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What Toys Can I Give My Guinea Pig?

Updated on February 8, 2016
Piggies think burrowing and nibbling are fun.
Piggies think burrowing and nibbling are fun.

A guinea pig's idea of fun differs a lot from other pet's ideas of fun. Although you may come across balls and wheels in pet shops or online stores that say they are toys for guinea pigs, they are not. Guinea pigs think nibbling, burrowing and sometimes tossing things about is fun. But running around or climbing anything is not.

Do NOT Get

If you can't remember what TO get, at least remember what NOT to get. Do not get hamster or ferret balls. The guinea pig will not know what to do and may easily suffocate. Also, do NOT get them any kind of wheel. They don't hate wheels, but they will never use them. However, they will stare at them and, very occasionally, use it as a butt-scratching device.

Think "baby" when selecting a toy for a guinea pig - anything you give the piggy will eventually go in his or her mouth. This means no toys that are made of harmful metals, questionable paint (especially lead paint) and put together with any kind of staple or toxic glue. Also, don't give them anything that you don't want them to chew.

Do Get

You don't have to spend a lot of money to amuse a guinea pig. This is one of the joys of keeping guinea pigs (or being kept by them - whatever the case may be!) Great toys for guinea pigs will mimic things they love to do - nibble and burrow. These things include:

  • paper bags
  • their water bottles (they will play with the ball inside the spout, sometimes just to hear the noise)
  • big, overturned flower pots (NOT plastic!)
  • scrunched up balls of blank computer paper (nothing with dyes on it) with a tidbit inside
  • PVC pipes to hide in
  • big paper towel rolls or toilet paper cardboard rolls
  • old clothes or towels you don't want anymore
  • old socks filled with hay
  • small, empty cardboard boxes, with perhaps a side taken out, or sturdy enough for Piggy to perch on
  • treat sticks or chew sticks made for guinea pigs
  • shoeboxes with part cut out so piggy can poke his or her head out
  • "hideaways" or "igloos" made of non-toxic or edible materials

Toys That Need Supervision

In the last few years, small bird and cat toys have been given to guinea pigs so they can but them around or toss them around. The hanging bird toys with bells and wooden chew sticks are reported to be safe enough to leave with a piggy, but I would remove the bell (unless it is too large to fit inside a guinea pig's mouth).

Some recent publications like Bowtie Press' Guinea Pigs, (2005) lists plastic spoons as good guinea pig toys. Like small cat toys and some bird toys, they are also of plastic. Although plastic will usually pass through a guinea pig's digestive system, it is not the best thing for the guinea pig to eat, especially if there are sharp edges or if the plastic causes an intestinal blockage.

This writer recommends reserving toys like this for floor time, when you are around to observe the guinea pigs. This only needs to be an hour or so a day, just to be sure they aren't eating their plastic toys. Guinea pigs don't need a lot of exercise, but after running about their play area for a little, they do like to sniff around and go exploring and find new things to nibble.


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    no name 9 years ago

    this info is very useful I like it

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    h2o 9 years ago


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    cdmnrbdj 9 years ago


  • profile image

    Kelly 8 years ago

    Ok well NEVER buy a wheel for a guinea pig not because they will never use it because they mite but still here's a list of reasons why u shudnt

    no.1 They are too large for a wheel and quite likey they will fall off and hurt them selfs.Result:Causing pain to guinea pig and money for a vet.

    no.2 The more they use the wheel the more their back will huntch over.Result: A huntch in his/her back (maybe be painful I'm not sure.)

    Hope a helped



  • profile image

    perky 8 years ago

    thanks for the ideas i've got 3 boys at home who would love something new the play with

  • profile image

    guineapiglover 8 years ago

    my piggys love using wheels but if they will hurt thems selfs i will take it away

  • profile image

    Csoanderson 8 years ago

    I just got a guinea pig and i didn't know much about them

    this info helped me a lot !!!!!!!!

  • profile image

    sarah 8 years ago

    hi uhh imma print this and read it later!


  • profile image

    lalalalala 8 years ago

    I thought this was a horrible video. It was badly made, therefore, I didn't understand it. The information above it was very helpful, though. I personally think videos don't help and they're a waste of time. The picture was also terrifying. Get a life.

  • profile image

    Diana 8 years ago

    I made this video,


    me and my sisters make weird noises when we think animals do something cute.

    To the person above me:

    YOU get a life. Don't watch videos that you hate.

