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Reptiles & Amphibians


6 Fun Accessories for an Axolotl Tank

This article shares six easy things you can add to your tank for axolotl enrichment.


How to Care for a New Leopard Gecko

Are you a new leopard gecko owner? Learn everything you need to know about setting up their enclosure, heating, and decor. Discover how to bond with your new gecko to earn their trust. Read about different types of live feeders, and learn why vitamins and calcium are so important!


A Complete Guide to Taking Care of Pet Snakes

Looking to get a pet snake or not sure how to care for your new pet? Here is everything you need to know to ensure your snake survives.


Top 10 Pet Snakes for Beginners

Snakes are wonderful creatures. They live in solitary, love to hide, and are rarely venomous. As of now, they have found themselves as friends of modern humankind. Their demand as a pet is on the rise, and their perceived cuteness is enough to make them the first choice of millions of households.


Top 5 Tarantula Breeds for Beginners

Here are five types of tarantulas that are commonly recommended for beginners.


How to Properly Care for a Ball Python

Here's a beginner's guide on how to care for a ball python. I talk about the basics such as food, water, light, humidity, and more.


Top 5 Reptiles for Beginners

Looking for your first reptile pet? Here are five reptiles that I think would make great pets for first-time owners.


How to Set Up a Bearded Dragon Habitat

Keeping a dragon as a pet is a thrilling experience for anyone. Be sure to keep your buddy safe and healthy by following our tips.


12 Causes of Sudden Death in Iguanas

Here's a list of some conditions and diseases that might result in the sudden death of captive green iguanas and other pet lizards.


How to Get Rid of Molds in Your Beehive

In this article, I will discuss how to get rid of molds in a beehive. Learn how to stop and prevent the mold problem in your hive.


6 Fun Facts About Axolotls

Axolotls are unique creatures. Here are six fun facts that you may not have known about them.


13 Vegetarian Pet Lizards That Don't Need Insects or Meat

This is a list of the vegan, vegetarian, and mostly plant-eating lizards that can be kept as pets.


Ball Pythons in the Wild: Habitat, Diet, and Behavior

Here's the natural history of the ball python in the wild, which is a popular pet snake.


Eye Problems in Leopard Geckos: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

If your leopard gecko's eyes are closed, have discharge, or have other issues, here are some things that could be wrong and which should be addressed immediately.


Basic Diet and Nutrition for Adult Bearded Dragons

Here's a simple guide laying out a proper diet for an adult bearded dragon to ensure optimal health.


Iguana Can’t Poop? 11 Important Solutions

This is a complete guide to potential solutions and methods to help green iguanas and other lizards that can’t defecate due to constipation, illness, or spinal injury.


A Guide to Caring for Greek Tortoises: Diet and Care

Here are some tips on what to feed and how to care for your pet Greek Tortoise.


Substrates and Safe-to-Use Plants for Tortoise Enclosures

There are many substrate options available. Here's how to choose the best substrate that is easy to maintain, good for your tortoise, and reasonably priced.


How to Build the Best Enclosure for Your Greek Tortoise

Understand the best habitat and materials you need to create an environment for your Greek tortoise. Here's what you need to build an enclosure your tortoise will thrive in.


Bringing Home a Greek Tortoise (Spur-Thighed)

Here is everything you need to know about caring for your very own Greek tortoise. I give many tips and advice that stem from my personal experience of being a tortoise owner myself.


8 Enrichment Activities for Bearded Dragons

It can get boring in the daily life of a bearded dragon if things get too routine or if they are spending too much time in their tanks. These daily enrichment activities can stimulate their minds and enrich their lives!


10 Funny Bee-Related Words You Never Knew—How to Talk Like a Beekeeper

There's a quirky side to your neighborhood beekeeper. They have a strange vocabulary.


Ball Python Care Guide

Considering a ball python as a pet? This guide will explain how to properly care for your snake in terms of feeding information, housing, and handling. Also, be on the lookout for certain behaviors and diseases affecting them.


Top 5 Weird Stories and Facts About Geckos

Here are five interesting stories and fun facts about geckos to prove just how adorable and strange they can be.


Beekeeping Beginner's Guide: How to Set Up a Beehive

Learn how to set up a beehive and what equipment you will need. This article will tell you how to get started beekeeping from start to finish.


How to Help Your Skinny Iguana Gain Weight

How to help your skinny, underweight, or anorexic green iguana gain weight.


5 Food Options for Axolotls

This article will explain what axolotls need for nutrition and give several examples of great food options, including worms, pellets, and other treats.


