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Top 10 Reasons Not to Be Scared of Mice!

Updated on March 28, 2016

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Diddle nibbles happily at his favourite treat on my arm at breakfast.
Diddle nibbles happily at his favourite treat on my arm at breakfast.

10 Ways to Look at Mice Differently (and Yes, They're Scared of You Too)

Phobia (noun): a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

I was so excited when I got my first mice. I’d wanted them ever since I could remember, having always loved anything small and fluffy. But it soon sprang to my attention (when my Nanna almost literally jumped out of her skin at the sight of my mice) that not all people are of the same opinion. Of course, the next question that sprung to mind was: “But why?”

So as I sat holding my most prized possessions – Diddle and Minstrel – in my hand, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would ever be afraid of these harmless little fur balls. Spiders? Okay, I can understand that. Boy, can I! They’re black; they're hairy; they're shifty; they have eight legs, (sometimes poisonous) fangs, and millions of eyes; they make me shudder just at the thought of them. But mice? They’re small, soft, cuddly, friendly, not poisonous, and playful, yet apparently terrifying!

Me and Lady pose for the camera at Christmas 2006.
Me and Lady pose for the camera at Christmas 2006.

So Here Are 10 Reasons I Believe You Shouldn't Be Scared of Mice

You say they're vermin. I say they're a credit to nature.
You say they're vermin. I say they're a credit to nature. | Source

Aim to admire and respect their amazing ability to survive, instead of being disgusted by it. Compare their species to ours and see how many things we have in common with them: the functions of the body; basic animalistic needs; the ability to convey emotion. It's all there. If you study a mouse's behaviour closely, you'll see that they're actually very clean animals that build nests, have maternal instincts (just like us), and arrange their habitat to suit their needs accordingly.

There is more to these creatures than 'spreading disease' and 'chewing wires.' After someone commented about the mess they leave behind, I feel it's relevant to add that pet mice can be potty-trained. I successfully trained my mice to wee nowhere else but in an old jam jar, which rather successfully helped keep their cage clean.

You say they bite. I say mice will only bit to defend themselves.
You say they bite. I say mice will only bit to defend themselves. | Source

They do this in the same way a human would fight back if attacked. As a kickboxer, I am more than aware of this instinct! It's only fair that something as small and helpless as a mouse needs at least one way of defending itself to give it half a fighting chance, right?

So how does one avoid being bitten? The answer is simple: don't give them a reason to bite you. That is, don't scream, bang about, throw things at them or make them frightened and distressed. In the worst case scenario, their teeth are barely big enough to break the skin (I know this from my pet mice), so don't worry too much about being bitten. It's not a big deal.

Note: Mice can spread certain diseases, but, as the CDC points out, it is rare for diseases to be spread through a mouse bite.

You say you feel like they're out to get you. I say we're the ones out to get them.
You say you feel like they're out to get you. I say we're the ones out to get them. | Source

You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it anyway: They’re more scared of you than you are of them. To them, you are a giant who takes huge, thundering steps with a booming voice, and they are a four-inch-long critter that can barely be heard even at the quietest of times.

When they bolt, it's out of fear, not because they're trying to get to you or find the quickest way possible to chew through the TV wires. They are trying to get away from you. If you just keep still, they're more likely to note your position in the room and run as far and as quickly as possible in the opposite direction.

You say you can't have a real connection with mice like you can with dogs. I say if this is true, I have been very lucky to have had 17 mice who have all proven this statement wrong.
You say you can't have a real connection with mice like you can with dogs. I say if this is true, I have been very lucky to have had 17 mice who have all proven this statement wrong. | Source

Hard as this is to believe, you can actually develop a connection with mice, just like you can with cats and dogs. They become your friend. They get excited by the sound of your voice and smell of your skin. They get 'sad' when you leave. I'm sure you can see from the picture of Lady and me that there is more to having a pet mouse than just cleaning out dirty sawdust every day!

You say mice aren't a proper pet. I say mice make brilliant pets!
You say mice aren't a proper pet. I say mice make brilliant pets! | Source

Just like rabbits, they need a lot of taking care of. They need to have fresh sawdust and bedding every day. They need feeding and regular cuddles. They love trying new things to eat, like bread mixed with milk or broccoli and carrots, and playing in any new toys you might buy them, even if it's something as simple as a toilet roll tube!

I even trained my mice to race up and down my staircase! Mice can be so much fun! I used to love the way Diddle hung upside down on the bars in the cage clambering about like an acrobat. It kept me entertained for hours on end and was much more interesting than sitting watching TV or playing on the PlayStation, like the majority of children do nowadays.

You say they're ugly! I say they're beautiful!
You say they're ugly! I say they're beautiful! | Source

When you look past the initial fear, you will find that healthy mice are very beautiful creatures. Each mouse has unique markings – like freckles on a human – that make it pretty in its own way. Its fur is smooth to the touch and glossy in texture. Their whiskers are finer than the silk woven by a spider.

Learn to appreciate their delicacy and vulnerability by looking at them in the same way you might look at a newborn baby. 'Oh, look at its tiny feet and its little pink nose! It's so small – how cute!'

You say I just hate the things! I say I just love the things.
You say I just hate the things! I say I just love the things. | Source

When you've been given strict instructions by Mum not to feed the dog those extra tid-bits and he goes and settles himself patiently in front of you with those big brown puppy-dog eyes just staring at you saying, 'Pleeeease, I've been ever so good and not barked once all day!,' you find yourself asking the question: 'Well, who can resist that little face?!'

Try doing the same with mice. You might find that, soon, that scatty little rodent actually turns into a sweet little animal with sparkly eyes, a pink, twitching nose, and beautiful, glossy fur.

You say you hate the noises they make. I say the assumption that mice squeak all the time is overblown.
You say you hate the noises they make. I say the assumption that mice squeak all the time is overblown. | Source

It is true that the mouse itself does often make squeaking noises, but most of them are much too high-pitched for the human ear to pick up on. We only hear an odd squeak every so often, and the squeaking we hear is, in fact, a highly developed means of communication, much like the tweeting of a bird.

What is more easily heard it the sound of mice scurrying around. This often freaks people out. Try to imagine this sound as the same as those made by any other living animal moving about, such as a floorboard creaking when someone moves about upstairs or the sound of dog's paws trotting happily down the hallway.

You say their tails freak me out! I say the tail is one of the most fascinating features of the mouse.
You say their tails freak me out! I say the tail is one of the most fascinating features of the mouse. | Source

Whether due to its appearance or the fact that it will wrap around your finger when you touch it, a mouse's tail seems to cause problems for people. It's actually very similar to a cat’s tail (with less fur) in that they use their tails for balance, feel and grip, which, in my opinion, is pretty amazing. Fascination is the best cure for fear. Turn your fear into fascination!

You say it's the way they move. I say if I ever learn to move with half as much agility and speed as a mouse, I will be an unstoppable kickboxer!
You say it's the way they move. I say if I ever learn to move with half as much agility and speed as a mouse, I will be an unstoppable kickboxer! | Source

10. YOU SAY: It’s the way they move...

I SAY: If I ever learn to move with half as much agility and speed as a mouse, I will be an unstoppable kickboxer!

Mice need to be able to run fast to escape from predators in the wild, such as owls and cats. As I said earlier, if a mouse feels threatened by you, it will bolt because it sees you as a predator. If you make very slow movements and use a soothing tone of voice when speaking in its presence, you will find the mouse becomes much calmer and more trusting, enabling you to catch it (in a humane way, of course!) and release it into the wild where it belongs.

A New Perspective on Mice

Every species has its flaws. No one is perfect. We all know that. Look at humans, for example. We pollute the Earth. We kill our own species. We betray one another. We hunt other animals and destroy their habitats.

So how can we criticise a mouse for chewing a wire or making a nest where you were planning on putting your new TV when the things we do are one hundred times worse?

So next time you come across a mouse, wherever it may be, take a deep breath, look at it for what it really is – a helpless little animal just searching for some food or a warm place to live – and just smile and move on. You can learn to love them. And besides, it’s one less thing to be unnecessarily afraid of!

By Daniella Wood


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    • Amber 2 weeks ago

      I totally agree with this page!! I own two rats and a new little mouse and they are just amazing, they dont normally bite and the few times they have was for food or thinking I had a treat on my hand, it never broke skin though. They are really good pets to have if you want something small and nothing too high maintenance. Im really happy with my little fur balls. People should give them a shot, like this article said, they just want to live just like us, they are no different than we are.