  • profile image

    loren 8 years ago

    thanks a lot this info i realy needed and it saved my guinea pigs life thanks a lot from loren

  • profile image

    guineapigs=goobers 8 years ago

    Weird video! So like odd! But, very good info. If you want more good info on piggies, go to: It has sooooo man other things about guinea pigs than just cages. In fact, there is only like one page about cages and all the rest are all about other things about piggies. Oh yeah,

    To the person above me, how did it save your piggie's life?

  • profile image

    chelsey 8 years ago

    Bad video.

    thanks for the information. i am getting a new guinea pig and she is 1 month old so thanks.

    but very bad and weird video

  • profile image

    a big awesome Piggeh 8 years ago

    guineapigs=goobers, he had a wheel or something and gave it to it but when he saw this he took it out.

  • profile image

    hot rod 8 years ago

    mine is only 5 months old and i have no clue wat to give him maybe the paper bag will work he lovs 2 ttnnel

  • profile image

    Katherine 8 years ago

    never get a C&C cage for a baby guinea pig about 7-8 weeks old because thye may look fat but they can easily slip out of one of the little grids no matter how tight you put them, and can get them selves into a lot of trouble!!!!!

    -own experience!!!!!!

  • profile image

    :) 8 years ago

    he he weird video lol

  • profile image

    me 8 years ago

    i hate this watching it was a nightmare

  • profile image

    Josie 8 years ago

    You say about plastic passing through the digestive system. Last night, I accidentally left a soft plastic watch (a lump of rubbish given free in the guinea pig food) in their cage and today half of the strap had been eaten. Should I be worried?

  • profile image

    i do like piggies. 8 years ago

    The video was kind of hard to understand, but seeing the piggie play with the toy was cute.

    Thanks SO muchfor the information, now I know what aand what not to give my piggie to play with :3

  • profile image

    bandit 8 years ago

    Thanks for the tips.We were unsure what toys were safe.

  • profile image

    klesey anne aguiar 8 years ago

    after my brthday i will get a guinea pig for my room and it is going to be near my bed and im going to be 15 in june

  • profile image

    Twix's mum:) 8 years ago

    Cute video:) and the info really helped me too, Twix is getting bored of just running around:)

  • profile image

    kpr7 8 years ago

    bahahah did you really just get in a fight over a video... the point of this page is to help you take care of your piggie. You probably follow these rules about toys despite the fact that you tried to decimate this person's reputation online. You should also invest in a grammar tutor before you go posting things on the internet.

    Rena-- Thank you for the information, my piggies are ecstatic with their new array of toys.

  • profile image

    guinepigsareawesome 8 years ago

    that video was cute but in the beggining it was to blury to understand.

  • profile image

    carly 8 years ago

    The video was weird. But all the info was good to know. Do I need to take my guinea pig to a vet so he can get his teeth filed or no? He keeps grinding his teeth together, even though I give him and his brother 2 chew sticks everytime I clean their cage (twice a week!!).

  • profile image

    PERSON  8 years ago


  • profile image

    Sohail 8 years ago

    after looking at the site i think i want to have one as a pet. Guinea pig is such a cute thing... and i think the video isn't that bad.. i like what he/she is doing catching the thing in his/her mouth... CUTE!!

  • profile image

    maizeys mama 8 years ago

    This info was really good and it helped because maizey had been looking really bored but I read this and now she's got nice toys to play with. That video was neat but kinda blurry at first.

  • profile image

    dudet 8 years ago

    i cant believe u just had a fight im only 6 and me and my brothers don't even fight that much anyway cool info

    i agree with everything that kpr7 says


  • profile image

    roy 8 years ago

    i thought paper or plastic will kill a guinea pig, so how is it that they can play with rolled up paper balls and cardboard ??

  • profile image

    twilightrocks111 8 years ago

    ok soo u can give them like maybe a stick or like a med can ( the ones that a prescipshons but wash them good)

  • profile image

    girly girl 7 years ago

    this stuff is good to know but my guinea pigs run around in ther cage that fills up half my room.

  • profile image

    girly girl 7 years ago

    this stuff is good to know but my guinea pigs run around in their cage that fills up half my room.

  • profile image

    My ideas 7 years ago

    My guinea pig likes to play with a ball

    and rull it around.

    And I can us carbourd box to make

    it a house.

