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How to Sex Baby Hamsters

Updated on December 29, 2016
Image you can use for comparison
Image you can use for comparison

When baby hamsters are about a month old, they can be weaned. Not only that, but baby hamsters are pretty precocious. You need to separate the brothers from the sisters or you will be ankle deep in baby hamsters before too long. This is, of course, easier said than done.

Please Pass The Microscope

One month old baby hamsters aren't even one inch long. It's hard enough to tell where they are, let alone what sex they happen to be. Unlike adult hamsters - where the sexual characteristics are amazingly obvious - the babies look virtually identical. Trying to figure out one of those Magic Eye puzzles is easier than trying to determine the sex of a baby hamster.

And baby hamsters will not be cooperative. They are live wires. They will wriggle, kick, scratch and scream bloody murder if you try to flip them on their backs and peer under their tails. They don't care about you looking at their privates - it's their bellies they are worried about. In the wild, if a hamster is flipped over on its back by a predator, it soon not a hamster any more but lunch. This instinct is well ingrained in the baby hamster.

So What Can You Do?

The least stressful way to sex a baby hamster is to beg, buy, borrow or steal a portable plastic connecting tube made for hamster cages. Most of them are made in many colors. You might not be able to get a colorless tube, but even yellow will work.

Put the baby inside the tube. You may just lay it down in the cage and wait for a curious baby to waddle in. Place your hand over the entranceway. Chances are, the other end will already be blocked. Then lift the tube and baby slowly and carefully over your head. Look up. You should be able to see the underside of the hammy baby. You should see two dots. One dot is the anus and the other is the genitalia. (See image at the beginning of this article) Females have their dots close together. Males have them further apart.

You will probably have to do a lot of comparing and rechecking each hammy baby. But placing them in a tube where they don't have to be flipped over will be a lot less stress on you and the hamsters. Good luck!

These babies play in some interchangeable tubes you can use for sexing. Film by justinbarrass


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  • why 3 years ago

    awwwww but mine are so cuter i have 1 albino 2 dark fured 2 light fured and 2 that look like daddy

  • diuf 4 years ago

    you suckkkk co

  • Liana 4 years ago

    Don't you think DG is cute?

  • Zo-zo belle 4 years ago

    Ever watched the movie Real Steel?

  • fun gal 4 years ago

    i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate school sssssssoooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!!!

  • kuki 4 years ago

    My cousin and his wife found a tame teddy bear hamster roaming about in their house so they trapped it and gave it to us. Since I already have a hamster she belongs to my sister now.

  • dbvadhvb 4 years ago

    I want a pet mouse. they r cool!

  • angela 4 years ago

    dear woah buddy

    i'll have you know that i wrote something on this website and that I am NOT part of your uneducated brats acting as if hamsters are toys. I came first in my class!

  • woah buddy 4 years ago

    Wow what a bunch of uneducated little brats on here acting as if hamsters are just toys.

  • Ashler 4 years ago

    Hi guys, was wondering if anyone knew if I would be able to keep my female Russian dwarf and her daughter in the same cage if the mom hamster got pregnant again??

  • Rose 4 years ago

    I tried to get my girl and boy hamsters to mate yesturday but she started biting him, should I try again?

  • Noelle 4 years ago

    My Syrian hamster is pregnant!! She's about to have her litter on 4 days!!

  • LOla 4 years ago

    Dear not telling you

    Ask around and see how many people would like baby hamsters,then tell your mom and be really responsible and helpful. also give her a powerpoint presentation on your to breed hamsters.

    P's. I'm also trying to convince my mom to let me breed hamsters!!!

  • not telling you! 4 years ago

    i wanna breed my hamster but my mom wont let me cause i have to find homes for them i cant take care of them unless she has two at most how do i talk my mom into it and my hamster would protect them cause she is protective already so how do i talk her into it?

  • Ayudhi 4 years ago

    my hamsters going to give give birth soon. I hope the litters small so i can keep them all=)

  • arrianna 4 years ago

    mine is a baby but every time i take him out he goes right back in his cage.

