a rabbit. After a decent sum of time, I've helped her to lose her extra weight (put her on timothy hay regularily and timothy pellets instead of the alfalfa hay and pellets that were given to her, and few greens) so she's at a normal weight and she allows herself to be picked up on most days and is overall really good now, but she's still biting whenever she feels you're "in her way" or not giving her enough attention, and she won't hesitate to attack if you reach into her cage for her food dish to change her food or litter box even. Some days she's fine, others she's not, and I know she was biting, attacking, chewing on everything and generally running away from everything at her old home. How can I help her to stop the biting completely and show her that she has to respect me the same way I give her the space she needs? I never hit her, always giving her a time out in her cage, spending time with her regularily, but she's still having problems. I just don't want her biting or attacking, the nipping at things when she's exploring and digging aren't really a big deal but I can't have her sparadically attacking whatever she feels like.

    • Charlie the Rabbit 7 years ago

      My bunny likes to bite my feet, i thougt i'd maybe stood in something tasty, turns out its not me he likes but the leather sandals i'd been wearing that are now somewhat nibbled at, don't know if he knows they're made of cows or not, but i suppose that's a hazard of keeping a house bunny, worth it.

    • kim 7 years ago

      Hi there, my bunny Miffy is about 13 weeks old now and when we first got her she loved to lick people and sit on your lap, now when she comes up to you she will nip your skin. I know its not a proper bite because it doesn't draw blood, I've tried touching her on the head and saying no but she does a binky and comes back again!! She must find my punishment amusing! Why is she nipping me and how can i stop her from doing it?

    • Taryn 7 years ago

      Hey, i got a rabbit months ago and hes well behaved round everyone except my sister. he only has to hear her coming and hes on guard ready to attack. hes taken chunks outta her legs, and shes usually left with him swinging on her legs trying to fight him off. she can even put a foot on the ground and hes ready to fight.

      Have you got any idea why he will only attack her and noone elase hes ever met, not even strangers are subjected to this.

    • justgotbitten 7 years ago

      my little bunny girl named Lucy was sitting on my lap, and being all curious, she is a young bunny after all, but she was biting my jacket zipper. then, she was just wandering around and bit me in the finger. it sliced me pretty deep and I bled everywhere. It was pretty intense, and I went and put her away. Why would she do this? was it just baby behavior testing things out?

    • kaela 7 years ago

      my rabbit just bit be for no apperant reason. My hand was about a foot away from her and she leaped at my hand like she was going to attack it. I don't know what got into her but she has NEVER bitten me before and Ive had her for about 8 1/2 months and she is about 9 months old. she for some reason always has an agervated look on her face and she not really the snugglie type of buuny. I would like her to be though but I don't know how I can get her to trust me I really need help with both of these questions!!!!


      desperate for awnsers!!!

    • KB 7 years ago

      This afternoon my mums friendds rabbit came around for a play (Because i have a rabbit too) because we are planning to breed with her, but when she was breeding the boy was on it's back screeming and had fur in its mouth. I know this isn't abou biting but we didn't know what to do. Does anyone know what could of happened?

    • Bunnyloverrr 7 years ago


      My bunny bit our house helper because she was sticking her finger inside her cage but it didn't bleed or anything. My

      dad got troubled and all so he wanted to bring our house helper to a doctor to get injected for she might get rabbis since my bunny haven't been injected yet. Does our house helper really need to be brought to doctor?

    • Nicole 7 years ago

      Bunnies all bite when they are scared, or you've offended them somehow, by either petting them when they don't want to be, or not petting them enough. Spend lots of time with your bunny, and RESPECT YOUR BUNNY ABOVE ALL! If it doesn't want to be pet, it will let you know by moving away from you or jumping out of your hands as you're trying to pick it up.

    • Taylor 7 years ago

      My bunny, Shadow keeps biting my little sister. Also me, and my mom. I don't know why this is happening, i think i hold it enough, and let it sleep enough but i just don't know why it is biteing.

    • anna gong 7 years ago

      my bunny Roxy won't stop biting cords and corners on the doors and the designs on the wall near the floor. How do you stop her from biteing?

    • Capuchino 7 years ago

      I have a bunny that is about a year old. She's really happy and healthy and i'm completely in love with her. The thing is she usually nips me and it doesn't hurt, but recently she bit down much harder then proceeded to run around her cage and chew on her toy. My question is if it was because she was feeling territorial or if it was just out of affection.

    • jen 7 years ago

      My bunny often attacks me if he sees me trying to pick up after him, when I touch his things and poops. He often bites so hard as to draw blood, much harder than his playful nips. His aggressive behavior is only directed at me, my parents also clean up after him and he has absolutely no problem with them doing so. When we took him to the vet, the vet told us that getting him fixed would not make any difference in his naughty behavior. what should I do?

    • Last Chance 6 years ago

      I need help!

      I have a pet dwarf bunny his name is Tyson.I've had him for about a year and I got him when he was a baby. He started biting about a year ago and the first time I thought he was just scared or something. But when I was holding him and he jumped up and bite me on the cheek, taking a huge chunk out I became scared of him. I started whereing boots in the summer when he decided to bite my ankles. He started biteing the boots and he would clamp on and use his hind legs to kick and scratch at the boots while he was biteing. When ever I wasn't careful and he got a hold of my hand he would do the same thing. When i got bitten my Dad said "that's it! If he bites you again we're getting rid of him!"

      What should I do? Should I let him go? Or how can I train him to not bite?

      PLEASE help I love Tyson

    • puppy killing bunny 6 years ago

      hi, i really need help. recently i had my old dog put to sleep who was one of my bunnies friend i have now bought a new puppy home and she keeps attacking it,i think she would kill it if they were alone. my rabbit is my baby and even sleeps in my bed , if i get between the puppy she attacks me. she has showed this behavour befor with a friends bunny and also her puppy.

      i have tried spraying water and putting her in her cage(which she hates).

      she has never had a bad experience with other animals.

      Weather she is scared or just really put out, i don't know.

      She still gets the same amount of attention food and treats.


    • Maryanne 6 years ago

      I'm going to get a bunny but im don't think im ready. i did a lot of research and i just found this stuff what should i do?

      i never had a bunny and im scared it will bite!

    • Love 4 my Cinnabun n' bitty Bun  6 years ago

      I have two rabbits both female. Neither are spayed but they get along just fine. The problem is only that my bunny, Bitty has recently become very aggressive. She tries to bite me and my boyfriend no matter what we try. I want to show her affection so she will be a social bunny like my Cinnabun but she won't let me get near her. Any suggestions about how I can help my bun?

    • Gigi 6 years ago

      I came here because my bunny of 1 year just bit me and drew blood. I do know that she was not trying to hurt me. I put a treat in her cage and she mistook my thumb for the treat.

      I have some advice on holding a bunny. I wrap mine in a towel. Swaddle it like a baby (on its tummy of course) and hold it that way. It makes mine feel secure while keeping those back claws away! She loves her cuddle time and will now even hop ON the towel I use and let me wrap her up.

      They also seems to like a schedule. Fed the same times, mind has in her head HER cuddle and play times. While out of town once and not allowed out she pulled out clumps of her fur. Poor baby.

      Now that I've read all of this I don't feel so bad about my bloody thumb. I'll know next time to do things differently.

    • Gigi 6 years ago

      I have a question. Or need advice actually. I read somewhere that bunnies can handle cold weather. But how cold? Her condo (hutch) that my hubby built is on our sunroom. The room is closed in, so no wind can get in and she has 2 areas inside her hutch she can hide/nest. She seems to like to sit on her ledge on the bare wood. If I put a towel, or hay, anything up there she throws it off. She likes BARE wood! Even if its cold. I bought a small cage for her to keep in the house when its cold. I usually put her in it at night. She HATES it! She can get pretty aggressive when it in. Chewing on the metal, growling, thumping. When I open the door she will grunt until I pet her then she calms down. I'm wondering if she will just be OK in her hutch on the sunroom? We get some nights in the teens though. Am I just a worried Momma?

    • Ness 6 years ago

      Ive got a 9month old male rabbit,he has started to bite, growl, stamp his feet and always hides when i open his hutch door. its upsetting becuase ive done anything to hurt him or offend him and i don't know what to do.ive had rabbits before so i can't understand what's wrong! please help.

    • Danielle Drebbab 6 years ago

      I was just stroking my rabbit, for about 5 minutes hwilst knelt on the ground next to him, I stopped to speak to my partner and my bunny bit my on the leg very hard.

      I have put him in his cage but it has upset me as I don't know why he did it!

    • Maryanne 6 years ago

      When your bunny bites, you should leave it alone for a while and when your bunny calms down,you should pet the bunny.

      P.S. I got my pet rabbit!