  • profile image

    Bubbles 7 years ago

    hahha my guinea pig will toss my necklace(peace sign ) wen im wearing it and im holding him,ming LOVES to cuddel with me,i named him Bruno to :),after the movie ahaha

  • profile image

    Derick Guinea Pig Lover 7 years ago

    Thanks this helped me and my pigs a lot, thanks from my pigies and I.

  • profile image

    Guine Pig Lover 7 years ago

    Very useful information.

    However if guinea pigs aren't allowed things to throw in the air why put a video of it?

  • profile image

    Cody 7 years ago

    Yeah that video was horrible

    lets make a bunch of noise when out piggy yanks around this cat toy -.-

  • profile image

    love 7 years ago

    hated the video was horrble

  • profile image

    piggypal 7 years ago

    this info is awesome! my piggies are so happy now.

  • profile image

    fernondo rocks 7 years ago

    love shouldn't say that cause the video had a lot of info i didn't know and anyways i loved the video now i know what to get my guinea pig when i get it in a few days

  • profile image

    fernondo rocks 7 years ago

    love shouldn't say that cause the video had a lot of info i didn't know and anyways i loved the video now i know what to get my guinea pig when i get it in a few days and "love get a life"

  • profile image

    New Guinea 7 years ago

    Ha! It was funny. Keep up the laughs.

  • profile image

    Happy 7 years ago

    I wrappped hay with a paper bag and then in a sock and sewed it shut. My piggie loved it, it smelled like hay, crinkled, and she could chew on it as much as she wanted to.

  • profile image

    chyenne 7 years ago

    i just got a piggie yesterday and knew nothing about them this info really helped THANKS!!!! :)

  • profile image

    Guinea_Pig_Lover 7 years ago

    I just got a piggie for Christmas, she is soo cute!Her name is Miss Piggy and she just sits in her igloo all day but I don't know how old she is.:( She absolutely LOVES to nibble on clothes in fact she is doing it right NOW!:)

  • profile image

    I luv guinea pigs 7 years ago

    Thanks I got one for christmas i named her Roxy I got a sock without a mate, stuffed timothhy hay in it, then knotted it up once and she LOVES it!THANKS!:-)

  • profile image

    natalie 7 years ago

    i have a guinea pig it was born o halloween and i will never give it a weel i already know it is going to hurt the guinea pigs so i woudnt try it and if you have something to say about this info. that's bad to say save it :D really save it

  • profile image

    molli 7 years ago

    Thanks for the info Penelope (my piggie) has been needing some new toys.Now i know what NOT to get her and what TO get her.


  • profile image

    Cutie guinea pig luvvver 7 years ago

    I was gonna get my piggie a bunch of store bought toys, but thanks to this site I now know that some of those toys can b harmful and that some other toys can be substituted for simple things such as a sock.

    Thanks soooo much this site was soooo helpful!!!!!!

  • profile image

    no need to know 7 years ago

    well i guess its good enough...but

    1. what happens of yur guinea pig is large and when it crawls through it gets stuck....that's what happened to me first guinea pig..

    2.when u said paper bags...i thought what will happen if the paper bag is poisonous?

    3. what's the point of buying it while u can make it??

    i mean i know that u said paper bags and stuff..but is there a different put something special in putting everything in a large box???

    no offense

  • profile image

    Cassandra 7 years ago

    hi you shouldt of deleted the video diana because other people want to watch it too. this site is still going out you know!

  • profile image

    Barbie 7 years ago

    Popcorn is such a darling. I want to know about the cage. Are cages safe...? I see that Poppy chews on the cage. They seem to be this worries me. Can some one answer my question. I do not think the cages should be painted from the pet shops ?

  • profile image

    heather 7 years ago

    Sorry i can't answer your question:( my guinea pigs are 3 months old and they don't hve anything t play with so this really helps me a lot!!!

  • profile image

    Mel 7 years ago

    check it out! great toys!

  • profile image

    McKenna 7 years ago

    love to see it but you removed it. why?

  • profile image

    Porky Pig!!:) 7 years ago

    Hey thanx 4 the info my piggy:Porky is so happy with his new shoebox toy thingo thanx!!

  • profile image

    MElissa 7 years ago

    NO WHEEL! the piggys will break their backs

  • profile image

    Ricky 7 years ago

    all yall ppl who made diana delete the video r fags get a life and stop bein mean if u dnt like the video dontmake mean coments ur so mean diana i wish i could have saw the video because i think it'll b good nd i needed help but thanks anyway

  • profile image

    kitty 7 years ago

    well i think that the video isn't all that cool. stop making fun of people to!!!!!!!!!!