    • Emma 3 weeks ago

      I really despise mice and RATS other people may love them but I wouldn't even go near one if I saw one I would run as hard as I could to get away the may be small but they just really freak me out if I saw one I would nearly start to cry

    • Alex 4 weeks ago

      You can't just talk someone out of a phobia. That's ableist. You can't talk me into being comfortable around dogs any more than you can talk people into being comfortable around mice. And seriously, there's nothing wrong with "kids these days" playing video games. They're intuitive and educational at times. My sister has rats and plays video games. Let's stop thinking people are so one-dimensional. Isn't that what people think of mice? Isn't the point of this article to show mice aren't what people assume? I think you should consider the way you word things.

    • Chris 5 weeks ago

      I would rather live in a house full of cats than live in a house with just one mouse. They creep me out I will run and scream if I see one. I put out bait traps hopefully that little creep will die soon half of the bait has been ate so we'll see in a couple of days! Mice carry disease and are nuisances!

    • Kelsi 2 months ago

      I get it a mouse can be cute. If its a pet! When I was 5 months old I was attacked by rats. Weird I know. .. but they but me all over so here I am now 26 years old and have never once had a mouse. We moved into an old farmhouse a year and a Half ago and last fall didn't have one mouse. But this year suddenly in the past week one solo mouse has gotten in my house and I saw him for the first time in my laundry room it was 7 am I jumped and screamed! We set up traps everywhere but it just got the peanut butter off without setting off the trap.... So it's a smart wild mouse. I have 3 kids and I get off work last night and I see it run from my kitchen to possibly my son's room, my room, or utility room. I'm so scared. I get what you are saying but at the end of the day I didn't ask for a roommate.... A pet mouse is way different but when you make sure to be a clean person and suddenly see a mouse and can't get rid of it it's terrifying! I don't want to hear it in the middle of the night when I get off work. I want to move.. maybe i secretly have a fear because I was attacked 25 years ago by a rodent? I just want it out no one else in my family sees this mouse but me there all asleep by the time I get home...... He ate through my 8 dollar pistachios! Cute or not as a pet hes not one because he isn't in a cage. I don't want him here I'm so fidgety now and I just want to relax in my own home

    • Anastasia 3 months ago

      one of them crawled on my pillow and sat right next to my face. i freaked out. i feel like shit now because my first response was to BUG BOMB (my logic being that is people shouldnt be there when the bombs go off, mice shouldnt either) i think the poor thing is either dead or has lung disease of some form...

    • Ella Fino 5 months ago

      A mouse took a nip of my finger while I was lying on a couch.

      I wasn't doing anything to threaten it since I didn't know it was there. It didn't break the skin so I figure it was just hungry.

    • suzy 5 months ago

      I would like to agree with you on mice being scared of me. They or it is trying in every way to get near me. I'm using peppermint, white vinegar and other mixtures but they or it has invaded my computer desk while I'm working there. Last evening, I saw one peek out at me from behind a small pile of books. They've or it has run along the edge of my mattress and then hopped into the window seal to do droppings while I am in bed. I recall last summer walking out on my porch and a mouse was sitting on his hind legs and happily wagging its tail to greet me. I, of course, screamed. Then, not too long ago one was outside on the steps. I walked in its direction after conversing to someone and the mouse didn't run away. What gives? Do they know I am their human as do feed the birds, chipmunks and squirrels outside.

    • myfi 6 months ago

      we use mouse friendly humane traps the fealing when you release the mouse is so good

      its just being a mouse they dont know any better

      they are so cute give them a second chance

      humane traps are safe and cheep

    • Ellafino 6 months ago

      The fact that they can jump 18 inches which is shorter than the distance of my bed to the ground is nightmarish.

    • Rhiannon 7 months ago

      I normally love all animals and certaib types of mice I can deal with but when they come in to my room at 2am unexpextedly and rustle a lot and occassiobally squeak, it scares the living hell out of me and I run and lock myself in the bathroom. I don't even know how it got to my room- I assume they can climb and it came in through the window- but even after readibg your post I'm still quite scared about it and I don't want to go back to my room and after reading sone comments about them getting into bed with you I'm a little freaked out. Pet mice that are kept in cages I can deal with if they're not too noisy but the mouse or mice in my room have me hiding

    • Mary Padron 11 months ago

      Very touching and thought-provoking story. Thanks for sharing.

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 13 months ago from England

      Hi Kirsten,

      Thanks for sharing your lovely story with us! It sounds like you are doing just fine! The babies must be fully grown by now, so I hope it all worked out with sexing them and that the runt is okay! Hopefully your mum will come to see how cute they are as opposed to thinking that they are 'vermin'. :)

      Best of luck for your future breeding experiences!

      All my best,


    • Kristen faith 14 months ago

      I used to think rats were weird creatures but I've always found them fascinating. And even though my mom is terrified I finally have four new baby mice. My friends stepfather found them in his chicken coop and the chickens had killed two of the babies and scared the mom off. He snatched them up and brought them to me because I've hand raised a lot of animals but never mice. But I think I'm doing pretty well, they are about 4-6 days old and I've had them since last night and all four have made it to now, I have been having some trouble with the runt not wanting to eat but I'm thinking it's because she's not used to the milk replacer. Wish me luck!!

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 15 months ago from England

      Hi Brandon,

      Thank you for sharing your story with me! I am so glad that you have seen the true intention of my Hub, which is to help people not to go blind with panic if they find wild ones in their home (I am by no means promoting keeping them there!).

      Peppermint oil is a good natural alternative to getting rid of mice, but it is, unfortunately, not the most effective. I don't know where you are from so I don't know if you will have heard of Fresh Cab. It has been officially proven to get rid of mice and seems to be a more effective method than peppermint oil!

      Hope this helps and remember: stay calm! :)

      My best,


    • Brandon 15 months ago

      When i was young, i was only slightly intrigued by mice. My mother is deathly afraid of them.

      Anyway, i wasnt afraid of them and it made me a little sad to change the traps my parents set.

      However when i was 15, i had one climb on me in a car on my way to school.

      For that and witnessing my mom's horror with them, I have since been freaked out by them.

      Thanks for this forum though, im wanting to, and am imagining, that i can relax at future encounters.

      I like the idea of live and let live, so that is the ultimate goal.

      I know this is about facing the fear which i hope to do peaceably if i have to and am now quite sure i can.

      But, being your the expert here; is pepperment oil a harmless and effective way to communicate that i don't want them in my home? That would be more desirable than trapping alive or any other way.

      Thanks, Danielle.

    • Taylor Kerekes 16 months ago

      And would you believe that Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse's creator, was ironically afraid of mice?

    • Veronica 17 months ago

      I have 8 mice of my own and i really adore them!!i like that you tried to make people believe that mice are amazing creatures. I respect that very much!

    • Abby 21 months ago

      I've been afraid of mice (and all rodents) for most of my life. I googled "reasons to not be afraid of mice" this morning because my daughter, 6yo, is horrified that I might catch a mouse in a kill trap when it's just wandering around looking for food and warmth! (She'd like to name and befriend the mouse in my kitchen that freaks me out.)

      So. I appreciate you sharing your perspective. Out of deference to my daughter's heart, I will find a kinder way to trap the mouse, and we'll release him in a park. ❤️

    • Jody 2 years ago

      I agree with you mice are the best. I have three!

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 2 years ago from England

      Hi there, Anna, and thank you for your comment.

      First of all, - and I would like everyone to read what I am about to say before I receive further comments - this hub is called 'Top 10 Reasons Why Not to be Scared of mice.' That means: why not to throw your hands in the air, double your heart rate, sweat, scream and destroy everything in your house through blind panic in an attempt to get rid of them.

      Please note, this hub is NOT called 'Top 10 Reasons Why to Leave the Wild Mice in Your House and Let them Chew Through Your Wires.' I am sorry for any confusion that may come across in my hub. That was not the intention of my writing. I am simply trying to help people who have panic attacks when they see this particular animal - which I consider to be cute - so that they can deal with the task in hand rationally. Looking at mice in a different light other than the nasty one they are always portrayed in might help with this, I thought.