  • kaytlin1xx 4 years ago

    I don't know if my hamster is pregnant because she was fat when i got her?? she has had 2 sets of baby hammies before but now i cant tell.she has been storing food and nesting materials sooo plz helpme find out if she is pregnant.if soo she has been for over 2 weeks now! plz help :)

  • Jasmine 5 years ago

    Hi! I would like to ask you how would you know if your Female hamster is preggy?? Because i have a ten month old hamster (now) but last three months i bought a baby hamster and they were always together... But after like a month the baby hamster died so my hamster got pretty upset the next two days but got better the third day now she's really fat and likes to bite people when she's in a bad mode!!!!!!!!!! Now i feel she's pregnant :D

  • Ihatemaths 5 years ago


  • eilzabeth 5 years ago

    it is so funny

  • Noneovurbizness 5 years ago

    Dis helped me A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zoe 5 years ago

    I've got to persuade my mom to let me breed dwarf hamsters. I've already got a six month old male, his names J.J!

  • Irishbrat4eve 5 years ago

    I luv baby hammies!!

  • Hamsterluver 5 years ago

    My dwarf hamster had four babies. Theres 3 boys and 1 girl and they're really cute!!!

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    MY dwarf hamster had six babies! They're super cute

  • hello 5 years ago


  • julia 5 years ago

    hi my hamster has babys they're now about 6-7days old , she have about 9 babys. i do like to ask you , when they'll start to explore their cage? and how long syrian hamsters can live together since they are babys? thanks for your reply my email is :

  • Jilliaan 5 years ago

    my hamster had 6 babies a month ago I seperated them as soon as they were weened. at least i thought I did...they all look the same... anyways today she had 7 more two were still born and she ate one. Will they be ok since the are babies from one of her babies...sick!! I heard someone say something about selling them how do I do that? I have 6 that are a month old and now 4 brand new ones. since it is so hard to sex them i want to get rid of all except mommy... no more babies for me! I am getting gray hair from this! pls email me if u know how to sell them or were i can go

    thank you

  • Gaby 5 years ago

    Hi just got two hamsters from somebody and this morning I woke up and they had 5 babies. Do I have to separate them right away or to I wait? They seem to be fine together and to take care of the babies together

  • Me 5 years ago

    My pand bear hamsters had 13 pups. They are now one month old and trying sex them. This is very hard! My children want to keep them all. I was told to seperat them from their mother after they are weend. how do I do that when the females will be living with thier mother.

  • snowballsmom 6 years ago

    We just brought home a new hamster, after our first one died unexpectedly and much to our surprise she gave birth 1 week after we got her !. She's had 7 hammies, one has died down to 6. They were born 15 days ago can someone please tell me how soon do I have to separate the males from MOM as I don't want her getting pregnant again. I would appreciate your response you can email me as well:

  • carlog 6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this. Now i am able to determine baby boy hamster from girl. I know how to separate girls from boys now. Cheers for this great hub.

  • choosethesexofyourbaby 6 years ago

    Thank you for this post. It is very informative. It is very difficult to determine a baby boy versus baby girl hamster when you have no idea about it.

  • rumca 6 years ago

    my baby syrian hamsters are only 12 days old but I noticed a BIG difference - the Nipples!!! girls have them, but boys haven't. I know now I've got 4 girls and 3 boys, and haven't even touch them. And because they have different patterns, I know which is which already. ;) But I'll still do the other check just to confirm as soon as I start handling them. So, look for the nipples!

  • mahf 6 years ago


  • tom 6 years ago

    can youleavemale baby hamsters with the father

  • penny 6 years ago

    when to separate babies from mother.

  • teeny 6 years ago

    my hamster had 13! pups on the 8/25/2010

    i cant wate 4 them to get fuzzy and holdabul!

  • Nadine 6 years ago

    Hi Im Nadine

    I keep a lot of russian dwarf hamsters one of my females has just had 4 babies a few weeks ago does anyone know when i can take them to be sexxxed ? xx

  • maria 6 years ago

    My hamster had six babies. She recently died, but the babies are old enough to be separated. I also have another adult male hamster, I was wondering if it would be okay to put the baby male hamsters in the same cage with him, or would he kill or fight with them? PLEASE help me out here, thanks soooo much! My e-mail is