    • mariam 6 years ago

      Hi, ive got a dutch dwarf female rabbit ive had her for 1year now...and i wanted to ask you a question...when we pick her up she trys to wiggle her way out (Sometimes) and sometimes she trys to bite us but the weriod thing is that shes not vicious she is quite im baffled to why she does this. also i have a real hard time in cutting her nails she never lets us so im too afriad to cut her nails now what can i do please help

    • lacinda 6 years ago

      i let my bunni run around my lounge room 4 times a day (if im home) he loves it, does binkeys everywhere he runs and get a lot of hight whilst doing this.

      we have to block off behind the couch as we havce cords he can chew through, today he jusmped staight over the barrier and my partner grabed him out behind the couch, then my bunni went straight to my partners foot and started scratching it, eventually he stopped,then did it again and bite him verry lightly.. what does it meen when they scratch you then bite you? please help!

    • maia 6 years ago

      my parents won't let my rabbits(cookie and sugar)hoe should i convince them?????please leave a comment!!!!

    • Bunnygirl22 6 years ago


      someone please help me i really want a bunny my little brother is allergic to dogs but not cats. We have a chinchilla and he has no problems with her I called many breeders. But i am scared if i buy a bunny how will he react and what are the odds of him being allergic? PLEASE HELP MEE i did some reasearch but there is nothing.... thanks so much -bunnygirl

    • mariam 6 years ago

      hi, erm you've not repiled to my coment...i was woundering is there any other way that i can ask you questions?

    • Raymond 6 years ago

      Miriam, I think maybe your bun feels insecure when you pick him up. They generally don't like to feel out of touch with the ground, and I have learned to be very supportive of my bun's feet and body when holding him. A nip to express displeasure is an absolutely standard form of communication - don't read too much into that!

    • Tarheels 6 years ago

      hi we got a baby rabbit and it as not being a month yet, and the rabbit has just now starting to bite. what should we do. Let it stay in its cage forever, or should we git rid of it. cause i don't want it to bite anymore.

    • Chantelle Terae 6 years ago

      well I began my love affair with bunnies 20 yrs ago...I have never had one that bites until now...I have no idea what the problem is....but ive had several bunnies with all different types of personalities...bunnies are beautiful creatures ...that much I DO know...Unfortunately the most beautiful bunny that I have right now is biting all the shes NUTS..oh well I have to cuddle her she is so beautiful

    • Guest 6 years ago

      This morning my bunnie went crazy after i just patted it. It started to head butt me and lunge at me trying to bite me at one stage it connected and cut my hand the 2nd time it grabbed onto my pants and didn't let go. In the end it was to dangerous and i could not catch it,if it attacked other family members it would of done major damage.

      i had to shoot it ..

    • Cory 6 years ago

      it's becoming spring and my netherlands dwarf is shedding a lot, but it seems like he's been licking the bottom of one of his back feet a lot, and now there is a nice little patch of hair missing on his foot, he's not really favoring it, just showing a lot of attention by tryin to lick it, how do i get him to not wanna lick his foot, or is this ok and will grow hair back soon enough and not bother him?

    • anne 6 years ago

      We've owned a male rabbit for the past four months now. The pet shop owner told me he was 2 1/2 months when we got him home. So by now he should be around 6 months. When we bought him he would only try and bite if one of my children would hold him and not realise that he wouldn't like to be held. He's been very loving, affectionate and playful. But lately till about 3 weeks ago his attacks have increased. The funny thing is that its just towards me. When we leave him run around the house and he smells my presence from another room he would come running towards me making a very funny noise (like a growling sound) and try to bite me, many times succeeding. Its funny, since I consider myself to have been the closest to our dear rabbit and most caring. I don't ever remember having hurt him by accident. It could be he needs to be neutered but why is it that he only tries to attack me? Can anyone please try helping out here?

    • caz 6 years ago

      hi my rabbit bit me on the other side of my left arm right next to a vein in my arm :S you can still see the mark and it looks purple and brused. i am worried.

    • tristin 6 years ago

      Hi my name is Trisrin Sehlmeyer and you help me out so much my cute little bunny never bites me any more and will let any one pick her up.At frist it was hard but i got the hang of it.

    • Sarah 6 years ago

      I have a 4 year old rabbit that I just got from a friend about 3 months ago. It has always been friendly, only nipped at clothes and stuff. And then the other morning, just like any other morning, I grabbed a handful of food to place in his bowl. To my surprise, he ran over and bit my forearm as I was putting the food in the bowl- it was very quick and out of nowhere, so of course I squealed. I didn't bleed, only had a couple of red marks, but I want to know why he did this. I have done this many times before, and I had definitely fed him the evening before so he wasn't starved... I know it could have to do with the fact that I invaded his space, but my boyfriend and I do it all the time so it's strange behaviour. Any ideas?

    • bunny_lover_pro 6 years ago

      Dear Sarah, is it a male or a female? it could very possibly be because she is on her "period" they tend to get moody then. Also.. it could just be having a bad day? We humans get them so why couldn't your rabbit have one?

    • confused 6 years ago

      My bunny is nearly a year old now and has never bitten anyone until today, she was sat on my kneww being calm and then just bit my arm. I put her on the floor and shes just running around in an angry rampage stamping her feet on the floor and chewing on things its like she having a toddler tantrum :S any help ?

    • bellasmommy 6 years ago

      I got bella in april...for easter and at that point she was just over a month old. she is now almost 3 months old. she has always been a good bunny and still is, but last night i came in from visiting my dad and noticed that she is always peeing in the opposite corner that i have her litter pan in so i stuck my hand in the cage to give her a little pet then to get the litter pan and move it. Out of no where she lunged at my arm and bit me...and it took me by surprise...i'll admit i said some colorful words, but immediately pointed at her and said no firmly and she just looked away and down kind of...i can only assume that i scared her. she has been biting my boyfriend as well... we never just go up and grab her we always go calmly and slowly to her and give her a pet first...

      also...whenever we go to take her out of her cage she kicks her back feet a lot...even when we scoop her up under her belly and try to support her back feet :(

      any tips??

    • sam 6 years ago

      when ur nub sister steps on ur rabbit u should punish her and make her feel bad, after that torment her and then bring the poor helpless lil rabbit and put it infront of her. make sure to visit ur vet after all this and if she caused any permanent injury, it is advised that you take the rabbit out and shoot it to put it out of its mysery

    • samantha 6 years ago

      if u ever accidently step on ur rabbit, don't tell ur brother! he will torment you and make you feel guilty for something that's not even ur fault. he will tell you how mean you are and ask you why you would do such a thing and he will get his hunting guns and tell you you might as well shoot it since you're making it suffer. he will also make up things like "its pregnant" when its not.

    • Maryanne 6 years ago

      plz... when bunnies get moody just leave it alone 4 a while... don't shoot it or anything. don't even hit them. it is so sad and if you punish them, they will just get mad and go crazy again. u guys.. please u need 2 learn about rabbit behavior. thumping or stomping means that the bunny is annoyed, okay?

    • Brooke 6 years ago

      don't shoot the bunny just because its could be moody or just feel unsafe. if someone you didn't feel safe with or if you were mad you yell/snap at them but do they shoot you? no..

    • nikki 6 years ago

      My bunny, used to nip at my clothing. I discovered that like premie babies, he responds to skin on skin contact and the nipping was so I would take my shirt off. It's very funny but his favorite place is to snuggle between my breasts in my bra! It creates a hilarious visual but it's his prefered spot when stressed.

    • BunyLuvr 6 years ago

      Aghh Sam! Where'd you get THAT report? Don't ever SHOOT the bunny :( I mean, I have 15 bunnies right now (starting from 4) and NONE of them gave me injuries like THAT haha If they gave you a very GOOD bite then just cool off in your room or your other happy place =)

    • bebek8 6 years ago

      Well u see bunnys can't see forward,so they don't know what is coming at them. My bunny lunges forward at my brother and bites him. I have read that you are supposed to scream because bunnys have less nervs than hunams so it hurts more with bunnys than u.Some times if the bunny has never seen someone before then they will get scared and bite so if they do you should stay from the bunny for a wile and you should just keep that person around for a wile then the bunny might not be scared any more. You'r buny might not like being picked up any more so that is why kicks.Hope this helps:)

    • Zazoole Rabbit 6 years ago

      We have had my male Rabbit for nearly two years now. He is a house bunny - lives a very grand life! He was desexed over a year ago - so Im guessing all his male hormones are long gone. Zazoole (the rabbit)is very kind and loveing towards my 15 month old daughter and myself. How ever he hates my husband! And I mean hates! He chases him around the house, nips, bites, lunges and grunts at him and only him. It seems to be that no amount of kindness is changing his behavior towards him. Any suggestions as to what we can do or try to change this?! HELP!