      I am very sorry to hear that your house has a mouse infestation and I hope you can sort it out soon. Please, though, try not to panic. They're not going to kill you!

      All the best,

      Daniella x

    • Anna 2 years ago

      I am sitting in my dining room, broom in hand, staring into my kitchen cabinets. I am terrified and all the comments (and I read them all) about mice jumping into beds to cuddle have made my fear worse.

      So far, I have not seen a mouse. Only what appears to be mouse (and I'm hoping mouse because the alternative would cause me to leave the house, screaming) droppings. I can also hear noises. A lot of noises coming from inside my kitchen cabinets. Glass, metal, scratching... I am hoping that mice are this rowdy and it is not rats. The droppings were dark, small...a bit bigger than a grain of rice.

      The first sign of it came today when I went to get my dog's food and the bag had been all chewed up. Well, one small part right where it zips up. It was then that I saw the dropping on the kitchen floor. I probably swept it off the bottom shelf with the bag.

      I am so paranoid. Can't sleep. Afraid there are more. I know there are more.

      When I was about 12 I found one in bed with me. I had no clue they could climb. I guess I had blocked out the memory because I came online to research if they can climb. Ugh. My main fear is that one will have rabies.

      BTW, I love pet mice. They are super cute and adorable. It is just the whole disease thing from wild mice that I have a phobia about.

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 2 years ago from England

      Hi Kalyne - brilliant news! Everyone loves a heroic tale, especially one that involves saving mice; heroes saving humans is soo last month, haha! Keep up the good work, Mouse Hero, and continue your good deeds!!

      Daniella (fellow Mouse Heroine) x

    • Kalyne 2 years ago

      Hello my name is kalyne !!! I have a pet mouse that I save from my brothers snakes dinner!but he had 2 ! this one really gave me a look I had to keep it his name is dusty and hes a hopper mosse hes white with bown spots and very lovable!

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 2 years ago from England

      Bipolarbear (although I'm highly doubting that that's your real name!), it's so great to hear from someone who not only cares as much about these little creatures as I do and is willing to defend them as I am trying to do in this hub, but also that someone has taken the time to share their personal stories and feelings with all of us - thank you for that!

      I agree with what you said about taming them; all animals are capable of it if you just give them the attention they need with the appropriate behaviour (ie. be calm and try not to panic them. Then they won't bite). That 'Lion Whisperer' in South Africa springs to mind. He cuddles lions in the wild because he knows how to deal with them. Enough said.

      Wearing gloves and cleaning up after them is also the best way to prevent the spreading of diseases - you're right.

      Thanks again for your comment(s)!

      Daniella x

      P.S. Totally getting more mice when I move house in a couple of months - yay!

    • bipolarbear 2 years ago

      Daniella, great article, even though its been four years your previous comments lead me to believe you'll see this lol. You've responded tactfully to even the rudest of commenters that, to me at least, is an accomplishment worthy of praise. However, my propose of this post is for the possibility of helping a select group of people,the people who also have that special wild mouse relationship. A little history on myself first though. Male 24 and growing up there was nothing, under the right circumstances, that was considered too wild to be a pet and friend. my entire family treating animals in a way in which animals trust us. My uncle's and father had raccoons,skunks, deer, opossums and even an otter in there throw entire lives. Were nuttier than squirrel turds but we all love animals,and we rescue them to either keep as friends or release back into the wild. So I've been around animals my entire life caring for them or just enjoying the companionship we provide one another. In the past I've had fancy rats I prefer then to mice for their longer life spans and higher predisposition to intelligence than your average fancy mouse. But I also had an Egyptian spiny mouse she lived a few years but eventually passed as they all must. I didn't get as attached to her however she wasn't as affectionate to me as my rats before were so we didn't bond on the same level I suppose. however,


      my point:

      A few months ago i notice a small mode I in the house usually I just capture them and release them but this one is special. He is either a deer mouse or a white-footed mouse, and either

    • Sam 2 years ago

      Excellent Article Daniella! The stray but cute little mouse in my house brought me to this site and now I want to make it my pet!

    • Isaac 2 years ago

      One mouse is right behind my bedroom door and right now I'm freaking out :(

    • Sarah 3 years ago

      I think there's a difference between taking mice for pets deliberately and having the street mice coming into your home bringing all kinds of cr** with them. They are cute, but I still don't like them. If I didn't invite them, I don't want them!

    • Windsor Fall 3 years ago

      I joined HubPages just so I can share my experiences. Three weeks ago, around 3am while in bed, I hear scratching and ruffling noises coming from my bedroom closet. I immediately knew... I just knew, it had found FREEDOM!

      I got out of bed and turned on the lights in the living room to chill out. Like many people, I was scared of the thing and wide awake. Not longer after, I see this black thing run across my living room floor and into the pocket door between my kitchen and living room. I freaked out... I thought Satan found out where I lived and he was planning his attack through the use of a mouse!!!

      Bare with me here, it gets better...

      The next couple of days I sent out for a trap. One that kills (like a mouse trap), but it's one of those where you don't have so see it. I put some grains for bait in one and cheese from a pizza I had in the fridge for the other trap. In a total of two traps I placed them strategically around my kitchen. Since I didn't want to hear the things snap, I went to shower. I came out of the shower and noticed they haven't been triggered. Over the next few days I kept seeing the little bugger but he never seemed to go into the trap. I thought "crafty little motha' f$#@#r".

      I went to buy peanut butter because, after numerous research on killing mice, I read this was the best bait to use. A few more days pass and still nothing. I called a pest control company and they placed a no-see trap under my fridge and in my closet. Nothing. At this point I figured I might as well name the thing, so I called him Alonzo. After some religious cleaning around the house and looking for holes (never found any), Alonzo kept showing up and running across the room. Forget running along the base board, he would run square through the room! I slept with my light on (and some nights I never slept). Finally, the sleepless nights and many hair follicles painted a nice off-white, I came to terms with myself. I loved the thing and hated the thing with a passion.

      Don't stop reading yet, I'm not dissing your post.

      My attempts at catching:

      1. No-See Traps = FAIL

      2. Old bucket trick. I took a bucket filled with water, dish soap and anti-freeze. Placed a toilet paper tube on the counter with bait on the end. Hoping that he will go through the tube and fall into the bucket to his death, he would approach the tube, spin it around, take the bait and scurry away. = FAIL

      3. Packing tape. I saw him run under the refrigerator. I placed packing tape (sticky side up) in strips along the floor, careful not to leave any space between the strips. (My hopes were to slow him down enough so I can catch him and throw him in the dumpster.) Well, he found the TINIEST space between the tape and hopped on one foot here, then one there, then jumped over the last strip. Then scurried away. = FAIL

      He would make his home underneath my couch, have a ball playing with a marble he found in the lower kitchen cabinet, and make me jump when he ran across the floor. Alonzo's fun and my fear made for a very comical household.

      Finally, I bought the snap traps (completely freaked out so I didn't set one for a day). I figured I would place a few out and then leave for work. Then have my neighbor come and remove the body if it was caught. I had serious doubts that Alonzo would even fall for it. While at the store purchasing the snap traps, my hand kept hovering over the poison but I didn't want him to die and to dismantle my pocket door to retrieve the dead, smelling body - because that's his favorite place.

      Keep following me here...

      Finally, it has comes to the point where Alonzo watches TV with me. Just recently for Halloween we were watching a horror movie. Every time I had to look away from the gruesome parts, I stared at him and he would turn and look at me. (He was happily sitting under my coffee table for a good couple hours). We would both share intimate, terrified moments together until we had the courage to look back at the TV again.

      This morning we both nearly had a heart attack. I reached for the coffee back on top of the fridge and I lost my grip. It came crashing down on some plates I was drying off and it was like a domino effect. Plate after plate hit the tile floor. Alonzo, thinking I was trying to crush him with a plate, ran away. Careful not to step on him in my own freak out, I tripped and fell to the floor. Alonzo ran out of the kitchen, banged his head on the coffee table leg, then scurried off into the second bedroom, hitting the door frame on the way in. A few hours later he emerged with no hair out of place or scratch.

      We have an unspoken rule.

      As long as I keep the marble in the kitchen cabinet, he doesn't bother me when I'm sleeping. When I tell him to go to bed, he runs under the couch and I don't see him for hours. If I see ONE food package with a hole in it, he knows I'll cut off access to his water dish. He knows not to have friends over, or I'll stop giving him my pizza crust ( a delicacy we later found out that he likes).

