The Best Guinea Pig Diet

While there are many products marketed to small pets, guinea pigs require a diet consisting mostly of hay. Know what to feed (and what not to feed) your beloved small pet to ensure a long and healthy life!


Guinea Pig Name Ideas

Bringing home a new guinea pig? One of the most difficult yet important parts of the process is coming up with a name for your new pet. Here are some guinea pig name ideas for girls, boys, and guineas or all coat colors.


125+ Cute and Clever Names for Your Pet Rat

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Health Problems in Pet Mice

A guide to health problems pet mice can suffer from along with treatment options and outlook. Like with any other pet, mice are no exception to health risks, and many illnesses are treatable.


The Complete Guide to Pet Mice

Mice can make wonderful pets, but there are some things you should know before getting one... or two... or more. Read on for a complete guide to their care, handling, welfare and other information.


How Much Do Guinea Pigs Cost?

Before you get a guinea pig as a pet, you probably ought to know how much they cost. We examine the start-up costs of obtaining a guinea pig, as well as the recurring monthly upkeep costs.


How to Breed Guinea Pigs

Find out how long the guinea pig heat cycle is and discover their gestation length. Learn how to successfully breed guinea pigs. Check out some photos of just-born baby guinea pigs!