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40 Pet Turtle Names

Updated on February 5, 2016

If the Ninja Turtles are cool enough to have awesome names, then any pet turtle should have an awesome name! After all, you have a pet turtle because you know they’re as cool as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, right? Right.

Types of Turtles

Turtle or Tortoise? Tomato, tomotto? I think not! Most turtles are omnivores, live in water and have webbed feet to easily navigate their habitats while tortoises are herbivore land-dwellers that have rounded feet. Here, we will focus on the most common pet turtles.

  • Red Ear Slider Turtles: These are those turtles that are most common at a pet store, and they can grow up to 11 inches long! Their name obviously comes from the bright red in the ear area.

  • African Aquatic Sideneck Turtle: Another common pet turtle that can grow up to 8 inches in length. They are names after an interesting feature that is unique to them, their cute, little neck folds.

  • Painted Turtle: This is a rather colorful breed of turtle, hence the name “painted” turtle. Their colors are quite vibrant and they can grow up to 7 inches in length!

  • Ornate Wood Turtle: Although these turtles enjoy swimming, Unlike the other turtles who need more water than land, these need more land than water so that they can bask. They can grow up to 9 inches. If you’ve ever seen these turtles before, you’re aware of the beautiful, vibrant patterns on the shells!

  • Caspian Pond Turtle: This turtle can also grow up to 9 inches and require a decent amount of space for basking. They are a gorgeous mix of browns, red and yellows, and are also a pretty common turtle to have amongst turtle fans.


Choosing a Terrific Name

Now that you are somewhat familiar with the different, common turtle breeds, it’s time to go over a few tips to come up with turtle names!

  • What kind of turtle do you have? Think about the features unique to your turtle.

  • If you have many turtles, give them names that will help you to tell which one is which.

  • What colors and patterns are on your turtle’s shell or skin? This can help you come up with a few if you pay close attention!

  • Does your turtle seem to enjoy the water or land more? Think wet or dry.

  • Think about famous turtle names: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Finding Nemo, A Turtle Tale, and so on.

  • Think about general turtle features: They live in a shell, move slowly on land but pretty fast in water, have webbed feet, and much more.

  • Consider common human names; they are members of the family, right?

Now when it comes to picking turtle names, anything really goes, but if you follow the tips above, it will probably make it a bit easier to come up with some suitable ones for your specific pet. Here’s a list of names to get you thinkin’:

Boy Turtle Names

Mr. Turtle

Girl Turtle Names


Famous Turtle Names


Funny Turtle Names


Enjoy Your Pet Turtle

Whether you already have your turtle or you are about to go to the pet store, every turtle should have a name just like you would name any other pet that you bring into your house. Turtles are a lot of fun to watch as they move about their little habitats and over time, you can really build up a loving relationship with them!

Although they may seem like a low maintenance kind of pet, they actually require quite a bit of work. You need to make sure that the home you provide them is the right temperature, you keep their tank or habitat nice and clean, you feed it the diet that it needs, and give them plenty of attention like you would any dog! Every pet needs a bit of TLC, just some need it in different ways than others.

Once you do have your turtle and a name picked out, keep a close on on it and be wary if you notice sabers or nunchucks! Turtle power!

Kitten Riding Turtle


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      Madyson 2 days ago

      Dewy the turtle

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      stevfen junior

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      Jaimee 3 weeks ago

      Good and very funny I love it

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      cool, very helpful:):):)

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      Wurdle the turtle

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      Berdie 5 weeks ago

      Arizona is also a nice name

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      arielle 7 weeks ago

      i like the name potolemy

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      Maggie 8 weeks ago

      What about the name sumo? Or slowpoke?

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      Peyton 3 months ago


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      April 3 months ago

      How about ironic names, like "Barry Allen" or "Sloth"?

    • profile image

      Rose 4 months ago

      Because rose is a pretty name and. My turtle is a rose

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      skyfoster 4 months ago

      speedy is my new turtles name lol

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      Future Turtle Owner 5 months ago

      Hey, I have my list of names which include:




      Thanks! I'm hoping to add more on different sites...

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      Kimberly 5 months ago

      I don't know what to name my 2 month old baby turtle

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      Turtle 5 months ago

      What if you don't know if your turtle is a girl or a boy?

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      Jordan 5 months ago

      These names are cute

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      Ell 5 months ago

      The names are good

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      Taylor 6 months ago

      I have a pet turtle and I named it Lily

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      Hi 6 months ago

      I named her Toppy


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      BJRP 6 months ago

      What about the name gladiator

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      Abigail wilson 7 months ago

      These r bad names they need good ones bad

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      TurtleLover 7 months ago

      My turtles name is Lucy but we don't know what breed of turtle Lucy is or gender

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      TURTLE LOVER21 10 months ago

      what about scooter or napoleon

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      Anna 15 months ago

      How about the name "slo-moe?" You could shorten it to moe

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      poo 17 months ago

      lol so bad names

    • profile image

      mr.wigggles 18 months ago

      or ms/mrs.wiggles

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 3 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Cool turtle hubs! Like you I like to educate people about turtles too!