      However, lately, he has gotten slower. He moves slower. Seems unaffected by scary things. I know he is comfortable with me, but my gut feeling is telling me he is sick. He is not as brown as he used to be when he was happy. I don't see him quite often anymore. In rare moments, I get a feeling of aggressive rage that he found someone else (I added that for a little drama), but in reality there are times I wonder if he found a place and is preparing to move out. I stand there in the kitchen under the faint glow of my stove light wondering if he is sick, dying, pregnant or preparing to leave me while clutching with both hands a rental application for residency...

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 3 years ago from England

      Tom, thank you so much for that refreshing, heart-warming comment! It's so good to hear that someone else sees what I see. Maybe together we can spread our enjoyment of these cute little creatures to the rest of the world?! Haha, thanks again - Daniella x

    • tom 3 years ago

      My pet mouse is the cutest thing ever, next to my dog of course. She is very happy and loves to climb all over me. When I first got mice I was a little hesitant and creeped out to hold them. Now I put my hand up to her cage and she climbs out. Today I gave her a small piece of chicken and she squeaked in delight. They are severely misunderstood animals. I think the human fear stems back to the Dark Ages and the Bubonic plague. They aren't evil haha. They are just trying to live and human habitation attracts them. It's not their faults if they want somewhere to stay. Just remain calm and understand that they are more afraid of you than you are of them (though not always the case). Btw Diddle is so cute.

    • Pioyop 3 years ago

      Is peppermint oil ok to use against mices? It's 3am and I hate the sound mices make when they run across the floor. I'm now on full alert because of it, it's weird since I am not scared of mices on daytime, but whenever I hear or see one at night I go crazy with fear and even move rooms.

    • Kelly 3 years ago

      I enjoyed your article, it really highlighted the positives of owning pet fancy mice.

      I do want to point out that both rats and mice can carry diseases - just like all animals.

      But, on the flip side, if properly maintained, pet mice and rats will usually not get the diseases that their wild cousins are often exposed to.

      Just keep up good hygiene with them - cleaning their habitat often and washing your hands before and after handling them.

      That way, it can lessen the chance of either you or your mice getting sick.

      It is also a good idea to keep your pets away from wild mice, as wild mice can be dangerous to them and spread their illness to your mice.

    • thegiveramw 3 years ago


      I know that you posted this FOREVER ago it seems like, but I want to let you know I SERIOUSLY appreciate your post. I just saw a mice run into our new (new to us but 19 year old) home. I was laying on my bed and it came in under the master bedroom door. Being out in the country now, my husband says this happens when you mow the lawn but still...I was TERRIFIED, and have been making him take me all over the house.

      Your post has been very helpful. While I won't be making them into pets, I can calm down a little bit with regards to the fear.

      For those who seem to be concerned about the mouse poop...I suggest bleach. Cat poop is also dangerous, as is human poop, but you don't let that sit around, nor should you let mouse poop sit around. Bleach, rubber gloves, and some hot water go a long way. I have cleaned up mouse droppings before and never had a problem. The problem comes when you allow mouse droppings to just sit. Clean up the droppings right away.

    • Danny 3 years ago

      24 year old male here.

      I have read this article several times over the course of the past years.

      Every time was after seeing mice again.

      Honestly, the appartment I live in hasn't ever been mouse free. I have lived here for the past 17 years (I was 7 for the ppl that are slow with math) and I have seen mice almost every other day.

      Still scared. Being around them does NOT help. AT ALL. Being in the kitchen (ground zero basically) is a nightmare.

      I was in fact making dinner for me and my girlfriend but suddenly I started hearing A LOT of squeaking noices and what seemed like fighting or even rape (yes honestly). Turned off the fire pits and ran for it...

      I hate these things so effin much, it angers me I can't even be in my own kitchen to prepare food.

      These creatures from hell are resorting me to take away: AGAIN.

      I honestly dont understand how anyone can live with a mouse infestation and be OKAY with it. Unless it was maybe a single mouse. The ones we have are dozens , big fat and noisy. Theres droppings allllll over the kitchen. Basically gave up on cleaning. Its no use.

      Any advice is welcome.

    • Amber Jayde 3 years ago

      Hi Daniella!!

      I just came across your blog page today, after researching on how to get rid of mice. I just came back from vacation, and I discovered a small mouse earlier this morning, who jumped on my laundry and rustled through my belongings. My fault, I shouldn't have brought chocolate into my bed. :P Anyway, I do like mice, because I think they are cute, and I have seen one before, up-close, so the level of my fear for them is not too bad. However, when coming across one, I always freak out (but yes, I still think they're cute) and run away. I wish I were able to have a passion for them, like you do, but I just don't know how to! I really wish that I could just pick it up and keep it as a pet (my parents would never let me, as they claim that the mice carry diseases and rabies..) , but still, I can't overcome immediately running away! I apologize for the length of this post, but I trust that you'll be able to give me some good advice. It's too bad that you can't just come over to my house and show me how! Haha! :) your pet mouse is very cute, by the way.

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 3 years ago from England

      @Sophia: thank you very much for the advice, but I moved away from England to live in Bavaria for 9 months as an English teacher - did Skydiving, snowboarding, go-karting, quadbiking there - and have now moved straight to the South of France where I'm currrently working on the beach as a receptionist for a hotel I already have a pretty good life, thank you :-). Perhaps you should take your own advice, though?

      @Jen: Great to hear, Jen! In answer to your question: imagine a human stripped bare of all his luxuries. Let's say a caveman. There comes a point when, despite fear, despite danger, that human must venture out to get food or collect warm bedding for his family in order to survive. A mouse is no different to this. Perhaps he or she has a family to feed or is in search of housing resources? Desparate times call for desparate measures, after all. Either that, or s/he's just a very social mouse!

      Lovely to hear from you all, as ever. Daniella xx

    • Jen 3 years ago


      I've loved all kinds of mice since I was little. Sometimes I would play a game and pretend to be one!

      The very first one I saw as a kid was on top of the stove. He looked at me and I looked at him, then he made a dash for it. He had ears that stuck up, so I ran to my mom and told her he had the cutest ears. You could see I was never afraid of the little guys!

      Right now as I write this, there has been a grey mouse dashing about in the bedroom right in front of me. I'm awake sitting around and watching him, hoping if I'm still enough, I can catch him by the tail and put him outside. Great plan, huh? (lol)

      He hasn't made a reappearance for a bit, but why would a mouse run in front of a human several times while awake? I thought they only did that while I would be asleep?

      Could you tell me? I'm real curious!

      (wonderful article, by the way!)

    • Sophia 3 years ago

      Note to owner of the blog- GET A LIFE

    • Itisme 3 years ago

      Wow I cant believe I stayed up this late and read the article and every comment up to this point. I really have enjoyed some of the stories people have posted. The reason Im here is because at 4am this morning I was falling asleep when I heard some crawling in the opposite side of my rosm, maybe in the closet? Anyways I freaked out, Im a 20 year old guy btw, yeah its pathetic I know. So I was scared I wanted to turn on the light but it was at the opposite side of the room too so I grabbed my phone and turned on the flashlight feature lol. I also went ahead and turned on the radio in hopes that the sound might scare it. I keep a bat next to my bed so I grabbed that and sat up pointing my light and listening for it. My brother finally came home, we share a room at the moment and turned on the light. I told him to check the area which is right by his bed but didn't see or hear anything. Now Im wondering if it was just in the walls or is hiding somewhere in the closet. Anyways its like 8am now and seeing as so many people has similar situations that brought them here, id post mine as well. Daniella thanks for this post, it has really been helpful to some people and has provided me with some good reading material lol. I cant get over this fear as easy as some people but with your tips Im gonna keep trying at it!

    • Eddie 3 years ago

      Great article! I used to be terrified of mice as a kid, but have grown to like and appreciate the little critters.

      Having said that, I do wish they stay out of the ceiling and stop making noises right above my head at three in the morning! And this after I sealed every access point into the ceiling (or so I think).

      Looking forward to your new content!

    • Jacob 3 years ago

      had mice in my house and hated the things it affected my sleep i was worried incase they would come into my room at night but after reading your article it comforted me and made me realise there is nothing to be afraid of so i just wanted to say thanks!

