How to Train Your Hamster to Let You Hold Him

Updated on January 16, 2016

Hamsters can be decent pets for children, as long as they are tamed and trained properly. They may initially bite, but with patience and time, it is possible to turn a new, fearful hamster into a very loving pet.

It's easier to train a hamster when he is young. Sort of like people; it's easier to train a child to clean up his mess, than starting out training an adult. So, when training your hamster to accept you, you want to start young.

An older hamster may not be as accepting of being held as a younger hamster. Hamsters that aren't used to being held will become more solitary, and often won't learn how to accept your touch. This is not to say that an older hamster can't ever be handled; it may just take much longer to train him to be social than it would for a younger hamster.

It will take time to train your hamster to like you. Don't get frustrated, and keep at it.

Let Your New Hamster Rest

If you've picked out your hamster, and you've got him all set up, leave him alone. It's very stressful moving to a new environment with new people, smells, and accessories. When you bring your hamster home, you are stressing him out by changing his diet, enclosure, and overall environment. So don't add any additional challenges; let him alone so he can adjust.

Stress can make him sick. Wet-tail is a very common illness that can be fatal if it's not noticed and treated early enough. It is caused by stress, which upsets the balance of bacteria in the intestinal tract, causing diarrhea and dehydration.

So make the car ride home quiet and peaceful: no loud music, no poking fingers, and no getting the hamster out of the box.

Then, when you get home, carefully put the hamster into the new cage, Remember that the ride itself has been stressful, so your hamster may try to bite you when you put him in the cage. You may want to use gloves, or just gently slide the hamster out of the box and into the cage. (Don't dump him forcefully though.)

Leave him alone for at least three days. Don't stick your hands or fingers in the cage or through the bars unless you're changing food or water. Don't make loud noises around the cage, move the cage, shake it, or have everyone in the house or the neighborhood come over to stand at the cage and watch.

Your hamster will start to get to know you from your smell and your voice in those few days.

Holding Him for the First Time

First and probably most important tip: Let sleeping hamsters lie. You do not ever want to disturb your hamster while he's sleeping. He may become stressed which can stir up illnesses and health problems. Plus, a grouchy hamster is more likely a hamster who will bite.

Once you understand to just let your hamster sleep, handling can be a cinch. Just remember to be patient. It may take time.

Start out by holding your hamster when he's awake, and more towards the evening time. Even if your hamster is walking around during the day, it's just not the best time to hold him, as he's probably still half- asleep.

If you try to hold your hamster and he starts to growl, squeak, grind his teeth, or show his incisors, leave him alone! If the hamster is eating, stretching, grooming, or just hanging out, give it a try then.

Tips for Handling a Hamster

Once timing is right, take things in stages. You can't rush the hamster into liking you. You have to build his trust and confidence.

Let the hamster check out your hand. Smell and hearing are the hamster's two strongest senses. Let him sniff your hand and fingers. You may want to wash your hands beforehand, as if you smell like food your hamster may try to nip you.

Let the hamster come to you. Never chase after the hamster. If you chase him, he'll remember that and it'll make taming him that much harder.

Keep each interaction short.

Once your hamster has gotten used to your smell, you can try offering a small bit of a treat. This will entice the hamster to come closer to your hand. Put the treat in your palm, and hold out your hand palm up. The hamster will have to climb onto your hand to get the treat. Let him do this a few times until he's used to jumping into your hand.

If the hamster starts to eat the treat in your hand, you can try to gently pet the hamster with your other hand. More than likely, the hamster will be so busy with the treat, he won't notice you're petting him.

Once the hamster is comfortable with you, you can try cupping your hands around him, once he's in your palm, and carefully removing him from the cage. He may urinate on your hands the first few times, but it's from fear. He'll eventually relax and get used to you.

Also, remember that hamsters have poor eyesight, so try to stay low when you are with him. You don't want your hamster to try to run away from you and end up falling onto the floor from a bed or chair. Try sitting on the floor. Some people recommend sitting in the bathtub.