    • Lops 6 years ago from Ireland

      Zozoole is sounds like hes trying to be the dominant male. You could consider getting him fixed or (the less expensive way) you could use dominance drops. I have used them fo a similar case and they were effetive. I got them at a normal chemist and just added them to his water. I like to hear if this helps please update us.

    • Zazoole Rabbit 6 years ago

      Lops - Thank you so much for the fast response! We had him fixed when he hit "teenage hood"! I feel he is trying to be the dominant one too! I didn't know of the drops, Ill going to try and get some of them today! Ill let you know how we go. Thank you again :)

    • bella 6 years ago

      my rabbit is a houserabbit she was quiet until yesterday

      when i went feed her she bit me for noreason and wont stop biting people i don't no what to do help!

    • amanda 6 years ago

      hi ive have read nearly all these comments and i wanted to you to know that near the end of the 6 weeks holidays im getting a bunny we have done all the garden out and planted more grass looked at cages and measured where it could be and the only thing it is is if the bunny bites will my finger bleed or will it make a purple blister like my friends have said but i would pick it up again even if it bites because it is the only way to have a furry loving pet and it will stop after a bit so what do you think?

    • ben 6 years ago

      I got 2 bunnies not too long ago, ill tell ya , they are cute to look at but can be a pain in the arse sometimes. wiggles so much when i handle them and one of them bites HARD. If it happens to growl at you I just put my hand on his shoulders and kinda push down to control him to let him know that your the dominant. Or else it will just keep being territorial. I have a really small cage so that if they do anything bad I put them in a time out. now they don't even chew on the carpet at all or barely on cables like they used to. :)

    • Keiarra 6 years ago

      Bunnies r sweet but sometimes freaky. _keiarra?

    • sweetpotatazmom 6 years ago

      I have a female rabbit and she does not bite anyone but me... What should I do?

    • mel 6 years ago

      i go too stroke my rabbit but before i do i let her sniff me but when i go too stroke her she doesn't like it she makes a noise but she's never gone for me but has with my dad however, with my sister she's fine and that's the only person she's fine with. we don't know what to do to make her be fine with everyone else.

    • jason 6 years ago

      my bunny has never bit me until today. it got a little aggressive over its food. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bilal 6 years ago

      Hi all,i bought 3 bunnies from a pet store like 2 weeks ago.I found out that you have to be friendly since very first day.most of the biting occurs when you are ageitating your bunny or when your are blocking his way.I got bit twice like from same bunny but that same bunny likes me more than other 2 bunnies.she keeps on licking me once she see my hand is there.and she lets me pick her easy as well.they are not neutered but i can still guarantee you that if you would be nice to them they would be twice as nice but you will have to win their trust first.first day i fed them with my hand and i use carrots so i cut them in index finger size so ic an hold it away from them incase they wanted to bite. i was happy that out of no where 1 of them approached and took food from me and they all started eating.nest day i just fed them like 3 pieces from my hand and rest i kept in they cage so they could eat.tey noticed that this hand feeds gradually one of them became friendly and started licking my hand after just 1 moral of the story is make them feel safe and make them feel that your are no harm and boss rabbit.

    • lovemybunny 6 years ago

      I was given a male lionhead rabbit about 2 weeks ago. i know he wasn't always taken care of the best before i received him (which is why i accepted him) he was sort of timid at first and then he really started warming up to us. but for the past two days he has been chewing on my clothes and if the fabric is thick even trying to dig through them! he won't bite my skin just my clothes. not sure what's going on any advice? oh and i do squeal when he accidentally gets me by biting my clothes. he's NEVER drawn blood or anything though.

    • Minpegiz 6 years ago

      I've got rabbits, both female and both neutered, they are under a year old, one of them has always chewed my clothing when I've picked her up, but recently she seems to have got increasingly aggressive.

      When i try to pick her up, she lunges as though she is going to bite me, and when I'm in the shed with them, she will sometimes follow me round trying to nip my ankles.

      I've had to take my other rabbit to the vet because the aggressive one bit through her ear and she had to have antibiotics.

      Is there anything anyone can suggest??? - they have wooden chews in with them all the time as well.


    • bunny wrangler 6 years ago

      My next door neighbor's pet bunny got out a few days ago, today I found it happily munching away in my garden. We have a lot of dogs in the neighborhood so I caught him and took him home to his family. In the process he was terribly frightened and nipped at me. He got the top of my hand and broke the skin, nothing major but should I be worried about any particular infection?

      I cleaned the area and put a topical antibiotic on it but am concerned about how to approach it with my neighbors. I took a risk in catching it for them since I knew they were not home and I knew he would be scared I just wasn't prepared for the bite. Any advice on how to approach this with my neighbors is VERY appreciated.

    • Courtney 6 years ago

      I have a female mini-rex, and all she ever does is thump her feet in her cage and kick her hind legs and throw her bedding out. This happens at all times of the day, even in the middle of the night with absolutely no sounds going on. Why would she do that?

    • stalkinrabbit 6 years ago

      my big bunny bit a baby bunnys ear part of its gone and its bleeding the big bunnys like a year and the little one is 3 weeks am i supposed to do su in?

    • Emma 6 years ago

      Hi, my partner and I adopted a lionhead rabbit who had been rehomed twice before with the only reason given that they weren't allowed pets in their flat. She is a year and a half old and are trying to handle her as much as we can I have been the only one able to pick her up so far. I went to pick her up today though and shes not having any of it. I know you have to be patient but cause this be a previous problem? and how do i do my best to over come it?

    • Liliana 6 years ago

      My bunny named snowball had bite me and my little sister. well first it was me.This is the story me and my sister and my down stairs neihbor were cutting some weeds in the grass and we had snowball therer to and then my next door neihbor said can they come over and we said yes and they came, and we were all cutting the weeds and all of a sudden snowball was chsing mt next door neihbor and she was running and she got sooo super scared.So i went running to go get snowball and then she jumped one me and she bite me on the leg and she left me a big bite and i thinh it got infected cause it was turning yellow.So then i went running to the stairs outside and i was crying but not a lot.When i got to my house my mom and dad were soo wooried.Then the owner of my house came for the rent and my 2 sisters told her and she came inside and she saw the bite and she said thatshe has some lotion or well i forgot what was it.So she went to go get if and like she has 2 big germen shepard dogs and the mother had babies she had 11 babies and she brouht 2 a girl and a boy and they looked soo cute.And that is the story when my bunny bite me soo my sisters bite was really really ugly sooo i don't even think you want to know. BYE TTYL

    • jeremiah 6 years ago

      why do my rabbit chew on his cage everday what does that mean thank you

    • 6 years ago

      I've had my rabbit for more than a year. I found that he went through a period where he would bite me or whoever fed him. It didn't last very long, and I assumed it was because we had just moved to this new house, and he wasn't very comfortable. He is very sensitive and LOVES attention. Anyway, I continued to love and feed him a little more and he completely stopped the biting.

    • new bunnie problem 6 years ago


      i have a female rabit named moo she is about 6 months old and is quite big, i have just got a new female bunny named cookie she is really young and i am almst certain she is a girl, they have to share a cage and i put them around each other in separate cages and they were fine then i let them both out in he open and straight away moo tried to bite cookie quite hard like nawing at her and then cookie jolted and i realised they were not just grooming, they need to go into the same cage very soon so if you can please help.

    • Becca 6 years ago

      I have had my female Rex rabbit for just over a year and she has a beautiful temperament and is very affectionate, i decided to get her a friend not long ago and ended buying a male dwarf lop, who is now about 5 months old. Today I went out to the hutch to give them their dayly run and every time I went to pet the female the male would attack, bite and grunt. I then picked him up to pat him to calm him down and he would be fine but as soon as I would pat the female he would leap off my Lap to attack my hand. Is he just being a possesive male?

    • ilovehayhay 6 years ago

      here any help i love ma wee rabbit it is so cute it dosednt bite but it goes potty during the night and when you lift it it jumps out your arms i am wondering because it has been so sweet for months any thing

    • jazz 6 years ago

      my bunny bit me because we brought home another bunny... it made me bleed... is it bad?

    • Prince 6 years ago

      Okay so the kids Bunny just bit me while the kids are away on vacation. I fed him, got him water and even cut up some fruit for him. Bunny time - out and figuring out why...BS. Im eating rabbit stew tonight.

    • Ryley D.  6 years ago

      My rabbit bites me every time i take him out of his hutch. I think also that he has male sex feelings for me because he will hump and bite my arm, it isn't very nice, and it is very gross. Shall i get him desexed soon? or should i tell him off and take him back outside to his two story hutch?. He is around 5 months old now so maybe i should snip his balls off.

      Naughty bunny.