  • shcf 6 years ago

    so when ma teddy bear hamster had babys the mothe got out of her cage with her 10 baby female hamsters and helped the dad and the 5 baby male hamsters so they got in to my closet and hen i went to sleep and i could here the hamsters fighting so the second day i found all 6 male hamsters but i could find no tace of my female hamsters but 10 days later i found all 11 female hamsters so i put them in their cages about 8 days later all 11 hammys are prego and all gave birth to ten each and so what do i do

  • jwood 6 years ago

    my hamster o.c (aka)orange cream,had a litter nof they are 16 days old cutest ever

  • anoynomous 6 years ago

    hi. immmmmmmmm well u now hahahahahaha! my hammie had babies the babies are pure EVIL!haha im serious :| no joking if i dropped on and he acted drunk what happened lol i didn't happen it happened to the mom jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkkjkjk so yayayaya i like choclate bebeyebeyyb bie!

  • Gale 6 years ago

    im about to separate my baby hamsters... when i sex them can i put the males in with the dad?

  • Hannah 6 years ago

    my hamsters had babies 3 weeks agoand I am wondering when I should seperate them?

  • angelica 6 years ago

    hi my hamster just had babies 3 weeks ago and ive been giving them cucumber and their drinking from the water bottle now but i had 11 and the mom ate two so their qre only nine now so do you think i can separate then this sunday ( june 20th 2010)? and do you think the mom will eat them all ???

  • florie 6 years ago

    i have panda hamsters. we just had 14 babies and this is are first time doing anything like this so were excided and nervise all at the same time so please give us some tips please and thank you.

  • alex 6 years ago

    Hi if any ones intrested in rare teddy bear hamsters I am a hobby breeder in virginia specializking in chinese hamsters teddy bear hamsters blue russian hamsters robovorski hamsters if you need anything please leave comment thanks

  • SpaceAge 6 years ago

    baby hamsters should b closely observed as soon as they start crawling. usually, when their eyes open is when u should b able 2 sex the baby hamsters

  • Xx izzy xX !!! profile image

    Xx izzy xX !!! 6 years ago from tontine, orrell

    hi sarah i think she will b normally the same bt make shure u separate the DAD from his babys coz he will eat them but aparrt from thet she should be fine coz the mumwill sometimes eat them too p.s hope u av a good time wit ur new babby hamsters !!!

  • Sarah  6 years ago

    I am about to separate my hamster from her babies. Will she be meaner after I separate them? Should I take her back to the pet store? Will she be as active and healthy?

  • espee 6 years ago

    I don't know if my panda hamster got prego by her baby or my adult male hamster? She has a liter of 10 did not eat any of them seperated them about when the pups where about half her size so i put her with the the adult male it only been maybe 2 weeks and she has another liter of 12-14 not sure yet she just had them how would i know

  • hailey 6 years ago

    are baby hamsters suppose to black back is it because the mom bites the back

  • chloe 6 years ago

    how old should they be when i separate them???

    i have 5 babies- 4 albinos and 1 brown black and white!

    campbells russian dwarf hamsters!

  • amelia 6 years ago

    maybe your hamster pretnant

  • morgan 6 years ago

    my hamster just had babies awwwwwhhh sooo cute!!!

  • Emma 6 years ago

    I have a four week old hampster who appears to be peeing blood. Any suggestions?

  • Jazzmyn S3xy Luna 7 years ago

    i love hamsters i have 21!and love them all!

  • kasey  7 years ago

    yeah there very cute i never had babies with my hamster

  • fatima abam 7 years ago

    i got my hamster a month ago and got pregnant... 10 babies but she ate 8 of them... 1 of the 8 died because of getting stuck on the 2nd floor rails of the October 24 the survivor bay can now be separated ...... mating again.......

  • katelyn 7 years ago

    hi my name is katelyn i want a hamster but my mom will not let me get one and i can even get one for free because my friends hamster is going to have babies an she told me i could get one how do i talk my mom in to leting me get one please respond!

  • Elisha 7 years ago

    hey i need someone with a lot of experience to help me out here! i have 2 russian dwarf hamsters, 2 cages. there names are demitri and hazel. demitri is gray (black eyes) and hazel is mostly white little bit of tan, and a spot or two of black (red eyes) demitri has been trying to have sex with her for about 4 weeks now but shes just not into him, shes been eating a lot and so i puut her into the bigger cage, im not sure how to tell if shes pregnant but if you can help me my email is

    pls help!!!