  • profile image

    nikki 7 years ago

    thanks i will be making a lot of homemade toys for my piggies(: i really want to make a little cozy (like a mini dog bed) luvd tha info!

  • profile image

    guinea pigggggggs 7 years ago

    thanx for such great info it has helped mee soo much i cant watch the video its said user removed it sooo that stinks thanx hanna

  • Cheeky Girl profile image

    Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

    I enjoyed reading this, though I don't have a Guinea Pig. I am a Cat lover myself. The video is gone (and I gave up watching the hot soccer chick cos it took ages to go anywhere.) You obviously love Your Pet Guinea Pig. A friend of mine told me her Guinea Pig cries when it listens to some kinds of classical music, but she may have been pulling my leg...!

  • profile image

    Cass 7 years ago

    Awesome info thanks. We get our guinea pigs tomorrow and I am SO excited! Two girls. I will definitely be using some of your ideas to entertain them.

  • profile image

    name is none of your business 7 years ago

    Neary everyone who posted has incredibly bad grammer!

    I agree with Kpr7.

  • profile image

    nikki  6 years ago

    ahhh coool

  • profile image

    joluke 6 years ago

    Could you just remind me about the wheel. They CAN use it can't they? I wish I had seen the video. Owning guinea pigs is really confusing isn't it?

  • profile image

    sammy 6 years ago

    I have a guinea piggie and love her,but she does seem very lonley,if I were to get her a friend,would she like another girl,or a neutered boy?

  • profile image

    Lizzie 6 years ago

    Dear Sammy,

  • profile image

    Lizzie 6 years ago

    Dear Sammy,

    You should get a female guinea pig instead of a male because female guinea pigs really love having other female compainions

  • Eternal Evolution profile image

    Eternal Evolution 6 years ago from kentucky

    The piggy in the bag is ssssssooooo cute. Great hub, lots of useful info.

  • ticklebug82 profile image

    ticklebug82 6 years ago from Oneida, NY

    I love giving them different toys, we use the pvc pipes too, and then cardboard. Sometimes we put boxes we have turned into huts in their cages or give them toilet paper and paper towel rolls. They love it. I'm glad I found your list. I'm gonna have to try the hay in the sock and see what they think. I just started my own hub at if you want to see it, it's about Guinea pig bedding.

  • profile image

    lover 6 years ago

    they play with a little house i gave them...Its SO cute!!! they love to poke there heads out of the Window I made them.They also Love Fighting over the soch with hay inside.I have to make them a new one every day!Sometimes I hide Dandilion leaves in there...They will rip it apart until they find it!!!!

  • SmileandLaugh profile image

    SmileandLaugh 6 years ago from USA

    Love the info, definitely a future resource!!

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    yrgt 6 years ago

    sssssssssooooooooooooooooooo cccccuteeeeeeeeeee

  • toneyahuja profile image

    toneyahuja 6 years ago from India

    Ah awesome information on toys. In fact toys are the robust mean to sooth and entertain the kids, whether these are electronics, animal stuffed toys. Is it Easy to choose and buy the toys online

  • profile image

    Tiffany 6 years ago

    I just got my guinney pig Mou last night, so this was extremely helpful!

  • profile image

    Heather 6 years ago

    Never ever use a wheel or ball with a guinea pig! It will eventually cause serious back problems and/or injury!

  • profile image

    zoey 6 years ago

    my guinea pig has the same b-day as Jesus Christ!

  • profile image

    emily 6 years ago

    this is good information for me and it helped a lot

  • profile image

    sarah (is awesome)  6 years ago

    i am probably going to get a guinea pig, but i hae to convince my dad first. . . . . thanks for all the awesome information!!!!

  • profile image

    natalie 6 years ago

    thank you I was curious about stuff for my piggy I understand now thank you

  • profile image

    lil mama 6 years ago

    wow BOB, real mature

  • profile image

    Julie 6 years ago

    also (i'm not sure if any one commented this yet or not)

    you shouldn't give your piggy a running ball or wheel because they are too big for them and they are not made to bend that way so it will end up breaking their spine. i really like this info! i hyave 2 piggies myself, Kiwi and Mango!

  • profile image

    NoBody 6 years ago

    I love guinea pigs!!!