10 Methods to Get Ball Pythons to Eat Frozen-Thawed, Dead Prey

How to get your picky ball python to eat frozen rodents. Learn common and uncommon tricks for getting your snake interested in food and discover why your python might not be hungry.


250+ Funny, Cool, Cute, and Badass Pet Snake Names

Do you love snakes? Are you looking for the perfect name for your new companion? Choose from 250+ funny, silly, ironic, or obscure pet snake names. There are badass names on this list, too. Happy searching!


100+ Funny and Cute Tortoise Names

Looking for the perfect name for your pet tortoise? Choose from this list of over 100 unique, funny, and cute names for your special companion.


230+ Bearded Dragon Names for Your Rugged Reptile

If you've just adopted a bearded dragon or are considering it and need some great name ideas, here are 230+ names to help name your new buddy!


150+ Cute and Funny Names for Your Pet Lizard

Added a lovable reptile to your family of pets but still struggling to come up with a cool name? From cute to funny, from puns to famous lizard names, this list contains over 150 unique names for your new lizard, gecko or other new scaly pal.


How to Take Care of Your First Pet Silkworms

Did you know that silkworms have been domesticated for a long time? Here's how you can help care for them at each stage of growth from egg to moth.


Hermit Crab Care Basics

There's more to hermit crabs than just giving them a cage and a sponge. This article will go over the basics of providing your hermit crab with a happy home that meets their needs.


8 Small and Easy Pet Snakes for Beginners

These pet snakes are great for those new to snake care and prefer snakes that are small in size.


What Do Beekeepers Do in Spring?

Explore what a beekeeper does when spring arrives. Learn how the beekeeper sets the foundation for a fruitful harvest and prepares the bees for the rest of the year.


Jerusalem Cricket Care, Diet, and Lifespan

A basic guide to caring for the Jerusalem cricket, potato bug, or "Child of the Earth" bug, if you decide to keep one as a pet.


The 3 Types of Bee Apiaries: Langstroth's, Warre, and Top Bar

Whether you're just getting started with beekeeping or you're ready to try a new hive style, here's the lowdown on Langstroth's, Warre, and Top Bar hives from an experienced homesteader.


How to Breed Your Leopard Tortoise

Say hello to one of the most difficult tortoise species to breed. There's no fighting nature on this one, but when the little ones hatch, the moment will be worth every sacrifice.


Triops as Pets: How to Raise, Feed, Breed, Care For, and More

Triops australiensis and Triops longicaudatus are commonly sold as pets. Learn how to raise them as pets, including diet, habitat, and breeding.


Help! My Gecko Won’t Eat!

Learn the most common reasons your gecko won’t eat and how you can get it to eat again!


Corn Snakes: One of the Best Domestic Pets

Corn snakes are fairly easy to care for and have been selectively domesticated through breeding programs. They are docile when handled regularly and are a pleasure to look at.


Turtle Care 101: How to Take Care of a Turtle

Turtles are cute pets to own. Unfortunately, very few people know how to care for them. If you wish to polish your turtle parenting skills, have a look at this guide.


Bringing Home Your Baby Leopard Tortoise

Welcome your new baby reptile home the safe way. Learn what this tiny wonder needs for a happy trip, a cosy place, and ongoing care.


Red-Eared Slider Turtle Care: Tank Setup, Feeding, and Upkeep

Everything you need to know about the red-eared slider turtle's diet, tank setup, and general maintenance requirements.


Pet Turtles for Kids: Should You Get One?

Your kid is begging you for a pet turtle, but is it really a good idea? This is what you need to know to determine if getting a pet turtle is the right decision for your child.


10 Pet Lizards That Don’t Need to Eat Live Food

From the Argentine black and white tegu to the uromastyx, these 10 reptiles eat only plants or will accept non-living, meaty foods as a substitute for live prey.


Vietnamese Centipede Care and Maintenance

This article contains an overview of the care requirements of Vietnamese centipedes, including enclosure specifications, feeding requirements, and temperature considerations.


Bioactive Enclosure Setup for Reptiles and Amphibians

Bioactive enclosures are increasing in popularity among the reptile and amphibian-keeping communities. These setups include live plants and invertebrates that purify and clean enclosures.


Pacman Frog Care

Learn the basics for caring for the species of frog commonly known as "Pacman frogs," otherwise known by the scientific name of "C. cranwelli," including habitat, temperature, humidity, food, and water requirements.