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How to Set Up a Bearded Dragon Habitat

Keeping a dragon as a pet is a thrilling experience for anyone. Be sure to keep your buddy safe and healthy by following our tips.


12 Causes of Sudden Death in Iguanas

Here's a list of some conditions and diseases that might result in the sudden death of captive green iguanas and other pet lizards.


13 Vegetarian Pet Lizards That Don't Need Insects or Meat

This is a list of the vegan, vegetarian, and mostly plant-eating lizards that can be kept as pets.


Eye Problems in Leopard Geckos: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

If your leopard gecko's eyes are closed, have discharge, or have other issues, here are some things that could be wrong and which should be addressed immediately.


Basic Diet and Nutrition for Adult Bearded Dragons

Here's a simple guide laying out a proper diet for an adult bearded dragon to ensure optimal health.


Iguana Can’t Poop? 11 Important Solutions

This is a complete guide to potential solutions and methods to help green iguanas and other lizards that can’t defecate due to constipation, illness, or spinal injury.


8 Enrichment Activities for Bearded Dragons

It can get boring in the daily life of a bearded dragon if things get too routine or if they are spending too much time in their tanks. These daily enrichment activities can stimulate their minds and enrich their lives!


Top 5 Weird Stories and Facts About Geckos

Here are five interesting stories and fun facts about geckos to prove just how adorable and strange they can be.


How to Help Your Skinny Iguana Gain Weight

How to help your skinny, underweight, or anorexic green iguana gain weight.


230+ Bearded Dragon Names for Your Rugged Reptile

If you've just adopted a bearded dragon or are considering it and need some great name ideas, here are 230+ names to help name your new buddy!


150+ Cute and Funny Names for Your Pet Lizard

Added a lovable reptile to your family of pets but still struggling to come up with a cool name? From cute to funny, from puns to famous lizard names, this list contains over 150 unique names for your new lizard, gecko or other new scaly pal.


Help! My Gecko Won’t Eat!

Learn the most common reasons your gecko won’t eat and how you can get it to eat again!


10 Pet Lizards That Don’t Need to Eat Live Food

From the Argentine black and white tegu to the uromastyx, these 10 reptiles eat only plants or will accept non-living, meaty foods as a substitute for live prey.


Leopard Gecko Habitat Setup and Care Basics

Learn about the basics of setting up a safe home for your leopard gecko!


The Best Iguana Cages and Where to Buy Them

Make sure your iguana lives in a suitable environment. Learn what kind of enclosures iguanas need, where to buy commercial iguana cages, and what designs are most appropriate for your pet.


Bearded Dragon Behavior and Diseases

Learn more about normal and abnormal dragon behavior, the most common diseases, symptoms, and prevention and treatment. This covers MBD, mouth rot, parasites, and more.


How to Breed Bearded Dragons for Profit

Bearded dragons make amazing pets for adults and children, and breeding them is relatively easy if proper light and temperature is maintained.


11 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet Green Iguana

A pet green iguana is not for everyone. Take a peek into the exciting world of pet green iguanas with key facts about keeping them as pets, original pictures, and links to additional resources.


Why the Tegu Is the Best Pet Lizard

Looking for a pet lizard that is intelligent, affectionate, easy to care for, and with a long lifespan? Learn more about the Tegu lizard.


Blue-Tongued Lizards in My Back Yard

How to encourage blue-tongued lizards make a home in your yard and how you can provide a safe backyard environment for them to live in.


The Best Way to Catch a Blue-Belly Lizard (or Western Fence Lizard)

This article will teach you the best way to catch a blue-belly lizard: with a grass loop.


How to Set up a Day Gecko Terrarium

This is a list of the equipment I used when I set up terrariums for my Phelsuma klemmeri and P. cepediana day geckos.


Shedding and Tail Loss in Leopard Geckos: What to Know

In order to raise a healthy leopard gecko, you'll need to learn about how leopard geckos shed, possible shedding problems they might have, and tail loss.


Different Types of Leaf-Tailed Gecko Lizards

Did you know that leaf-tailed geckos are sought after as a pet? Learn about several types of geckos and where they come from to ensure their survival in the wild.


How to Choose the Right Gecko for a Pet

Here are the factors that you need to consider when selecting a pet from the many different gecko species available.


How to Make a Habitat for Your Pet Lizard

Different types of lizards have different living environment requirements. Before you get your pet lizard, it is important that you make a proper home for him first.


How to Build a Salamander Vivarium or Terrarium

Learn how to set up a beautiful and enriching vivarium for your pet salamander with tips about choosing the right tank and creating a good ecosystem.