  • profile image

    guinea pig 6 years ago

    thank you for the info my guinea pigs are so happy

  • profile image

    rosepettle 6 years ago

    my guinea pigs always looked bored and this helped me a lot and there not bored any more

  • profile image

    piggy lover 6 years ago

    pigloos r really good toys, my piggy luvs it.

  • philipandrews188 profile image

    philipandrews188 5 years ago

    Entertaining hub! Some great ideas here.

  • profile image

    Lesly 5 years ago

    i would just like to say that you shudnt go around sayin how horrible the video is and that it was rubbish. its not nice plus if its so rubbish then y wud u watch it. ther rely isn't any point in just commenting just to say the video was rubbish, you must have needed this info if you read this so at least they are trying to help, so instead of saying they shud get a life, you i luv this website and the video is sooo adorable.

  • profile image

    lily 5 years ago

    Thanks for the info the video would not load though

  • profile image

    Bubba bubba 5 years ago

    Awesome info! I got a piggy he just eats I wanted to give him a toy now I have a bunch of ideas

  • profile image

    qwd 5 years ago


  • profile image

    J Young 5 years ago

    This is some good information. I just want to caution those using any wheels or balls....I talked to vet prior to purchasing and he said it will break their spines and cause horrible injuries with mucho pain. I had to nix the idea based on that. The sock and hay is a great idea. I do not think allowing them to play inside the paper towels rolls etc will harm them but I do not leave them so they can start eating on them as there was a valid point made about the carbons they contain making them slightly poisonous. Guinea pigs have to be watched when giving anything fresh, especially greens. The build up of gas will kill them. Sadly I lost one after reading information on a site that said it was safe to give. I gave a bowl of fresh greens and it died within hours of eating it. They will gnaw on their cages so the paint is not something recommended but pet stores everywhere have what appears to be painted blocks. They actually are natural dyes that will not harm them but gives them stimulation with the colors (much like classical music). So, I hope this helps. The good and the bad. Not sure what y'all are going on about on the video. I believe these folks love their guinea pigs and play with them a lot rather than just caging them up and doing nothing. Kudos to you owners who love and play with your pets. They love to be cuddled and the Russian Guineas are the sweetest of the lot! (IMO). Merry Christmas, everyone! Remember that being an owner of an animal is a responsibility, so please, take care. It hurts to lose one you love so much!

  • profile image

    efj4g 5 years ago

    hi what r some good plaCES To buy guniea pigs

  • profile image

    Sw3g M0nk3y 5 years ago

    I have a guinea pig and I got her yesterday at PetSmart. We named her Peanut!

  • profile image

    me 5 years ago

    my guinea pig loves a bit of apple wrapped up in a sheet of computer paper

  • profile image

    VicJess 5 years ago

    My Guinea Pig Likes To Hide & Do All Those things You Listed Up their thanks For the Info

    Helped A lot !


  • profile image

    chloe 5 years ago

    do you like them

  • profile image

    Jen 5 years ago

    hey the above info is very helpful!!Thank you so much I'd got a cavy two days ago and its a male...then everyone at our home was freaking out because its alone...they thought it might get I wonder if it's alright to give him a partner which is a male too or should I buy a female one?! hmmmmm :/

  • profile image

    Logan 5 years ago

    I think that a majority of the facts are great, there was really only one thing that anoyed me and that is that i saw a lot of comments discussing why you shouldn't get a wheel for you guinea pig(s), but never once did i see the real/best/most important reason why you shouldn't, and that is because guinea pig's back's are hunched (rounded upward) and it will hurt their backs if they run in a wheel(which causes their back to be rounded inwards)!

    No offense, but it annoys the crap out of me when people go and buy a pet that they know nothing about because they never bothered to even do any research or anything on the animal. And by the time they get it home, they don't have a clue what to do with it ;/


  • profile image

    Frankie 5 years ago

    That is really gross using a wheels as a scratching devise

  • profile image

    Frank 5 years ago

    That is a nice pic of a Guinea Pig I love them

  • profile image

    Frank 5 years ago

    Australia rockssss

  • profile image

    nml 5 years ago

    great vidoe i really liked it now i know what to get my guinea pig casper

  • profile image

    haley 4 years ago

    i just tried the bag idea.....he loves it soooooooooooooooo dang much

  • profile image

    piggy 4 years ago

    thank you for the info. i had to wright a report about guinea pigs so the info was rely helpful.(ether upload a new video or take it down:).)

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    Cooliocutey1 4 years ago

    Okay cool

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