    • Mufasa's Mama 6 years ago

      We recently adopted a lionhead from the Humaine Society. She had been abandoned to the shelter and all that was told about her was that when they received her, she appeared malnourished and her fur was matted. I think she was abused; however, the Humaine Society only had that tidbit of information on her. The day we took her home she let us hold her and was friendly; explored most of the living room. The next morning; however, she grunted, lunged, and then bit me as I went to hang a chewtoy up in her cage. It has been about 3 weeks now and we let her out and run around everyday and she definitely seems to be happier and less stressed, as would be expected. But she will have absolutely nothing to do with any affection at all. We have been working on petting her this week, but we only do it once or twice a day. We have also been working on playing with her. She will NOT be held. Period. No matter how nice we are to her, what kinds of treats we give for good behavior, or how gentle we are around her, she is still aggressive. Today she bit my knee because I blocked off an area she was trying to dig at to get under the bed. I only blocked it off after she wouldn't listen to, "No!" or my loud clapping. I can see how it would annoy her so I didn't think of it when she bit me. I just told her, "No." and pinched her butt. But when we try to play; she will only play for a few seconds and then will grunt, lunge, and bite us. When we try to pet her she will grunt, lunge, and bite us. When we reach into her cage when she is in it or anywhere near it she will grunt, lunge, and bite us. She also kicks and hops away from us if we sit on the floor to just spend time with her. She almost kicked me in the face yesterday. I know it will take time, and I'm trying to be patient, but I know that if I just let her do her thing and leave her be, nothing will change. She will just continue to be aggressive. We want her to be a family rabbit. We can handle not holding her, we know rabbits don't like that. But if we can't even be near her, if, to her, all we are good for is opening her cage everyday, then what is the point of having her. She doesn't listen, she is aggressive, practically hates us, and it seems that EVERYTHING annoys her. ANY advice will help. She needs to drop the attitude. I can't even get near her to litter train her.

      Thanks a bunch!

    • The Wise Guest 6 years ago

      @Mufasa's Mama

      The sad thing about your bunny is that it may be traumatized if it was indeed abused as you suspect. Your bunny may have episodes of violence because of bad memories of the past. if your bunny was indeed abused by another human it may have trust issues, or it may be mentally scarred. Which may explain why it was friendly to you at first and then it remembered bad memories of the past. The sad thing to say is your bunny might never get totally out of this behavior. Your best bet is to get him a friend, I recommend another bunny because that could just be it. It might want some bunny interaction and if you get the other bunny to like you, hopefully at least your humane society bunny will at least stop being mean to you if not friendly again.

    • Sharna 6 years ago

      I do not know what to do with my knew baby bunny!!!

      I have always had rabbits but they have always been the same age and usually sisters. I have two dwarf lop rabbits both are around 4 months. They live in the same hutch (which is very large and has a run attatched to it). They have lived happy together since they were born and have NEVER fought. One week ago, however, my friend asked me to take a bunny (7 week old American Fuzzy lop) as it's mother passed and her owners no longer cared for her properly. I have tried introducing the bunnies but the bigger ones try to nip it and thump and as soon as I remove the baby from them the two older rabbits begin to fight eachother. I have them in separate hutches from the baby and since they have not fought unless I try introduce the new bunny. I do not know what to do I am to scared introduce the bunny, I really do not want any of them fighting and I'm so worried that they will attack the baby if I left them alone. HELP!! Do I give up and keep them separate or continue to try. They are all girls and usually have a gentle nature. I have only had the baby for 1 week and have only tried 3 times because I am so scared.

    • heather 6 years ago

      hi i have 4 rabbits in total my oldest gave birth to 5 baby rabbit there were so cute we did everything by the book keeping them together fo a certain time ect! now we gave a few away nd now have the mother n two girl rabbits on on the baby rabbits 4 months on has actually started to bite me ad my family constantly when we are trying to feed them if she misses se will chase the other 2 around the cage and seems to be bullying the other baby rabbit any ideas on what i can do to stop this??

    • bunnies! 6 years ago

      hi, i have 2 female lionhead rabbits who are sisters. i used to bring them indoors from time to time and let them play outside but they both started grunting, biting & charging at me and my family. we stopped handling them so much after that. when we go to pick them up and put them in their run, they sit in the corner of the hutch and don't move, until we try to get them by offering food, they either take it and run or charge at you and then run. to get them we need 2 people to help, one to distract and one to grab. also, when we are holding them they bite and try and jump out of your arms and sometimes succeeding from a mighty height. they never get phased by it because we just pick them up without fuss and put them back in the hutch. because they rarely get any exercise it is causing them to put on weight & it is also winter so we have to give them extra food, which doesn't help. it is also annoying when you have hold of them and you go to put them in either their hutch or run and they jump out fiercely and kick out causing them to scratch you hard, they never used to do this. they can't be cold because we give them lots of straw, they can't be hungry because we always giving them plenty of food. but we did think maybe during the night and animal of some sort came in the hutch at night and possibly frightened them so we decided to put blankets over the hutch at night so they couldn't see out but that didn't help very much. we do also have a dog but he never comes into contact with them so they can't be scared of him. we are very unsure, do you have any advice? thanks.

    • Sam 6 years ago

      Hey a know you have written this awhile ago but i just cannot find out why my bunny is acting out. she is the kindest creature and we usually keep her outside.... but we had to keep her inside for the cold weather all the sudden she has been biiting me! and my family! she is never like this! all of the sudden she acts out is it mabe because she is afraid of our dog? im not sure can you help?

    • Lindsey 6 years ago

      My bunnies are wonderful.. but one has bit me a few time when she is scared (not hard). I never thought about crying out in pain! That is a great suggestion and I actually think it would work because she is very sensitive to human feelings. Thanks!

    • Orla Waters !!! 5 years ago

      Hello all,

      I have 1 bunny nibbles who is a male and 1 year old. He didn't bite 4 the first 2 weeks and then he started bitin me :( .. It hurts..... I go 2 my back gardin 2 feed him and then he runs over and strachs and bits my leg and ancle He keeps on doin this I play with him a lot and feed him a lot he has a gud home

      I wud like 2 no y he is doin this bt most inprotently how 2 get him 2 stop doin this.


    • nikki 5 years ago

      ok so i have a little dutch rabbit named nikki,she is fixed, and has never been dropped. she is about 9 months old, however whenever we let her out she will bite our clothes :S she does circles around my feeet all the time and than she will sniff them and bite my pant leg getting skin too.. how do i stop her from doing this. SHe is also very dominant over her cage, so bad that i cannot out my hand in her cage without her attacking me and grunting and hissing at me. So when I can only change her food and add carrots when she is out of her cage, is there anything i can do about this?? hopefully you can help

    • LovemyBunnies 5 years ago

      Hiya everyone, I have a similar problem to Nikki,i have two male netherland dwarf rabbits, they have both been neutered and are just under one year old. They have never been dropped and we look after them really well(we also let them run loose in our garden, when we are there watching them). But when ever we go to hold them or fill up there food bowl or even change their corner potty the charge around their hutch trying to get away from us. I think this is really sad because my mum had loads of rabbits when she was younger and she said that they never did that. Has enyone got and idea why they are doing this? Also one of them bites really hard on your clothing, also catching skin, is he doing it just because he is young and any other suggestions?

      Thanks xxxxx

    • LovemyBunnies 5 years ago

      My bunnies, Minty and Maxi, have gotten a bit better now just one of them growls a bit when you go in his hutch the other one just nibbles on clothing when you hold him!

      Thanks Xxxxx

      I will still take suggestions about my other message above! Xxxxx

    • newbabywildbuns 5 years ago

      I got this rabbit two days ago and...they started going crazy!well they both are night and coco.coco is the small brother and night is bigger.night started jumping all over the cage bitting and escaping his card box,what should i do?

    • LOVEMYBUNNIES 5 years ago

      At the beginning my bunnies were like that, it took a while but they started getting better, if Night started attacking Coco then i would separate them but if they just went crazy at anything that was in there path then I would get them neutered. If you have already done that then you are a good bunny owner! LOL! Check out some websites and try different techniques to make them calm down! By the way from what ive heard this is quite normal for new bunnies! Hope this helps! Xxx

    • foitkast 5 years ago

      hey all,

      i hava a bunny too,a dwarf.i got it from a pet shop a week ago.whenever i put it out of its cage and i sit down to the floor too he comes near me, smells me but when he see my hands and especially fingers he licks them and then bites them! why? he thinks it's food? any ideas?

    • funkybunny :)  5 years ago

      my rabbit (Alex) is the best rabbit in the world :) once she bit me. :( Because she did not want to go back into her hutch.It is very sore the bite was not too bad. Shes a crazy bunny

    • funkybunny:) 5 years ago

      my rabbit alex is a lionhead the woman in the pet store said she was a dwarf but im not sure because she is got very big

    • Rayna 5 years ago

      We have a teenage bunny rabbit named Lucky. She got her name when she died at birth, but my mom rubbed her and brought her back. I understand that yes she is a teenager, therefore she is a brat. But today I was going outside to say hello to fuzzy little Lucky, and I held out my hand. She sniffed it and took a step closer. I greeted her in a friendly way, then reached out my hand to pet her. She lunged forward, growled, and took a huge chunk of flesh out of my finger! Of course I squealed, and she just sat there looking content. Why do you thinks he bit me? Did I do something wrong?