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 3 years ago from England

      Great news! Lovely to hear! Thanks for putting a smile on my face :) Daniella xx

    • Me ! :) 3 years ago

      I was about to fall asleep when I felt something touching my blanky ! I opened my eyes immediately to find a mouse looking at me and I was like , stunned for 5 seconds . We were looking at each other until I got a mini heart attack ( like when you think you're falling but actually not ) . It jumped down and crawled under the bed . At first I was afraid of it and decided to have my papa to take care of it when he comes back home until I read your article . Imma just leave it alone to keep me company x) . Cute little thing's harmless .

    • Mobile Phone Spying 3 years ago

      Long time reader and this is my first time posting. I can’t really think of what to say other than that your blog is super ingenious and im always looking forward to your new content.

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 4 years ago from England

      Haha Tony, if only you knew... [ I couldn't be more excited to tell you that I was actually proposed to by a US army Captain two months ago so, trust me, if either one of the two of us is guaranteed to end up alone, it sure ain't me ;) ]

      Also, before you try to shoot someone's writing down again, 1) learn to use punctuation and 2) learn to spell.

      Thank you for the insightful comment :) Your girlfriend must be a very lucky lady.

      Daniella x

    • Tony 4 years ago

      I think you need a boyfriend rate lady I can almost picture you in your 80s singel with million mice running around chewing up your food and shoes get a life please until its to late!

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 4 years ago from England

      Jen, there's no such thing as a stupid question - only a stupid answer! They do look very similar but rats are basically bigger than mice - thicker tails etc. I wouldn't say either one stays outdoors or indoors more than the other. You can find them both anywhere. Just try re-reading my article and think of all the points I've made whenever you feel frightened. And most importantly, don't panic!

      Thank you for respecting my opinion, momof2. I respect yours, too. I can understand why you wouldn't like the droppings!

      Keep then comments coming, guys!

    • momof2 4 years ago

      Hey, I respect your opinion. I actually think mice are kinda cute, but seeing as my house is starting to become invaded by them I'm really starting to hate them. I can never walk into my kitchen without seeing one run away from my stove and it creeps me out. Also they poop everywhere I can't take it its so disgusting on my counters and on the floor in the cabnetts. It's making me want to move.

    • jen 4 years ago

      Hello. I know this might sound stupid but what's the difference between a rat and a mouse? I believe from what I read that a rat stays outside the house while mice live inside? I'm asking because I have seen a gray rat or mouse not sure. I can't sleep because I'm so scared. It gives me the chills just to even hear them. I imagine them climbing on top of me. Help! Please.

    • KC 4 years ago

      I awoke to a chattering sound by my ear and found a mouse looking at me from my bedside table about 4 or 5 inches from my head. I sat up and it hid. I yelled for it to go away, startled. While contemplating my actions, I watched it explore my bedroom and bathroom for a few minutes. The lights were on and it didn't seem bothered by them or me. I decided to try to trap it so I could go back to sleep so I left the room and returned with the trap. This mouse saw me and started to slowly move toward me from across the room. It came to about a foot away from me and as I was too scared to let it come closer, I snapped my finger and it jumped and turned away. It then crawled on my bed (!!!!) snuggled onto one of my black t- shirts laying on the end then continued up to my pillow (!!!!!). Ladies and gentlemen, this is a wild field mouse, and I was terrified. I shut the door and thought my husband can deal with this when he gets home. It was 3 am and he gets home at 8am. I decided to try sleeping in my daughter's room. I situated myself and after several hours of watching and listening, I fell asleep. I awoke to chattering(not a squeaking) by my ear again! It was sitting on the window sill by my pillow looking right at me even as I sat up with a start, waking up my daughter. We couldn't believe it kept coming toward me, down to my pillow then closer still. I clapped my hands to get it away and it finally jumped down to the floor and ran away. This is so crazy! Thinking maybe it was after my phone (radio frequency oddity, whatever) I took my phone downstairs. Back in her room, we got situated away from window sill and tried again to get some rest. At 8:30 am (daylight!) the mouse returned to the room, was climbing up the bed heading toward me again chattering. I yelled for my husband to come and see this strange behavior and to take care of it. He came in the room, shocked to find the mouse still moving toward me and then he took care of it. What in the world?

    • Nicole 4 years ago

      I have a little mouse in my house now. I'm the only one who's not scared of him, and I talk to him like a baby when I see him. I think this has made him love me because tonight while I was lying down watching a movie, he came up onto the couch and crawled under my chin! He frightened me and I jumped up, and then I got a bit nervous because I'm pregnant and I became concerned about diseases after being in such close contact. So of course I started doing research, and everthing aside from this site has scared the life out of me! If I weren't pregnant I would be more relaxed and might even let the little guy watch the movie with me, but as it is I'm scared to lie down again. He probably just wants a friend, what's your opinion on a pregnant lady getting friendly with a wild house mouse?

    • Melissa 4 years ago

      Thank you for your article ~ it's beautiful! I have had every desire to look at mice in this way. I have taken note that obviously need to overcome some fears because I have actually had dreams a few times, over like 10 years, that I am paralyzed and a mouse is on me, lol!

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 4 years ago from England

      Kasey, I'm really glad I helped in some way; that's all I aim to do. You can buy humane mouse traps which simply shut the trap door behind the mouse and then you can release them into the wild. Have a look for some on the internet. That way everyone's happy - you're rid of the mouse and the mouse is still able to enjoy life!

      Ryan, it seems to me that you have either completely ignored or completely misunderstood the message of my article. See, the title of this hub is not 'Top 10 Reasons Why to Keep a Mouse Infestation in your Home,' but 'Top 10 Reasons Why NOT to be Scared of Mice!'. I have not for one second argued that you should leave a mouse infestation in your home. By all means, get rid of it. But I am arguing here that you do not need to PANIC or feel AFRAID when seeing a mouse in your home, nor do you need to KILL them to get rid of them. This hub is not specific to pet mice, which is why I haven't specified that. I hope this clears a few things up for you. Amittedly, the title was a bit of a giveaway, though...


    • Ryan 4 years ago

      Hopefully no one will take your article seriously and not bother dealing with a mouse problem or infestation. Being cautious and smart isn't the same as being afraid. You don't have to be afraid of these things and you shouldn't be. However, you should try to get rid of them and prevent them from coming back if you see a wild one in your house. I don't think "just smile and move on" is the greatest advice, particularly if you have an infestation.

      I suppose if you want to be bias with your opinion because you owned them as pets, that's fine. However, you can't allow your bias to make you twist or deny facts. And the fact is, mice can spread salmonella, meningitis, and hannavirus. And even if you claim that your article is about pet mice (which you don't exclusively say it is), pet mice can spread these diseases also.

      Having said that, I'm sure they'd work great as a pet and I don't really disagree with most of your article (just a few key points that are incorrect). I used to own a hedgehog. Very cute, just like mice. However, as for the wild ones, which are probably exposed to the outside dirty environment, no thanks. If your article is solely about pet mice, then great and I apologize. Again though, it doesn't clearly state that or seem to be. I got one in my apartment now. Hopefully I won't have to kill it. If that becomes the only option though, then I gotta do what I gotta do.

    • Kasey 4 years ago

      I just wanted to say that even though there is a mouse in my room right now reading this has sort of calemed me down and has allowed me to not completely freak out, even though I believe that the mouse and I scared each other. Do you have any ideas on how to get this little guy out?

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 4 years ago from England

      Hi, Bradley. Well, it could have something to do with the old 'jumping on the bandwagon' theory. That is not to say that you just follow what other people do, but pyschologically we are inclined to think how the majority of people do. That's why so many people fear spiders and sharks; they're the most popular things to fear! Try to break those thoughts and see that mice really are nothing to be feared. That doesn't mean you have to like just means you don't need to fear them. Trust me :) Daniella x

    • Bradley 4 years ago

      Hi, I just saw a mouse and I was terrified. I don't know why though. I used to have a hamster. I get so scared that I put my feet up in my chair. Do you know why I would be so terrified of a mouse when I had a hamster?