How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Have a Pet Lizard

Persuade your parents to get a leopard gecko or bearded dragon. Here's how to tackle common objections to pet lizards like "We don't want crickets living in the house" and "Who will look after it when we go on holiday?"


4 Different Types of Geckos That Make Great Pets

There are several types of geckos that are commonly kept as pets. These include the very popular leopard geckos and the brilliantly coloured day geckos.


What Do Phelsuma Geckos Eat? Diet and Supplement Tips

Phelsuma day geckos are omnivorous. In the wild, they eat insects, but also lick the sweet nectar of flowers. How can you reproduce this in captivity?


Why Day Geckos Make Excellent Reptile Pets

Day geckos are brilliantly-colored, small-to-medium sized lizards that make excellent pets. They can be kept in small apartments and don't mind being left alone for most of the day.


Zebra-Tailed Lizard Care Sheet

What is the life of the zebra-tailed lizard in its natural habitat? Also, learn how to care for one in captivity with these recommendations.


How to Care for a Shedding Silkback Bearded Dragon

Care tips for silkback bearded dragons, with a focus on shedding issues.


The Differences Between African Fat-Tails and Leopard Geckos

This article explains the main differences between African fat-tails and leopard geckos. I also break down information about how to care for them, their temperaments, and their physical differences.


The 5 Best Pet Monitor Lizard Species

Interested in getting an exotic lizard? Here is a list of 5 of the best monitor species that make for suitable pets.


The Advantages of Housing Leopard Geckos in Tubs

There are many ways to house your Leopard Gecko. This article explains the proper setup and use of plastic tubs and offers advice on basic husbandry and care requirements to keep your gecko happy.


Can I Feed My Leopard Gecko Exclusively on Mealworms?

Leopard geckos have been fed mealworms for many years. Though crickets are a common staple, are mealworms acceptable as an exclusive food source?


How to Care for Your Pet Leopard Gecko

Wondering how to care for your leopard gecko? This article covers the basics of how to properly care for leopard geckos, including how to house them and feed them.


Bearded Dragon Care 101: A Beginner's Guide

Bearded dragons are arguably one of the easiest lizards to care for as a pet. This beginner's guide will educate you about how to choose a healthy dragon and about their traits and requirements—including habitat, food, and other needs.


What to Do If Your Leopard Gecko Won't Poop

Don't worry if your leopard gecko hasn't pooped for a couple of days and everything else seems to be ok. This is quite normal. Here's how to handle a constipated gecko.


Caring for Chinese Cave Geckos

Learn how to care for a Chinese cave gecko (Goniurosaurus luii), including housing, diet, and feeding.

This is my baby leopard gecko Lucille.

How to Set up a Leopard Gecko Tank

Did you know that leopard geckos make great pets for both experienced and inexperienced herptile pet owners? Here's everything you need to know to make a good home for your new pet.


How to Set Up a Simple or Natural Crested Gecko Enclosure

Did you know that crested geckos are very simple to house and don't necessarily require heating or lighting? However, you have to make sure that their enclosure is big enough. Find out how to properly set up one.


What You Need to Know About the Long-Tailed Grass Lizard

This species is a lizard equivalent of a community tank choice because they can be housed with other non-aggressive species with a similar head-plus-body length.


What to Do If a Leopard Gecko Drops Its Tail

If your leopard gecko drops its tail, learn about some steps you can take to make sure it stays healthy and doesn't get infected.


How to Make Homemade Crested Gecko Food

Your crested gecko deserves a little healthy treat once in a while! Here are some easy recipes for homemade gecko treats.


How to Set up a Leopard Gecko Enclosure

Learn what you'll need to properly care for a leopard gecko, including enclosure size, temperatures, substrates, diet, and other things to avoid. Includes tricks for keeping your gecko happy and healthy.


Leopard Geckos: Setting up a Natural Enclosure Like Their Native Habitat

Overall, leopard geckos are one of the best beginner reptiles, but the biggest misconception is that their native habitat is on the sand. They're desert animals, so it must be sand . . . right? Wrong. Learn how to set up an enclosure that fits your pet's natural habitat.


Tips for Sexing and Breeding Leopard Geckos

Breeding leopard geckos is relatively easy if you have a male and female. Learn how to determine the sex and best practices for helping geckos mate, lay eggs, incubate, and hatch their young.

sand was only for picture

What to Do if Your Leopard Gecko Stopped Eating

If you've noticed that your leopard gecko is not eating, learn the possible reasons for this, including illness, diet issues, environmental problems, and more.