It will take time to acclimate your hamster to letting you hold him and play with him. Just be patient. Never chase him around his cage. Always let the hamster come to you.

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      • profile image

        Small-Pet-Kingdom 12 days ago

        YESS!! This is great! I think this is a SUPER important topic especially for ALL new hammy owners!

      • profile image

        Demi hamstergirl 3 weeks ago

        I got my dwarf hamster on the 24th may 2018.

        Every time I go to pick her up she runs way or nipps me .

        I cant even transfer her to somewhere else as I cant pick her up what do I do. I feel like she doesn't like me .

        By the way her name is Bebe

        WHAT DO I DO

      • profile image

        Erin 2 months ago

        I got my hamster Rioh today at about 6pm it is now 9.30pm and he is great he has already climbed up on the bars of his cage flung himself across his cage gone on his wheel looks at me when I say his name (Rioh) eaten half his food and popped

      • profile image

        Charleene Dennis 2 months ago

        This is a nice way. I Got my hamster 5 days ago and this helped an awful lot!

      • profile image

        I have a hamster lol Ik you don’t care 2 months ago

        If your hamster is a Bitey hamster then I recommend using a sock if your really scared use a couple socks this is what I did and now I hold my hamster whenever I want to.

      • profile image

        Hamster handler 2 months ago


        no its best to not hold your hamster in his cage as he is much more likely to jump

      • profile image

        Hamster lover 3 months ago

        I just got my robo dwarf hamster 4 days ago but she keeps trying to escape and scratch the glass (I have her in a tank). What do I do?

      • profile image

        Hamhams rock 3 months ago

        I have had my hamster for a month and he has never peed outside of his cage. The past 4 days I have been trying to hold him with cupped hands so he will relax and fall asleep, but all 4 days he has peed on me which he never did before. Is something wrong?

      • profile image

        HammyLover 3 months ago

        could you also hold them low to the ground while in the cage? (if the cage is big enough)

      • profile image

        Em 3 months ago

        I got my hamster 4 days ago, and its is a dwarf. It tries to bite me when I put him in his ball. I've tried to hold him before but he'll either run away or bite me. What are some good ways to train him mot to bite? And how old is too old to train him?

      • profile image

        Alecia carr 3 months ago

        Hello my is Alecia Carr I have a 4 mouth old hamster is it to early to train him to do stuff? He is loving his home but when can I take I find out?

      • profile image

        Ana 4 months ago

        Thank you Pet smart

      • profile image

        sofia 4 months ago

        My friends hamster was good to her .It will climb on her and kiss her .But mine did not.When I put on my hand ,It will smell my hand and run away . I tried this many times ,but It does not work. I tried to carry it too but nothing improvement. What should I do . Hope I will get some help.

      • profile image

        Alina 4 months ago

        I did it but it DID NOT WORK!

      • profile image

        Emma 5 months ago

        My hamster is always hiding. What do I do?

      • profile image

        Jean 5 months ago

        If the hamster bites you, blow on it. Negative reinforcement, like training any animal. It takes some time, but they learn not to bite.

      • profile image

        Shivangi 5 months ago

        My hamster came home a little while back. I can touch him sometimes but he does turn around and try to bite me. I started wearing gloves to help me but he just grabs the glove and bites it. I can only give treats through the bars of the cage but when I place my hand flat with treats on them, my hamster bites my fingers so I let go of the treats, then takes them. I really don't know what to do. The pet store guy told me he was 3 months old. Is that too old? Also, when I used a cup to transport my hamster onto the ground, he started biting my legs and hands. Any advice????

      • profile image

        Ansley 5 months ago

        I tried to leave my hamster alone for a few days like this post said, and I did. I still can't pick her up yet and it's been 7-9 days. Also, my best friend has Robo Dwarf Hamsters and has had them for almost 6 MONTHS and still can't pick her's up.