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 4 years ago from England

      I just want to let everyone know that I have declined a fair few inappropriate comments made on this hub that were deliberately trying to put me down and make fun of my article. To those people: the main reason a person feels the need to belittle some one else is because they themselves aren't feeling strong, and so trying to make some one else feel as low as they do supposedly gives them the 'power' they wish they had. But you can be better than that. Find a hobby. Write about it. And if you were to write an article on something you believed in but I didn't agree with, I would either just not comment - "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" - or I would acknowledge that you are entitled to your own opinion. I would not shoot you down in flames. Have some respect and then people might respect you.

      Thanks to the rest of you for your support - I really do love it when you comment with encouraging or happy anecdotes to tell me. Thanks all :) xx

    • Ashley 4 years ago

      Have no idea where this little guy came from but one has gotten into one of our bedrooms.

      Thought he left but popped back up tonight and was playing with a piece of plastic in the floor.

      I just lay across the bed and admire him. Very cute. I was terrified the first time I saw him though. Realized he was just as scared of me as I was of him. He ran away again but I've set up a couple of traps hope they work.

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 4 years ago from England

      Keith, I can guarantee that, at some point in your life, you have kept someone up all night, disturbed them, annoyed someone for some reason, broken another person's possession, made a mess in someone else's home and that some people in the world don't like you...but you don't deserve to die because of that, do you? So how are mice any different?

    • Keith 4 years ago

      Sorry but I hate those things. If I see one I will kill him or even burn him alive. They're such a nuisence during my sleep time. If they're so lovable why don't they just stay where they belong? Dead!!!

    • Andy 4 years ago

      To mari

      I feel you so so much, i will leave my place and end my vacation because of those bastards ...

    • mari i 4 years ago

      I found. 2mice in my bed cuddling next to me of course i got scared i don't want to harm the lil cuties but how can i keep them off my bed please help I'm. Loosing sleep its 4 an i can't sleep knowing that something is crawling n me i dnt understand y they on my bed im clean smh

    • animal lover number #1 4 years ago

      i love mice just today i was in the pet shop asking i they have any mice coming in soon luckly they do next week i also have a ew stray mice in my sun room i feed them and give them water i love rats to i have two rats their beautiul i love all animals just not so much spiders there gross but i will be in the same room as them. lol i oneday want to be like on the show the zoo i want to take home baby animals and rais them and feed them i have always wanted to grow up and work with animals won't be long now only jeese only four more years and i can study in uni for a job at a zoo wooohhhooo by the way you sound like a really nice person we need more peole like you in this somewhat unhappy world xxoo animals or life

    • Andy 4 years ago

      I killed one before a month, am 27 male and i do fear muce like hell, i was crying after i killed it but i am phobic from these creatures.

      Before 2 days i found another one in my place, and am sleeping at my friends apartment now, i dont have the courage to enter my home or my room.

      That mouse will destroy my life, am 27 and i cried like a little girl ,,

      I entered here just to try to overcome my fear and get back to my life, no luck :(

    • Annonymous 4 years ago

      I Love Mice!

      I have two pets of my own, and i don't see how peopple can hate them and want to kill them. They are SO cute :)

    • Ryan T 4 years ago

      I normally don't like Mice but after reading DaniellaWood article I don't want to kill them anymore

    • adonis 4 years ago

      I sleep on an air mattres and there is this mouse in my room and I'm afraid it will go on my bed and my dog keep looking for it cause it eats her food

    • sandra becker 4 years ago

      I just tried to save a mouse from a glue trap with oil and he took his last earthly breath in my hands. I hate those things(glue traps) and I hope like hell that when I get to heaven that I and all the creatures that have gone through the torture of these things will get to see the inventor get trapped on one of these. A mouse is not hard to get out of the house....I trapped one while I was in my bare feet with a box and a broom while my husband was yelling Kill It. And as far as them carrying disease , the worst parasites on earth are humans. I have a clean home and keep a clean home and if I handle a mouse I'll throw away the gloves. Think about it... when you go to the grocery, the have hand wipes when you go in,when you go on a cruise they have hand wipes and when you go to the Dr.'s office they have hand cleaner. Seems to me we have more to worry about other people.

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 4 years ago from England

      Just Keep Calm and Carry On! x

    • Lee 4 years ago

      I just saw a mouse on my mothers bed and I dont know what to do I'm paranoid to even step foot in her room. ;(

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 4 years ago from England

      So great to find someone who shares the same passion as me, Chrissy. I wish more people saw what we see! Lovely to hear from you. Daniella x

    • Chrissy 4 years ago

      Aww I love your post.

      I think mice are the cutest little things and I just can't understand what's to fear about them. I used to have a pet mouse named Squeaky and she was the sweetest little thing. I even love rats, they're one of my favorite animals! The rat I have now is so hyper and playful, but she can be quite shy. I've had pets rats and mice since I was a little girl. My mom always wanted them, too, but her parents didn't let her so when I wanted a pet of my own she thought she'd try them first and I loved them!

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 4 years ago from England

      Anda and Sian, it may surprise you to learn that you can indeed potty-train mice! I will add that bit of information to my hub now actually - thanks for bringing it up! I used to potty-train mine to pee in a jam jar so that their cage didn't get dirty.

      Amber, that's so lovely of you to say - thank you very much for the encouragement! I'm glad to see my hub is having the desired effect on some people! In answer to your question, wild mice can - as any other species can - carry diseases. But then so can humans. So this is really not a factor we can use against mice when we ourselves experience the same problem.

      Thanks all x

    • Amber 4 years ago

      Daniella I really loved everything about your post, I loved your passion your a very skilled writer and it really helped me have compassion for the little critters ^_^ though I do have a question after I saw a comment above, can wild mice carry diseases at all?

    • Anda and Sian 4 years ago

      What about their poops all through our cupboards? Can you toilet train mice?

    • me 4 years ago

      saw one in my garage just now. Im so scared. I hate that I'm so fearful but I hate the:( I just put a sign on my door telling my family to use the front door until I can figure out how to kill it... Scared there could be more than 1!!!!! wish i was you right now as I honestly are afraid.

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 4 years ago from England

      Bambi (loving the username, by the way!), what I suggest is that you - as horrible as this may sound - expose yourself to the fear. Once you get used to being around them and practise breathing normally and controlling your thoughts in the presence of one, then it will sort of become second nature to you and you won't bat an eyelid next time you see one. This will be hard at first but I promise you will get there! As soon as a negative thought pops into your mind ("nasty little bastards!" etc), push it away and think, "I am in control here." You'll be fine :-)

      Andy, great to know you made the effort to be humane! Lovely to hear your story had a happy ending! And you got the best of both worlds: no death and no pests win situation! I'll just blow past the cat comment haha :p

      Keep commenting people! Daniella x

    • Andy 4 years ago

      After my last post I went to Albertsons grocery store and bought traps that don't kill. I put peanut butter in them and caught the whole family of them and set them free in some shrubbery near my house. It was actually kinda fun. In total I caught 6 or 7 more youngans. Now my house is free of those pesky little guys. And my conscience is clean knowing I didn't need to kill them. Oh btw, I got a cat so I don't think I'll be having that problem again.

    • Bambi 4 years ago

      There are shrews (they go hand in hand with mice I would assume) I am having an EXTREMELY difficult time not wanting to scream"OH MY GOD KILL IT KILL IT!!!!" but I try and remember having guinea pigs and it kind of helps but they are just so scary to me an I got up at 3am to pee and it ran across my bathroom 5x4 tight room and I screamed and cried all the way to my room and refused to use that bathroom till my boyfriend killed or got it out ANYTHING in the house and I can here them squeak and run under my heaters and it's just awful and feel bad to go to the store ad buy traps cause all I think is "I'm a murder in the process I don't do this to kitty why do would I do this Dx!?!" how can I help this fear and I was kinda tought to think they were nasty and diesead and little fillthy nasty bastards (mom and grandma) and I'm a germaphobe this is scary what helps????

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 4 years ago from England

      Hi Aisling,

      Yes, the feelings you're describing do suggest that you have a phobia. This may sound silly, but it is important, first and utmost, not to have a phobia of your phobia; that is, don't be afraid to be scared; don't fear your fear. Recognise that it is natural for a human to be scared of things. And in recognising this, you can realise that that's just it: you are human. And it is a mouse. It is physically not big enough or strong enough to harm you in any way. So now you're safe in the knowledge that your safety is not at risk, take some deep breaths, relax your shoulders and forehead and put it into perspective. You are the predator. Not it.