    • sad and mad 5 years ago

      hey my rabbit is really mean all my friends are afraid of her she attacks and bites for no reason wen i try to pick her up out of the cage im always nice to her her food is full i give her treats and water but she is still mean even wen i try to hold her . her bites hurt and draw blood also her cage is super stinky my mom wants to get rid o her what should i do

    • newbunny 5 years ago

      hey bunniez, i think you should start answering your comments again, its been three years since you've answered and we need your help.

    • owwwww that hurt he bit me 5 years ago

      omg that was so horrible i was petting my bunnny and he took a big chomp out of my flesh that acctualy just happened 5 minuts ago and can someone tell me why he did that he is always such a sweet boy he lets us hold him pet him take him out it was such a bad bite i heared the chomp and crunch and it was a "v" shaped bite (he is a flemish giant rabbit) AND (he has never bit anyoner ever and he is like one month old

    • LOVEMYBUNNIES 5 years ago

      I agree with newbunny, Bunniez should come back we need their help! Xxx

    • New kits for a terrified do 5 years ago

      Hi my doe/lionhead just had 2kits n she never wants to feed them. We help her feed them 1time a day so that she csn get comfortable with them and she has but her milk isn't coming in her nipples are usually really there anything I can feed her to make her milk come in????? Plzzzz help me!

    • caitlin-newbunny profile image

      caitlin-newbunny 5 years ago

      Hello, i got a new bunny about two weeks ago so now he is about 11 weeks old. He was fine when I first got him but yesterday I picked him up from out of his run to handle him before putting him away but he bit me and jumped out of my arms onto the top of his cage, he then came up to me and started biting my top as well as nibbling at the wire thing at hanging over the cage. He has also been almost pouncing towards me as I offer him some food or sort out his bedding and I don’t know why. I do not know what to do to stop him biting me as I do not want him to be a horrid bunny. Hope you can help, thank you.

    • Bunniez 2 5 years ago

      Ok, everyone GET YOUR BUNNIES FIXED... they quit acting out and quit bitting you. It also improves the smell of their urine. The farimones make them Nutz-O. Your bunny doesn't hate you or your friends, it needs to be FIXED. If anyone gets a bunny for a PET and want to pet it then FIX IT... Everyone will be happier..

    • LOVEMYBUNNIES 5 years ago

      I put a message up here about two months ago and since then my bunnies have gotten a lot better! My white rabbit, Minty, is absolutly great, the last time he bit me was about a month ago! My black rabbit, Maxi, grunts sometimes but not much. I agree with Bunniez 2, everyone should get there bunnies neutered or spayed!!! Xxx

    • bunnybunny profile image

      bunnybunny 5 years ago

      well my bunny don't get spayed as she neva birs or does anyfing to hurt ppl! she rather licks ppl from neck 2 toe! fink i trained & tought her well! xxx

    • Lovemytokes 5 years ago

      Female MUST get spayed or they will get ovarian or uterine cancer. Females who do not get spayed will most likely get cancer and have to be put down. Its worth the money to ensure your rabbit to have the best health

    • Murray 123 5 years ago

      I Just Got A Bunny About 2 weeks Ago. Ive Had One Before But It Never Acted Like My New One. It's 3 weeks Old A Girl And It Bites Me Often After I Take It Out Of The Cage And I Set It On My Lap It Trys To Bite My Arms. What Should I Do?

    • bunnybunny profile image

      bunnybunny 5 years ago

      i have jus 1? am planning 2 let my female bunny breed once b4 she wud eventually get spayed and i jus wondering as some people say that you should touch the babies so they wud get used 2b man handled and some people say you shoudnt touch them! so i jus wanted 2 kno do you suppose 2 thouch em or not? plz help

    • Pika 5 years ago

      My bunny is two months old and recently began running around us in circles and nipping at our heels. He’s not allowed on the carpet and when he disobeyed, I placed him in his cage. Now he stays off the carpet unless I’m on it, then he thinks he can get away with being on it too. He’s very smart! I tell him not to get on the furniture but he’s stubborn, so I had to scoot him off the couch. He didn’t like that and nipped me. He hates having to go back into his cage so soon and I bet he’ll stop his naughtiness as I continue to use his cage as a time-out. We never reach into his cage but allow him to come out. The cage is his domain but he’ll have to stay there if he thinks the nipping is a new way to give him is way!

    • Rabbit Breeders 5 years ago

      I would personally consider getting rid of the rabbit if it bites too much.

    • Jessica 5 years ago


      So I my rabbit will be a year old in about a month or two. It is a male mini lop. On Monday I went to let him out of the cage and then to pick him up to take him upstairs but for some reason he viciously attacked me by latching onto my finger and not letting go. I had to rush to the doctors because the cut was so deep and there was so much blood. I even had to get a tetanus shot just in case. Anyways he has bit me a few times before but he just keeps getting more vicious as time goes by and i honestly don't think getting him neutered will help.

    • bunnybunny profile image

      bunnybunny 5 years ago

      i think 2 get him spayed should males do attempt 2 be more vicious before than after...

    • Dave 5 years ago

      I have a black & white rabbit, and she's starting to act weird and being ferociously hostile, she doesn't wants to be touch when she's hiding under the table or couch, but she'll let me touch her when i pet her with food.

      She doesn't like to be carry since when she was young, but normally she'll let me carry her a little while as i need to carry her to and fro from house and outdoors. But this time, as i carry her, she gave an angry sounded like hiccup sound, and quickly she keeps kicking and moving wanting not to be touch.

      Just asking, did i do something wrong? or she's pregnant?

    • LOVEMYBUNNIES 5 years ago

      This isn't really about my rabbits biting but i wondered if any one had any ideas. One of my bunnies has had diarea for ages! Its been about two months since i first noticed it, he hasn't been acting strangley but he is always dirty and im really worried! Is this just something that will pass and nothing to worry about or should i do something? Also is there anything i can feed him or stop feeding him? Im feeding hime Excel dwarf food and lots of hay, i also occasionally give him these treat stick things which he shares with my other bunny. I used to feed him carrots and apple and other stuff like that but i have stopped now as i was worried that this was causing the problem. Any ideas please say everything you know! Thanks! Xxx

    • crow 5 years ago

      ehhh what about wild bunnys?

    • Shelly 5 years ago

      I resent that you compare bad rabbit behavior to that of a pit bull in the beginning of this article. Pit Bulls have a hard enough time proving themselves as sweet dogs, there is no need for you to perpetuate a negative stereotype about them.

    • bunny for birthday 5 years ago

      ok so i just got a totally cute male rabbit for my birthday i suspect he may be a couple of years old! when i try to take him out of the cage he tries to bite me and i don't know why! can u help? cuz im pretty confuzed at his behavior! he does ask to come out but if i try to pick him up to get out he tries to bite me! if i sit his cage on the floor he will get out on his own but trying to catch him to put him in the cage can be a problem also! his previous owner didn't cut his toenails and i wanted to ask if his biting would possibly be the problem for me when i try to cut his toenails!

    • Maddison 5 years ago


      January the 11th i got a two male rabbits but i discorvered one was female thursday 5th i found baby rabbits so i separated them a day later because i found out that i had to and however weeks later more babies.

      ok now i have a problem about the female she keeps biting me when i try to put her in the hutch what do you think i should do oh i am scared because she might have RABIES like who knows. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVISE!!!!!

    • Kayla 5 years ago

      I got a baby bunny Three weeks ago! she has always liked me and never even went to bite. just today i fell asleep during her run around time in the room for 2 hours. my boyfriend said he put her away and she did try in run from him nothing to crazy when i got up he forgot to put her water in the cage. well i did that and tried to pick her up and she wouldn't let me (never ran before in her cage) then when i did she squaled loud (i was holding her right) and i put her down she ran to the nearest corner and when i came close she ran she was thumping her feet when i got near and if i cornered her she would carge me mouth open she wouldn't come to her favorite carrots or grass I put her cage on the floor and she didn't want in it but i cornered her so she would go in then in her cage i tried to give her a carrot and she thumped her feet and went to bite me its my first bunny and I love her soo much she has never done that always liked me let me pet her came to me. I very sad over this she made me cry! please help why do you think she is doing this she is 11 weeks old

    • Kayla  5 years ago

      (from comment above) soo now while on the computer my bunny is in the corner of the cage and wont leave it which it also never did usually very playful and it keeps thumpping its feet i put a towel over the cage thinking it will help it relax but its still thumping a lot please help somebody bunniez hasn't been on here for three years so anyone!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

    • LOVEMYBUNNIES 5 years ago

      Hi, im no expert but maybe you could move the cage somewhere else as something may be bothering it or there may be something wrong with it, like an illness or if you have any other pets maybe they are scaring iT. As i said im no expert but i do have bunnies so i don't no really, this is all pretty obvious but i hope the problem gets better!!Another idea is hormones, my bunnies went absoloutly CRAZY when they were about 11 weeks! Xxx p.s on your first message you said that it had never run from you before, maybe you were wearing something that smelt different like perfume or if you do have another pet then maybe you smelt of that pet??

