How to Use Ceramic Heat Emitters to Keep Pet Reptiles Warm

Updated on July 29, 2019
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I have snakes and lizards, and I've spent a lot of time creating a good, comfortable home for them.

The best way to keep your pet reptiles warm.
The best way to keep your pet reptiles warm. | Source

Which Ceramic Heat Emitter to Get for Reptiles

Ceramic heat emitters are one of the best ways to provide a heat source to cold-blooded pets. They are an affordable way to provide heat and last much longer than a normal light bulb. They are strange-looking devices but well worth the cost.

I have tested two of the ceramic heat emitters with my snakes and lizards.

  • Zoo Med
  • Repticare

Both of these manufacturer's products stack up about the same as far as price, quality and life-expectancy. Below is more of the product review for these two manufactures products.

Price Range - Anywhere from $20.00 up to $30.00 and even higher for some styles depending on where you purchase the product.

Life Expectancy - About 5-years or 25,000 hours.

Wattage to Use

  • 100 watt for 30-40 gallon enclosure
  • 150 watt for 50-100 gallon enclosure

The ceramic heat emitters are typically used most frequently for:

  • Reptiles
  • Amphibians
  • Plant Terrariums

This product can increase the inside air temperature or your terrarium a full ten to 20 degrees Fahrenheit above the outside room temperature. I have tested this product extensively and the bulb stands up to what both manufacturers say about their product.

How to Set Up a Heat Lamp

Like a light bulb, this product radiates heat in the direction the fixture is pointed. Unlike the light bulb, this product does not provide a light source. The bad part of this is you have to be sure the fixture is positioned as you need it. It can be difficult to position because you can't see the light, as with a light bulb.

Many say you can use a regular clamp on this fixture as long as the receptacle of the fixture is porcelain. I disagree due to the fact of the heat this unit emits. This bulb gets very hot! If using a regular clamp fixture with a plastic receptacle, it may melt from the intense heat. I recommend a porcelain clamp lamp fixture that is designed for this product. This fixture cost a bit more but can you really put a price on safety? I have included a picture of a porcelain clamp lamp fixture below.

Pros and Cons of Ceramic Heat Emitters

As with any product type such this unit, there are benefits and detriments. I have listed some ups and downs below.

The Benefits of Using Ceramic Heat on Your Reptiles

  • Penetrating heat needed by cold-blooded reptiles
  • Zero light emission
  • Perfect for day or night use
  • Higher heat, longer life than light bulbs
  • Deep down warmth that keeps reptiles at their active best


  • It can overheat the pet if not used correctly
  • Can burn the pet if too close to the pet or the pet comes into contact with the bulb
  • Gets very hot. Must set in place so not to cause a fire hazard
  • You can get burned if not careful, gets very hot
  • Takes some time to get set correctly, must watch closely until you get the placement figured out
  • A bit pricey

My overall opinion of this product is very good. I recommend this product but only if the user of this product is careful and pays attention to detail. This product can cause harm or death to the pet if not used correctly. Can be a fire hazard is used carelessly. Great product, thumbs up and highly recommended!

A Word of Caution for Beginners:

This product must be used with extreme caution. Please follow all of the manufacturer's guidelines for use. This item can severely burn or even cook your pet if used incorrectly. You must watch the temperature and placement very closely until it is set perfectly. This product can also be a fire hazard if used carelessly.

A Word of Caution for Beginners:

This product must be used with extreme caution. Please follow all of the manufacturer's guidelines for use.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.


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    • profile image

      Irene E Murray 

      2 months ago

      So I have a zoo med deep dome. I can put a ceramic heater in that? I am reading conflicting information.

    • profile image

      Linda Gilmet 

      22 months ago

      Hi. I have a 6 month old bearded dragon. I just bought a ceramic heat amitter and not sure if im supposed to use it day and night. I replaced it with my normal red light. Was told it is healthier. Should i put the regular heating lamp on in the day and only use this at night?

    • profile image

      hunter t 

      6 years ago

      can a heating pad replace the heat need at night for a reptile?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      i am planning on getting a ball python in a 40 gallon breeder tank {adult] and i am going to use a UTH for the hot side but i neede to raise the cool side by 8 to 15 degrees what wattage of ceramic heat emitter should i use by the way love this article.


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