      In terms of catching it, give the advice I gave to Claudia above a try. If that doesn't work, purchase a mouse-friendly 'trap' to enclose it in and get someone to release it outside for you. Please don't kill it, though. It means you no harm. Remember that it's terrified itself, too.

      Hope this is of some help. Let me know how it goes. Daniella. x

    • aisling 4 years ago

      help please i read the article and cnt sleep at all i seen my first ever one 3 days ago cnt sleep i want them out of my house dnt want to kill them just out of my house want to get the plug in to get them out and hope its works really freaked out and its 3 in the morning i badly need sleep any advice think i might have a phoebia

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 4 years ago from England

      Claudia, I am so pleased to hear you're not panicking about the little mouse living in your room, so first off, a well done is in order! Secondly, rule number one: be as quiet and still as possible - any loud bangs, heavy vibrations on the floor (ie. footsteps, music etc) or puckering 'kissy-kissy' sounds will scare the little creature and he will back into a corner rather than come out. Try tempting Gustav with a trail of chocolate drops (not human chocolate though - mouse chocolate drops you get in pet shops) that lead from under the bed to the middle of your room into a ventilated box or something. If chocolate drops don't work, try sunflower seeds. If you speak, speak with a relaxed, soft tone and that will relax him, too. Hope this helps! Good luck!

      Andy, I am sad to learn that the mouse was killed, but it's a positive sign to see that you recognise it may not have been the best thing to do.

      Thanks for your comments - Daniella.

    • Andy 4 years ago

      Hi, I just read your post and I feel terrible. A little mouse has been in my house for the past month and my wife and kids were bugging me to take care of it. I reluctantly agreed and wanted to trap it and set it free. I couldn't find one at the pet store so I got some rat traps. I placed chocolate chips on it and he would take them with out getting trapped. Then I melted them and still he wiped it clean. Then I used peanut butter and again he wiped it clean. I really started to admire the little guy, and his craftyness. After all it's just a little creature wanting life just like us. I wasn't scared at all. I wanted it as a pet. Unfortunately I left the trap there without food on it and it came back to find it empty and was killed by it. I feel horrible about it. It was such a cute little thing. Evolution has been kind to them, and so should we. So if another comes around, I think I'll let him stay a while.

    • Claudia 4 years ago

      I have a little brown mouse that seems to have taken residence in my room, i think it is cute and named it gustav (duno why but i did) i have no problem with it living in my room, i have no real friends so it keeps me company even though i never know were it will turn up in my room, but yesterday it ran under my bed, and has not come out, i know he is there becouse i can hear him hit the beads i have hanging over my bed ( they hit the floor) i am a paranoid person, and have no idea how to get gustav to come out. any sugestions?

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 4 years ago from England

      Thanks David, I think so too!

    • David MacPhee 4 years ago

      Whatever they do to my stuff, I still respect mice. They seem fantastically human!

    • Aline 4 years ago

      when they run around your room they're not so cute anymore.

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 5 years ago from England

      Alisa, thank you so much for your heartening comment! I see a great deal of myself in you. I was, and still am, just as passionate about mice as you, and loved building them obstacles and watching them scurry about! It's lovely to know that someone is actually reading the words I'm writing and not just clicking on this hub so they can slate me. It's always nice to see a young person swimming against the current and fighting for what she believes in without getting caught up in the down-hill spiral of negative thinking, something which has been so delicately displayed in many of the comments made here.

      Treezap, if so many people around the world keep pets, maybe it is you who needs to open his eyes to something new?

      Mmhm, I advise you to 'catch and release' as opposed to kill; I hate spiders but even then I catch them in a cup and put them outside. You can get friendly mouse traps which simply encage the animal so that it can be released into its natural habitat.

      Savanah, I understand what you are saying but you seem to have misunderstood what I am saying. Maybe you should read an article properly before you accuse it of being incorrect? My article is about pet mice. Emphasis on the 'pet'. Not wild mice. Wild mice - much like any other creature of the animal kingdom, when living in its natural habitat - can indeed carry diseases due to lack of access to vaccinations and so on. Humans included. So your point is void.

      John Travolta-Dules, thank you for such a kind, insightful comment. From your chosen login name, I can see that you are clearly an intellectual.

      Thanks for all your comments, folks. Keep 'em coming! x

    • Savanah 5 years ago

      People are not misled buy mice carrying sicknesses, just want to clear that up. If you don't believe me, look up hantavirus. It's a virus that is mostly carried by the deer mice, and it can kill you. It is spread through the mouses urine and feces. If you're going to write an article about something, you should research it properly because it is perfectly natural to fear something that can give you a virus that can kill you.

    • Anon 5 years ago

      Jennysteadman that was a very helpful post....Esp tha video!!!THANX alot.....

    • Anon 5 years ago

      I cant see the reason that someone would want to keep a mouse as a pet. For one, I am terrified of those things and for it to stay with me...NO MA'AM I don't think so because its nasty for one. Seems if there is a mouse its junkie somewhere. But I'm not junkie but that's the first impression u get when there a mouse right? Can't do it can't have them in the same place where I'm living and yes its the time of the year its getting cold that's why they are trying to find a place to keep warm but my place can not be the place.I'm sorry if I seem as a harsh person but........Have a beautiful day!!!

    • Mmhm 5 years ago

      I have a problem. There is a mouse in my house and normally I'd be fine with that but I have both a cat and a dog and I'm worried he might get eaten. What to do catch and release?

    • Treezap 5 years ago

      There is no real reason to have any sort of pet if you think about it. Why would you need a parakeet? A fish? A cat?

      I can understand as they are often referenced similar to rats and *can* carry diseases, although its rare. They have diseases as often as any other wild animal in the area.

      Sorry to rant, I just wish people would open their eyes to something new sometimes. That maybe something could be different than what they thought. I would wig out seeing somebody's beloved giant cockroach tribe "Oh and that's Scamper" but I do believe they could possibly be nice pets! /end rant

    • Ewwww 5 years ago

      Mice are gross... They are not pets and they carry disease and viruses. I prefer not to ever see one. I hate living in NY cause their infested with mice and rats... There is no real reason to have a mouse as a pet.. Sorry to sound harsh but it totally freaks me out that people pretend their these cute little house pets.

    • Alisa 5 years ago

      I'm 12 years old and I've had 15 mice over the course of 4 years. (Don't worry I didn't have so many because they died fast, some people think that when I tell them haha. I just owned a lot.) And I am a total mouse fan, I can't get over them, they are like my ultimate hobby and love making them fun obstacle courses or giving them peanut butter. From your typical jumpy mouse, to gentle ones, smart ones, Aggressive ones, fat ones, you name it.

      I just, whenever somebody makes a mouse "comment", I feel all uptight and like I need to prove them wrong or something.

      Being afraid of mice I can understand totally, but unless something really dramatic has happened with mice like they ate your grandfather or something hating them drives me nuts. Gah. Sorry I just don't see D:

      My 2 favorite mice were Sophie and Pipsqueak, and they were just as dear to me as my dog or cat. Maybe even more! When Pipsqueak died (it was very dramatic, long story) I was depressed for like a whole week.

      Great article though, I loved it! May just have to save a few of these ;)

      P.S. Anybody else have their pet mice constantly mistaken for rats or hamsters? -_-

    • gotocomic 5 years ago

      Personally I don't like killing the cute little things. I agree that they should be handled in a more humaine way. Unfortunately, due to risk of total home infestation, catch and release methods and cohabitation are not realistic options especially when you have children. We live in a society where it is not only a rsponsibility to practice pest control but also an obligation to your neibors and community. I live with my family in an apartment building and I would be pissed if I had a neibor that just let mice populate out of control because he felt they were cute and cuddly. I believe that anyone on this site would have to agree with me that social services would remove any children living in a home with an infestation of mice because the parents felt that they were too cute to be delt with. All gods creatures have the right to live, just not together unless in a controlled enviornment. Unwnanted mice in your home is not controlled. My advise is to get the mouse situation eliminated as soon a.s.a.p. so you harm as few mice as possible. I would like to thank Daniella for this article. It will put alot of people at ease with their fears of these crearures that are just trying to survive like the rest of us.

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 5 years ago from England

      It's always great to have feedback on your hubs, so thanks a bunch guys!