    • BellaBunny 5 years ago

      Hi. I got a rabbit about 3 years ago. I adopted her, and she was supposed to be between the ages of 6 and 8 when I got her. Rabbits are only supposed to live about 8 years, if I am correct. Now, I have taken good care of her. She has a lrage area outside, securely fenced and she has a large hutch in which she sleeps. We close her in the hutch at night, for safety. She has been spoiled. Her hutch is always stocked with hay, which she tunnels through. She is fine with me, but tend to be quite vicious at my mother. I think it is because my mom is a stranger to her, and Bella(as we dubbed her) sees her as a threat to her teritory. Anywho, that's not the issue.

      All of sudden, when I went out to visit tonight, I noticed she was nesting. She has never really done this before. She is actually building a little bird like nest in her hutch. Is it for her to sleep in, or what? I'm concerned, because I know she is an older rabbit. Is the time getting close? Thanks to everyone who can help me!

    • Default 5 years ago

      Hi there, I have a Flemish Giant Rabbit female, at about 3 months old. She's very sweet, and runs in and out are backdoor. Just today when she was sitting by my legs while I was lying on the ground, I petted her and she nipped at my jeans, then my socks. Is this a sign of affection, playfulness or aggression?

    • bunnybunny profile image

      bunnybunny 5 years ago

      hi bellabunny the reason y she is nesting that she could be pregnant but that's normal.

      and default i fink it could b anyfing but i would have her snipped/spayed as some behaviour could b y shes doin this. hope i could help a little

    • dimon 5 years ago

      i bought a rabbit when it was a month old and it was licking and after like maybe a month it started biting and squeling i don't know can someone tell me what's going on

    • bunnybunny profile image

      bunnybunny 5 years ago

      do u handle him/her a lot? as sum rabbits bite when they don't like 2 b held in a sertain way? how old is ur rabbit now? i would have it snipped/spayed when its old enough. but if ur really concerned jus fone the vet up and they can probs tell u what could b the matter.

    • Smokey 5 years ago

      my daughter got a rabbit named smokey. Now it has never nipped or bite at my daughter but it has to me numerous times. we have been busy packing and trying to move. but have not moved yet. we play with it every day. except the last 5 days due to packing. we went to play with her today and she attacked my arm at the cage door, even did a growl and nipped my fingers.

    • worried 5 years ago

      i really have a problem i have my baby girl bunny and she was great i mean she was bitting but now it has gotten so much worse. when any one goes near her she flips out and crys and goes to bite and its not a nip her mouth opens all the way i don't understand if she keeps it up my mom is gonna wanna get rid of her. im worried there might be something wrong please help.

    • LOVEMYBUNNIES 5 years ago

      Hi, Im no expert but has she been spayed?? Before my bunnies were neutered they were really persesive over there space and certain objects in there cage they were trying to bite and making weird noises at me. Hope this helps Bye xxx

    • bunnybunny profile image

      bunnybunny 5 years ago

      hi i av my bunny girl for about 2 yrs now and she neva been spayed/neutured as. she don't bite or anythink that could hurt me! she jus licks me all the time. she's the best bunny i had. when she first niped me i tap her nose until she got it 2 do that and i put her bak in her cage as a time out as she luvs hopping around the house. i think its all up how u bring them up. as my sisters bunny nipped all the time and i thought him the same way i teached my bunny and now hes ever so friendly and licks her.

    • Becca 5 years ago

      I have a bunny and shes about six months old... When I got her she was nice and everything was good, but recently she has gotten really mean. I try to put my hand in her cage and she will jump out and bite me. I just got another rabbit the other day and my older one keeps rubbing her chin on everything and pooping everywhere... I just don't get it...

    • bunnybunny profile image

      bunnybunny 5 years ago

      when they rub onto everything they jus mark their teretory. my sisters rabbit does that and he poops everywhere so does my 2yr old bunny girl. when she does try and bite u agen jus tap her nose not hard jus a normal tap and say NO in a kinda strickt way. that's what i did wif mine and my sisters bunny. now they are good as gold. it will take time so don't expect 2 work straight away.....hope this helps a lit. x

    • Bunnies 5 years ago

      Can a bunny have rabies? Our bunny bit my daughter this morning really bad and I was really concern about her bite. Should I be concern about her getting sick or getting something?

    • BabyBunny's Mom 5 years ago

      I had my bunny boy since he was bout 4 months old, he is now almost a year. Until now he never bit me, however since last night he has gone on a biting spree. He bit my nose, which was bleeding for hours. I put him back in his cage, and pet him as usual routine, let him play as he usually does. But he tried to bite me twice again today. My nose cut is very deep and i'm really wondering what i did that triggered this behavior. He always licked my hands when i pet his head and licked my nose when he jumps on my bed while i'm playing games. Please advise as i will be going to to my country for 8 weeks since i'm getting married soon. will he be ok?

    • Autumn lover 5 years ago

      I have had my rabbit for five days, and so far he has been great! He never bites (just nips), he licks, and he is extremely friendly. He's three months old and adorable. it's just when I try to get him out of his cage it seems impossible. he usually hides in a corner, or if he's out in the open he'll bolt if yo try to lift him. I've tried luring him out with grass, placing a box in his cage, putting grass in the box, and more, but they've all only worked once. Do you have an ideas about how to get him out? Because usually I have to chase him around his cage until I can grasp him.

    • helena4123 5 years ago

      hey everyone I just noticed that there was some questions about keeping rabbit's outside in cold weather, They will be fine if you give them straw, a little bunny box or house. Also putting a tarp around part of the cage or putting then in a shed will help but otherwise they will be fine bringing them inside can be hard work and stinky! =]

    • Roger 5 years ago

      Hey everyone. I learned something very important about domestic rabbits biting. Our cute little light brown/white bunny started grunting and jumping/lungeing and then biting me or anyone. I wanted to give up, nobody wanted to go near her. I was very careful and persistant and got her thru her " teenage times" She never bit me again. she turned back into being lovable and sweet. It took a few months . Please!!! DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR RABBIT! Just understand they are like kids. If you have teenagers you will know what i mean. DO NOT GIVE UP ON THEM EITHER LOL! She got head tilt and we got her antibiotics then it was almost gone. occasionaly a small amount. Then I just noticed bleeding in her litterbox. Tried to find out what it could be and believe it was uterin cancer. You see I failed to be a good rabbit owner and did not realize that spaying her would have gotten her out of the 80% chance of getting cancer group. She was just at the vet in FoxLake IL and they didn't say a thing?

      I am horribly sad and feel guilty. I never would have given up on her. I was petting her while She died an hour ago and is now under the oak tree. I just wanted to make sure anyone that has a bunny/rabbit learn from this and ask a lot of questions because it doesn't seem like anyone else really cares about her/him like you and i do. They are not rodents in my opinion. They have personalities and can give a cat some stiff competition. God bless rabbit she was my little ninja. I already miss her very much.

    • lucille 5 years ago

      i have a two year odl female rabbit wat is gaint i cant pick her up so wen i put her in her run i have to carry her by the scruff of her neck or she will attack me she once bit a big chunk out of my hand WEN I WAS FEEDING HER she recently had babies and she is fine wen we pick them up but recently has started to attack them we sold the others and sr kepping one and she has attacked it twice the baby was running and squeling really loud and it made me panick and i started crying any one know wat to do with her my mum suggested selling her but in my heart i just cant coz we only got her becouase know one wanted her and the only reason someone wud by here is for meat coz she is so big but i don't know at to do any one know wat i shud do with her

    • Roger 5 years ago

      lucille... It takes time, sometimes longer for some then others. Don't give up on her. just keep her seperated from the baby. Perhaps you should give her a larger cage . I found my late bunny would be like that when i would go to feed her too. It will pass. yes you are right it is likely someone will use her for breeding or food. Letting her go in wild is not a good solution as she wont have a chance. be patient, use the same kind words.. try to rub her head and be alert. sometimes she will let you know she is in a bad mood. leave her be then. let her eat wait 20 min before handleing her. it is important to keep handling her. When myne was getting like that i tried not to let her know i was scared and i would pick her up quickly and wrap her in a towel that helped a lot. once they feel secure and safe they seem to calm down. if you corner her she will be mean they all do. toss a towel on her and let her head stick out when you hold her or slightly covered. cut her nails so she wont scratch you. it is a training and does take time.The more you handle them , take them for walks with a leash /collar etc.. it really helps. I think it really surprises us when they do that as they look like they could never . Good luck to you with your giant bunny.