      • profile image

        Bella hill 5 months ago

        I got a Russian hamster and when I try to pick it up or play with her she nipped me so now I'm kinda scared and how can I take her traveling by putting her in a travel cage if she won't let me pick her up by the way her name is pixie

      • profile image

        lainey 5 months ago

        To the person with the roborvoski dwarf hamster, is your name Amelia?

      • profile image

        Jasmine 5 months ago

        I just got a hamster help me even more take care of it. But great

      • profile image

        Robo dwarfs are adorable 5 months ago

        I just got a cute baby Roborvoski dwarf hamster and her name is snowflake. But the problem is that my brother sneaks in my room and abused my baby Roborvoski dwarf hamster and she’s not drinking water after that event. What should I do?

      • profile image

        Buddy the hamster 6 months ago

        My hamster runs from me in the cage. What do I do??? I also tried this method and it didn't work:(

      • profile image

        6 months ago

        Hi, I tried this but it didn’t work. When I placed a piece of food in my hand, the hamster bit my hand because it thought that my hand was the food! How do I fix this?

      • profile image

        hamster pro 321 6 months ago

        HELP!!!!! My hamster is biting my nails and it hurts really bad!!!!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        Hamster lover 7 months ago

        Helpful! I just got my Syrian hamster today, and he is a sweetheart. As i was told, pine and cedar bedding are not safe, ad pine has dangerous flakes and cedar is heavily scented. I was also told they don't grow much and you should not switch their diet to seeds, as they will never go back to their old diet. The lady said that the little circle pellets are best for them, and timothy hay is good once or twice a month. Is this true? Thanks!!!

      • profile image

        Hammy the hamster 7 months ago

        Almost everytime i stroke her, she bites me. Im gonna trie and handle her next week (wich is the second week at my home). Do you think it will work? I dont want her to bite me.

      • profile image

        Julia 7 months ago

        Very good I think it is valuable information

      • profile image

        Katelynn Roy 7 months ago

        I have a robo dwarf hamster. I have had him for about a year, and I just read this. I have been doing it all wrong. Will I still be able to tame him?

      • profile image

        Anonymous 8 months ago

        None of it worked I have a robo dwarf hamster and he doesn't even let me pet him

      • profile image

        Shadow 8 months ago

        I recently got my hamster and he escaped the cage when we took him out the cage and we have cats so i had to catch him and keep him in the box till my dad could fix the cage but it's been awhile. do you think he'll still be able to be tamed

      • profile image

        Ollie 9 months ago

        I have had a robo dwarf hamster for 5 weeks now and she is still to fast to hold. It is impossible to catch her. Is there any tips I should know

      • profile image

        A know-it-all and guilty 9 months ago

        I just got a hamster today and I was all up in his cage I even tried to pet him. I know that I wasn't supposed to though, but it's just sooo hard to not try to hold/pet him. How can you not bother him for 3 whole days and should I not pet him till Tuesday (it's Saturday) what can I do to help I feel so guilty and sorry.

        Ps his name is Cheeks and he seemed pretty comfortable with me at the pet store.

      • profile image

        John 10 months ago

        Sarah shes probably scared she isn't used to their scent try having them sleep over for a couple nights so she can get used to their voices and scent

      • profile image

        #StarWarsLover6292 10 months ago

        I have a Syrian short haired hamster and he has red eyes. I have had him for 5 days and he got settled in but he doesn't let me hold him. It feels IMPOSSIBLE to hold him. I need help.

      • profile image

        Janet white 10 months ago

        I started to hold my hamster early. And now he does not trust me. Is it too late? What do i do?

      • profile image

        genevieve 10 months ago

        I was holding our hamster Randy, that we have had for a few months now (so he is fully tame). He is used to allot of human contact, well my boyfriend gently touched him on his back. He jumped, hit my chest, and fell into my hands. We thought he was fine, but he froze and would not move for a strait 30 seconds. Should we be worried?

      • profile image

        Name 10 months ago

        My hamster is too fast

      • profile image

        No name please 11 months ago

        I got a new hamster yesterday. What do I do with him?