      Finn! Your mice sound adorable! And I definitely know the feeling of wanting to show your mice off to your friends and then being screamed at for it haha. I guess people just need time to adapt their points of views and see that nothing bad can happen to them if they go near a mouse.

      I'm sorry that I was unable to help you very much, Darien, but, sadly, you seem to have misunderstood the message of my article. The aim of this hub is to bring one's attention to the negative stereotypes people hold about mice and show them that these stereotypes are perhaps not the correct ones, more than cure short term panic attacks.

      Thank you all again for your comments - keep 'em coming!


    • Darien 5 years ago

      Okay so I'm like a girl who's not scared of anything, I'm usually really really brave. But when it comes to mice, not so brave! So right now its 4 am, I was lying in my room, watching some t.v., half sleep. Bit I hear like a little buzzing noise,or so I thought. I looked around thinking it was a wasp, but in the corner of my room , behind me I hear a little scratch noise, I heard it before and knew it was a mouse, I dare not look back, so I got up and quickly ran into the living and curled up on the couch, so I got on the internet on my phone and looked up this mice thing, and when reading this I shivered and now I feel so paranoid. Do you think I have a phobia of mice.? I won't even be in the same house that has mice.!! I'm so tempted to just got out and sleep in my car. Sorry but this article thingy didn't help at all.

    • Nomiceformeplease 5 years ago

      While I can appreciate your sentiments about PET mice, I do not think they coincide with facts about house mice, deer mice, etc. These mice are pests and they spread diseases such as the hantavirus and cause upper respiratory problems for people. I don't think there is anything wrong with having a pet mouse but I do not want a wild mouse in my home. They scare the living day lights out of me. I would have no problem with them if they stayed outside and I'm actually not afraid of pet store mice or wild mice seen OUTSIDE. There is a real risk of disease with mice that come into your home however and they do need to be erradicated or removed from the home ASAP. Mice also contaminate food when running freely in the home and pee on everything. I wish they just stayed outside.

    • Stevie B. 5 years ago

      mice freeeeeaaaaak me out! they just pop out and say BOO! scared :(

    • Mandymoo 5 years ago

      Thank you Danielle for what you have written about your mice. I have a little critter living in my air conditioner in my bedroom above my head and it freaks me out. I think mice are cute when they are outside. The noise above my head at night makes me very anxious. I will try to love the mouse in my house - but just the same I hope it will go on vacation soon! Thank you - my anxiety is a bit better thanks to your article!

    • Finn! 5 years ago

      I know this has been posted for a while, bit I just had to comment!

      I love how much feeling is in this post! You clearly love mice!!

      Ive got two beautiful fancy mice girls, Chucky and cheese, and I totally agree! I've never kept actual mice before, sure, I've kept rats, hamsters, guinea pigs rabbits, gerbils the lot, but I've never known any animal to be as loving and playful as my mice.

      It's a weird thing, I know, I bring friends over for drinks and it's like "here's my mice". They're repulsed, and they also think it's really feminine and girly, it may be, but I don't really care. :-p

    • Lara 5 years ago

      There is mice in my room at uni. I haven't been able to sleep there for the past three days cos i'm absolutely terrified of it and i appreciate your sentiments about them, I'd prefer to have my bedroom back where i can sleep peacefully, than keep dreaming about a mice jumping on my bed.

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 6 years ago from England

      Aww he sounds adorable! And how lovely to find someone that just lets him be :) Thanks for the uplifting comment Cindy!

    • Cindy 6 years ago

      There is the cutest little mouse living under my couch. Every night he comes out and runs around. He has a little routine where he runs behind the TV, back under the couch, under the other couch and etc. I think he is great and besides my floor has never been cleaner. He happily eats any spilled crumbs on the floor. He is such a cutie.

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 6 years ago from England

      IvetteB, thank you for backing me up here!

      Jennysteadman, I found your comment rather disheartening as you completely ignored what I wrote about. I understand that rodents can cause problems if they get into the house, but there are humane ways to deal with these things, as you say IvetteB. Why kill?

      In any case, this hub is about combatting FEAR of mice, not combatting mice, so I feel, jennysteadman, you may have missed the point of this hub.

      But thank you all for your inputs - they really are much appreciated. And IvetteB, your 'rant' was brilliant, you made some excellent points! Thanks again, Daniella.

    • IvetteB 6 years ago

      jennysteadman what an inappropriate comment for this post! I have checked the posts that you have commented on and it all seems to be about rodent control and killing only. Are you some kind of exterminator? Why don't you stick to the posts that actually call for comments on killing "pests"? Daniella here is trying to present a different picture of creatures we call pests and tolerance for them, I doubt she is soliciting advice on how to kill the creatures she is trying to promote! And if anyone is having problems, like I am, a more acceptable method (in tune with this post) is Trap and release a mile from your home. So far it has worked for me. I am at a loss as to why you would post your comment here. Did you read the post at all? Mice carry as many diseases as your cat and dog do, maybe less. Humans harbor more parasites than you would know. So far, even though I have a mice problem for a few months, and just discovered it, no illnesses for me or my pets have come our way. It is opinions like yours that this writer was trying to change. Have you any idea how much food contaminated with mice droppings and urine you might have ingested and it has yet to kill you? Grains we eat, fruits, nuts, etc have traces of acceptable insect parts and other unknowns in them.

      Daniella, sorry for the rant, I found your article humorous and sensitive, and even though I am not happy about the damage to the wall in my closet by the critters,and the tons of droppings left behind by them, I do find them extremely cute and adorable. I wish I could cohabitate with them, but I can't, I am afraid of them chewing electric wires and starting a fire in the future. I really don't want to kill the visitors in the process of ridding the house of them. They are amazing and smart, resourceful and adaptable, so hopefully they will survive outside the house.

    • jennysteadman profile image

      jennysteadman 6 years ago from New Mexico

      My biggest problem with mice in my house is that they can carry diseases and parasites. I’ve been looking for a hygienic mousetrap that’s safe to use around my family. I just found the Kill and Seal Mouse Trap by Victor that’s perfect, because it seals the mouse within the trap, basically trapping its diseases and parasites.

      Here's the trap I'm talking about:

    • Yolanda 6 years ago

      Just sow a mice in my living room. i looked at it and after a second i screamed. then it ran off in the direction of my bedroom and my daughters....Scared its hidding under my bed or hers....but also it did run in the direction of my front door. would it run to my room or out the front door?!?!? and when i do see it how do i catch it without it running away from me??

    • michifus profile image

      michifus 6 years ago

      Great Hub - I love mice

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 6 years ago from England

      Thanks very much for all your comments.

      Deontrez, it's quite normal to be afraid of certain things and fear is different for everyone. The only way to defeat your fear, I'm sorry to say, is to face it! Next time you see a mouse and your heart starts racing, stand still, drop your shoulders, take slow and deep breaths from your stomach counting to 7 with each breath, letting your stomach inflate when you inhale and deflate when you exhale. Your heart rate should slow and you'll soon learn to become relaxed in a mouse's presence. Hope this helps!

    • deontrez 6 years ago

      im a guy! i just saw a mice a few minutes ago and i freakin got so scared. like im 15 yars old scared of a mouse! thats pathetic! i need help overcoming the fear of mice.

    • Cant say 7 years ago

      I have them the wild ones crawled in my rooms i hate them because they scare me alot its no offence i hate them im afraid they will bite me because i actually now go in there with rubber boots and huge gloves because i have to clean my room and closet the're in my closet and made a nest so ....EWWW im scared pets are fine wild ones not so much.

    • someone  7 years ago

      i like your sarcasm

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 7 years ago from England

      Thanks for your comment, Coolmon2009. Aww, I love hamsters. I had loads of them while I was growing up. They make great pets!

    • Coolmon2009 profile image

      Coolmon2009 7 years ago from Texas, USA

      I had a pet hamster years ago. he was so cute. Good information and Good Hub

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 7 years ago from England

      Hi Mezo. Yes, it's not the first time I've heard of that - people disliking mice just because they look like rats! And no offence taken, I totally repect others' views - I merely want to show people that mice aren't all bad! And hamsters are cute too - I love anything small, cute and fluffy :)

    • Mezo profile image

      Motaz 7 years ago from Egypt

      mmmm this is so sensitive! but I have to say that rats (the dirty ones living in the streets) made me hate anything similar to them, no offense...but cute little hamsters, i like watching them, never dare to touch!

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