  • melanie arnett 7 years ago

    i hav just bought 2 hammies for my daughter the pet shop said they were male n female but the fight every so often wot can i do.

  • raeanna 7 years ago

    wow i didn't know they were that small well i guss it would make sence

  • CRYSTAL 7 years ago

    my hampsters eat all her babies like a month ago and then i think the same day she got pregant and she just had baby ies last night and i need to know what to do am i suppost to take the male out because i woke up and he has a cut on his nose from her. does that mean he is suppost to be out of her cage?

  • Haley 7 years ago

    Hey i'm Haley && my hamster had her babbies yesterday morning; she had 15 babbies!! There daddy's name is Oreo and he is a panda bear hamster; && the mother is Cookie && she is a black bear hamster. My boyfran got Oreo for me last Valentine's Day && i got Cookie like 3 weeks ago && as soon as i put her in the cage wif Oreo they started to mate the next day she was prego; lol && was was only about 4 or 5 days && she was huge it took her about 2 or 3 weeks to have her babbies, but it was worth the weight im am going to sell the babbies to make my money back but im going to keep one of the babbies that look like my Oreo so.. im a BUG

  • jazmin 7 years ago

    Ok laura do not take out the dead hamster.the mom will eat it as a part of nature,and tridtion

  • jazmin 7 years ago

    my hamster just had babys 3 weeks ago.14 babys!omg.boy or girl?hard to tell.pulling my hair out.the moms a brat too!

  • megan 7 years ago

    My hamster just had two babies, but one died :'(, the other one looks really healthy and is ssoo cute and tiny but i don't know what to call it if its a girl, out of: titchy-tina or cloud? If its a boy, out of: tiny-tim, doudly or clive? I know your strangers but i don't know what to call the baby lol :)

  • laura 7 years ago

    hi my hamster just had babys and i don't know what to do if 1 dies how do i take it out or do i not

  • cassie 7 years ago

    hi im cassie and i have anawnser to your question. the babys will stay there 18 to 20 days well i gess it depends on what kind you have. i have a roborovski. and mine had 4 babies too!

    to amber

  • nikki 7 years ago

    i like fudge

  • bassam 8 years ago

    i have a cut Roborovski mother with 4 babeis better then all hamsters

  • amber 8 years ago

    hey im amber. my hamsters, milo and irene, mated a lot today. i think irene will get pregnant. i have a cage for the boys when we need to separate them. do you know how long the babies will stay inside irene's belly before she gives birth to them? and by the way milo (boy) is white and an orangey color, and irene(girl) is gray.

  • bax 8 years ago

    my hamster had 9 babys my mom to them is w n the dad is gray n black

  • Whitney05 profile image

    Whitney 8 years ago from Georgia

    When you separate the babies, that means separate them- males and females in different cages. You can leave the females with the mother, but take the males out at 3 weeks old.  You also want to separate the male after the mom gives birth, as she can become pregnant again right after the birth, and she will kill one or both of the litters as she will know she can't take care of both, which means that you want to have at least 4 cages available. Plus, you want to keep the male away from the female to begin with because you don't want her breeding if you get her as a teeny pup, it will stress out her body and can potentially cause an early death. Plus, teddy bear hamsters (if that's what you're thinking) are not compatible with living mates and should be kept singly except for a short time when the female comes into heat.

  • Ana 8 years ago

    I'm really into hamsters! I think I wanna get a boy and a girl. my only question is... what do they mean when they say separate the babies? How do you do that?

  • Erica Moss profile image

    Erica Moss 8 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

    Ya good luck. Take my advice and get a cage or container for each. They hit puberty fast so just when you determine what sex they are, you have to start determining the next generation. They are fast.

  • Hayley  8 years ago

    wow i don't know if i should get a hamster or a gerbil!!!

  • kim 9 years ago

    awww the baby hamster is soooo cute.but the baby hamsters i have r way cuter;I have 2 albinos 2 that look like the mother 2 that look like the father and one that is like all black

  • Whitney05 profile image

    Whitney 9 years ago from Georgia

    Looks good. The younger the hamster, the harder it is to tell the sex.

  • poop 9 years ago


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