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A Guide to Caring for Greek Tortoises: Diet and Care

Here are some tips on what to feed and how to care for your pet Greek Tortoise.


Substrates and Safe-to-Use Plants for Tortoise Enclosures

Choosing the best substrate that is easy to maintain, good for your tortoise, and reasonably priced can be tough. Let's go through your options.


How to Build the Best Enclosure for Your Greek Tortoise

Understand the best kind of habitat and materials you need to create an environment for your Greek tortoise. Here's what you need to build a enclosure your tortoise will thrive in.


Bringing Home a Greek Tortoise (Spur-Thighed)

Here is everything you need to know about caring for your very own Greek tortoise. I give many tips and advice that stem from my personal experience of being a tortoise owner myself.


100+ Funny and Cute Tortoise Names

Find the perfect name for your pet tortoise! Choose from this list of unique, funny, and cute names for your special companion.


How to Breed Your Leopard Tortoise

Say hello to one of the most difficult tortoise species to breed. There's no fighting nature on this one, but when the little ones hatch, the moment will be worth every sacrifice.


Turtle Care 101: How to Take Care of a Turtle

Turtles are cute pets to own. Unfortunately, very few people know how to care for them. If you wish to polish your turtle parenting skills, have a look at this guide.


Bringing Home Your Baby Leopard Tortoise

Welcome your new baby reptile home the safe way. Learn what this tiny wonder needs for a happy trip, a cosy place, and ongoing care.


Red-Eared Slider Turtle Care: Tank Setup, Feeding, and Upkeep

Everything you need to know about the red-eared slider turtle's diet, tank setup, and general maintenance requirements.


Pet Turtles for Kids: Should You Get One?

Your kid is begging you for a pet turtle, but is it really a good idea? This is what you need to know to determine if getting a pet turtle is the right decision for your child.


Why Does My Leopard Tortoise Have a Bubbly, Wet Nose?

Many owners become concerned when they notice bubbles or liquid seeping from their pet's nose. A healthy tortoise should have clear and dry nostrils, but not every snotty case is a cause for panic.


How to Identify the Sex of Your Leopard Tortoise

Teaching yourself to determine the sex of your Leopard tortoise can seem impossible in the beginning. The good news is that once you get the hang of reading the signs, you'll never forget them.


What to Feed Your Sulcata Tortoise

Not knowing what the best foods are for your sulcata can be stressful. Too little of this, too much of that; it can all be quite daunting! This article will teach you everything you need to know.


How to Care for Your Sulcata Tortoise

Sulcata tortoises make great pets and companions, but they require a significant amount of preparation and care.


How to Properly House and Care for Pet Box Turtles

An overview of simple, commonsense care for box turtles as pets or backyard denizens.


40 Awesome Pet Turtle Names

If the Ninja Turtles are cool enough to have awesome names, then so is your pet turtle! This article includes 40 fun, funny, and creative name ideas to get you thinking. Also included are tips for choosing a good name and a list of the most common types of pet turtles.


How to Keep a Wild Turtle as a Pet

Do you plan on keeping a turtle you found outdoors? While most wild turtles don't make good pets, keeping one is possible if you provide the proper habitat, lighting, diet, and care.


Homemade Aquatic Turtle Food Recipe

A recipe for aquatic turtle food you can make at home with fresh ingredients. You control the portions and quality, and it's a great way to introduce new food to your pet turtle.


The Dos and Don'ts of Turtle Care

What to do and what not to do when taking care of turtles.


Wild vs. Pet Store Turtles: Should You Catch or Buy a Pet Turtle?

Caught vs. bought, which turtle is for you? Learn about whether it's better to buy a turtle from a pet store or catch a wild turtle for a pet.


How to Care for Baby Snapping Turtles

Learn how to properly take care of a baby snapping turtle here, including tips on how to create a comfortable habitat, how and what to feed it, and how to help your turtle live long and grow large!


Indoor Turtle Pool Setup

Creating an indoor pool for your turtle can be justified for several reasons, whether it is winter and you want your turtle to escape its aquarium from time to time, or you need a cheap alternative to an aquarium.


The Controversy of Releasing a Turtle Back Into the Wild

I was given a baby turtle that was taken from its home outdoors, and I soon plan on releasing it back into the wild. What problems could arise from releasing a domestic turtle into the world/


5 False Notions About the Pet Turtle: Myth-Busting

In this article, I go over a handful of incorrect ideas about turtles as pets.


How to Set Up an Outdoor Turtle Pool

Learn how to create a sufficient outdoor setup for pet turtles and the reasons why you should and should not do it.


How to Set Up an Aquarium for a Baby Softshell Turtle

There are different creative ways of setting up an aquarium for a baby softshell turtle. Find out exactly what you'll need to take proper care of them.


What Should I Do If My Aquatic Turtle Is Sick?

Here are some steps you should take if you think your pet turtle is sick.


How to Care for Baby Spiny Softshell Turtles

I have raised an eastern spiny softshell turtle since the day it hatched, and I want to share how I've cared for it. Learn about making a home for your turtle, feeding it, providing UVB rays, and more.


Best Beginner Pet Turtles and Tortoises

A guide for those looking to have a turtle or tortoise as a pet for the first time.


What Do Pet Turtles Eat?

Turtles eat a variety of plants and animals. Identify what type of turtle you have in order to best determine the type of food it will eat.


12 Reasons Not to Buy a Pet Turtle or Tortoise

Turtles and tortoises can make great pets, but they are not easy to care for. Here's my list of the top ten things people overlook when considering purchasing one of these pets.


Septicemia in Pet Tortoises

One of my turtles came down with septicemia. Here are the signs and symptoms to look out for and how to avoid making your tortoise sick.


Common Health Problems With Red-Footed Tortoises

Red-footed tortoises are usually pretty healthy as long as their diet is maintained and their habitat has the right humidity, temperature, and lighting.


Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet Turtle or Tortoise

You may see a tiny turtle and get the impulse to get one as a pet, but before you do, make sure you know what you are getting into.

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Caring for and Feeding a Russian Tortoise

Learn how to keep Russian tortoises and what they need to thrive, including care, diet, enclosures, ideal temperatures, and more.