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How to Properly Care for a Ball Python

Here's a beginner's guide on how to care for a ball python. I talk about the basics such as food, water, light, humidity, and more.


Ball Pythons in the Wild: Habitat, Diet, and Behavior

Here's the natural history of the ball python in the wild, which is a popular pet snake.


Ball Python Care Guide

If you’re looking into getting a ball python, this guide will explain how to properly care for your snake and what behaviors and diseases to watch out for. Feeding information, housing, and handling are covered in this article.


10 Methods to Get Ball Pythons to Eat Frozen-Thawed, Dead Prey

How to get your picky ball python to eat frozen rodents. Learn common and uncommon tricks for getting your snake interested in food and discover reasons why your python might not be hungry.


250+ Funny, Cool, Cute, and Badass Pet Snake Names

Do you love snakes? Are you looking for the perfect name for your new companion? Choose from 250+ funny, silly, ironic, or obscure pet snake names. There are badass names on this list, too. Happy searching!


8 Small, Easy-to-Care-for Pet Snakes for Beginners

These pet snakes are great for those new to snake care and prefer snakes that are small in size.


Corn Snakes: One of the Best Domestic Pets

Corn snakes are fairly easy to care for and have been selectively domesticated through breeding programs. They are docile when handled regularly and are a pleasure to look at.


Pet Snakes That You Don’t Need to Feed Rodents

Here are some options for people who wish to keep snakes as pets but find feeding frozen and thawed rodents and other mammals unappealing.


Best Pet Snake Species for Children and Beginners

Snakes are fascinating creatures to watch, but some make better pets than others—especially for children. Here are the best types of snake for beginners and kids.


How to Set Up a Plastic Tub for Ball Pythons

A simple step-by-step instruction sheet on how to set up a plastic tub for a ball python or other similarly sized snake.


How to Care for Pet Corn Snakes: Tanks, Food, Shedding and More

Review facts and care information relating to corn snakes. This introduction would be useful to anyone who is thinking of having a corn snake as a pet or for beginner corn snake owners.


14 Species of Boas and Pythons: Amazing Constricting Snakes

This article includes pictures, quick facts, and a summary of 14 different kinds of boas and pythons.


Why Corn Snakes Are the Best Pet for Beginner Reptile Owners

If you are considering a pet snake, buy a corn snake! These docile and tame snakes are friendly and tolerant and will make a great addition to any home.


Why Ball Pythons Make Great Pets

Ball pythons are small, beautiful, docile, and are highly recommended for a first-time snake owner. This article looks into where to buy one and what to look for in a healthy snake.


Corn Snakes as Pets for Children: Habitat, Feeding, and More

Learn how to keep a corn snake as a pet and how to look after it. Here are some tips on snake care and a great video of our bloodred corn snake.


How to Care for Amazon Tree Boas (Corallus hortulanus)

Amazon tree boas are best known for their many beautiful, exotic colorations. Though they are not the easiest snake breed to handle, they are definitely one of the most interesting and rewarding pets to care for.


First Few Days With a New Pet Snake

The first week you have a new pet snake is a critical time for it to settle in, get used to you, and begin eating. In this article, I will explain how to best handle the first few days with your new pet snake.


Best Beginner Snakes: Corn Snakes, Ball Pythons, and Red Boas

Snakes are fascinating and rewarding pets, but you must choose your first one very carefully. This guide contains information about three common pet snake species that would make good choices for first-timers. I hope it helps you make an educated decision.


Common Health Problems in Pet Snakes

Symptoms and treatment of some common diseases of pet snakes, including blister disease, constipation, mites and ticks, shedding problems, and stomatitis.


The Best Breeds of Snakes to Have as Pets

What are the best snakes to have as pets? People who are interested in getting a pet snake always have a few basic questions. The most important is which type of snake is going to be the best for them.