      • profile image

        Hazilee 11 months ago

        Hi I have a dwarf hamster and it is about a month now that I have him. He doesn't like to held at all and keeps on running through my fingers when I try to hold it.

        He also hoards all of his food and I don't know if he is eating. He really enjoys Peanutbutter which I give him a small bit of everyday. Does anyone have tips on how I can tame him.

      • profile image

        Alexis 11 months ago

        I have a hamster and I don't know why but I gave it space and tried to help it get used to me and when my hand went in the cage the hamster came out of hiding and bit me and I'm freaking out cause it's really deep and I don't want it to happen again please help me

      • profile image

        wendy 11 months ago

        i have had a robo dwarf hamster for about a month now and he still isn't used to me idk what i am doing wrong i gave him his space i do not try to hold him when he is sleeping he doesn't try to bite me im just scared hes sick or something is there anything u can tell me that would help me

      • profile image

        Emelia 11 months ago

        I just got my hamster today and I'm having a sleepover with my cousins tomorrow I was wondering if I could take it can you please answer me?

      • profile image

        I habe had a hamster a little over a year 11 months ago

        I have a hamster and a year ago I had 2, one was a girl and the other one was a boy (mine I still have) and the petstore lady told us they were both girls, and long story short they had babies and all the babies died and I gave away the girl because she became "depressed" she would sit under the water thing all day and she would be very mean when I tried to hold her so I gave her a chance to start over ig, to my friend. Now j just have mine, he's ALWAYS trying to escape around my room and won't let me hold him he'll just jump off my hand (not a far jump at all) but he's always naming at the bar on the door of his cage. And I read an article that said that means he want to get out or want something like food or water. So I take him out because usually he has food and water and every time I buy him a toy or treat he won't play with it all he does is eat sleep and sometimes run on his wheel. Before all that happened with my other hamster and him, he used to be playful and happy. But now I think he just grew depressed over months I had just him. Any tips or advice to get him the way he used to be?

      • profile image

        Unknown.... 11 months ago

        Hello. We got a hamster today. She is a dwarf and very fluffy and happy. I don't know how to not touch it. Let it sleep when it is sleeping and make sure to have them get used to you first. I started picking her up today and she doesn't bite. I would recommend a dwarf hamster

      • profile image

        Morgan 12 months ago

        I just got my hamster Buiscuit today and I didn't know to leave it alone and she got really nippy so I got a really bad bite. Does any one know what I should do to calm her down?

      • profile image

        Valerie 12 months ago

        I got a robo hamster a week ago I've been trying to hold him but he won't let is that normal? Do they get bigger ?

      • profile image

        Kim 12 months ago

        I got a long hired S today and he always gets food In his hair

      • profile image

        chenelle 12 months ago

        Well my hamster Rex he have not get use to me yet he still runs All over the cage and he don't even go in his little play ball

      • profile image

        Asha 12 months ago

        My two hamsters were brought home 4 days ago. I took all precautions and gave them their space. Today I tried feeding them a treat. Instead of being interested in the treat they went right to my hand. I had washed them beforehand but my hamsters both nipped at it and one even attempted to draw blood before I instinctively shook it away. They show no signs of being uneasy or scared around us they just simply enjoy biting? Any tips would be great thanks!

      • profile image

        Liz 12 months ago

        Hi , I've had my hammy since he was 5 weeks old. We've done everything by the book when it came to taming; leaving him alone in the new cage for a few days, rubbing tissue with our scent and placing it in his cage, treats, reducing hidey holes, bath tub method , etc. he won't come to us. He he runs away and doesn't go anywhere in his ball, just sits in it. He has now been with us 2 months which makes him about 15 weeks old Any advice?

      • profile image

        alexis 12 months ago

        my hamster is freezing in place and it lays on it back and when i try to pick him up he jump out of my hands and i just got him yesterday

      • profile image

        zoe 12 months ago

        my hamster is eating and drinking fine but she won't let me pet her and when she does she will for a few mins then bites me btw I've had her for a week is this normal and if not help!!!??

