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Instant Tips to Understand Rabbit Body Language

Learn what's on your bunny's mind by understanding their body language.


How to Bond With Your Bunny

Do you have a bunny who doesn't want to be touched or cuddled? With some time and dedication, you could have a rabbit who feels safe enough in your company to be picked up or snuggled. Here's how.


Is My Rabbit Happy? Signs Your Rabbit Is Content

Many people keep rabbits as pets or for breeding, but are their rabbits actually happy? Here are the telltale signs of whether your bunny is healthy and happy or unwell and depressed.


Why Rabbits Grind Their Teeth and Breathe Heavily During Sleep

Learn why your rabbit is making the noises he is. Grinding teeth is for a rabbit what purring is to a cat.


Why Do Bunnies' Noses Twitch?

If you spend any amount of time with a bunny, you will notice how much their cute little noses twitch. But why does a bunny twitch its nose so much, and what can you learn from their nose-twitching?


How to Tell If Your Bunny Loves You

Rabbits do not communicate with words, so sometimes it is hard to tell if they love you. Here are some signs that can let you know.


Bunny Care: How to Discipline Your Rabbit

As a new bunny owner, you may notice some undesirable behaviors as you introduce your pet to its new home. Here are some tips on how to avoid these behaviors and discipline your rabbit appropriately.


Does My Rabbit Hate Me? How to Be Friends With Your Bunny

If your bunny seems to regard you with mistrust and suspicion, you should know that this is fairly common rabbit behavior. Learn how to understand and become friends with your bunny.


When Bunnies Attack: What to Do When Your Rabbit Bites

Learn what you should do if your bunny bites you.