    • Tasha 5 years ago

      My bunny has an attitude problem. She growls at you when you go to put food in her bowl and might try to bite you or charge at u. Idk what to do with her. she lets me pet her she and also is friendly at times.

    • tasha 5 years ago

      can someone help me please? She just bit me and grew blood. i petted her for a little bit and then i went to give her treat slowly and she bit me.

    • 27 5 years ago

      my rabbit bit me,but i just picked him up. what should do?

    • 27 5 years ago

      I LUV him!!!

    • 27 5 years ago

      Tasha you should not pet her that makes her think that it is ok you should put her back in her cage,k.

    • 27 5 years ago

      Tasha put her back if she does that again.

    • 27 5 years ago

      do NOT give it a treat etheir.

    • 27 5 years ago

      forget what i said i had to read it a couple of times. She proboly thought it was food,so she bit you. I had a quick bit on my arm[on a vane,it didn't feel to good,but it didn't draw blood.

    • Vikki 5 years ago

      We have two male rabbits. About 5 months old. Dory is perfectly adorable and comes and sits on my lap, follows me around the house everywhere and always comes when I call. Dusty however, used to be at my side constantly, nibbling on my clothes and licking me and generally adoring me. now however, he won't come near me, not unless I have dandelions. He won't sit next to me or eat out of my hand and is constantly attacking Dory. I have him booked in to get neutered (I have had to separate them, they used to share a cage but now have one each) Will his behaviour change when he is neutered? Please tell me it will, I love the little guy so very much, its upsetting me that he doesn't seem to like me at all.

    • JerryBunny 5 years ago

      Im getting a bunny for Christmas but all these comments are scaring me. What do you think would be the best way to handle it and what do you prefer, boy or girl? I just hope it likes me!

    • JerryBunny 5 years ago

      Pleases answer soon!

    • jerry bunny 5 years ago

      Which one is most calm, boy or girl?

    • Jerrybunny 5 years ago

      If your bunny is licking its back legs and losing fur then it probably has mites. You can get mite stuff at the pet store.

    • jemma 5 years ago

      thankyou for putting this on it is great

    • Zoe 5 years ago

      My bunny tried to eat me today! I was petting her and she attacked me!

    • poop 5 years ago

      i luv my bunny

    • akeezer profile image

      akeezer 5 years ago from Pallet Town

      useful information even though I was offended by the pit bull comment. Getting a rabbit soon so I expect to be bit, after all even the little guinea pig I had would bite me if I put my hand anywhere near him.

    • jerrybunny 5 years ago

      bunnies are really nice creatures not vicious animals!

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      A brilliant hub and many have benefited from reading.

      I must vote an up up and away for this one.

      Take care and enjoy the rest of your day.


    • rabbit and pitbull lover 5 years ago

      i love your rabbit pages ive all them. my rabbit bites all the time he is 3 months

    • fillburt 5 years ago

      I have had my bunny for like 3 months and suddenly he has started biting me and my sister! I am scared to pick him up because he might bite me, please help me i am in great need of advice!

    • TySy 4 years ago

      So I've had my rabbit for 5 months and she is crazy and maybe bipolar. I will literally just be sitting there doing nothing at all and she will come up and bite me really hard for no reason and she growls all the time! I have sooooo many scars on my face and body, I look like I was in a car accident. But I don't wanna get rid of her cuz I love her too much and she can be sweet sometimes. But im not exzadurating (can't spell) when I say I get bitten at least 1-2times a day by this rabbit! And they hurt worse cuz she hates her chew toys that are suppose to grind her teeth down. Ugh, help! What should I do?!

    • bunnybunny profile image

      bunnybunny 4 years ago

      when my sisters bunny bite we always tap him on the nose and say no...when hes out and bites we do the same and put him bak in his cage...what u could try is jus like that and when he gets a treat give them 1 only when bein gd...i give mine a stick wif corns on them ( get them in any pet shop) and i av a few toys like toilet roll cardboard...hanging toy which birds use 2 play but works

      perfectly well 2 keep them long do u av them out of the cage 2 stretch their legs? mine r out at least an hr or 2 and they both love it! hope i could help a bit.. sumtimes they bite as they feel threatened when they croutch down onto the ground..approach the cage small croutch down and say its name in a soft voice....

    • maria 4 years ago

      i don't know why but wen my bunny get's scared she try's 2 bite the ppl that did some thing are just try 2 pet her? why is that

    • ghostgirl 4 years ago

      My aunt and uncle rescued 2 bunnies from the side of the road one day. Sadly, the grey 1 died a couple of months later but we still have our brown 1. His name is mocha. He's very, VERY friendly and cute but when you stop petting him, he gets Vicous and I mean VICOUS!!! Why is he like this whenever you stop petting him? He wasn't like this before his sister died. Is it because he misses her? Does he love being with me or what? Can some one help me out here???

    • ali 4 years ago

      This Worked I am so subprized

    • socks 4 years ago

      My bunny, Socks has not bit anyone...yet. I don't think he really wants to hurt anyone but lately he hasn't been wanting to come out of his cage much. Do you know what this means? I would understand if he was older but he's only 4 months!

    • socks 4 years ago

      Also bunnies are not beasts!They're very cute and affectionate animals!

    • avril 4 years ago

      my bunny is almost 5 months old. she is so sweet and always licks my hands, but bites every other part of my body with clothes. she just licks the skin and bites my clothes really hard which hurts bad sometimes. what can i do????!!!!

    • AbandonAmy 4 years ago

      hi, i am amy and i just got a new bunny. she is 2 years old, a holland lop.. her owners said she was very very nice.. when i let it down to play it seemed very nice.. but when i gave it a toilet paper roll (the cardboard) to play with bc i read they liked it, she jumped and tryed to bite it.. at first i thought she was just playing.. but later on in the night she jumped at my hand when i went to pick her up from under a char. and she almost growled. is this normal for female bunnies if there not fixed? is she turning nasty because of the move? or maybe the different house and more people made her nasty? they said she was never nasty before. if anyone knows what's going on with her, or can give me advice, PLEASE email me ASAP its like super important i find out soon what's going on with her and if shes going to keep it up.

    • my rabbit charlie 4 years ago

      i have a male Holland lop rabbit, two days ago i let him in the house and he bit my daughter's leg and humped it, my daughter then put him away why is this? he is treated well in a big hutch and run. does anyone know why?

    • brodie 4 years ago

      my rabbit launched at my brother and bit him HARD! then he was growling at him and running around and jumping around him. i think it was becaue of a sent of another rabbit becaues we were at a friends house and they have a boy rabbit.or, they have a dog to. he might of smelled the dog

    • sockannie 4 years ago

      It really does work if you make a quiet, kinda high pitched scream.Sometimes they don't mean to hurt you and if you scream a little it lets him no that he hurt you. Next time your rabbit bites you or gets a little out of hand scream. You must do it quietly cause you could obviously hurt your bunny's ears.

    • Kayla 4 years ago

      my rabbit nearly bit me today :[

    • sunday 4 years ago

      We have a three month old mini rex called Sunday and he is tithe sweetest thing:) he nips us sometimes but we just lift him off the ground with one hand and give him a firm no. He is super curious and lovable! He's also very affectionate:) for all of you who are afraid - don't be! Just train it right chances are you won't have a wacko bunny. we loveeeee ours!!!:D good luck

    • Rambo demon rabbit 4 years ago

      My rabbit Rambo bites and brings blood the only time he's calm is when I give him treats by hand but I still have to watch him, he growls and also scratchers. I have held him since he was born so can't understand why he hates me. Anyone got any rabbit whispering tips. He also knows he hurts as he looks at you and gives you a concerned look. He once took a chunk out of my carpet looked at me and spat it out then went for me. He is now out side.

    • Anysse 4 years ago

      My rabbit,Oreo just bit 2 days ago and i don't know why.i just brought her out from the cage to meet her new friend. and once i put down the new rabbit, Oreo suddenly bit me at my leg.

    • LionheadFeaver!!!!!!!! 4 years ago

      Hi I have A rabbit and he grunts and tres to scratch me some times he even bites me!!!!!!!! He is 1 year and 3 months old he is not neutered and we have had him for a year now. This is resent behavior that has happened with in the last few months.

      What should i do to stop this? should i yell or squeal or even hit him i have no idea!!!

    • Michael MacDonald 4 years ago

      to everyone considering this,

      please don't just get rid of your rabbit because he bites.