      • profile image

        chloe 12 months ago

        i just got my 2 hamster! .... but it keeps wrigling in my hands like it wants to bite me or jump out of my hands.

      • profile image

        Mike 13 months ago

        My hampster keeps on jumping out of my hands!

      • profile image

        Elisabeth 13 months ago

        I have tried to get my hamster to come onto my hand well using a treatmany times. He just refuses. I don't know why exactly any advice

      • profile image

        Jade 13 months ago

        I just bought a new hamster pet...He is 32 days old... He's behaviour is quite different... He sleeps all the time... He's not eating properly and not even drinking water.. hes getting thinner and weaker day by day... He doesn't like my presence and gets away when I try to hold him... what should I do... Should I return him and buy a new one...

      • profile image

        Ella ❤️ 13 months ago

        I'm just about to buy two dwarf hamsters together but I don't know weather to handle them at the same time or one by one?( any suggestions)

      • profile image

        bartosz 14 months ago

        Thank you for these tips because this is my first pet and i would like him to like me too. So thank you very very much.

      • Sylvesterr profile image

        Sylvesterr 14 months ago

        To get my daughters hamster to come to me, I only fed him fresh vegetables by hand. Since he would rather eat them than his store bought food, he climbs into my hand willingly now, regardless if I have food or not. At first I would feed him through the door, by hand but eventually he started to pop his head up when he was hungry for more! Now, I open my palm by the cage door and call him and he eventually climbs out into my hand on his own. However, he gets anxious after a few minutes or once he realizes where he is so I try to keep his cage in his line of site so he doesn't get nervous and run away. I assume this is because their "cages" are their homes and it's probably where they feel most comfortable. I'm beginning to get the impression that hamsters know that they have it pretty good in their cages compare to what they would in the wild, although that is just my opinion.

      • profile image

        Hannah 14 months ago

        When I have a treat in my hand my hamster does not go on to it. How do I get him to?

      • profile image

        Hamster 15 months ago

        I have just bought my 3rd Syrian hamster. When handling you must make sure you don't hurt the hamster and you shouldn't chase him but if you don't move your hands (slowly) towards him, he will realise that if he doesn't come to you he will not be picked up so he if is eating or playing or even sleeping he won't come anywhere near you. You have to go to him but if you haven't caught him/her wishing 1-2mins leave him/her alone (if you pester them they will bite). When you handle your hamster scoop him from the underneath by making a cup shape with your hands: hamsters do not like being picked up without warning always make sure they have seen you. If you're hamster jumps out of your hands don't chase it but say no or bad and possibly if they keep doing this take away a treat the next day. They are intelligent animals if they know they can get away with not being held, they will! When you wake up your hamster wait until he is fully awake (his ears will prick up) if they are sleepy you may surprise them so they will be more likely to bite.

        BTW sorry for long post just had lots to say

      • profile image

        Christie 15 months ago

        I just got a hamster not long ago but when I try to pick him up, he bites. How do I stop my hamster from biting me?

      • profile image

        Clarissa 15 months ago

        Every time I pick up my hamster he gets scared and tries to get out and then I have to quickly put him back in the cage.

      • profile image

        Sofia 15 months ago

        My hamster never stays still when I take him m out of his cage how do I make him stay still ?

      • profile image

        Ben 16 months ago

        My hamster won't let me hold it and she will try to get away

      • profile image

        Anna 16 months ago

        When I try putting my hand in his cage with the treat, he doesn't go for the treat; he goes to my finger and bites it until I leave. How do I prevent this? Is there any other way to tame him? I've had him for over a week now, and he's still a little shy. He sleeps way too much, but he's not sick. I know he's nocturnal, but he sleeps when I wake up, have breakfast, go to school, come home, etc. He sleeps about over 3/4 of the day. This is a lot to ask, but the first part is more urgent. He is a couple months old. Please, can you help?

