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Pacman Frog Care

Learn the basics for caring for the species of frog commonly known as "pacman frogs," otherwise known by the scientific name of "C. cranwelli," including habitat, temperature, humidity, food, and water requirements.


How to Care for a Pacman Frog (Ornate Horned Frog)

This article covers the basics of caring for a pet Pacman (ornate horned) frog.


Caring for Tadpoles From Egg to Froglet

Whether you want to introduce tadpoles to an outdoor pond, do a fun indoor project, or just educate your kids, rearing tadpoles and watching their development is fascinating! Here's everything you need to know to raise them successfully.


Signs Your African Dwarf Frog Is Dying

How to tell if your African Dwarf Frog is dying and what steps you may be able to take to save their life.


How to Keep a Wild Toad as a Pet

Native toads can be collected from the wild and easily kept as pets. Below is a description of how to set up an enclosure to house a wild toad and some general considerations about keeping them.


How to Care for the Giant Waxy Monkey Tree Frog

The giant waxy monkey frog, Phyllomedusa bicolor, is a fascinating large tree frog with a very striking appearance. I've kept them as pets for over 8 years, and here are my tips on caring for them.


7 Best Pet Frogs for Beginners

A list of frog species that are good for people looking for their first frog pet, from the pacman frog to the dwarf underwater frog.


A Basic Guide to Caring for African Dwarf Frogs

A guide on the basics of owning African dwarf frogs.

Almost appearing with cartoon-like features; wouldn't you want to take care of this one as a pet?

Facts About Green Tree Frogs: Things to Know Before Keeping Them as Pets

Green tree frogs are one of the most popular pet frogs. This article provides information about the green tree frog's natural characteristics and habit, and offers tips on how to care for them.


Common Illnesses in Pac Man Frogs

Horned frogs are generally pretty healthy, but like all animals, they can develop illness and get sick. If you are careful of where you purchase your frog, what you feed it, and how you house it, it'll likely stay healthy.