      Rabbits are an animal that you have to be extremely patient with, but it will eventually pay off.

      You really need to research everything about them and try every solution until one works.

      You shouldn't get a rabbit at all if you're just going to give up on them when it gets rough.

      You've taken on the responsibility of looking after an animal's life.

      It's either biting you out of affection, it needs to be neutered, it's sick and needs to see the vet, or you are doing something that's making it uncomfortable.

      Often times,

      people don't understand that they're not the same as cats and usually do not like to be picked up.

      Just be patient and put some work into modifying their behavior by showing them that the biting doesn't give them what they want.

    • bunny 4 years ago

      my bunny scratches she is not acting like her self but i learned that sometimes they feel good and sometimes not so much like us.

    • stefany ann 4 years ago

      every time i go to take a step my bunny runs around and around my feet then bites me.... why is this

    • becca griffiths 4 years ago

      we have 3 bunnies all male and all in seprate cages i fuss my bunnie loads however when i fuss my mums rabbit e tends to get jelous and gose mad chewing his cage bars... i was fussing my mums bunny and then when i can to fuss mine he did not want to be picked up he just wanted to sniff my hands and then when he did finally let me pick him up and cuddle him he bit my lip however he did not make it bleed i did not hurt him as my hand was on his bum supporting him e just turned round and bit me for no reason :/ why do you think this could be ?

    • Sheila 4 years ago

      I feel sad cause my 3 months old rabbit bit me until my finger bleeds and the skin peeled off the fingertip. The pain made me cry.

      My rabbit doesn't scratch me when I hold her or lift her and when I stroke her.. Only today she bit me for the first time. I am confused. I wanted to feed her that time and I assumed probably she thought I was gonna give her food and she headed to my finger.. and bit my middle finger?? And she bit it so hard and then let go.. then she headed to my dad's slipper which are brown in color and chewed part of the slipper off? It's really scary to see that.. it freaks me out..

      Seriously it hurts badly. We have cats and dogs but both never bite me.. they bite shoes but they dun chew the parts off..

      I am sorry I like rabbits but I don't think I can bear with the pain from being bitten by the rabbits.. So I'm going to give her away to others who are good in handling and taking care of rabbits

    • Sheila 4 years ago

      This rabbit is a gift for my birthday. I received her on April 6. I know it's my responsibility to take care of her. I took the efforts to read and do research about how to rear a rabbit. And for the past few days, I've been releasing her out from the cage everyday so that she can run around at the garden. Feed her at least four times per day. I give her whatever I can afford to give. Unfortunately, I am traumatized by how serious a rabbit bite is.

    • Chris 4 years ago

      Hi, I've had my rabbit for 2 months now. she is very hyper and friendly. enjoys when you rub her on her head and so on. But recently she's been acting strange 2 days ago when people came into my house she refused to come out or let anyone touch her. AND from yesterday she had started flopping one ear and is refusing to put it up. im wondering if she injured or something and not until a couple of hours ago she refused to come out. Now today i was cleaning out her with a glove on and a carrier bag beside me, she wanted to eat the carrier bag but i moved it away and that's when she ran up to me and bit me and it really hurt and my hand has a massive pink bump now.I don't really understand why because she normally licks me and my sister and this is the first time she has ever bit anyone. did i do something wrong im really confused.

    • anna 4 years ago

      my bunny used to love coming out but all of a sudden she has not been wanting to come out of her cage. she has been eating more food than usual. i would fill her food bowl up and then wake up the next day to find that she ate all her food. does anyone know why?

      P.S and my bunny has a pretty big food bowl!

    • anna 4 years ago

      also my bunny seems to wanna come out but when i try to get her out of the cage she just will not come out!

    • brittany 4 years ago

      my bunny had an infection from where his ear was chopped off with a lawn mower by accident... he bit me should i see a doctor?

    • elisabite 4 years ago

      my bunny bite my mom two mom says that every morning he bitse her.what i do is put him in his cage.

    • penny 4 years ago

      we just got ours last week ,he is gray and light brown so adorable,he has tryed to bite me but i saw nono there will be none of that,i got him a harmess put it on him and take him walking,he loves it he runs all over jumping around it is so cutehe is `0 weeks old,his name is samson cant wait to take him walking again

    • kjk12122 4 years ago

      my rabit turned 1 this week. but she is the devil!!!!!! dhe is always biting srcatching nawling at me and it hurts!!! it really hurts!!! ive tryed every thing. the yelp. the spray bottle. everything. i try to figger out why she's soo mean but i cant figure it out. my family has talked about it and we may get rid of her. i need help. please!! if you can help email me at kristenjk22@YAHOO.COM

    • LAVEnder Bunny 4 years ago

      I got a new baby bunny. I am tring to get her to be nice to me, but when she is in play mode and i have to pick her up she will bite and not let me. my mother thinks it is just her tasting us but the bities really hurt and seem like they are on purpose. We do not really want to spay her so we arent sure what to do and how to train her. when i pick her out of the cage she will bite, kick, . I cannot feed her treats because of her age and now i am alittle scared of her

    • kath 4 years ago

      my rabbit bit me the other day so i pushed his head to the ground and smacked him and shouted at him, i took about three steps and he charged me and attacked me bitting me and made me bleed very badly,smacking your rabbit wont help putting him in the oven will.

    • help plz . 4 years ago

      Hi , my rabbit is like 7 mounths old . when we first got him he was so good he let him hold you & kiss him & get him out of the cage without biting you . Now when you get him out of the cage he bites your hand right away & sometimes makes me bleed . i can get lucky & get him out of the cage without him biting me . but now i have to worry about when or how is he going to bite me . & my brothers have a girl rabbit & we take this rabbit jackson to my brothers & he gets to hang out wth there rabbit . i was thinking is it from him seeing the other rabbit or what ? because im getting really mad when he bites me ,i feel like hes mad at me & he dose it to hurt me . please help me ! & give me edvice !

    • Help plz's advice 4 years ago

      Your rabbitt is probably anxious to play out of its cage. The same prblem will occur when you pick her up and put it in the cage. In a few weeks you will need to use a spray bottle (NO) and a treat for (yes) so it will learn. Also pet bunnies in a few weeks will chew wire, get into your couch and dig and eat in flower pots. I recommend potty training your pet so it runs freely then comes to the cage when hes gotta go. Also spay and neuter them. They may bite and get territorial and spray if you don't

    • dylanmercerdi 3 years ago

      when i tried to pet it it attacked me!

    • catya 3 years ago

      all I had to do is feed my bunny befor he comes out and now hes fin.e

    • Fred 3 years ago

      My rabbits are completely tame. I can hold them, hit them (never would) anything, and they won't attack. Even put my finger near their mouth! I love my rabbits

    • Anna 2 years ago

      My friends bunny bit my whilst it was laying on my chest, it bit my neck and it barely bleed. Now, its throbbing and that side of my neck is numb, should I be concerned? It was a store-bought pet.

    • dutch bunny lover 2 years ago

      Today my dutch rabbit it chewing a lot and when we try to pet her she tries to attack us and bite and I really don't know why. We got her from a fair when she was I think a month old and was very loveable but now she's acting like a brat and my sister and I don't understand why. Is she mad at us?

      Please help! Sincerely dutch bunny lover

    • jewel 2 years ago

      My bunny when I get close to she growls and stomps and also gets up on hine paw and tries scratch me what should I do

    • Terrissa 2 years ago

      My bunny does the same thing but it will make this weird vibrating sound and I don't know what to do

    • Cindi 22 months ago

      Mother bunny died one wk after 3 pups, bottle fed. All males. Now 5 months old, one showing extreme aggression, attacks me.. And attacked one of our dogs today. Lunges toward me and tries to attack also other bunnies raised with dogs and cat. What do I do? I took them from cage to back yard two days ago, aggressive one guards back door. I have to put on boots and gloves to give food.. Father bunny alive as well, so four bunnies. One attackts, all others friendly?????

    • Maria 17 months ago

      Hi i have 2 rabbits ( sisters) they are 5 yrs 0ld an just recently 1 of the girls has started chasing the other around an bitting her an nipping her her fur is really thin as other has been pulling it off when nipping her I have decided to spilt them up so 1 can get piece an her sore an fur gets better is that ok to do they have been together since born an also is there anything I can do to stop her bullied g her sister ?

    • Kevin kwon 9 months ago

      Hi my rabbit is Vvvvveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy cute but I'm afraid of him because he always bite me and chase me any ideas for him not to do it please help me quick thanks

    • Ricky 8 months ago

      I recently adopted a little kitty from pet smart I think my loppy eared rabbit is jealous she chased the kitty jumped on her back and bit my kitty why did this happen ? ??I now have to keep a close eye on the rabbit when it's running around out of its cage it keeps trying to attack the kitty

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