      • profile image

        Mattie 16 months ago

        I have a robo dwarf hamster. When I go to hold my hamster he runs away and when I try to feed him carrots he also runs! I feel really bad because he almost never gets out of his cage and when I put him into his ball it's always a struggle to get him out. Sometimes when I am trying to get my hamster out he will get loose and it is very hard and scary to catch him. I really want to play with him more.....can you help?

      • profile image

        Catherine 16 months ago

        I have syrian long haired hamster. I got her from pet store when she was only a baby. Her name is chica. She is very cute and beautiful hamster. Everyone loves her. When i first got her she bites . She wasnt held at pet store that is why she bit me and my son and drew blood on my finger. So i decided to pet her through a cardboard stick inside her cage for 5 weeks. I pet her 10 times a day and fed her favourite squash seeds that way she will smell my scent and get used of my voice. At the end its worth it because she loves to be cuddled and she loves playing with my nephew and nieces when they come over. Now she is 2 months old. It takes a lot of time and patience to tame her but for sure she is very spoiled ...

      • profile image

        amy 16 months ago

        tried that don't work what do I do

      • profile image

        LauraJayne287 16 months ago

        I have two Syrian Hamsters. The first one (Bonnie) was terrible when we first got her. She would stand up on two legs and scream at us hahah. But after she got used to our scent and used to being stroked she loves to come out the cage and play. She's now fine with any person that wants to hold her, now she won't stay still!!!

        However, our second hamster (Archie) is a lot more difficult to train. Any movement he jumps feet or freezes for 2 minutes at a time! He's getting a little braver, he comes up to the side of the cage and takes treats from my hand but he's reluctant when it comes to actually climbing onto the palm of my hand to get a treat. Whenever you try and gently pet him he freaks out and tries to bite us, even if he seems relaxed or occupied with something else. He really doesn't like it. I didn't know if anyone knew any other techniques we could try to use in order to tame Archie?? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks :)

      • profile image

        Hamster problems 17 months ago

        I have a dwarf hamster and whenever i try to hold her she runs. she tries to get out of my hands any way possible. Whats a way i can make her come in my hand not being scared?

      • profile image

        Lily 17 months ago

        My hamster is a Russian Dwarf... she will run out of my hands if i try to hold her she will do anything to get out of my hands... what do i do? literally she hates me.

      • profile image

        Alane 17 months ago

        I got a hamster named Peanut. I think I handled her too much too early because now when I try to hold her she hides and won't come on my hands.

      • profile image

        Ricky 17 months ago

        I have a Syrian hamster named peanut! He's shy and goes into his little home (which is shaped like a peanut) every time humans are around! We got him at Petco so we don't know how old he is, he's pretty big but he's a big sweetheart, but he doesn't stay still when we hold him.

      • profile image

        Jada Cooper 17 months ago

        My hamsters name is Toast and she is well cared for everyday I've had her for almost a year would that be too old to start training?

      • profile image

        Amira 18 months ago

        I got 2 Russian Dwarf Hamster both girls and one of them (Diva) screeches at me and bears her teeth when I open her cage I have no idea what to do... The other one (Echo) is fine but when I petted her she almost bit me.

        What do I do?

        They are 2-3 months, I just got them yesterday...

      • profile image

        Ian Hopp 18 months ago

        I put my hand out with a treat on it and he bit me, i washed my hands too, but he still bit me

      • profile image

        Jaden 22 months ago

        I just got a female hamster and looking for a name my male come friday his name is gona be DJ

      • profile image

        Jeff 23 months ago

        Yup it helped my little 5 moths old Dwarf hamster to trust me

      • profile image

        Elizabeth 23 months ago

        It worked perfectly on my little 5 week old hamster

      • profile image

        A.A 24 months ago

        I had my teddy bear hamster for a month and still he won't come to me or get in my hand I don't know what to do and he is always frighten by the sound of the cage opening

      • profile image

        Dave 24 months ago

        My hamster keeps pushing my hand away :( it's been like this for two weeks

      • profile image

        Joshua wilkins 2 years ago

        Ive had my hamster about 6 weeks now. He has a nice 3 story cage and lots of toys and food and water always available to him. When your able to pick him up he lets u hold him but you can tell if frieghtened, he is always trying to run away from me. When i try to pet him in his cage he makes this wierd noise as if he is scared to death. He always wants to be hidded when people are around. When i come up to his cage normally he runs right for his little hiding home. I dont know what to do. He was not a baby whn i hot him and i have no idea roughly how old he is. Any sugestions? He was in a smaller glass cage before but seemed unhappy so i got him a big cage.

      • profile image

        brandi lambert 2 years ago

        I just got a baby Dwarf hamster I named him rolo and he likes his cage and his ball but he is a little bit scared of me and every time I try holding him he crawls on my arm and jumps what do I do?????

      • profile image

        victor 2 years ago

        i am getting a hamste soon in the summer

      • profile image

        Delany 2 years ago

        I got my hamster yesterday and he's not drinking any food or water. I think he might be a little scared because I tried to pick him up to early. Or it's because his cage is next to the TV and I watched Iron Man. DUMB MISTAKE.

        WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        Kylee 2 years ago

        My hamster (dwarf robo) is very wild! I had him for about 8 or 9 months. I really would like to hold him but he is just so wild. When I clean his cage I try to hold him when I take a few breaks or just to check on him. Will someone please help me!! I really want him to a little bit tamer.

      • profile image

        em 3 years ago

        Ive got a syrian hamster that runs away all the time and she is 3 years old any advice????

      • profile image

        olaf 3 years ago

        I had my hamster about a month now before I would Chase him and now I feel sorry I hope this works when I get home I (I'm at my aunts I left him with my mom for the weekend)

      • profile image

        jesse 5 years ago

        my hamster when shes out with me she will be fine but when i try to

        pic her up in my cage she will runaway or she will duck to avoid me

        what do i do

      • profile image

        anne-marie 5 years ago

        my hamster s a normal hamster called poppy she keeps biting me all the time she makes me bleed really bad also she bites her cage could you help

      • profile image

        cameron 5 years ago

        Enybody who's scared don't be!

        Once you get used to it you will absoltly adore him/her

        Don't hold her at first just pet her and speak to him/her gently

      • profile image

        im not telling 5 years ago

        i just got a hamster

      • profile image

        Cierra 5 years ago

        I got a baby teddy bear hamster about a month ago from a breeder. They never held her, so the first time I held her she jumped out of my hands, she landed on some stuffed animals. I try to hold her-Lily- at least once a day, but she still jumps out of my hands and she'll hiss and bear her teeth at me. HElP! I want to hold without her jumping!

      • profile image

        Alei 6 years ago

        I just got a fancy male hamster today and his name is Spaz.. He don't mind being petted but hes a lil shy yet...

      • profile image

        karlie 6 years ago

        i got my first teddy bear hamster about a month ago. ive had several dwarf hamsters before this one.. his name is Mr.Sprinkles and he bites the metal on his cage allll the time.. it looks like his nose bleeds on the metal when he bites it. :/ ive tried giving him chew toys but he never bites them.. im concerned that hes hurting himself.. what should i do?

      • profile image

        sam 6 years ago

        i just got a teddy bear hamster his name is jet he is very cute but when i put my hands in his cage to pick him up,He starts running all around the cage and never try to come to me plz help me.ANYONE who could help me in this situation?

      • profile image

        Rachael 6 years ago

        I just got my hamster (Toby) I got him around 2 months ago. I laid a towel in my bathtub and put a towel covering my knees and I let him out his ball and placed him in front of me. I had gloves on but when I went to try stroke him he tried biting me and hissed at me. What do I do?

      • profile image

        mia 6 years ago

        I just got a dwarf hamster yesterday and its sooo cute and thank you so much for the advice I did all the advice you gave me and it worked but it just takes time to train your hamster well i named my hamster bubbles cause her cheeks look like big bubbles!


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